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  1. well for Starters u want to put your best 4 guys on the DL starting. you also have to consider the fact our Scheme has essentially 3 DTs starting. quit talking out your butt. admit u were wrong that he is the 2nd best true 4-3DE/3-4OLB on the roster.
  2. What team do you think would trade for Teddy Bridgewater?

    i wouldnt give much for teddy. yes hes done some good but id ride the Kessler Express if it was for a few games. hes a good fit for our offense based off the last game.
  3. Campbell is a Big end and DT. Fowler is a DE and probably would be a very good 3-4 OLB. 2 Totally different positions. when Fowler comes in Campbell moves inside with Jackson with Ngakoue and Fowler outside. Clearly that Makes him our 2nd Best Pure Outside Pass rusher while also getting us Better Pass rush in the interior with Campbell. Sure fowler could moonlight as a DT in a Nascar package like Ryan Davis but that a handful of plays a game. you said he wasnt the 2nd best Anything on our DL when its Pretty Clear hes our 2nd Best Pure outside Edge rusher. McCray is a ST/Scrub. Phillips is a STer and unproven on Defense. Smoot wasnt a good pass rusher last year. jacksons been good in camp but i cant say hes better then fowler.
  4. so your saying: McCray, Phillips, smoot(potentially a true edge even if hes listed as the backup to campbell and bryan.), Jackson are better then fowler. GTFOH
  5. tanner lee looks like PS fodder/camp arm at best. on the bright Side our 7th round LBer Leon Jacobs is Projected to be our Starting Sam Lber this year.
  6. his i think was related to the Tweet he fired off as well as what he said on the vid.
  7. honestly he might not be. yes fowler is our 2nd best True Edge Rusher but the dude is a Dumpster fire as a person. i havent had a chance to watch the 1st game but if 1 of the other Edge guys shows out i wouldnt mind giving him the spot over Fowler whom we should be able to trade for something.
  8. NFL Draft - Team Needs

    jags: 1) DT(with dareus potentially being cut and abry proving to be a bust as a starter and anoku being a weekly scratch after the acquistion of dareus). Jackson and Campbell are both potential cap cuts as well and bryan is likely replacing 1 of the 2 but that still leaves us needing 1 replacement. 2) DE(fowler is a FA, and we dont have much true edge rushers on the roster outside of him and Nagkoue tho we do seem to have a few intriguing options with 2nd Year UDFA Carrol Phillips(was considered draftable), Hunter Dimick, and UDFA rookie Darius Jackson. 3) OL(we have a few decisions being made soon involving our RT(hes set to be making 6 million but we did draft his replacement), RG(set to be FA), Last years swing tackle, last years top C/G backup. 4) RB(outside of Fournette theres none under contract). 5) QB(maybe kessler suprises and looks like a good game manager and while kessler has looked good in TC he looked awful in OTAs and Lee is a TURD. a worth while project or a snag of a Bortles replacement could be on the books as bortles would be a potential cut sooner then later.
  9. 4 Fantasy Football Questions: Please Help

    i can see Grant Being the guy the team runs out as the runner. 2 starts: 2 100 yard games so clearly has the ability to be a better option then yeldon whos a 3rd down back at best.
  10. Titans cut Kevin Dodd OLB

    i think the jags could be a pretty good contendor for him. our DL coach coached him at clemson so if theres anyone that knows how to get him to produce its more then likely him.
  11. Titans cut Kevin Dodd OLB

    i wouldnt be opposed for the jags giving him a shot. we have almost nothing of note behind Ngakoue and Fowler as true edge rushers. \ our DL coach coached him so i wouldnt be all upset if we did take a shot cuz i think our DL coach could probably get him to play better.
  12. Jags Offseason 2019

    i guess u misinterperted the who does nothing in pass rush. Harrison does 0 in pass rush. Dareus still isnt worth 10 million IMO even with ability to provide some pressure and holding some double teams.
  13. Jags Offseason 2019

    i actually agree in the sense hes overpaid for his role on our team. 10 million for a NT is 2 much unless its suh or Harrison(even with Harrison i still wouldnt do more then 6 cuz he offers nothing in the pass rush.
  14. pats @ Jags Pack @ Rams
  15. Marcell Dareus accused of sexual assault

    1 incident sure but 2 incidents just this year seems like he either Guilty and needs Help or he needs to stop putting himself into these potential problems. either way im not sure its a great idea to keep a potential serial rapist on the roster when he has 2 Lawsuits currently against him when there is a very viable replacement whom u probably could have and would do as good(granted Hankins doesnt offer the ability to play 3tech well or 5tech well but who cares thats why we have Bryan.