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  1. 2020 nfl mock drafts thread

    9 Henry Ruggs III, WR Alabama Starting WR 20 Josh Jones, OT Houston Future LT. could push Cam robinson 42 Ross Blacklock, IDL TCU Starting DT 73 Bryce Hall, CB Virginia Starting CB 116 Devin Asiasi, TE UCLA Future Starting TE? 137 Leki Fotu, IDL Utah DT Depth/BPA 140 John Simpson, IOL Clemson RG competition 165 Shaquille Quarterman, LB Miami Backup MIke 170 Tanner Muse, S Clemson Backup S/ST 189 Michael Divinity Jr., LB LSU Backup Sam/edge rusher 206 Trevis Gipson, EDGE Tulsa Developmental Edge 223 Reggie Robinson II, CB Tulsa Developmental CB
  2. Time travel: Stopping your team

    can we just redo the entire 08 draft. we traded 2 3rds and 4th for to move up for Derrick Harvey. We traded a 5th and 7th to move up for Quentin Groves. for the entire class we ended up with round 1) Derrick Harvey DE round 2) Quentin Groves DE round 5) Thomas Williams LB round 5) Trae Williams CB round 7) Chauncey Washington our Original picks yeilded round 1) Duane Brown OT round 2) Dexter Jackson WR round 3) Tavares Gooden LB round 3) Steve Slaton RB round 4) Arman Shields WR round 5) Orlando Scandrick CB round 5) Kellen Davis TE round 5) Trae Williams CB round 7) Justin Forsett RB
  3. FFMD II '20 - Jacksonville Jaguars Front Office

    Theres no consensus when u have a total of 3. Yall decided to just downgrade hall but didn't explain how any of the other suggestions would make them a better fit. Noah i feel isnt ready for being a day 1 starting guy which is what you guys decided we needed. Aj seems to struggle abit in cover 3 which we predominantly play not to mention how much lsu roasted him in the playoffs.
  4. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    Ill pass.
  5. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    That price is only for the Eagles cuz of your buddy
  6. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    Whats even worse is that the falcon is they didn't even want to trade for Ngakoue.
  7. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    Then let me have Eli Apple and Snacks harrison and Jason peters
  8. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    I already knew the hall grade was gonna be bad but hall is a legit stud in cover 3 which is our scheme. Fwiw there were 3 corners with similar grades and i went with the best scheme fit.
  9. FFMD II '20 - Draft Board (Start Date 3rd @ 10am est)

    With pick 42 the jags select CB Bryce Hall Virginia. @WindyCity your up
  10. FFMD II '20 - Jacksonville Jaguars Front Office

    Hes an ideal cover 3 corner and we run a cover 3
  11. FFMD II '20 - Jacksonville Jaguars Front Office

    Im not either but pff validates what ive watched. Hes a long corner whos fills a void at corner and excels in press zone coverage and started for 4 years. Hes the day 1 starter we need
  12. FFMD II '20 - Jacksonville Jaguars Front Office

    Hes an excellent zone corner. And if he doesnt work at cb he cant be any worse then wilson at fs.
  13. FFMD II '20 - Jacksonville Jaguars Front Office

    Pff had hall way up on their big board. Fwiw nfl.com has all 3 graded similiar and thats even with hall having no testing numbers outside bench press. The reason i want hall over noah is because while noah has upside i dont see him as a day 1 starter because of his newness to the position.
  14. FFMD II '20 - Jacksonville Jaguars Front Office

    I think im alone on this 1 but i like Bryce hall more. Hes got the size and his tape shows hes good. Before his season ending ankle injury he was talked as a round 1 guy.
  15. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    I have a nice chart that tells about targets per route from the last 2 years for a numbet of wrs. Mims doesn't get targetted much on screens. He got a touch over 25% on go routes and 20% on hitch routes.