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  1. Jaguars Pro Bowl Thread: Who are we getting in?

    I expect ramsey, bouye, smith, Campbell from defense. I guess fournette from the offense but thats all id expect.
  2. Jaguars Pro Bowl Thread: Who are we getting in?

    We getting none playing as we will be playing in Minneapolis;)
  3. In season news and notes

    I dont think it would be bad idea even if we do resign colvin. Can never have 2 many quality cover guys.
  4. In season news and notes

    U would be suprised what teams claim and dont claim.
  5. In season news and notes

    Anyone else want the team to claim Jalen Collins. He was pretty good ending the 2016 season but hes been suspended 10 games for peds
  6. Counselor 2 Round

    i think u would really regret picking Allen TBH. yes hes got tools but unless somehow your coachng staff fixes his accuracy problems and cuts his ints down its gonna be a bust.
  7. Elusive_Tiger's Mock Draft 2.0

    i wasnt really wanting Justin anyways. i felt like he was a bit overated and had a substance abuse problem. turns out i was half right with the substance abuse. honestly im not sure who i even want there. 2 much of a reach for the next QB IMO
  8. Elusive_Tiger's Mock Draft 2.0

    im not sure the jags view WR as a huge need at this time. with arob and Lee being free agents that could change some but even then we would still have 3 guys who are solid with Hurns, Dede Westbrook, and Keelan Cole.
  9. Counselor 2 Round

    mayfield and cole seems Legit. not sure what position cole would play for us as LT and C are secured with Cam Robinson and Brandon Linder. my guess is Cole ends up being an interior guy but im not sure i like cole at guard for us. i might go with Ragnow who might fit our roster better as hes a bit bigger then cole and fits our power run game. BTW there are 2 Potential Josh Allens in this draft so might be a good idea to specify which 1.
  10. Jaguars waive Sheldon Day, Jaelen Strong

    I probably would have picked lattimore tbh. I think thomas has the physical tools to be potentially great but its gonna be on the dline coach to coach him up and maybe pack some more weight on otherwise hes gonna be limited to essentially being a de that kicks inside .
  11. Jaguars waive Sheldon Day, Jaelen Strong

    Jaguars signed rookie LB Brooks Ellis and third-year WR Jaelen Strong to the practice squad on Monday. Strong was waived on Saturday. Lb added presumably for lb depth with Brown and Payne both nursing Hamstring injuries.
  12. Jaguars waive Sheldon Day, Jaelen Strong

    Im assuming by foster u mean Buckner playing the ut role? I think your team should have kept it a 3-4 and probably not have drafted thomas. I get that thomas was arguably bpa but dont you think picking big ends 3 straight years is dumb? im not sure how good certain guys are but id put whoever is more athletic and has more bend at big end between buckner and armstead. The loser there should be your ut for the short term(id start thomas as an interior pass rush specialist and let him grow into a starter so whos not a liability in run defense. I think buckner is the better bend guy so my dline would look more at: Buckner(Big end) armstead(ut) Mitchell(nt) lynch(leo). Thomas would be my backup for buckner and armstead and be the interior pass rush specialist alongside Buckner. Id probably have lynch and dumervil as my ends in that set.
  13. I still call bs on the whistle on the fowler scoop and score. The only reason i can think of why they didn't overturn the dede catch was because they couldn't see if he possessed the ball.
  14. Jaguars waive Sheldon Day, Jaelen Strong

    Based on the scheme i would think if your trying to do early seahawks style that both buckner and armstead would thrive as the big end ala red Bryant
  15. The Playoff Chase

    We could get the number 1 seed if the steelers beat the pats and the steelers lose.