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  1. We hire greg Roman as hc and a ravens coach to be the dc 2. Justin Fields QB, ohio State 21. Zaven Collins LB, Tulsa starting lb/edge compared to van noy. 34. Pat FreiermuthTE, Penn State starting te 45. Tyson Campbell CB, Georgia toolsy cb who hasn't put everything together. 66. Jackson Carman OT, Clemson starting lt 103. Bubba Bolden S, Miami starting safety 122. Josh Ball OT, Marshall big mountainous lt who was a former fsu guy 142. Kenneth Gainwell RB, Memphis rb depth 163. Shi Smith WR, South Carolina slot wr. 223. Robert Cooper IDL, FSU backup nt 247. Tarron Jackson EDGE, Coastal Carolina at 6 foot 2 270 hes more of a tweener but with his productivity this late why not.
  2. Hopefully the ravens get their 💩 together with covid before the 12/20 game
  3. Id say they would keep smith to be a bridge qb at the least. Washington hadnt done any favors to their qbs with that wr corps and te position this year. Outside of that dl its a pretty terrible roster
  4. And this jags team isnt winning another game baring some complete team effort game which i doubt cuz offense is 💩 defense is 🔥💩 and our special teams are on kicker #? And while cooke has been good our return game has been pretty average
  5. Eh. Alex smith is likely staying and riveras boy is still there and who knows what they will do with Haskins. 2 years and a handful of games is not a great sample size to determine to move on from a round 1 guy.
  6. If the Browns lose to a glennon lead jags team the browns should be relegated to the indoor football League(it's lower then the afl
  7. Except the jets were using flacco and not darnold. The difference in points was 3 so i would say a darnold should be worth a few points
  8. They will win vs new England. Bb will not let lawrence into the afc east
  9. Ficking jets cant make it a glorious 1 tho 😠
  10. I just hate picking rbs before round 3😂
  11. 2. Justin Fields QB, ohio state 25. Wyatt Davis IOL, ohio state starting g. 34. Pat Freiermuth TE, penn State starting te 46. Tyson Campbell CB, Georgia cb competition. More of a tools guy but has the size and athleticism 66. Jackson Carman OT, Clemson starting lt 103. Bubba Bolden S, Miami(fl) starting s 126. Charles Snowden Edge, Virginia pass rush depth 142. Javian Hawkins RB, Louisville speedy rb 157. Jaelon Darden WR, North texas speedy slot wr 223. Tamorrion Terry WR, FSU big bodied deep threat 239. Tarron Jackson EDGE, coastal Carolina tweener
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