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  1. 6. Caleb Farley CB, Virginia Tech starting cb. Gives us 2 outstanding starting corners 20. Pat Freiermuth TE, Penn State starting te. Referred to as baby gronk 38. Paris Ford S, Pittsburgh starting s 46. Jaylen Twyman IDL, Pittsburgh interior pass rusher 70. Rashawn Slater OT, Northwestern starting lt 101. Tamorrion Terry WR, FSU wr depth 115. Jake Ferguson TE, Wisconsin future backup te. 133. Chatarius Atwell WR, Louisville small fast, quick playmaker 143. Javian Hawkins RB, Louisville speedy rb 165. Jaelan Phillips EDGE, Miami(FL) edge depth. Started playing to his potential. 197. Trey Hill IOL, Georgia backup c/g
  2. Didn't sound serious and the team finally has more then 1 threat on offense so minshew has been spreading the ball around.
  3. Im still trying to understand why squib kick with 12 seconds left in a half.
  4. Im out as taven as a pass rusher. I think he could be a solid run defender.
  5. 6. Marvin Wilson IDL, starting IDL. 20. Shaun Wade CB, Ohio state unproven as an outside cb at this time but at worst hes a stud nb and hayden is replaceable cuz age combined with this retool/rebuild. 38. Caden Sterns S, texas. A stud coverage safety. Not a great run defender 46. Daniel Faalele OT, Minnesota big Athletic raw tackle. 70. Amon-Ra St. Brown WR, solid starting caliber wr. Primarily played inside at usc tho 101. Rashawn Slater OT, Northwestern. Potential starting t or g(he shut down chase young last year for the most part). Some think projects inside cuz length. 115. Chatarius Atwell WR, Louisville undersized speedy playmaker 133. Jeremy Ruckert TE, Ohio State potential starting te. Hes a good blocker and seems like a solid receiver when given the target. 143. Javian Hawkins RB, Louisville. Small speed back with surprising power. Needs to work on catching as hes unproven at it. 165. Jaelan Phillips EDGE, Miami(FL) 5 star recruit whos finally living up to the stars. 197. Trey Hill IOL, Georgia c/g backup
  6. Yes they go hand and hand but we weren't really getting that much pressure vs the Colts either(partly due to colts good oline.) We need to be able to at Least pressure the qb with 4 and not have to blitz every down
  7. https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/2021-nfl-mock-draft-marino-2.0 Raiders receive No. 5 overall. Jaguars receive Nos. 13, 45, 108 and 2022 2nd and 4th round selections we end with Christian baramore IDL alabama and Travis ettiene rb Clemson
  8. Be nice if we could get pressure on the qb with 4. Pressure over coverage cuz our corners are good enough to cover for short times. Safety i wouldnt be suprised if we drafted 2
  9. I would lol pretty hard if the nfl owned up to the missed call and forced the end to be replayed
  10. Nothing like home cooking by refs. Even that "pi" on jack was questionable cuz he didn't even impede the receiver. Its still crappy lambo cost us the game with his craptastic squib leading to 3 points and lambos random missed xp
  11. I know the refs were 💩 today but its pretty clear theres a guy right on the line.
  12. Im not sure why my twitter app doesn't let me have links But there's pics out there having the titans offside or lined up in the neutral zone on the clinching int.
  13. Im thinking based on how weve played Whos the best choice between farley/campbell/surtain/wade at cb with marvin wilson/jalen twyman at dt with Gregory Rousseau at de and parsons at lb. I think if we move on from marrone we should consider a 3-4 defense. We got the guys for it
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