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  1. Fix our Defense thread

    well somebody better figure it out soon. Our offense is good enough to go very far. but our defense???
  2. Fix our Defense thread

    so if it's not scheme related, and tackling instead, then our players suck? especially our LBs??
  3. Thoughts on Zeke?

    has or had???
  4. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    Troy Aikman, with Roger Staubach are my 2 favorite Cowboys of all-time, but Aikman needs to step up and apologize for saying Dak is/was not an accurate (enough?) passer. Though saying "pay him" is probably better though.
  5. W12 News and Notes

    can we put him top 5 yet???
  6. Fix our Defense thread

    This seems like a good cliff note on what should be done. Adams has 5 sacks in the last 2 games
  7. Draft watch 2020

    I have been yelling weapons for years. We finally have good Wrs and now this class comes out. We could use a TE. Though Jarwin might be the answer if he played more. BUT our defense is so bad, we need to draft everyone on defense it seems.
  8. NBA GDT | '19-'20 | Fultz BACK

    Marcus Smart should not be taking more shots than everyone on this team one reason why I don't like him at times. 1 for 7 from 3 and we just passed half.
  9. GB's and Clappers: Dallas at Detroit

    i didn't lose on our bye week. So it counts
  10. Fix our Defense thread

    What we invested so heavily in lve and Jaylon Smith, if they are playing bad and it was supposed to be ours shining stars then that's a very gloomy in my opinion.
  11. GB's and Clappers: Dallas at Detroit

    Excuse me I did not lose for 4 weeks in a row I never got a game ball. Daboy gets one already wtf
  12. Fix our Defense thread

    So so disappointing. It turns out our defense is by far our biggest problem this year. We have spoken about it made threads on it talked about positions coaches Etc okay but I want to dedicate one threat to how can we fix this defense who do we need to draft what do our coaches play just to vanilla what is going on if we had a halfway reasonable defense we will be NFL contenders good Please give your thoughts to this go ahead thank you
  13. NBA GDT | '19-'20 | Fultz BACK

    I haven't watched too many Toronto games this year but is it possible since Pascal got off to such a hot start that teams are not focusing more on him?
  14. Okay what? And by the way I will be seen the second half of the game out of sports bar so first half updates better be coming in fools