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  1. 2019 Mock Drafts

    im not the one who started that comparison. i believe that was Daniel Jeremiah. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000937744/article/scouting-drew-lock-missouri-qb-similar-to-patrick-mahomes
  2. 2019 Mock Drafts

    i wouldnt be comfortable with lock until mid 2 at the earliest. at that point hes gonna be a sit and learn guy anyways cuz hes not ready and i feel we have bigger fish to fry then having a lock on the roster. someone at TE, RT, RG, WR would all take over a QB in round 2 unless somehow a guy like jones fell but it would depend on what route we took in round 1.
  3. 2019 Mock Drafts

    i see blaine at times when i watch hebert. Lock is alot like mahomes coming out. either you love him for his raw tools or you hate him.
  4. 2019 Mock Drafts

    im not sold on Ferguson being a true outside pass rush threat. he seems to have minimal bend.
  5. Scalamania's 2019 mock v1 (3 rounds)

    i can live with the 1st 2 jags picks. i prefer haskins to herbert for our offense but since hes not herbert should be good. edwards i like becaue our RT has been a sieve. i would take Dieter with our 1st 3rd rounder because we need a starting RG and i love me some dieter. with the rams pick i would go with anthony johnson to give us a potential bigger wr.
  6. rather have played year by year even if it was more money. he was even massively inconsistent his "good" year.
  7. the defense is an issue in that entire confrence
  8. there was 0 need for the extension. we already had the 5th year option so instead of letting him walk this way for 0 dead money we end up having a bigger number cuz Coughlin gotta coughlin.
  9. i dont agree with spending a top 5 pick on a position that has one of the shortest shelf lifes in the nfl. hes the offense because we lack any talent at the most improtant position QB. also if we are being honest Aaron jones is a beast and he was like a 5th or 6th rounder. even Phillip Lindsay whos playing over the likes of Royce freeman was an UDFA. backs can and will alway be found late. Jones averages 5.6 yards per carry. i know part of that is because teams dont load the box as much cuz he was rogers at qb but i wonder how he would hold up being a full-time guy rather being an 11 carry guy.
  10. tom should as well. i mean he is the guy who signed off on giving bortles the contract.
  11. u give Bortles an extension and then pass on 2 Potential franchise QBs for a RB when we didnt even have a Solid QB picture. i dont know about you but even with his recent problems id still take hunt or even Aaron Jones over fournette. hell theres alot of backs we could go with and do the same or even better then fournette not to mention the stupidity of getting yourself suspended for running across the field to get involved into a fight. and its 1 thing if u r just a guy but its a whole nother when your the entire offense at this point. its Coughlins fault we are having a losing season because he decided to do the bare minimum amount of work into figuring the QB spot out. his solution was to resign Bortles to a bigger deal and trade for a cheaper backup and spend a 6th rounder on tanner lee. we could have had Watson, Mahomes, Teddy(x2 trade and fa), cousins, mccown, Mason rudulph(scheme fit perfectly). i respect coughlin as a HC but as a GM/VP hes never done that good in that regard. i mean look at what happened to us after 1999 cuz he doesnt know how to work with the cap.
  12. honestly its been 2 pretty terrible drafts by him if we are being honest. Fournette good but injury prone. robinson: been injured/kincked up too much to say if hes good or bad. when hes played hes played average. Smoot: pretty much an inactive this entire season till we traded fowler. previous year he was a decent run stopper but no pass rush skills. Westbrook: our defacto number 1 wr because of injuries. hes got some playmaking abilities but we cant take advantage of that because shoddy qb play. Brown: Backup WLB. Myrick: Off team. was essentially replaced by an UDFA rookie this year. Williams: Off team since rookie year. Bryan: Has looked better recently by playing the 3tech but man hes brutal to watch at DE. Chark: havent really noticed him much. had a few bad plays and a good play or 2. for a team lacking playmakers its kinda dissapointing. Harrison: looks like our best pick in this draft. Richardson: preseason looked terrible. weekly inactive then got hurt when made active. Lee: a Camp Arm. currently on the PS but we all know hes gone as soon as we draft a qb. Jacobs: ill call him good considering hes a 7th rounder that is a "starter" but he doesnt play 50% of snaps cuz hes a Sam LB. Cooke: hes trash.
  13. 2019 Mock Drafts

    lol ghosts
  14. 2019 NFL draft where the jags pick at 32;)

    this years DL class is actually legit loaded. the OL class this year doesnt look too terrible. its gonna depend on who declares and what not but its not like bad bad.