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  1. Since I am too emotionally drained, I want to offer a few "minority" opinions that express thoughts better than me right now. Turnovers strike again. All that work to get the game back to 1 and just a disaster 4th from Marcus Smart. I love Marcus but here's what's rough: When Marcus has a bad game it doesn't just affect him ONLY. Like when Jaylen or Hayward, even Kemba sometimes. When they're off, they're just off and others have to pick up the slack somehow. When Marcus is off, he's tanks the offense. He freezes out our best players and he turns the ball over compromising our transition D. Nobody sabotages our team with a 2-10 performance like Marcus Smart can. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I blame the coaching staff, particularly Stevens.It was evident early in this series that there would be a significant TO difference, simply by the way the Heat and Celtics historically play.Heat 8 TOCeltics 19 TOThat's the game. But it didn't have to be that way. If the damn coaching staff would have any insight, vision, knowledge and ability to communicate they would have taken every player aside, and gone over how to minimize turnovers. Should have been done in training camp, but it's obvious that the Heat are schooled in this art, and the Celtics don't know how to protect their dribble, when to throw or not throw a pass, how to space to minimize the difficulties of a teammate, how to move to help your teammates; but this is all coachable, teachable, and actionable. It's Stevens who's not doing his job. I know there will be some who will want to blame players, but I really believe this is part of a Head Coaches job at the NBA level, especially someone trying to be the best of 30 teams. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Front runners, thats what this team is. And yes, Brad should go. Get an actual NBa coach whose offense isnt just iso ball. Maybe next offseasom Ainge will actually do his job and build a bench?? But can't get my hopes up. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If this team came out and played with the right intensity from start to finish I have no doubt we win the series............but... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Defense is the biggest issue for the Celtics imo. Yeah they had a **** ton of turnovers but to me, defense is the biggest issue mainly Kemba. I hate to pick on him but he’s too small, he got Herro going and then he went automatic. That was killer. Heat were seeking him on every play no matter who it was even Duncan Robinson. Having both Kemba and Theis is such a disaster especially in the pick and roll. They crushed us. Kemba got embarrassed by Herro. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Not upgrading our bench and especially at the 5 is coming back to bite us in the a$$. Riley outsmarts Ainge once again! Also disappointed with the ten man rotation.....Brad sits Kemba when he was hot, Timelord was killing it and here comes Theis soft as fk down low. Turnovers and second and third chances for the Heat killed us. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If they had played as fiery for the whole game as they did in the last minute, we may be talking about an even series. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Theis continues to struggle offensively in this series and yet again gets 30+ minutes of PT. Meanwhile, Robert Williams nearly matches his points and boards with only a third of Theis' PT.That's on Brad.The Cs should have put away the Raptors 5 games, yet had to beat them in 7.Heading into this game the Cs should have been up 3-0 rather than down 2-1. Now they're cooked. They're not beating the Heat 3 straight.That too is on Brad. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Get Smart off the **** starting line up. This guy shouldn't shoot more than 5 shots a game and that's IF he makes the first 4.You could tell that they were going to lose from the tip. They looked soft and like they were ready to go home. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The fact that Brown was inside the arc on that last play when the Celtics needed a 3 epitomizes what is wrong with this team. It's coaching. Where's the situational awareness? Two isn't going to do anything for us there.Brad will get us to the playoffs but he's not the guy that will help us win a championship. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our record when Smart takes double digit shot attempts is never good. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's scary how much better Riley and Spo are than Danny and Brad. Can anyone imagine Danny drafting guys like Bam and Herro in the middle of the first round instead of guys like Romeo and Yabusule? Can anyone imagine BRAD coaching up allstar players rather than underachieving with them? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They execute and play better. Us? Off a zone we made 20 turnovers. Give me a break.We beat ourselves. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We just dont have a lot of talent outside of the first 3 or 4 players.So when Brown and Tatum wanna sleep walk through half the game this is what happens.Just simple really. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Give me a break on kemba is small. There are other guards in the NBA who are small. This is brad getting his defense picked apart by Miami.When has the heat adjusted to us? That five best lineup sucked. Couldn't rebound and made turnovers.We should kill that zone, but we don't. It is stupid. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can we trade Kemba and Theis now? We can’t win with a diminitive pg that can’t defend, and an undersized, non scoring. non rebounding center. Those two have to go, along with Stevens! Getting outclassed again by Spo. With even the simple calling timely timeouts, you could see who who is superior.
  2. damn how bad would Boston and AINGE and Stevens actually be if the NETS didn't gift wrap Boston's SMART+BROWN AND TATUM????? the great Stevens and Ainge duo would be in the top 3 picks if they had to do it like everyone else!!
  3. we are talking about 5 draft picks THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to Miami's ONE!!!!
  4. the real comedy is, MY TAKE, is probably in the 99% majority. This freakin site has like 3 fans and they are all extreme snowflakes who stand by their man/men (Stevens or Ainge) Trust me when I say, 99% meanwhile inB4 someone says that they are all wrong!!
  5. NO, maybe draft a player and develop one, just 1, that can maybe score just a few points, in a playoff series, in a game, that is the difference maybe in going all the way or not..
  6. 1 pick before = 37 points to ZERO!!! meanwhile Ainge kept all his assets safe and built a great G-League team..
  7. actually you do...,5 draft picks = ZERO points... FACTS!!!
  8. the real story Herro 33, Boston 5 draft picks ,Romoeo, Grant Williams etc.. ZERO!!!
  9. The winner of this 4th quarter wins the series in my opinion
  10. Tatum scores 16 points in the quarter and still barely looks intrested .meanwhile take note Stevens maybe you should run some plays for him in the 1st instead of subbing him out after just one shot attempt
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