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  1. Who will be the best NFC team in 2020-2021?

    Where's RamblinMan at?
  2. Bears fans, don't look (fun SI article - NFL "what-ifs")

    So apparently the above pic doesn’t show on mobile. I am terrible at quoting, using multimedia, or doing ANYTHING on this forum.
  3. https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/07/03/10-what-ifs-patrick-mahomes-robert-griffin-chip-kelly What if: 1. Chip Kelly got Marcus Mariota? 2. The Jets drafted Russell Wilson? 3. RGIII never got hurt? 4. The Eagles hired Ben McAdoo? 5. The Bears drafted Mahomes/Watson? 6. Nickell Robey-Coleman was called for PI? 7. Myles Jack wasn't ruled down? 8. The Rams remained in St. Louis? 9. Andy Reid went to the Cardinals? 10. The world accepted Kaepernick's movement from day one? What are some notable NFL "what-ifs" that keep you up at night?
  4. Who is the best CB in the league today?

    We're not talking about Academy Award nominations here, man, it's not meant as some slight that I forgot some random name from a list of CBs. Would you vote for him if he was there? If not, who cares?
  5. Who is the best CB in the league today?

    No argument at all except that he's an Eagle and should be mentioned as a "good" CB.
  6. Who is the best CB in the league today?

    Do you think Slay is the best CB in the league? If not, it doesn't really matter that he's not on the list. But yeah, I just threw it together with the first names I thought of. Feel free to vote for the "another player" option.
  7. What should be the new name of the Washington NFL team?

    Washington Chaseyoungs.
  8. Of course not. To be a dual-threat you need to be a threat at, well, both. If a QB is mobile but not a good thrower, he's not a dual-threat.
  9. What team goes WORST to FIRST in 2020?

    Cards look like the strongest team on paper, but they're also in the toughest division. I don't see it.
  10. Rank every division’s QB situations: AFC East

    How about now?
  11. Who is the best CB in the league today?

    Sorry mods, please move to Comparisons. My mistake.
  12. Who is the best CB in the league today?

    Is this a good era for CBs?
  13. Which team will win their first Super Bowl next?

    I said that you're speculating about the rest of the defensive line going forward, not about Casey's trade. That first game versus Mahomes - wasn't that on his return from the knee injury? His first game back? "that's projection, but so is literally everything we're talking about." Agreed. We'll see how they look this year.