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  1. Week 4 GDT: Buffalo vs Atlanta

    One of them went right through Sanu's hands and another I think it was to Freeman just wasn't expecting it and it hit him in the chest. I do feel somethings off. But at the same time a lot of teams are struggling rn. So I'm not too worried as of rn.
  2. W1: Atlanta Falcons (0-0) vs. Chicago Bears (0-0)

    Not really liking the offensive style rn. Just nothing long.
  3. W1: Atlanta Falcons (0-0) vs. Chicago Bears (0-0)

    Brooks Reed with a whiff
  4. W1: Atlanta Falcons (0-0) vs. Chicago Bears (0-0)

    Awwww He could've ran it in. Glad he didn't try tho.
  5. ATL Falcons Off-Season Thread 2017

    imo, for several reasons. His release almost certainly means the issue is more serious than originally thought( meaning he will almost certainly be found guilty). He could be suspended for awhile and to top it off what he's being accused of and charged with is some pretty serious stuff and they probably don't want the negative publicity. Not to mention his maturity has always been a con. I'm surprised they cut Odom if they knew they would cut Hageman. Now we're down a D lineman.
  6. Preseason GDT: Falcons vs. Steelers

    Honestly, I don't think the special teams is anything to worry about. Imo, I would say the special teams units are just a mish mash of players. Trying to get the fringe players all the time they can get and just trying new things out.
  7. Preseason GDT: Falcons vs. Steelers

    After all of last year and the few preseason games this year. One huge improvement from Ryan is his evasiveness. He used to just eat a sack anytime pressure came his way. Now he seems way more confident and has shown the ability to elude and complete a throw.
  8. Preseason GDT: Falcons vs. Steelers

    Part of that though, imo, was due to the fact that they ran Turner into the ground. Combine that with how heavy he played at and how many touches he got and it's easy to see why he wore down so fast.
  9. Devonta Freman - 5/41.25

    I was expecting to be 50+ so I can def stand behind this and say I'm very happy with that that deal. Glad to have him back for a lower than expected salary.
  10. Jalen Collins Suspended 10 Games for PEDs

    To be fair though we are stacked at corner. So while he was performing very good last year I think his absence will be negated by Tru coming back
  11. ATL Falcons Off-Season Thread 2017

    I'm honestly surprised they haven't cut him.