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  1. Jaguars Training Camp Thread: It's BDN Time

    Im basing it off the average tine it takes to recover from an acl. 9 months is about the average Im also basing it off marrones comments. Also cam was taken off pup so expectation of should be ready for week 1
  2. Jaguars Training Camp Thread: It's BDN Time

    Cam robinson, marquise lee. Both should be able to practice or extremely close to it. Instead marrone thinks they both might be misding first 6 games
  3. Jaguars Training Camp Thread: It's BDN Time

    Can we just fire pur trainers and strength and condition team? Too many injuries and rehab not going well.
  4. Watch tanner lee of the jags. Hes played in 2 years of preseason games and has loooked like trash since day 1
  5. Top Defensive Triplets in the NFL

    Throw bouye up there at number 4. Jack probably number 5. Im not sure who i would go with 6 between dareus, abry jones, leon Jacobs, josh allen, Ronnie harrison, jarrod Wilson.
  6. http://www.footballperspective.com/adjusting-passer-rating-for-era-complete-rating-and-rankings-thru-2018/ I saw this article and thought it was pretty interesting. Biggest shock is bortles isnt the lowest qb on that list
  7. Jaguars Training Camp Thread: It's BDN Time

    Its not like chark didnt have an nfl caliber qb(i mean etling was drafted as a qb and apparently trying him in other spots ala taysom hill). Yes etling isnt as good of a qb prospect as fromm but guess what he was an sec starting qb.
  8. Yannick Reports to Training Camp!!!

    I feel the longer we wait the more money its gonna cost. The only solution besides resigning him is then allen becomes ngakoues replacement leading to no future replacement for campbell
  9. Jaguars Training Camp Thread: It's BDN Time

    33 catches a year he plays a major role is not 2nd round worthy. Comparison for him about Riley Ridley who had 69 catches in 3 years with a run heavy offense and didnt play a big role till his last year. The only reason he got drafted in round 2 is cuz hes 6 foot 3 apox 200 pounds and ran a sub 4.4. https://www.mockdraftable.com/player/dj-chark Take a gander at the athletic comps for wrs. Its not very good Nfl.com comped him to our current wr chris Conley. I think we reached based on the lack of production in college.
  10. Jaguars Training Camp Thread: It's BDN Time

    Its not hard to get a catch or 2 game even if a guy is "raw". U could throw him a screen and let him create. He was known to be a good 9 route guy but team decided to let moncrief do that. Why are we picking raw players early if we are trying to make the playoffs . #FireCoughlin
  11. Jaguars Training Camp Thread: It's BDN Time

    I think you overate charks abilities. He wasnt superly productive in college 66 catches in 3 years isnt good even if your college team has no qb. I looked at 3 well-known run run run the ball teams(army, navy, ga tech) and the leading wr out of the 3 schools had 15 catches.
  12. Jaguars Training Camp Thread: It's BDN Time

    No but at the same token u expect him to make some solid contributions and chark really didnt contribute much other then a few bigger plays. While having bortles as the qb didnt help the team didnt really play him all to much and really lacked an impact in any phase of the game including special teams. While most rookie wrs dont go off theres always 1 or 2 that always produce 1st year. 13 wrs drafted last year were as productive as him and 9 of those 13 were picked after had more catches then him. Is it really unreasonable to think a rookie wr could manage 20-25 catches in a rookie year. Thats 1-2 catches a game certainly doable.
  13. Id give him a shot on the jags. Should be able to play 3tech and 5tech for us. Wouldnt expect him to dominate but could be a potential guy to replace campbell.
  14. The Offseason Thread (News and Notes)

    If ur gonna play tgat game well if u dont have corners who can cover the qb will get rid of the ball before the dline will even touch him. Both positions are dependent on each other. Ramsey's swag and willingness to play the run as well as making how the hell did he do that ints gives him the edge over yan. Cbs need the dl to pressure the qbs into throwing it sooner then later but the dl needs the cbs to cover well so the qb holds onto the ball so they can sack him.