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  1. Man I was pretty high on what J'Mon could've been. Seemed like he could run good routes but just could not catch a ball to save his life.
  2. Assuming he got paid for the time off, he is smart for taking advantage of it.
  3. Great. And now he's going to be too expensive for us to retain him lol.
  4. Cam Taylor-Britt (CB - Nebraska) is going to be a good nfl player.
  5. Is this a common thing among people who have ACL surgery?
  6. Every time I watch Tom Brady play I swear he has like 10 seconds to throw and a perfect pocket every drop back.
  7. So the giants literally don't have a single pass rusher on their roster. Interesting.
  8. A giant upset would be awesome to see.
  9. It really was the low point for me aswell. I just feel so bad for him, this dude has stuck his neck out for the team week after week, playing 4 different positions, all very well at that. He's a rare specimen and I feel like most Packer fans don't realize that.
  10. Yeah, unless you think he's going to the Rams or Bucs....
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