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  1. Can we trade some of our posters?? Think about If Dak had only 50 yds?? we are talking about a QB that one time people were saying could be a top 5 Q of all time.
  2. shush.. don't destroy his narrative LOL.
  3. Rodgers is considered near GOAT level QB.. Scored 10 freakin points!!!! His team didn't even have 14 penalties go against them.. His team played great defense for most of the game. Here is one... A Rodgers is 0 -4 vs SF !!! So many absolute Dumb takes last week proven so freakin Wrong.. what are our resident double standard geniuses going to use as an excuse now??
  4. Holy mother... I just noticed some posters on here I haven't seen in months. Especially when Dak was killing. Now they come in here spouting all kind of low IQ nonsense. Like a F*ckin low life snake waiting in the ******* weeds, to strike when the time is right. It is hard enough being a Dallas fan. Really is. Not doing shet since 1995. But the Joy they get when their scapegoat comes up short is pathetic. In a massive team game that incorporates so many players and coaches, blaming a QB as the main reason vs observing the entire structure of the team collapsing again and again is Border
  5. my last post for a while, but I do wonder what the last play would have looked like had we had 1 more second...probably a TD called by by a penalty..
  6. You seem to take greater joy in seeing Dak fail than Dallas win.. you and a few others. I am not sure why, don't really care.. There has been so much fail in this team since 1995.. If it helps you to blame Dak, fire away..so much fail.. I'm just mad at me for being sucked in again.
  7. myheart won't allow me to pst till this game ends..see ya
  8. YYYEEESSSS!! Haters take that.. or should I sat take DAK
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