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  1. 2021 early watching list

    Really hoping Johnson makes a jump this year. Definitely improved last season but still has some pretty serious consistency issues. Probably a late round guy at this point but with the potential to move up into the mid rounds with another strong season
  2. Our defense is going to be a really solid test for both (as well as the opposite direction).
  3. Winfield was one of my favorite (not necessarily top ranked) players in the entire draft so I've gotta go Wirfs and Winfield. I think Thomas and McKinney will both at least be solid but I dont think they have the ceilings of the other pairings. All 3 groups are players I really liked (Delpit only if he plays up to his talent, but the traits are all there). Wirfs and Winfield then Wills and Delpit then Thomas and McKinney. All 3 solid combos
  4. 2021 early watching list

    Don't forget about Kayvon Thibodeaux! Dude was an absolute monster in the second half of last year. If he can bulk up just a bit then he's a guaranteed top 10 pick IMO. As of now he's already an elite pure pass rusher, supposed to be a really smart and hard working kid too so only likely to get better
  5. 2021 NFL Draft 7 Round ranking:

    Breeze quickly became the darling of every Duck fan with how he played at the end of last year. With ISM, it's gonna be about the mental side I think. Can he hold off Flowe and Sewell who are both superior athletically? If his instincts continue to improve he can easily hold down that spot with how he played last year I for one think Sewell should add some weight and play on the line where his athleticism will really be a mismatch. He's already so big for the ILB position, and while he's really explosive for his size, it seems unlikely that he can stay at that weight (or even lose a few pounds) as he matures. Could take on a Donte Hightower at Bama type role where he shifts down to rush the passer on passing downs or even really commit to bulking up and be a penetrating DT. Super interesting guy to watch going forward.
  6. 2021 NFL Draft 7 Round ranking:

    Totally agree on most of what you're saying on Scott. He's awesome at what he does, and probably the best pure nose in college football right now, I just don't see him being valued that high. Graham, while he definitely gets deflections, I kind of doubt his athleticism in comparison to Lenoir who was better in coverage last year and is a better athlete. I think Graham may be better in his future role as a slot than Lenoir will ever be on the outside but I think Lenoir's athletic upside makes him a better prospect. We'll see what happens this year though. Gonna be a great defense to watch, that's for damn sure
  7. 2021 NFL Draft 7 Round ranking:

    You seem to be really high on some of the Oregon guys, namely Graham and Scott. Having watched both extensively they seem to me to be more of the "very good college player, mediocre prospect" types. Graham I see more as a mid-late round guy and strictly as a slot, and Scott is just so limited athletically that I have a hard time seeing him drafted before day 3. He will likely be a guy that sticks around for 10+ years because he's phenomenal in the role he plays (pure run stuffer, take on doubles kind of guy) but offers very little beyond that. He has some decent quickness, especially for his size, but very rarely gets significant pressure in the pass game and more holds ground for the others around him to take advantage of. Might be one of my favorite ducks but I'm curious as to why you have him (and Graham) rated so highly On the flip side, I think Lenoir is actually a better prospect than Graham so would love to hear why you're so down on him. He was sticky last year outside of the ASU game when the whole team was asleep
  8. 2021 early watching list

    Yeah i'm not saying it's impossible, just feels unlikely at this point. I love holland as a prospect and he'll probably start as my number 1 defensive back, if not defensive player (would have been runaway safety 1 this year and probably the 3rd DB taken after Okudah and Henderson) but I think other guys will pass him up if his athletic numbers come in just OK. I expect that he'll probably be on the high end of average athletically. Also I think the Colts would probably have preferred getting Hooker a bit later in the draft than top 15
  9. 2021 NFL Prospects

    A bit surprised to see Jordon Scott rated so high on your DT list. Love him as a college player but seems too limited (purely a 2 down run stuffer) to go very high. He is one of my favorite ducks, but I see him as more of a late round guy based on athletic limitations Also, I would put Lenoir ahead of Graham in your DB rankings. Neither has great size but Lenoir is stickier in coverage on the outside whereas Graham seems purely limited to a slot role. I think both are more of the "good college player, average prospect" types but Lenoir has more athletic upside imo. With Xavier Thomas, I keep seeing people rank him fairly high but my understanding is he hasn't really lived up to the hype. What's your reason for ranking him so high?
  10. 2021 early watching list

    He's that true swiss army knife that has become so valuable lately. Idk if he will continue to be a punt returner in the NFL but that just shows his movement skills I think. He has been a bit banged up throughout his career (no major injuries but a few minor ones that limited him in some games) which will be something to keep an eye on. Top 10 might be a bit rich but only because I don't think he's an elite athlete, which you really need to be to be taken that high at his position. More likely a late 1st, early 2nd round guy that people look back on as a steal
  11. 2021 early watching list

    Ducks have quite a few players likely to get drafted next year: Penei Sewell (OT) - would be pretty surprising if he isn't OT1, guy is a freak and likely top 5 pick Javon Holland (DB) - could see him rising up to the first round, at times was fantastic in a honey badger type roamer role and was our best defensive player for much of last year Thomas Graham (Slot DB) - Graham has disappointed a bit IMO since he looked fantastic as a freshman but is overall a solid player. A bit undersized but likely a solid day 3 selection. Made a good decision coming back this year Deommodore Lenoir (CB) - I think he's probably a better prospect than Graham. A bit grabby at times but outside of the ASU game was generally sticky in coverage. Probably anywhere from rounds 2-5 depending on how he progresses Nick Pickett (S) - Underrated part of our defense last year. Likely a later round guy Brady Breeze (S) - really came on late at the end of last year. Not sure how he'll test but is just a really good football player Jordon Scott (NT) - probably one of my favorite ducks but not a top flight prospect. True team leader and absolute space eater in the run game. Stayed on the field a bit more in passing situations this past year but looks more like a guy that will hang around the league as a role player. Late round draft choice/ priority UDFA unless he finds a way to add more juice to his game Our defense is really stacked this year, this list doesn't even consider Thibodeaux, Flowe or the other Sewell who will be key cogs and some other young DBs. Cristobal has really stepped up our recruiting in recent years, now just hoping Moorhead can improve the playcalling offensively
  12. Fromm is at BEST a 5th round pick! (and other QB thoughts)

    Don't they currently have a commit from the top ranked QB in the next class?! Honestly don't understand how they keep landing these kids
  13. Better prospect: Joe Burrow or Trevor Lawerence?

    I think I'm probably more torn on this than most, only because Burrow has exactly what I'd want in a QB. His anticipation, accuracy, and subtle movement in the pocket is so incredible. But at the same time, Lawrence so clearly has more physical upside. It wouldn't shock me at all if burrow is a much better NFL QB, but has a pure prospect, Lawrence takes a slight edge for me
  14. Fromm is at BEST a 5th round pick! (and other QB thoughts)

    Definitely a lot of people were in that boat, i was not one of them though. I never really saw what separated him from Aaron Murray to be honest. Good college QB but probably playing for whatever replaces the vipers down the line
  15. Day 3 Draft Discussion

    That buffalo weather isn't going to do Fromm any favors with his limitations. Probably a good guy to have in the QB room with Allen to maybe help reign him in a bit? Also, any reports on DPJ having attitude issues or something? With his athleticism you'd think someone would take a shot in rounds 4-5 but if teams doubt he'll put the work in to have his football skills catch up to his athletic potential, makes sense