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  1. The Official Recruiting Thread

    FAU’s Kiffin offers scholarship to Leinart’s 11-year-old son https://footballmaven.io/nfldraftscout/news/fau-s-kiffin-offers-scholarship-to-leinart-s-11-year-old-son-t-qfABPuJkaM8eLHk_rG1w/
  2. Buying a House

    Don't worry Just be happy
  3. Buying a House

    The smartest guys in the world.....:
  4. Buying a House

    If a person finds the dream house and has the where with all to acquire it there is no debate. A perfect home is almost a unicorn.
  5. What movie are you watching?

    For those who enjoy crime drama I recommend The Bank job and Gone Baby Gone.
  6. Buying a House

    Or you could wait a few years til the after the current bubble bursts.
  7. 2019 Game Breakers

    Sports Exchange is more accurate: http://www.draftscout.com/members/ratings/playersbyteam.php?DSTeamId=37&sortorder=tsxpos&order=ASC
  8. Pick your Head Coach for 2019

    Gary Patterson.
  9. Did something finally click for Dak?

    The light is flickering.
  10. Something Is Wrong With Everson Griffen

  11. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Any one watching Manifest?
  12. Dak

    IMO Dak's biggest problem is no Witten. Without Jason the play calling gets stifled because Swain et al drop too many balls and cannot block very well. Without the short and medium catches by the TE the enemy DBs can cover over the top and take away the deep ball. Tavon caught that TD bomb because the NGY DBs were playing as if our TEs could work the short middle. Teams know we can't do that any more which allows them to easily take away Tavon to the post. Without Jason's blocking Zeke has fewer and smaller holes to run through. Our offense is now gimmick passes to Beasley and screens to the RBs. We desperately need a quality pro bowl TE.
  13. Dak

    How many catchable passes were dropped? How many receivers ran the wrong route? How many times did he get knocked down or hurried?
  14. Games balls and SL/Clappers

    Game ball goes to Rod. He put together this defense and made it run like a Swiss watch. Another to Zeke. He just gets stronger as the game rolled on beating the enemy down and scoring a TD. SL/Clapper goes to the brain dead offense coaching staff.