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  1. GWT: Week 19 Titans @ Patriots

    All I'm saying is it proves how biased and embarrassingly predetermined a lot of those posters were in their "evaluation". People were acting like it was frozen for 5 seconds and it was a massive travesty - just like they were for the rest of the game. Completely irrational and unable to control their emotions.
  2. Heard the same things about Flacco. Was right then, too.
  3. Because Wentz wasn't particularly great this year. He was good but benefited from playing on a loaded team with a great OL and great running game with good receivers and a good defense. Those kind of conditions are unsustainable long term due to free agency and he didn't show me he's capable of playing at HOF level where he can carry a team for long stretches or even a whole season, like you seem to think he is. Brees, Brady, Alex, and Rodgers before the injury, all played better than Wentz this season.
  4. No, Wentz won't be a HOFer because it's extremely difficult to do and one year at even MVP level isn't enough to mean he will be. The Cowboys will win a playoff game. But if you're insinuating I'm a Cowboys fan and that's why I'm saying those things, you're wrong.
  5. GWT: Week 19 Titans @ Patriots

    For the record, for all those screaming bloody murder saturday. Even with the ability to repeatedly play it, still looks like it was within the second and that "longest second ever" seems completely legitimate.
  6. They also said it was a lock that Rodgers would be in the superbowl multiple times and win multiple rings. Dalton played on tons of loaded teams and was a young MVP candidate. The Bengals looked locked into a 5-7 years of being a contender. Saints fans in 2009 kept telling me that they were loaded and going to be the next dynasty. Same with Colts fans in 2006. And Niners fans in 2012 And Seahawks fans in 2014. Typically, NFL windows are extremely small. Much smaller than they would appear to be. As in, Wentz is a SB win away from being a contender for HOF? That would indeed be hilarious. But I think we're seeing now, even a below average QB can win with that loaded Eagles cast. Wentz isn't going to be a HOFer.
  7. I think it would be amazing to see another 16 Falcons-esque melt down by the home team, cinderella, little engine that could, Vikings [to the Patriots].
  8. Does Defense Win Championships?

    Defense doesn't win championships any more than offenses win championships. From what I've seen, you can find stats that support both, but IMO the bigger thing is you have to have a talented team and being out right awful in any one area is typically an area the other team can attack so it's harder. Being the 01 Ravens or 15 Broncos is hard. But I think they probably have a better chance than a team like the 04 Colts or 13 Broncos just because the variance is higher with shoot outs. It's much better to just be solid+ in every area.
  9. I think the best story/game would be Patriots vs Vikings. 1. IMO the two best teams remaining. 2. Home field for superbowl team 3. Cinderella Viking story vs the Brady/Belichick soul crushing machine 4. New opponent for Brady to break the hearts of with a game sealing fourth quarter drive.
  10. While I agree with your first point about it being the SB in name and the last point about the low scoring bit. I think the name at QB absolutely matters. Imagine the difference in hype or storylines of a Brees/Brady (old man death match). Or even Ben/Brees (Who is going to retire going out on top?!). Or Brady/Ryan (THE REMATCH). Brady vs Rodgers (Who is the real GOAT?). Those kind of narratives are easier to sell and sell more than Bortles vs Foles (WHO WILL CRUSH THEIR FRANCHISE'S DREAM AND SUCK WORSE?)
  11. AFCCG - Jags at Pats

    The Steelers/Jaguars choice thought process is exactly how I felt. Brown/Bell have the talent to come in and hang 40 on us, and in those types of games it can go either way. I really don't think Bortles is capable of playing a cleaner game than Brady if we make it a slog fest. Especially in Foxboro where we have the home crowd to help (versus in Denver, or anywhere else because our silent count play sucks). I think Cooks/Hogan are both capable of a Lafell game where they're just a complete non factor, but also lost in the 2015 massacre was.... 1. The Patriots nearly came back and won, and likely would have won if not for Gostkowski 2. We were running the corpse of Stephen Jackson at RB so coupled with their solid run defense, we weren't getting anything done so they could just attack Brady 3. Our offensive line was a mess going into it. No Solder, Cannon had yet to improve [largely due to Scar], Kline was starting, Stork was a mess this game, and Mason also had yet to improve. We're now better at LT, LG, C, and RG than we were then; and RT is probably about a wash. On top of all of that, the Broncos corners and safeties were better than the current Jags secondary and their pass rush was also better. And while our 2015 defense was better than this years probably, that years Broncos also had a lot more talent on offense than these Jags. The more I talk about the game the more comfortable I am Patriots going to win.
  12. AFCCG - Jags at Pats

    Just saw a miserable quote that makes the '07/'11 Giants/ and '12 Ravens playoff losses all the more bitter.
  13. Pittsburg isnt good because of Tomlin

    Man, it must be tough to only be able to respond to arguments you disagree with, with personal attacks. But continue, I'm the one without credibility. LOL. It's not blind Tomlin hatred to say he's a bad coach who consistently gets his team to underachieve, especially when a large majority of Steeler fans agree with me.
  14. GWT: Week 19 Saints @ Vikings

    So great play by Diggs and I get celebrating. But holy hell. Sit down, you got your 30 seconds. Now you're just acting like a clown.
  15. GWT: Week 19 Saints @ Vikings

    Did that really just happen. I'd really hate to be that Saints player.