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  1. GDT - Prime Time - Browns to ground the Jets

    this sounds like something tobias funke aspires to be on, dare i say a nu start?
  2. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

    yeah color rush were sold out mid game
  3. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

    Listen you could nab any coach this year. With the salary cap space the talent and the qb in place. . .
  4. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

  5. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

    im stealing your avy @freakygeniuskid
  6. we played 3 games in 12 days so that argument is silly tyrod went 15/40 in one game and like 4/19 last night. if baker is that bad against oakland, then sure, i'll concede your hypothetical point.
  7. he threw an INT on the final browns drive of regulation against the steelers, on an underthrown ball that if it was thrown well - would a been a touchdown to josh gordon. kicker didnt blow it in PIT, it was blocked, not missed. Furthermore MWil makes a good point- these things are not mutually exclusive. Better K and better QB win us the saints game. we fixed the K situation. hopefully hue fixes the QB situation. regardless you can keep on defending tyrod, whatever i got work to do. he was bad this season. better qb we go 3-0.
  8. The INT against the steelers caused us to tie - go to OT instead of win. the same argument you can make for zane missing in OT, causing us to tie (except for it was blocked, so not even really Zane's fault here. more on amos jones who didnt change the snap count and the steelers went ham) the INT against the saints came with 5:10 in the 4th while WE WERE WINNING
  9. no, its tyrods fault he threw an int on the go ahead drive, literally giving the game away its tyrods fault he threw a terrible INT that led to a saints TD. (we lost by 3)
  10. not if the qb sucked... especially if they had ints that caused us to win/lose/tie...
  11. lol 1 play 1 yard touchdown run definitely is on tyrod he went 15/40 against the steelers he had an int on a go ahead drive that put us into OT its not insane. qb has way more impact on a game than a k. you know this.
  12. cool response what does it mean? i dont know if the hill to die on is defending a qb who had 48.8% and 5.5YPA through 3 games this year
  13. Yes, a better QB would get us into a position so that we wouldnt have to rely on our kicker to win us a game in a nail biting fashion. also dont forget that it was the defense that caused a multitude of turnovers to get us back from down 14 in the 4th quarter against the steelers. offense was anemic until the 4th. coming from a ravens fan you guys should have known that you can be a winner and still have to bench your qb (tony banks 2000)
  14. And a better QB wouldnt have thrown the INT that led to 7 points and a better QB would have been able to score more points its obvious tyrod and baker were night and day. we definitely would have won 4 days ago if baker was the QB.