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  1. I take the poll as who is the best right now and not as a projection. I guess I'm higher on Julio than most people. I think he is between 1 and 2. I went with 2.
  2. The next 2 spots are easy locks. This doesn't get interesting until #5
  3. I think this will be close. I went back and forth but my gut tells me Tanny
  4. this guy makes pretty good videos of Titans draft picks. This one will make you love Molden
  5. I think you hit the Titans draft right on the head.
  6. That catch against Okahuda was a good one. Outside of that not excited lol
  7. Great pick up for you guys too. As a Titans fan that hurt the most
  8. meh. I cant complain in the 4th rd. He a guy with good technique and effort but not a great athlete. One of those guys who will always be on an nfl team but never be a high sack guy.
  9. This! I hate Tutu this early. I have him as a 5th rounder at the earliest.
  10. Waiting on Cheddar Bob to give his take
  11. Yeah that's the problem when everyone knows you need a pass catcher. All the teams in front of you take one. Everyone knew we wanted Tremble and Brown. That why you have to address needs before the draft
  12. I'm worried about him having a significant snap count in that backfield. If what youbsre saying is true and he will get looks in multiple RB sets, in the slot and creative plays to get him the ball in space then I take it back and say he was a great pick
  13. Yeah I'm worried where he fits in this defense. He's not fast enough to play pure man. Maybe you keep a safety over top. Maybe he play a Malcolm Butler type role. If they figure it out he is the type a guy who sees significant snaps as a rookie
  14. I really wish he ran faster. If he was a mid 4.4 guy he would be an early 2nd rd pick. He's the smartest CB in this draft
  15. Wow!!!!!!!! I Fing love this pick
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