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  1. Let's say those Bills teams won one of those Super Bowls - or even all four. How does that change history as far as the Hall, the Cowboys etc? How high does Kelly jump up the all-time rankings with a ring or two or three or four?
  2. Yes, this is a Houston Texans thread. Usually, it's difficult to find a way to lose every game which is why 0-16 was so rare - but are the 2021 Texans really bad enough to make 0-17 look easy?
  3. I remember doing this thread as a poll last year, listing a bunch of names to consider. "What about Darius Slay??" Eagles fans cried. What about him?
  4. It's Aaron Donald and then the rest - but who are the rest, and in what order? I framed this question as "pass rushers" so you're free to list tackles, ends, linebackers etc as long as they're known for rushing the passer with excellence.
  5. Interesting question. Right away I had the Bears and Seahawks at the bottom; Ravens and Packers at the top. 2010 Patriots were a one man team that was always bound to collapse as soon as Brady had a less than stellar game.
  6. I'm going for an outside shot - I say CeeDee Lamb.
  7. Who wins if the losing conference championship teams of the last ten years then played on a neutral field for the prestigious title of 3rd place? 2011 - Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers 2012 - Atlanta Falcons vs New England Patriots 2013 - New England Patriots vs San Francisco 49ers 2014 - Green Bay Packers vs Indianapolis Colts 2015 - New England Patriots vs Arizona Cardinals 2016 - Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers 2017 - Jacksonville Jaguars vs Minnesota Vikings 2018 - New Orleans Saints vs Kansas City Chiefs 2019 - Tennessee Titans vs Green Bay Packers
  8. Seasons that aren't decimated by injury are outliers for Shanahan.
  9. One? That's how we know you haven't paid much attention to the 49ers in the last few years.
  10. Why would you randomly state as a matter of fact that it was Garoppolo?
  11. 76ers haven't advanced past the second round in 20 years. The NBA's version of the Cowboys?
  12. "But Shanahan sucks based on me looking at his W/L record."
  13. We've seen what Kyle Shanahan can do with a healthy roster, and it's more than Zimmer has ever done. He also steamrollered Zimmer's team in the playoffs in the process.
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