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  1. Taco TRADED to FA for roster spot

    Drafting a DE RD 1, first since Ware? and getting nothing out of him then drafting T Hill in rd2 and he doesn't even make the active roster in such a downer. I can't remember the last time Dallas' or any team's 2nd rd pick didn't even make the active team without an injury or something. If the excuse/reason is Dallas is currently deep at D-line etc.. then why did we draft him? Especially after our lack of quality play from our D-line. Not to mention Hill playing against a team like the Dolphins might have proved to be a good time to get him some experience.
  2. The Run Game doesnt matter

    sometimes this can be the most misleading and inaccurate stat. If a team gets an early lead, especially a big one, they will tend to try to run out the clock vs the losing teams abandoning the run all together.
  3. The Meme Tankfins @ The Dallas Ewoks

    scary shet is you might be serious
  4. The Meme Tankfins @ The Dallas Ewoks

    I was under the impression that most thought Rush was a good serviceable back up for us. In fact before the season started I bet there was at least one amongst us would prefer Rush starting of a Dak Prescott. Just saying
  5. The Meme Tankfins @ The Dallas Ewoks

    changing the subject to FOOTBALL, hypothetical question. With all these QBs going down, if somebody offered a 3rd for Cooper Rush, would you do it. Why, why not ..
  6. The Meme Tankfins @ The Dallas Ewoks

    careful ...
  7. Is Individual Player Defense Overrated?

    I don't understand these arguments. A great individual Defender may still be a good team Defender as well it's not necessarily one or the other. Besides a great individual Defender is still only one fifth of the team, the same way a great scorer doesn't necessarily make the team a great scoring team it requires the entire team. Kind of like comparing apples and oranges in my opinion
  8. Fiba World Cup 2019 Thread

    Haters Gonna Hate
  9. The Meme Tankfins @ The Dallas Ewoks

    My excuse is I am old and senile don't know what CTS excuse is though
  10. The Meme Tankfins @ The Dallas Ewoks

    BTW point spread up to 23 last I checked..
  11. The Meme Tankfins @ The Dallas Ewoks

    WTH. We should be talking about how the hell Dallas will avoid the greatest "Trap game" in NFL history. But instead we are talking so freaggin EWOKs
  12. Why don't we have an NFC East 2019 thread

    It's what we do best.
  13. The Meme Tankfins @ The Dallas Ewoks

    sue me..
  14. The Meme Tankfins @ The Dallas Ewoks

    Dude if you wasn't killing it right now with the GDTs, ..... I would..be.....nvm... "shuts door in the way out"
  15. The Meme Tankfins @ The Dallas Ewoks

    BTW, what the hell is a EWOK? too embarrassed to ask at first. But shet is killin me.