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  1. I don't think Butler or Joseph can play man (which is what they want to do).
  2. Did Casey make that much of a difference on our run defense? Why is it terrible this season?
  3. Interesting. This is saying that the O-line was blocking appropriately but Henry didn't run well.
  4. Great to get a win here but I'm feeling less confident in our offense than I did 1 week ago
  5. There is some poor sucker who has gostkowski as the kicker in FF right now
  6. Low key not a great game from the Clown. I'm seeing him taken out 1:1 on run plays to his side
  7. I actually agree, but I've heard alot of people say it's Evans.
  8. Props to Jake Butt for baiting and taking out our defensive signal caller and best LB
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