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  1. Top 10 actors all time

    My list had both Jimmy Stewart and Paul Newman. Would be easier to do a top 20. But the trolls have taken over this thread and not posting a list. Also agree the first list
  2. Top 10 actors all time

  3. Packers @ 49ers SNF GDT

    Great start.Go 49ers
  4. Week 4 pick: Indianapolis Colts
  5. Week 3: San Francisco 49ers
  6. Favorite team: 49ers Week 2: New England Patriots
  7. Favorite Team: 49ers Week 1 pick: Seattle I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your edits."
  8. Favorite Team: 49ers Week 1 pick: Seattle
  9. closed

    I would not click on that link by FilmJunkie. Is there a way to report their post? I'm new here and did not see anything to click to report, as I believe it is spam.
  10. Favorite Team: San Francisco 49ers Week One Pick: New Orleans Saints