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  1. 2020 FF Consensus Mock Draft [Pick 10 - Cleveland Browns]

    Where is Prince Wanogho?
  2. Giants hire former Cowboys HC Jason Garrett as OC

    .........and only call it against teams that are not vulnerable to that play because analytics don't matter. "You want to be good at a lot of things (and we will run plays that don't work again and again until we get it right.)"
  3. Jimmy Johnson - HALL OF FAME

    Here we go again. It nothing to do with egos.
  4. Official 2020 DL/EDGE Thread

    Demarcus Ware.
  5. It is also expensive. If you want the Emerald Coast try going several miles west.
  6. that is a bit misleading. If you want to live in coastal urban regions (L.A., B.A.) you might need a full million for a 2 bedroom fixer upper. OTOH if you like hills/mountains you can find the same thing east of Sacramento for $150,000.
  7. Coaching Staff

  8. Why Mike McCarthy's system might make Dak Prescott look an awful lot like Aaron Rodgers https://sports.yahoo.com/why-mike-mc-carthys-system-might-make-dak-prescott-look-an-awful-lot-like-aaron-rodgers-170044821.html
  9. Cowboys fire HC Jason Garrett

    Report: If not “overwhelmed” by other candidates, Cowboys may have kept Jason Garrett The curious part: " A source with knowledge of the dynamics told PFT on Tuesday that Jerry Jones had planned to pursue Vikings coach Mike Zimmer, as some had speculated. With the Vikings winning and McCarthy drawing interest elsewhere, the Cowboys apparently decided not to risk losing McCarthy by waiting for a chance to choose between a pair of Mikes from the NFC North." https://sports.yahoo.com/report-not-overwhelmed-other-candidates-113458131.html
  10. Never mind the gibberish. Count the dropped passes.
  11. Notable Stats and Observations

    Nope. Special teams.
  12. Cowboys hire Nolan as DC

    Expected to keep the 4/3 defense. https://sports.yahoo.com/cowboys-hire-mike-nolan-defensive-203652632.html