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  1. Because Brees ability was on the decline. Any chance to take the ball out of Lawrences hand isn't a good idea. He needs all the snaps so he can learn everything and doesn't need to be pulled for a snap and getting out of rythem. Like I said tho we should let shenault and Colin Johnson get some burn as a move te.
  2. Cuz we already have 90 on the roster and if u looked closely hill actually spends more of his time at wildcat qb. If ur bringing in guys they should atleast be viable options at the main position and not to mention the media circus that comes with Tebow. A guy that takes away opportunities from Lawrence isn't smart football. A guy who hasn't touched a football since 2015 as a ps guy and a guy who's retired from baseball already. Ya no thanks.
  3. QB: Trevor Lawrence(1) RB/WR: Kenneth Gainwell(5) Demetric Felton(6) TE: Tommy Tremble(3) WR: Dyami Brown(3) WR: Tylan Wallace(4) Slot WR: Amari Rogers(3) LT: Spencer Brown(3) LG: Quinn Meinerz(3) 😄 Creed Humphrey(2) RG: Royce Newman(4) RT: Josh Ball(4) 3-4 Defense 5tech: Christian Barmore(2) NT: Tyler Shelvin(4) 3tech: Jay Tuefele(4) OLB: Azeez Ojulari(2) ILB: Jabril Cox(4) ILB: Cameron McGrone(5) OLB: Chris Rumph(4) Quincy Roche(6) CB: Robert Rochell(4) FS: James Wiggins(7) SS:
  4. based on the RAS id say yes. wether they reach their potential or not remains to be seen but both Farrell and Davis have well above average scores. Ellfensons upside to me is that of a solid number 3 te that can do a bit of everything but hes not really athletic. Tebows experience at the NFL level consist of playing QB and punt protector and while he might have some experience in Meyers offense whos to say Urban hasnt changed his scheme some not to mention most people dont remeber stuff that they havent used in a while(like Algebra(im not sure of any professions using that besides
  5. ur in for a rude awakening if they are picking at 2 and dont take a QB. granted Goff doesnt have much help at wr but goff clearly has limited abilities.
  6. I'm still not a fan of taking etn at 25 but I kinda get why but personally I rather have had amari rodgers in round 3 or even a guy like Felton in round 6(Felton fits the Percy role well.) I'm still disappointed with not addressing te until u take a blocker te which is not what we needed.
  7. Tebow is more like Teblow. He offers 0 upside for us. Dude hasn't played in Multiple years and is already closing in on 35. Bortles has shown some abilities as a pass catcher.
  8. I think if ur going for a gamble u should call bortles and see if he's willing to play te
  9. i ran some some sims of the 97 and 99 vs the 2017 jags and both 90's teams were beaten fairly handidly by atleast 21 points if the 2017 team was at home. if 2017 is on the road the games the majority of the sims have been 1 score contests
  10. id actually say based on the league rankings the jags best offense was 97. ground and pound with Means and Stewart
  11. Who cares what his name. His name could be Jack Off and I still wouldn't care
  12. Kenny Randall looks real interesting based on his production granted its small school. 8.17 RAS. the bigggest Negative is the dude is already 25
  13. I personally don't see how the lions pass on adding a potential franchise qb for a pass rusher. U can definitely make a potential argument that the player could be argued as bpa and u could make a potential case of him being generational but I'm not seeing cb as a big need unless ur moving Campbell into safety
  14. If your advertising the start of the draft at 8 u should start the draft at 8 not 820
  15. Lil suprised to see joe giles-harris on that list.
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