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  1. Greg Olsen TE signs with Seahawks

    I think I see the problem...
  2. Is Big Ben done?

    Are we writing him off too early as a result of his being almost 38 and missing almost all of the 2019 season? Does he still have lots more to offer, keeping the Steelers' window wide open? Or can we stick a fork in him?
  3. There are a lot of decent QBs available this year and the Colts are a good option for any of them with their offensive line. So yes, I would give up Brissett for Young and then see which QB we can get.
  4. Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

    49ers fans should feel nothing but pride. From 4-12 to the Super Bowl. They have a lot of extremely talented players who should be there for years to come, with a great head coach. The defense doesn't lose Hill on 3rd and 15 and we're likely not even talking about Shanahan's mistakes in the 4th quarter. There are no guarantees in the NFL but they should at least be competitive for years and it wouldn't surprise me at all to see them back in the Super Bowl next season. The only problem is it doesn't look like the Seahawks will be getting significantly worse, the Rams are sure to bounce back stronger and the Cardinals are improving too.
  5. Are you a believer that Gardner Minshew a legit NFL starting QB

    Elite QBs don't grow on trees.
  6. Has anyone on this forum ever attended the NFL Draft

    That depends, what time does your plane arrive?
  7. Who’s going to be the new Peyton/Brady?

    Not one of them won MVP in their first two seasons, and not one of them won a Super Bowl to boot.
  8. Who’s going to be the new Peyton/Brady?

    The QB rivalry that’ll dominate the NFL over the next decade? I think it’s clear that Mahomes will form one half. Who’ll be his main opposer?
  9. What is your favorite SB halftime show of all time?

    I enjoyed Tom Petty, Madonna, Lady Gaga. Maroon 5 last year was by far the worst I've ever seen.
  10. What if the Patriots drafted Mahomes instead of Brady

    What if the 92 Bengals drafted Mahomes instead of David Klingler? Ignoring that it is impossible, of course.
  11. How many Super Bowls did you watch?

    Few (maybe nobody) will care but I feel like reminiscing about each Super Bowl watching experience since I enjoy reading stories like this and hope others will share theirs. So far I have watched each game in a different location: As I said, I was aware of SB 42 and 43 due to discussion on a sports forum I was a member of at the time but wasn't really an NFL fan yet. Most people were ecstatic about the Giants beating the 18-0 Pats and I knew it was a big deal. 43 got less buzz but I remember feeling bummed that the underdog Cards (apparently) had lost. Since then I've obviously watched both games after becoming an NFL fan. SB 44 (Saints/Colts) - I became a fan during the 09 postseason so was reasonably excited for this game, though I didn't have a dog in the race. However the game started at 12:30am in the UK. I watched the first half or maybe even just the first quarter before going to bed. I woke up to check the result later and remember feeling happy for the Saints with everything that had happened to New Orleans, and with it being their first title. SB 45 (Packers/Steelers) - I watched all of this one, proper NFL fan at this time though I still didn't have a particular team I rooted for. I was a freshman at university and watched from my dorm room. That sports forum I read was full of fans of both teams; Steelers fans were ready to throw in the towel for most of the game until they started making their comeback attempt. At the end I enjoyed GB winning because those Steelers fans were pretty grating. SB 46 (Giants/Patriots) - I was a sophomore and watched the full game, all night in the UK essentially from my student house. None of my housemates cared about the NFL. I thought there was no chance the Giants would beat the Pats again, but was very happy they did. For some reason I remember enjoying Madonna's halftime show. SB 47 (Ravens/49ers) - My first SB experience in the USA which I thought would mean it would be great, but actually it was the worst. I was studying abroad at Purdue (became a Colts fan at this time) and attended a Super Bowl party. It sucked because everyone just chatted through the whole game and nobody paid attention except for the commercials and Beyonce's halftime show. I felt like I was by far the biggest NFL fan there and just couldn't enjoy it because I couldn't focus on the game. SB 48 (Seahawks/Broncos) - Back in the UK for my senior year at university. Pretty busy that year so didn't follow the NFL as closely as before. Again I lived in a student house but unlike two years earlier, we had the game on in the living room for maybe the first half. Lost interest pretty quickly and I had to go to bed anyway for class the next day. SB 49 (Patriots/Seahawks) - At this point I'd gone to work in Beijing, China, but this was during the Chinese New Year holidays so I was visiting Japan and stayed with an American buddy from Purdue who was researching there at the time. For some reason we only watched the second half; I remember being absolutely shocked at the end when Seattle passed when they had Lynch at the ready, yet my buddy somehow didn't think it was such a big deal. SB 50 (Broncos/Panthers) - Watched this game in Suzhou, China, with my then girlfriend (now wife). Enjoyed it a lot since I could focus on the game and still have fond memories of this one. I enjoyed Denver's defensive performance and how they shut down MVP Cam. SB 51 (Patriots/Falcons) - I was on vacation in Thailand at the time and saw parts of the game from my hotel room. I came up from breakfast to watch the Pats mount their comeback; I felt dazed since I was definitely rooting for the Falcons. SB 52 (Eagles/Patriots) - Watched from our apartment in Tianjin, China. Great, thrilling game even though I was for some reason rooting against the Eagles. SB 53 (Patriots/Rams) - I was on vacation in Egypt and watched the second half from the hotel lobby (I'm a nerd). I was shocked by the score when I turned it on. And again was bummed since I was rooting against the Pats. For the upcoming game, it's coming full circle since it looks like I'll be leaving China very shortly and I'll watch SB 54 in the UK.
  12. How many Super Bowls did you watch?

    Wow, you saw 54 already? Who won?
  13. Which City deserves the next NFL team?

    How about the Albany Steamed Hams?
  14. How many Super Bowls did you watch?

    Not counting watching broadcasts of older games after the fact. I mean games that you watched live. How far back do you go? While I was aware of Super Bowls 42 and 43 due to social media/forums, the first one that I actually watched was 44 (Saints/Colts) in early 2010. I've watched every game since then.