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  1. Is that like saying my net worth is one million dollars times 0?😀
  2. can you give me the short version answer, did Jaylen play Dominant?
  3. thanks, but you don't have to have betting experience but rather NFL knowledge on what teams would just flat out win.. do yu see any bad choices in my predicted teams winning?
  4. * I was on the fence on Dallas winning with enough confidence to place some cash.. reading this comment pushed me over the side. (read bet in other thread) hope I don't hate yo after Sunday.
  5. are we allowed to make a "betting thread"? meanwhile, I made a parlay involving 5 highly favored teams betting 200.. payout would be around 1000. I decided to add one non favorite to the Parlay (Dallas) and the payout shot up to a lil over 2000. my picks are: Denver Broncos (-260)(283) Denver Broncos @ (284) Jacksonville Jaguars Cleveland Browns (-700)(271) Houston Texans @ (272) Cleveland Browns Los Angeles Rams (-195)(279) Los Angeles Rams @ (280) Indianapolis Colts Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-700)(289) Atlanta Falcons @ (290) Tampa Bay Buc
  6. Where the **** is everyone at? What an unbelievable loss for the giants wow wow
  7. There is no such thing as a running game anymore pass pass pass pass it's official.
  8. Update it is now up to 34 field goals in a row holy cow
  9. 32 field goals in a row without a miss is mind boggling to me..
  10. Watching tonight's game closely I haven't seen Chase young even get closer to quarterback I thought he was supposed to be special?
  11. I consider this a playoff game already in week 2 why? Because we need to show we can beat good teams otherwise going 0 and 2 it really doesn't matter what we do down the road if every time a good team comes we lose
  12. Well, let me refresh that.. looks like the ravens went cowboys lol
  13. Looks like the raiders are doing the best cowboy impression
  14. What a crazy Monday night football game wow..
  15. how is that even physically possible unless they live with you?
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