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  1. 19 - 49ers/Dolphins 24 - 49ers/Broncos 27 - Cowboys/Bills 33 - Broncos/Falcons 48 - Seahawks/Broncos 53 - Patriots/Rams 55 - Buccaneers/Chiefs
  2. Maybe not here, but in other circles I frequent, it's simply that: "Belichick is still a great coach without Brady."
  3. Hopefully the guy can improve. I think Rhule is a good coach for him.
  4. You're asking if a team gets a competitive advantage by injuring players on the opposing team?
  5. Just curious, can people rank movies from different eras against each other? After all, movies were totally different way back when...
  6. A "bad take" if that actually was my take, yes.
  7. "Another" lost season. 😆 Did this Patriots fan just talk about "another" lost season? Really? Come back after like 20 years of this and then you might be able to justifiably complain.
  8. No, the 2018 Saints controversially lost the NFC title game to the Rams at home.
  9. In another reality, these matchups could've taken place. Who would've won? 1998 - Minnesota Vikings vs Denver Broncos 2001 - Pittsburgh Steelers vs St. Louis Rams 2002 - Philadelphia Eagles vs Oakland Raiders 2007 - New England Patriots vs Green Bay Packers 2009 - Indianapolis Colts vs Minnesota Vikings 2010 - Green Bay Packers vs New York Jets 2012 - Atlanta Falcons vs Baltimore Ravens 2014 - Green Bay Packers vs New England Patriots 2015 - New England Patriots vs Carolina Panthers 2018 - New Orleans Saints vs Kansas City Chiefs
  10. 80 - performed generally as expected given the help he had and let his stacked roster carry him to another title.
  11. We're seeing the classic "the team that just won will be great again" takes. Bucs will miss the playoffs.
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