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  1. When was the last time it worked out so well for our 1st RD pick and we still sucked so bad/? Aikman?? At least CD is a keeper.
  2. maybe. But it might read Dallas is 0 and 19 when the defense gives up more than 6 points. I just don't know anymore .
  3. well at least we can say we have a top 10 pick.
  4. Let's see. Dalton sacks himself and then throws one up for grabs.. For a playoff spot on the line.. Pay the man!!
  5. Oh well I lose Las Vegas or whoever wins what else is new
  6. I've only lost 2 games since I started this 3 weeks ago . And both times it was an extreme fluke With the eagles beating the saints and now this Covid game.. Nothing worse than getting this close on big bets and losing on flukes that is BS
  7. Losing normally no problem losing like this I have a problem
  8. god I am so mad.. played the Parle today. Won my 1st 5 games. the ;ast one was Cleveland vs the Jets. placed bet on Friday and on Saturday they announced the Covid and 4 WRs out. What freakin BS. No one makes that bet knowing that. and Yes I couldn't cancel the BET.. what Fing S.
  9. I wanna if anyone would offer anything for cost and Wentz in a trade at this point next off season that is
  10. If KC blows this lead..I am up big in a parle..last game..up big last week and Eagles won a game....Mahomes has 4 fumbles..
  11. happy for Lamb.. hate every other human being involved with Dallas.
  12. Watching JJ laugh and giggle in his Box just makes me so sick..
  13. An amazing RUN once upon a time when things were really good. Now a lifetime or 2 ago.. The Timeline: A Tale of Two Cities Full Show | The Cowboys & 49ers Battle for NFL Dominance | NFL - YouTube will add more later.
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