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  1. Raiders listened to Goodell and did everything perfectly all game and then decided to turn heel and end the Chargers season. Goodells gonna find a way to punish them
  2. Goodell told them to take a timeout to try and make it look less obvious
  3. Raiders FG incoming then a long drive by the Chargers and a FG at the buzzer to tie
  4. Can the NFL make it anymore obvious that it’s fixed 🤣🤣🤣 Even if one of these teams wins here. The league sent it to OT for the ratings
  5. This games really going to go into OT and make the Steelers sweat isn’t it?
  6. First time I’ve ever seen the HB draw just about work in that situation
  7. Play of the game for the Vikings 😂
  8. This dude is horrible 😂😂😂
  9. This may be one of the worst debuts I’ve seen. This dude is god awful
  10. Why go for it there? Take the points this early in the game
  11. Claypool sits there and celebrates while the clock just runs 😂😂
  12. Just amazing how a team can be getting absolutely destroyed and can’t do anything right through nearly 3 quarters and then just comes back outta no where in the 4th 😂
  13. Yeah run the WR screen on the 2 point conversion even though the first 8 wr screens you’ve run tonight have all lost yards.
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