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  1. for the record i PM'd you and you didnt reply nor did you even read it. and you deleted the evidence by nuking my post.
  2. if you think that a white person would be choked to death after saying "i cant breathe" for 6 minutes, youre out of your mind.
  3. Whats sad is that making racist comments is considered not rule breaking and funny round here and calling out racism is considered rule breaking
  4. Lol you literally said they didnt follow common decency since they didnt wash their hands
  5. Yep. Yer shtick is a joke. Apparently includes racism
  6. https://images.app.goo.gl/sugQcwUoihvh9auJ7
  7. Bro your usage of the shovel word is chefs kiss.jpg
  8. Ah come join in the racism, now you can all reveal yourselves
  9. Tbh didnt read the mols at all until this morning. But yeah, making fun of an entire people and saying they dont have common decency is bad regardless you have become aware
  10. Sad that a mod liked this post instead of you know, moderating racist comments
  11. So are you saying that your racist statement is ok just cause you were joking?
  12. Bro this is a great joke even though we werent talking about gender identities i give it 10/10 original points
  13. Implying that 3 countries dont have common decency because they are unsanitary- which is wild in itself- bro you cant be that shortsighted?
  14. i guess saying racist stuff cause you like larry david is ok with you though
  15. @mission27 why are iran, india and brazil struggling if theyre all hot countries?
  16. “These countries could really do a lot better if they followed common decency standards, like washing their hands” - @TLO ->names 3 nonwhite countries pretty racist bro
  17. Is this admitting the mol is as incompetent as our federal govt?
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