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  1. I love these regression analysis that have been popping up lately. There appears to be some correlation but I don't know if there is true causation. Some of those teams below the would be regression line are historically bad teams. There are some surprises like the Bills, falcons and bears. Also best team in the AFC south for the last 3 years! Yeah baby!
  2. I agree with this. As someone who went from a Rousseau hater back to lover I think the biggest problem is we turn on his tape expecting a guy who will fire of the edge, bend around the tackle like Von Miller and strip sack the QB. Thats not his game. He plays with great length and damn good hands for a guy with so little experience. I dont care what he does in his rookie season give him 2 years and you got a player. I dont love him in the 3-4 as a OLB. I like him as a DE in a 3-4 or anywhere on the line in a 4-3.
  3. Lol did Bateman report on himself that he ran a 4.39. Is the "source" Bateman himself lol
  4. 😁😁😁 They're we go!! Im big on Tryon. Great fit. Nixion I like. Im meh on him in the 1st round but cant complain.
  5. Man this is way better! I'm noticing a bunch of things I didn't see before. Both Moore's in the first! Turner in the second. Wildgoose? I'm sure that's made up. And lol at the WFT name
  6. I agree with my fellow Titans fan here. You mentioned the Titans have a "glaring need" at tackle. I disagree. We will in the future but for the next two seasons we are safe at OT. Almost every position on defense needs an upgrade.
  7. You have Wallace going to the Titans and Lions. For the Titans it's an ok draft. Good positions. I like Phillips, and Oassi more than Azeez but that is my personal opinion. In this draft I would take Waddle. No reason he should slide that far. Also I hate this presentation. It's much easier to read in the draft order so I can see who was passed on and who dropped
  8. 10-12 for Watt is far as long as the cap hit isnt that high. If Cap hit is around 7M then I am very pleased. Im cool with Davis leaving. There are too many rookie WRs coming into the NFL and contributing right away. Please no Perriman. It would be nice to see actual improvement at WR. The worst thing would be seeing AJ double teamed constantly and our passing offense takes a dive. I wouldn't mind Jonnu leaving. I like him, but Firkser was taking him off the field because he is a better receiver. Jonnu is the better blocker. In a year where no one has money Id be ok with moving on.
  9. Correct! NB sock carry a huge cap hit. We better get mismatched white tube socks with hole at the bottom. He is all signing bonus
  10. Correct! Also just to add you should save around 5 million for the incoming rookie class
  11. Not a fan of Koramoah for Ten. Not the best fit. Id rather have Phillips or Azeez
  12. Man I agree with you. Him and Chase really should be 1a and 1b. People have their own preferences I guess.
  13. OH my bad. By maxed out I mean his weight it maxed out. I definitely agree with you there is always room for a rookie to grow and he has a chance to step into the NFL as a 1000 yard WR but I can understand why people will be apprehensive.
  14. While I disagree, I think some people are thrown off by his weight. Some people believe he is closed to maxed out too.
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