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  1. What movie are you watching v1

    Have you watched Throw Momma From The Train? https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/throw_momma_from_the_train/
  2. Tony Romo vs Eli Manning?

    How many critical TD passes were dropped by Eli and Ben's receivers? How many times did their receivers fumble backwards giving the other team a free TD?
  3. Around the League - Training Camp

    He has missed almost half the games with injuries. He also may be another Baylor Bust. http://www.draftscout.com/members/ratings/profile.php?pyid=122468
  4. Tony Romo vs Eli Manning?

    I am not blaming the officials. I am blaming Romo's supporting cast. Dez should never have let the ball touch the ground irregardless of the rule book. Anthony Fumble Fasano should never have dropped the pass that hit both hands in the end zone during the 2007 playoff game against the Giants. Terry Glenn should not have given the Sqwaks that free TD by fumbling the ball into the end zone in 2006. These are just 3 examples of how Romo made the play but some body else didn't.
  5. ** 2018 Training Camp **

    IMO Dak is such a cool cat that he is bored in practice. Can't get his game up until just before kick off.
  6. Tony Romo vs Eli Manning?

    I would tell you that Cam fumbled away a Super Bowl.
  7. Tony Romo vs Eli Manning?

    Did you get temporary blindness when his receivers repeatedly blew plays?
  8. Tony Romo vs Eli Manning?

    You can prove that?
  9. Tony Romo vs Eli Manning?

    Romo has better career numbers https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/R/RomoTo00.htm than Eli https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/M/MannEl00.htm.
  10. Super Bowls are won by the team that don't turn the ball over.
  11. Tony Romo vs Eli Manning?

    Nope: Those two photos totally explain every thing.
  12. Tony Romo vs Eli Manning?

    I have held the belief for 10 years now that if Romo and Manning switched teams Tony would have three rings and Eli would be riding the bench.
  13. Tony Romo vs Eli Manning?

    Cowboys' defense gives up 4 TDs in a quarter and every body blames Romo.