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  1. #FireJasonGarrett

    The Slide had more to do with age and injury. It took until 2003 to replace Novacek. 2006 for Irvin. We never replaced Larry Allen, Erik Williams or Emmett or a bunch of others. Some of them will never be replaced because they were in the G.O.A.T. zone. None of that changes the fact that the defensive staff has failed. They have been given free reign in the last few drafts with inadequate results. They don't even seem to know how to employ the players they picked. None of that is on JG. The real question is who should Jerry hire to replace Rod and company?
  2. #FireJasonGarrett

    We were stale in 1995 and won the SB. Every body knew what was going to happen but they could rarely stop it.
  3. #FireJasonGarrett

    We need to stop missing field goals.
  4. #FireJasonGarrett

    Switzer won a Super Bowl. Lombardi sucked in DC.
  5. #FireJasonGarrett

    2/3 of the problem is DBs who can't cover. We will never win big giving up 28 points. The other 1/3 is an O-line that can't open holes for the running game. Neither of those are the fault of JG. Fire the D coaches and get a better LG.
  6. SNF GDT: Vikings @ Cowboys

    No. the problem is the O-line is not where it needs to be. It is better than last year which not saying much. Fredbeard is still a step slow as could be seen when Zeke got tackled for loss late in the 4th. Also C. Williams has improved but is not yet settled into playing guard yet.
  7. Official 2020 DL/EDGE Thread

    He is playing out of position. In the League he should be a LDE in a 4/3. If he can gain some more strength and play with good leverage could be a 2 tech like Stroud or Lett.
  8. Lil Minny Winny @ BIG D SNF DO YOU BELIEVE???

    We have played 8 games so far. In 3 of them the offense has scored zero points in the 1st quarter. In one game we scored a single FG. The Cowboys have scored 10 or more points twice. Miami (10) and the Eagles (14).
  9. Dallas Cowboys at the NY midgets..MNF 815

    Cowboys' radio? I won't be able to watch because NBC is blocked here. I have searched for a web site for the audio feed to no success. Any advice?
  10. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    I wonder if he has come to the realization that going to another team would cost him millions in lost side earnings. This is not an accident:
  11. Official 2020 DL/EDGE Thread

    Unblockable. Top prospect in the country/
  12. W8 News and Notes: LVE okay

    Tied at #1 with K.C. On defense we have the #12 in YPP. #1 is N.E.
  13. W8 News and Notes: LVE okay

    YPG are the wrong stats. Better is YPP. We are #2 yards per pass attempt and tied at #4 for yards per carry in rushing. On defense we are #10 in yards yielded per pass attempt and tied at #15 for yards allowed per rush.
  14. Bye Week Review - Biggest Need?

    The people who run that place must be on dope. That guy is a top ten prospect.
  15. Raiders legend CB Willie Brown passes away

    One of the greatest ever clips as announced by the GOAT Bill King.