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  1. What made Hue Jackson such a terrible coach?

    u forgot to say benching kizer after saying he was gonna weather the storms of kizer even though he knew he wasnt ready also lets not malign the name of Nate Sliver - Mike Silver tho screw that guy he sucks
  2. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    the thing is what do you do first 538 did a pretty cool piece that showed that the majority of running success is predicated by not having people in the box, and that 3WR 1 TE formation is the best to run out of. To do this you need to be able to show you're dangerous passing the ball.
  3. What made Hue Jackson such a terrible coach?

    gotta go look at the tape
  4. What made Hue Jackson such a terrible coach?

    he was a liar who took no part of responsibility for the teams failures. he was childish - when they hired haley to be OC he didn't plan to learn his offense so he could throw Haley under the bus when it didnt work by saying he was "hands off". just a bad leader.
  5. Alcohol Thread!

  6. Alcohol Thread!

    anything over jameson
  7. K Hunt suspended 8 Games

    Kamara Ingram does it matter ?
  8. Pebbles and dust underneath floating floors are the absolute worst. Make sure you have a good broom and see if self leveling compound can help if you’re not good at making a level floor. Also mix up the board lengths. Usually people just go 4 3 2 1 and then follow off that anchor pattern and it just ends up looking like a herringbone pattern.
  9. I’m extremely here for @NateDawgs evil Kermit memes
  10. Yeah it’s one big geometry problem with very delicate small materials that needs to be water right. NY landlords always do it themselves. No one ever uses bullnose tiles it drives me ******* insane
  11. imo pay for carpet. dad was a floor installer and holy **** carpet is rough on the body. id personally also pay for someone to do the shower tiling too. imo you usually can tell when thats not done professionally
  12. Nostalgia Browns

    Dave Zastudil and candymans avy man Scott Player
  13. Nostalgia Browns

    Simon Fraser is a good one
  14. Nostalgia Browns

    Ah I remember Chris gocongs 3 stops in a row at the goal line that was dope