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  1. Who else plays this game , I am challenging anyone to play me ??‍♂️.
  2. I play it , but it's the type of game you need friends with . And to me the game gets kinda boring quick .
  3. Ehhh how much would y'all inves on a watch?.
  4. Post here more often dude , I like your thoughts ????
  5. Cool I'll come back to you when things progress . I don't smoke and I've been clean and working hard .
  6. Lol ^^ ?All I asked what for your age , and I appreciated your help with the police thread . Why be so rough on me ??‍♂️When a young man is asking for help .
  7. I'm not lol your the one who wanted to give me advice . Im trying make friend so ??‍♂️ Why would I be bitter if I put my business out ?.
  8. ^^^ all I asked was for your age .and you wrote an immature post. LOL and I'm the 19 year old . I asked for your age to see what generation we live in. If so that's probably why we don't see eye to eye .
  9. lol cool dude maybe I'll call my rescue buddy at 3am at night . ? With my hectic drugs .
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