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  1. 2018 NBA Random Offseason Discussion

    So early on, what teams look like the top 3 worst teams next year record wise at least? Atlanta? Sac? Brooklyn? who am I forgetting
  2. Free Agency Thread

    I don't know why Ainge paid that much for Smart. I think the market wasn't going to offer that much. I think he could have had Smart for much less. 3 years 30 million etc.. As for Irving, I do think he is gone to NY. Him and Butler some how. So Boston will hang on to Rozier until either Irving commits long term at least.
  3. Kawhi Leonard Traded to Toronto for DeMar DeRozan

    what happens if Kawhi and "his people" decide not to show up for Toronto??
  4. NBA Top 75 Players: Who Is #65?

    I voted for the top underrated in the NBA IMO and that was Ingles, But since injuries don't seemingly matter (like Kyrie, Kawhi etc.) how is it that IT, who was a top 5 MVP caliper player, wasn't voted in long ago. Just asking. the man averaged 29 ppg n a top 4 team just a year earlier.
  5. 2018 Over/Under Predictions

    blah blah, so what is this dude doing? Over or under 4 ????????? or should the Over/under be Gregory fails off again
  6. 2018 NBA Summer League

    What the Hell is going on with all these rookies NOT playing in SL. Bunch of pansies.
  7. Free Agency Thread

    I am both happy and sad about this. Happy that he found a team finally, but from top 5 MVP candidate and "brinks truck" to a 1 year and 2 million dollar contract.
  8. All Time Top 50 As Told By Des82 & FM30

    I will be interested to see if stepnowski ranks highest at Center because of his success or if he even makes this list at all?
  9. 2018 NBA Summer League

    It actually worries me. If NY develops Robinson at center and Knox plays to the promise he is showing, with Porzingis back healthy at some point, maybe Kyrie Irving does leave Boston for NY. He's be a great veteran leader on an up and coming young team something I think he would want.
  10. 2018 NBA Summer League

    I wanted Robinson for Boston had Robert Williams not fallen to us. But Robinson is perfect for NY since they are rebuilding and he can get valuable miniutes
  11. Free Agency Thread

    So the rumor is the Nets and Memphis are inquiring about a sign and trade for Smart. Why a sign and trade vs a straight up offer? Fear of Boston matching??
  12. NBA Top 60 Players: Who Is #57?

    either way I'm not made at ya, great job overall.
  13. 2018 NBA Summer League

    There are similarities for sure, but I see more of a Kuzma game. But either way looks really smooth and can shoot the ball well. The fact that he may still be only 18 years old is amazing.
  14. 2018 Over/Under Predictions

    OVER - cuz he better. Randy Gregory gets 4 sacks
  15. NBA Top 60 Players: Who Is #57?

    Sorry but when Jaylen Brown became 57+ on this list, it killed it for me.