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  1. OL Situation

    i think higgins is back. hopefully randall comes back?
  2. OL Situation

    hell be back in like 6 wks
  3. GDT Week 3; Browns VS Rams

    we had like 8 penalties. 2 were intential delay of games and myles had 5. i think we're good on that as long as myles doesnt do that again
  4. GDT Week 3; Browns VS Rams

    yea im starting to think it might be a trap game for them or just a straight up *** whoopin so either like 21-17 browns or 50-0 rams
  5. Odell wears 350k watch during game. Stupid or not?

    @LETSGOBROWNIES @mission27 smdh
  6. {Poll} Should We Trade for Jalen Ramsey?

    na i want some offensive lineman in the draft next year to shut yall up i really want a TE like i wanted last year tho prob need another WR, DB and DL as well
  7. Smh just can’t admit you’re wrong when you’re wrong
  8. Whats up with Baker

    so would you rather give the benefit of the doubt to a team that you know already has it, or give the benefit of the doubt to your favorite team and have good vibes? i know which one im taking.
  9. Whats up with Baker

    good teams have not terrible games as well, its life
  10. Whats up with Baker

    It’s our largest margin of victory since like 2014 let’s stop complaining
  11. Whats up with Baker

    I think his safety blanket (Higgins) is out and he’s trying to use his shiny new toy far (obj) too much i mean he still led the the team to a 20 point win on the road so let’s not go too far but yeah let’s hope they pick it up
  12. 5 Up, 5 Down

    i mean on the deep int to odell (which still should have been a flag) shoulda been a moot point he had chubb in the flat that woulda went for a first down
  13. yea seriously waht is wrong with ward
  14. 5 Up, 5 Down

    Njoku not gonna be here post year 5 maybe won’t even get the option