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  1. really well said. it's too bad that you continue to see mismanaged injury situations like this. I understand that coaching windows (and front office) tend to be short, so they are always pushing for immediate results, but it seems like long-term planning has gone out the window in most organizations. Knew Marcus pretty well when I was at UO and he really is an awesome dude - super humble and never acted the BMOC, just wanted to be one of the guys. How he handled last year in Tennessee didn't surprise me at all, and I think it really showcase his character. Hard not to root for a guy like that. Carr seems to be a bit of a bible thumper at times (which I'm not a fan of, but to each their own) from what I've read, but also seems like a genuinely good teammate too
  2. could see both Carr and Mariota pulling a Tannehill in their second stops (Mariota taking over this year and Carr next year with another team). both have shown promise at one point or another but injuries rocked their confidence a bit and they became overly conservative. Change of scenery seems like the best thing for each to be able to shed the bust label (if you consider Carr a bust, being a 2nd rounder he's pretty much delivered on expectations)
  3. lol, I'm a huge duck fan (class of 2015) and I don't even believe this. Herbert is crazy talented, but has a lot to improve on (biggest issue is consistency, which he lacks in a few areas). I do have faith in him because his OC was garbage and his receivers average at best, plus he's not one of those kids that's been working with private coaches for years, so I think he has a lot of room for development now that he's fully committed to football and has quality coaching. I don't think Wentz is a bad comparison for his ceiling (Wentz is very good when healthy), but to say it's his floor is silly IMO
  4. they still prevent SOME droplets from going out into the air, that makes a difference even if it's not as significant as a cloth mask. It also comes down to optics - at least wearing something shows that you took a second to think about someone other than yourself
  5. It absolutely doesn't. the arguments against wearing a mask are frankly ridiculous. People should live by one rule: don't be an a** hole, and that is exactly what wearing a mask represents. Is it a perfect prevention system? No, but it shows that you at least took 3 seconds to think about your fellow man. It honestly baffles me that this is even an issue - they don't affect your breathing significantly (surgeons wear masks for hours on end and you don't see them passing out due to oxygen deprivation), and not wearing one is just broadcasting to the world that you are selfish. While everyone has the right to do what they want when it comes to their own personal health, not wearing a mask is taking that freedom away from other people. This whole not wearing a mask frenzy is just yet another example of how american exceptionalism is a ridiculous pipe dream
  6. I found Johnson to be very inconsistent catching the ball last year, regardless of whether he put up the best numbers. overall our receivers were pretty poor last year and I think they really factored into some of Herbert's struggles. that being said, Pittman and Williams are super talented and Johnson showed some flashes last year despite the drops/ incorrect routes. Redd is a decent gadget guy but nothing special and Addison definitely could progress. Moorhead will make a big difference because last year's passing concepts were terrible
  7. agree on everything here, well said. there's potential all over the place (I'm less bullish on the receivers but maybe Devin Williams can provide a spark, I like Pittman but not much else at this point, Johnson is ok), but it definitely is just that: potential. Don't forget Flowe on the linebacker side. Also wouldn't shock me to see Sewell end up on the D line down the road, he's just so big for a linebacker Shough looked good in garbage time and i think the system will be better under Moorhead.
  8. Love the list, agree with most of it. Gonna throw my homer card out there and say Oregon could be in contention for a top 5-7 D line this year. Thibs and Scott are already studs and some young guys improving would not be surprising at all with how well the defense has been coached the last year or so (along with great recruiting). Linebackers are really young but VERY talented. more likely they make this sort of list next year for that group though
  9. I went to De La Salle about 10 years back when Chip was at UO (and also ended up at UO but not to play football, given that I wasn't good enough to make my high school team at 5'0 110lbs) The head coach (Ladoucer) essentially told players not to sign with Chip. A few of my friends who were being recruited by PAC-12 schools at the time told me that Lad said to just hang up the phone if Oregon calls. Basically, chip was an a** hole who blatantly favored players and made most of the team's lives miserable. Clearly he was/ is a fantastic offensive mind but it's no surprise that he has struggled in recruiting and generally with player relations. That combined with his stubbornness is going to be his downfall
  10. Absolutely, they were some of the better prospects ever (that was at least the narrative with Lawrence and Fields was always right there with him, or even above I think, on most sites). However, the traits that Burrow excels in (anticipation, feel in the pocket, accuracy, improvisation) aren't usually the types of traits that get guys a lot of hype in the recruiting world. Usually it's the big armed guys, players from big time programs that put up big numbers (Matt Barkley) or crazy athletes. Burrow's best traits are the ones that are usually shared among the top NFL quarterbacks. Don't want to say that recruiting ranking isn't correlated to draft stock because it is, moreso that there are elite guys that are missed on for whatever reason. At the end of the day you have to look at the traits (not just physical, especially at QB) that they have going into the draft. Both Lawrence and Fields have the advantage in longevity of production and physical traits, but Burrow has them beat in the traits that I personally find more important for quarterbacks. All 3 are great prospects who could go #1 overall in many drafts
  11. Totally see your point but it's not like Burrow was some nobody recruit. He was rated as a 4 star on at least some platforms. As for being 3rd on the depth chart, I believe he had an injury in either spring or fall camp that contributed to Haskins getting the 2nd string job, then haskins played really well in mop up duty for Barrett. Even then, the OSU staff said it was a neck and neck competition leading into a season where haskins played his way into the first round. Burrow's senior year may have been his one great year of production, but his Junior year LSU was still running their archaic system that made all their previous QBs (some very highly recruited) look like trash. He then went into a more NFL style system and thrived not only within the structure of the offense but when things broke down. He showed so much of the nuance that is needed for success at the NFL level with his pocket movement, touch, ball placement and (as much as I'm not a fan of using this as a trait for a prospect) moxy. 1 year wonders are definitely a risk but his senior year just looked so convincing game in and game out. Fields is obviously super talented and I really like him but Burrow was just so much more advanced. Could that be due to age and experience? No question. Fields may have a higher ceiling but i would disagree on the point of him being a "safer" bet just because he was highly recruited. Same goes for Lawrence (who I would rank similarly to Burrow but Burrow is more my style of QB)
  12. Really hoping Johnson makes a jump this year. Definitely improved last season but still has some pretty serious consistency issues. Probably a late round guy at this point but with the potential to move up into the mid rounds with another strong season
  13. Our defense is going to be a really solid test for both (as well as the opposite direction).
  14. Winfield was one of my favorite (not necessarily top ranked) players in the entire draft so I've gotta go Wirfs and Winfield. I think Thomas and McKinney will both at least be solid but I dont think they have the ceilings of the other pairings. All 3 groups are players I really liked (Delpit only if he plays up to his talent, but the traits are all there). Wirfs and Winfield then Wills and Delpit then Thomas and McKinney. All 3 solid combos
  15. Don't forget about Kayvon Thibodeaux! Dude was an absolute monster in the second half of last year. If he can bulk up just a bit then he's a guaranteed top 10 pick IMO. As of now he's already an elite pure pass rusher, supposed to be a really smart and hard working kid too so only likely to get better
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