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  1. My concern isn't missing out on a WR in a deep draft class, it's filling the back end of the roster with guys with potential and the ability to play ST, which you can find just about anywhere(FA/UDFA/late round picks) for cheap. Sheperd had none of those qualities.
  2. Don't care about the #'s. I just know Sheperd did not belong in the NFL. Rather have a guy like Juwann Winfree or a Reggie Begelton there. Watch Winfree make the squad this year...not sure about his return ability but he did get ST reps on KO last year.
  3. Agreed, although it's gotten better I feel. We're filling the back end of the roster spots with higher upside/athletic ability guys. Look at our safety depth now for instance, Uphoff, Vernon Scott, Innis Gaines and Henry Black. That's a very athletic group. I actually could see Scott or Uphoff getting some playing time this year. Or at least being plus ST players for us.
  4. Packers vs colts from last year just started on NFLN. Who the f**k thought it was a good idea to have Darrius Shepherd be our returner and get some actual snaps at WR, let alone make the team. What an embarassment.
  5. Rashan Bane Gary is poised to have a big year.
  6. We were lucky to have landed Uphoff. Figured he would've gone drafted somewhere in the mid rounds. Think he automatically makes our ST better and could develop into a solid player too. Lots to work with there.
  7. Two things I want to point out, as a bucks fan. 1. Bud sucks 2. Play Bobby Portis more That is all
  8. Most non cowboy fans would label him an ex cowboy before an ex panther. It's just how the world works. Now if we're going to bring up Emmitt Smith? That dude was a Cardinal.
  9. The Packers have had some good/great centers over the last few decades. James Campen, Frank Winters, Mike Flanagan, Scott Wells, Corey Linsley and hopefully 2021s 2nd round draft pick Josh Myers continues that trend. You could even add in we had HOF C Jeff Saturday for one year aswell lol.
  10. Amari Rodgers getting first team reps at punt return. I know it's still very early, but the more I hear and see about this guy, the more I'm convinced he's going to be a really good player for the Packers.
  11. This dude has had one of the stranger careers I can remember. Seems to be a solid player, but doesn't seem like he gets much respect by the entire league. Maybe he's not a good lockerroom guy? Maybe he's not as good of a player as people think? Idk, strange.
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