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  1. Truth is I've been reliant on your comments and the Scouting reports provided.. I am cautiously optimistic with what we drafted. At the very minimum we put a lot of talented bodies at positions of need even if many were reaches.
  2. I am OK with MP, my hope is high. Definitely don't have the Luv or hate some else have for him. ut damn we needs someone to step up on defense, maybe he can.
  3. Sorry but not surprised to see Lee go. I do believe he has it in him to be a great Coach one day. probably start off as a position coach, but would elevate quickly. Very intelligent and would be very respected as well. The 2 most important requirements IMO.
  4. I have always had a hard time doing this. Positions matter for me. an A- QB talent is > than a A+ other position. a A+ OT > A+ CB etc.. But using the system that you guys want, If I think Z Wilson is an A- QB but Sewell is an A+ OT. But a QB's value is > than the other (Needs aside) who should I pick for 2??
  5. That and I truly believe it is so much easier/better to focus moving forward from both player and the team perspectives. This really was a 2 year dark cloud hanging over everyone.
  6. OK first and foremost for me is no matter what you think of his contract, we can at least MOVE FREAKIN ON, without talking about his future contract every other post as in the last 2 years. Wow.. but on that note 2 Posters who were the most vocal on this subject have not yet chimed in. Where is @Matts4313 and his alter Ego @DaBoys?? I want to hear their comments. ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  7. "Watt" type of Contract do you think Watt can command? and "Watt" about joining his Brother in Pitts??
  8. well to be fair, in 70s 80s and 90s QBs were literally being Knocked out of the game. the Rules are a ridiculous advantage for current QBs. but I have him as GOAT because he is standing out more in his ERA than the other QBs did in their ERA.
  9. I never post in the general Forum, and I have always hated that SOB. but WTF can I say now. There are players with more talent -such as A Rodgers and Mahomes, but intangibles are all Brady. He has to be the DAMN FRAKIN GOAT. For no other reason I can possibly think of.
  10. did someone else post this here?? and people complain about Dak LO-F-ing L Ross Tucker @RossTuckerNFL ยท Jan 26 Aaron Rodgers is evidently 0-42 in his career when trailing by more than a point in the 4th quarter against a team with a winning record. Do we care? Should we? If nothing else it is really surprising. h/t @Murf_NFL
  11. I am here. We got weapons ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  12. Yeah I remember that. welcome to life. Now it's like, I remember 31 like it was yesterday. I think that's how old I was when Dallas last won a SB.
  13. When was the last time it worked out so well for our 1st RD pick and we still sucked so bad/? Aikman?? At least CD is a keeper.
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