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  1. My thoughts when I read the title. BioShock as a mini series would be great (maybe just 1 and 2)
  2. Harold Landry here. The guy was literally our only pass rush threat last year and was still close to double digit sacks. Was also a plus player in the run as well. If we had a decent edge rush on the other side he would be getting pro bowl consideration.
  3. I feel like I overate Landry but I went with him here. Plays an important position and is the only one that is respectable at it. 2nd choice was Kern
  4. Are the Red Hot Chili Peppers lost deep inside there? It must be real If they swear it’s everywhere and it’s everything
  5. Gotta go Tanny here. Would have probably went Tanny in the last poll. He really opened up this offense with Henry. Really want to see if this transfers to next season
  6. Started Veep. I don’t know why I’m so late on this show
  7. Playing through the BioShock series. Just finished 1 started BioShock 2 yesterday. BioShock 1 was great. I’m not sure about 2. We’ll see
  8. Damn one of my personal favorite players. Yeah his play was sliding but still am NFL starter. This has to be for money because we don’t have a lot of depth on the D line
  9. Great! I think I’m higher on Firkser then most people. I would like to see him in a bigger role.
  10. That was a great freaking punt man. That needs to be noted.
  11. Finally got around to Spider-Man. Just really starts but can see why it’s game of the year
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