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  1. Still don't want JJSS. Still hoping we resign Agholor to a 2-3 year contract.
  2. Bro I'm 33. I still don't care that my original assertation was inaccurate. I couldn't care less what Feliciano thinks. Still don't. Don't care about Jackson at this point either. Don't care about this entire situation enough to continue arguing with you. Glad you caught me being incorrect, I hope you can sleep well at night because of it. I'd give you a gold star if I could. You really showed me today.
  3. He played for Gruden for a single season and just because they were teammates 2 years ago doesn't mean he knows everything Gabe is thinking. Gabe might come out thanking the Raider organization, his teammates, and the fans, and are you going to sit there and say it's just bs because of what Feliciano wrote on twitter? I'll wait to see what Gabe says before I ever care to take into consideration what a backup guard from two years ago thinks. I don't even know why this is a topic worth arguing for you. At the end of the day, I still think Feliciano can suck a cat turd for all I care.
  4. Agreed. Carr and the team as a whole just need to get better.
  5. It doesn't say everything. It literally says very little, if anything. I'm sorry I can't recall everything about the Raiders from memory. But his comment is still spiteful and petty. He may have been unhappy here but he can't speak on behalf of Gabe Jackson. That's what I'm arguing in the first place. I've never once heard he was unhappy. When you compare the two, G. Jackson was a starter, received a second contract, and was paid top OG money. Feliciano was a backup who never received a second contract and never received much pay from us. Two different worlds.
  6. Feliciano hasn't been here for like 4-5 years already. I don't think he was ever with the Raiders with Mayock and Gruden. The fact that he even commented on this move just boggles my mind. He has no idea what G. Jackson is thinking.
  7. I'm surprised at how long the whole Watson trade story has been going.
  8. This doesn't make sense. G. Jackson was actually playing and being paid above his level of play. I don't see how he could be happy. Feliciano was upset because he clearly was good enough to start but we had Jackson and Osemele playing while he was here. If he's talking about Jackson now having the chance to go to the playoffs, that is never guaranteed. He may end up going to a losing team just for the pay or a team that was just in the playoffs that becomes irrelevant next season. Feliciano can suck a cat turd.
  9. That's on playcalling, the WR's dropping passes/not being able to get open, and DC. Shoot, there are many factors that go into the issues our team has with their ability to score in the red zone. You can blame the running game and the OL's mediocre run blocking as well.
  10. Gruden. During one of his QB film sessions. Possibly while nodding in approval for the creation of another GIF.
  11. He should just hope he doesn't force his release and then no team signs him for any more than like 2-3M per season lol.
  12. You were the chosen one! I'm much more positive about the Raiders than I am with everything else. It's one relationship that I know will last my entire life. Lol.
  13. https://247sports.com/college/ucla/Article/UCLAs-Kolton-Miller-Scott-Quessenberry-Show-Out-at-Day-1-of-2018-NFL-Scouting-Combine-115771465/ "You’d have to go all the way back to Jonathan Ogden in 1996 to find an all-around testing performance by an O-lineman that was on par with Miller and Quessenberry (Ogden had a 31” vert and a 113” broad as a 6’8” tackle)." I wasn't going to bring this up. I don't think he's as good as Ogden, but I remember reading it lol.
  14. I remember reading something about how OTs that are his size and have his combine measurements essentially all turn into top tier OTs. I think they compared him to like 2-3 OTs in the HOF. I wasn't going to say anything when he first got to the league, I knew just looking at him that he didn't have the strength to hold up. Both him and the team knew that, he's clearly bulked up, and he's definitely a really good OT.
  15. Exactly. Players like Moreau, Crosby, Renfrow, you keep those guys for 10 years. They're role players that each and every team wants and needs. We just need to keep adding more and more pieces. I'm really excited for year 4 of the second Gruden era.
  16. Well I'm personally using the KC game as an example. Yeah we went 8-8, but we literally had a team good enough to beat them. Literally no team other than us beat them while they were relatively healthy. I just think we have greatly improved on offense and that was the difference. I don't know what the heck has happened to the defense but we need to fix that dumpster fire ASAP. I see where you're coming from though with the 7-9, 8-8 difference being a 2 point conversion, but I still think the team has a lot of pieces in place to develop our team into one that can reach the playoffs. More
  17. Well you're only looking at their losses and completely disregarding their wins. I understand we didn't make the playoffs but your argument is that they're essentially a 5-11 team. There are posters like you who see the cup half empty and there are those like me who see the cup half full. It wasn't a losing season, yeah we didn't make the playoffs but at least we're improving.
  18. I would personally move on. We've already paid him 20M for about 5 games. He essentially owes us at this point IMO. Plus he'll probably be injured next season as well. I'm good. Plenty of other WRs that are available that have been healthy recently.
  19. Yeah I mean I agree. I just want to address the defense. I really don't care if we go Watson or Carr and would completely understand why. I just don't want people to act like it ends with the QB trade. We need defense. We need it bad. Our entire offseason other than maybe two positions on offense should be geared towards the defense. We need to bring in as much talent as humanly possible for our defense. I want our defense completely revamped, retooled, and slotted with elite talent if possible. That's just me. I understand the focus on the QB position, but I just hope we don't stop
  20. Well you need to take into consideration the fact that he still needs to learn the offense. The fact that he is 32 is another factor. He isn't going to be able to maintain his mobility deeper into his 30s as well. Unless we want him to get killed like Gannon. I mean he might be a substantial upgrade if he came in knowing the offense over a single offseason but I'm not counting on that. Plus you need to take into consideration the need to build chemistry between him and the players. Another offseason with no offseason would hinder the team's development on offense. Just too many variable
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