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  1. Dallas Cowboys - NFL Draft Prospect Meetings

    In related news Ourlads' draft has us taking: Deionte Thompson Gary Jennings Daylon Mack Darrell Henderson Terrill Hanks Zack Bailey
  2. Incels?

  3. HOF Lineman Forrest Gregg Dies at 85

    His last season was in Dallas. Did he even get on the field at all that year?
  4. Bitcoin

    There are some clues. the yield curve is inverted: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/i/invertedyieldcurve.asp Also my dividend returns have fallen by 1/3 from 2017 through 2018.
  5. Obscure/Nostalgic Players

  6. 2019 NFL Draft - Offensive Line

    Major issues with technique. Grabs instead of punches. Can't seal the edge because he has no kick slide. Seems to struggle with recognition. Lower body stiffness. Tends to lean instead of bend.
  7. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    Charley Casserly has us picking him.
  8. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    Street cred or street rules or street anything has nothing to do with anything. In the US system defense attorneys have the advantages. They can arrange things so the trial takes place during such time of year that Dak would be forced to miss classes and/or practice and/or games. Dak wanted to chase the Heisman instead of a two bit bully who wasn't worth the powder to shoot him with.
  9. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    Do you realize what happens if you press charges?
  10. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    Dak's biggest problem is inconsistency. He plays up and down depending on the level of competition and time of season.
  11. Buying a House

    Even if you have absolutely no idea what you are even looking at just making an appearance has an intimidating effect against unethical builders. Construction fraud is rife. It contributed to both the inflation and bursting of the housing bubble. I used to watch this show while it was still running: https://www.foxbusiness.com/shows/the-property-man RIP.
  12. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    Dak and some of his team mates got ambushed. It was no brawl. https://www.tmz.com/2015/03/09/mississippi-state-dak-prescott-fight-video-spring-break-bloody/
  13. Buying a House

    Have you visited the build site? It is highly advised to go there frequently.
  14. DE Robert Quinn acquired for 2020 6th Round Pick

  15. Kerry Hyder - DL

    Not any better than Taco.