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  1. Depends on if you mean strictly in terms of resume and achievements - not just yet, but he's well on the way. In terms of talent? To me, he's already of the greatest ever.
  2. Are you happy for Mahomes and the Chiefs to keep winning, are they starting to bug you, or do you already hate them? We'd better get used to AFC title games taking place at Arrowhead for a good long while, just as they seemed to almost perpetually exist at Foxboro in the past. (Note - I started a similar thread a few months ago, but it was derailed and locked because of off-field talk about Tyreek Hill. KEEP IT TO FOOTBALL PLEASE.)
  3. Never change, FF. One team’s up by 11? Game is definitely over, no one has ever come back from two scores down before.
  4. I don't think the Saints are getting Stafford with their cap situation.
  5. What effect would this change have on the preparations? It's nothing more than giving a different team the right to choose their jerseys.
  6. If they advance, Tampa Bay are the designated home team this year. It's the NFC's turn.
  7. Thanks, I actually just came to bump this thread. He should have a bunch of suitors.
  8. Well, it's not completely unbelievable. The Jets hired Saleh, someone that Watson very much wanted (wants) to work with.
  9. I don't think anyone has forgotten that Tom Brady has played in the cold.
  10. Didn't pay any attention to football until I was 16; Super Bowl 42 Giants/Patriots I.
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