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  1. 2018 draft thread - still sucking a decade later

    lol it doesnt matter if hes awesome. our team likes taller 3techs/5techs
  2. 2018 draft thread - still sucking a decade later

    if Hurst is considered a freak then PJ Hall must be like the WR they did 1 year for an april fools joke. Hall has him beat in every measurable and he weighs like 10 pounds heavier. what we need is Potentially a replacement for Dareus/Abry Jones(that will free up like 14 right there). a potential replacement for Campbell down the line sure but campbell i feel is worth it unless he completely craps the bed this year. Jackson is still young and is a pro-bowler. Campbell has 3 Million dead space for the 2019 season. Jackson has 4 million. so if we really needed 2 do anything we could restructure 1 of them to free up some more cash. key Guys who have no dead cap hits: Fowler, Dareus, Church, Linder, Parnell, Abry Jones, Nortmann.
  3. 2018 draft thread - still sucking a decade later

    hurst is like Sheldon day. we all know what happened with him. if you want a Short DT watch some PJ Hall. like hes almost as good as an athlete like Aaron donald. worse on the 3cone and like .07 off a 10 yard split but better vertical jump
  4. 2018 draft thread - still sucking a decade later

    i dont think he took into account rollover. that looks like he went to sportac and looked. number definitely didnt include the roll over.
  5. Jaguars to add Dog Park on gamedays

    Khan has marketed his team well 1) he removed the tarps this year. 2) hes established a 2nd market for us in London
  6. 2018 draft thread - still sucking a decade later

    hes interesting. i disagree about the lewan comparison. id compare him closer to Lane Johnson.
  7. 2018 draft thread - still sucking a decade later

    i think warren and nall are okay but they really lack that big play ability based on the combine numbers
  8. 2018 draft thread - still sucking a decade later

    the only reason to go RB early this year is to already have our Backup RB position solved cuz i believe Yeldon and Grant both are UFAs next year.
  9. 2018 draft thread - still sucking a decade later

    lol id love to see good Ole Tail Lights on the field more
  10. 2018 draft thread - still sucking a decade later

    yes but given we have talent at the RB spot i dont think they will be tempted to go for 1 as early. the team needs to start planning their future at the DL with Dareus, Jackson, Campbell situation along with fowler.
  11. 2018 draft thread - still sucking a decade later

    this RB Class is deep tho. we just need to find a Physical between the Tackles runner who can bounce outside once in a while Gus Edwards from Rutgers would be a Sneaky Late round/UDFA type.
  12. 2018 draft thread - still sucking a decade later

    i would to see us get 2 Linemen and maybe trade up in the 3rd to snag Ian Thomas.
  13. 7 rounds of oldie's Pretty Team Logo Mock Draft

    Sutton, orlando Brown, Kyle Laulatta, Dorian O'Daniel, JC Jackson, Trevon Young, Roc thomas isnt exactly Bad but i definitely think theres room for Improvement. round 1 sutton is fine tho i think the jags would look at an Olinemen(Wynn, Price) to shore up RG for us. round 2 makes sense. Brown fits Marrones size requirements. i might go Crosby as he fits the size requirements plus is a bit better athletically. round 3 id hard pass on Laulatta he seems to be a fringe Starter potential. instead i would look at Ian Thomas, Duke Dawson, Shaq Griffin, Brandon Parker. i would go with either Thomas or Dawson. Thomas would slide as our number 2 te. Dawson would be a perfect replacement for Colvin tho we signed DJ Hayden. round 4 O'daniel is a Fine Player. i dont think hes really a Sam Lber and i think the plan to replace poz is to move jack from Sam to Mike. i would look at Tre'quan Smith and Arden key. i think i would Gamble with Arden Key as our Backup DE spot is highly questionable after this year. round 6 JC Jackson isnt a bad pick. i would consider Kentavious Street because we will be looking at needing DL Depth next year i have a feeling. round 7 Trevon Young doesnt seem like a DE we want. id look at Leon Jacobs from Wisconsin because he might be a Sam Lber or a pass rusher but hes highly athletic and thats something our coaches probably want on ST's. Roc thomas isnt bad but id take Darius phillips cuz hes a solid PR and should slide as a good nickle guy
  14. Jaguars to add Dog Park on gamedays

    we aint got tarps and dont be hating. we all know u wish your stadium had 1
  15. Jaguars to add Dog Park on gamedays

    you do realize the stadium also Hosts the Worlds Largest Cocktail party aka Florida vs Georgia and that was the venue BEFORE the jags came into existence. sure the stadium is a lil big for the area but we Have NO TARPS anymore so clearly the Team is doing something right. we can hold around 69 thousand.