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  1. Tayne's rough go of it

    A bottle of Ararat deep. If you can get thru that **** you can get thru anything
  2. Rookies of the year

    that being said i think its going to be mayfield. especially if he keeps dropping 3TD 0 INT games
  3. Rookies of the year

    and i guess my point is nick chubb has shown that he's a better runner (queue the angry giants fans) and he's getting to the point where he's respectable in the passing game. especially if he continues to have weeks like last week. and we're playing CIN after a bye, so, its very possible for him to shred again. also note the increase in his passing success with new OC Freddie Kitchens who seems to be a pretty damn good play caller
  4. Rookies of the year

    nick chubb had same amt of yards as barkley this week, and had a TD chubbs learnin that part of the game for sure
  5. Rookies of the year

    problem for barkley is that chubb has been catching up in a major way as soon as the john dorsey coup happened
  6. Rookies of the year

    for now
  7. Rookies of the year

    no offensive lineman has ever won the AP OROY
  8. Predict the 2019 coaching changes.

    man i hope he stays
  9. Rookies of the year

    since nick chubb has been the starter thanks to john dorsey pretty much saying he's the captain now- per game: 19.5 att per game 101.5 YD per game 5.21 YPC .75 Rushing td per game 12 receiving yards per game .25 rec td per game
  10. Rookies of the year

    the real travesty here is that hue jackson likely stole nick chubb's OROY
  11. Rookies of the year

    Who do you got?
  12. CIN hires Hue Jackson to their coaching staff

    Hes got enough bread browns paid him handsomely
  13. CIN hires Hue Jackson to their coaching staff

    https://mobile.twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1062337850421768192?s=19 thats some assistant to the regional manager stuff right there
  14. CIN hires Hue Jackson to their coaching staff

    Srsly they just happen now and I go about my day
  15. CIN hires Hue Jackson to their coaching staff

    The dude didn’t even sit on Haley’s offense install. He’s gonna be a bad spy