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  1. DAL DT Malik Collins breaks foot in OTA’s

  2. That is almost miraculous because he ran 4.65 at the combine.
  3. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - News/Rumors/Selections

    I finally got around to calculating the values of our draft picks. I used the boards from Ourlads, Draft Scout and where applicable Sporting News and Sports Illustrated. For LVE the average ranking from those sources is 27. We spent the #19, Mathematically that is poor value wise and we might have been better off trading down. C. Williams averaged 19. He was picked at #50 which is a big steal. Gallup averaged 82. He was picked at #81 which is about as average for value you could get. Armstrong averaged at 122. He was picked at #116 which is slightly below average for value. Shults wasn't in the SN or SI boards but averaged 162 from Ourlads and DS. At #137 he was a poor value. White wasn't on those two boards but averaged 108 from O and DS. As a #171 he will be a huge steal if he can develop. Covington averaged at 237 and was picked at #193. Bad value. He could have been a UCFA. Wilson averaged at 160. As a #208 pick he will be a steal if he pans out. Scarbrough Averaged at 135. He was picked at #236. That is a huge steal. In years past that would be considered the biggest draft steal of the year. RBs have been devalued in more recent years so we will have to see. In terms of pure value the 2018 Cowboys drat grade is a C.
  4. Greatest Cowboy to never WIN.

    Doug Cosby.
  5. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - News/Rumors/Selections

    Good articles: http://www.draftscout.com/members/teams/nflteamreport.php?teamid=9 http://www.draftscout.com/members/teams/nflteamreport.php?teamid=9&section=STRATEGY AND PERSONNEL
  6. JDL's Fit & Beautiful 'New Edition'

    I think her name is Hailey Grice.
  7. Free Agency 2.0 UDFA time!

  8. Round 7 # 236 Bo Scarbrough RB

    Insurance pick against any more suspensions.
  9. Prisco grade: A- Rare combination of size, cutting ability and top-end speed. Lacks in the vision department and had plenty of big holes at Alabama. Bruising back who would be logical stand-in for Zeke Elliott if need be.
  10. Switzer traded to Oakland for DT Jihad Ward

    That solves that.
  11. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - News/Rumors/Selections

    We have one pick left. Who will it be?
  12. 2.50 Connor Gonna Guard #HookEm

    FWIW Bucky Brooks stated this pick is what made the Cowboys' draft.
  13. Round 6 # 208 Cedrick Wilson WR

    Looks like a Williams clone.