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  1. I think the only game he can afford to lose is the Baltimore game and that I’m not sure
  2. Pick from Texans via Duke

    Great trade, especially with hunts emergence
  3. Pick from Texans via Duke

    Why downer ? 2 sacks in 2 weeks, starter this week? I mean definition of giving up on a guy early . . .
  4. Bless his heart if he thinks Cleveland football has never been stupider than this
  5. Except for society has never been further along in all aspects, poverty around the world is down, war is down but u know, internet points
  6. I mean you’ve gotten neck cranked before so you have some sympathy
  7. TNF: Steelers at Browns

    I mean let’s be real unless he makes the playoffs or 10-6 which is unlikely he will go regardless of this. Dudes prob got like an 85 percent chance of being fired right now
  8. All 4 situations the players faced accountability . . . ?
  9. Haley didn’t hire kitchens here, Dorsey did
  10. I think they’re gonna resign hunt and Schubert and hunt will be paid like a 3rd receiver/top tier rb and will be worth it
  11. Browns Cut Callaway

    They stole him from the rams apparently mcvay was pissed
  12. Browns Cut Callaway

    That was the takeaway I had from last night prior to the 8 second melee why t f did they trade away their first lol I think they’re losin it in Pittsburgh