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  1. Rookie OT Will Richardson placed on IR

    its really hurt us the most at 2 positions. both positions i thought we were relatively decent at depth wise but i felt like a 4th rb would have been great cuz even tho u have yeldon and grant neither is really built for a power run game. i think LT hurts a little more as the entire league is pretty lacking in good OL and we lost both our promising Starting LT and our backup LT/RT. we are playing a backup G at LT.
  2. Rookie OT Will Richardson placed on IR

    flowers has the P word. POTENTIAL to. will he maybe not but whos to say Richardson would have helped any at this point.
  3. 2019 NFL draft where the jags pick at 32;)

    whats to discuss when nobody wants to talk about any players. im not gonna do some deep wordy post and no one talk.
  4. 2019 NFL draft where the jags pick at 32;)

    u also moved some talk about a Particular prospect who some love and others hate him and would be a potential jags pick.
  5. 2019 Mock Drafts

    Your Picks: Round 1 Pick 14: Little, Greg, OT, Mississippi (A) Starting Tackle Round 2 Pick 14: McGovern, Connor, OG, Penn State (A) Starting G Round 3 Pick 13: Burns, Brian, DE, Florida State (A-) Future Edge rusher. Round 4 Pick 14: Grier, Will, QB, West Virginia (A+) QB of Future? Round 5 Pick 14: Willis III, Gerald, DT, Miami (FL) (A+) DT depth could be a need with a departure of campbell or jackson Round 6 Pick 14: Brown, Marquise, WR, Oklahoma (A+) WR Depth. very agile but tremendously undersized(he weighs maybe 160) Round 7 Pick 28: Davis III, Felton, WR, Michigan State (A+) Bigger bodied wr with good athleticism
  6. Carlos Hyde to Jags

    hes been knicked up since fournette went down the 1st time.
  7. Jaguars trading for Carlos Hyde

    close 5.8. hes also only had 115 catches in 56 games(41 starts)
  8. Jaguars trading for Carlos Hyde

    i mean we really can just teach him the run plays cuz we all know hes got meh hands catching
  9. NFL Draft - Team Needs

    jags 1) QB: blake has been blake. if theirs a potential franchise guy we can move off blake next year for like a 5million cap hit. 2) OL: Cam robinson seems to be a good young potential LT but coming off injury. Norwell hasnt shown to be worth the contract but hes not going anywhere. Linder has played good. cann has played good but is a FA. Jeremy parnell has regressed and his potential replacement in house is a 4th round rookie whos been active for 1 game and i dont believe hes played any offensive snaps. Tyler shatley and josh wells are our 2 main backups and are free agents. i kinda expect multiple picks here. 3) DL: the jags dline on paper is fine however our cap situation might force us to make some changes and that will create needs. Tavern Bryan was drafted in mind to replace one of jackson/campbell. we have a 3rd round 2nd year guy but hes shown almost no pass rush ability and his 3rd on the depth chart at big end behind campbell and bryan. we also have Marcel dareus who imo is either gonna have to take a paycut or be cut because hes making 11 million and hes a NT. we have abry jones and eli anoku behind him at that spot but we could also look to move of from abry jones. we also need some help at the edge rusher position with ngakoue due an extension and fowler likely walking for more money and bigger role will leave us needing a true outside edge threat. 4) RB: Fournette seems very fragile and both of our backups(yeldon and grant) are both pending free agents. with grants injury he should be cheaper to resign but it was a linsfranc injury and those can be tricky. 5) WR/TE: im putting these both together. theres no real huge need but Moncrief is a FA at the end of the year so that will leave us with Westbrook, cole, lee, chark as our top 4. we seem to not have a big wr option currently on the roster outside chark but he seems like a 1 trick pony. at TE we have ASJ but hes only on a 2 year contract and our backups are nothing special with niles paul and JOS(he was a former chiefs and pats te and is more known for ST's then te work).
  10. 2019 Mock Drafts

    Your Picks: Round 1 Pick 14: Williams, Jonah, OT, Alabama (A) Starting RT Round 2 Pick 14: Metcalf, DK, WR, Mississippi (B+) Potential Starting WR. provides size and seperation ability on linear routes. he needs to work on learning the route tree but the size and athleticism makes him a potential number 1. Round 3 Pick 13: Burns, Brian, DE, Florida State (A-) backup for Ngakoue. potentially a starting caliber Right end who will win with speed. Round 4 Pick 14: Deiter, Michael, OT, Wisconsin (A+) starting G Round 5 Pick 14: Ivey, Martez, OT, Florida (A+) OL depth. Round 6 Pick 14: Montgomery, David, RB, Iowa State (A+) Backup RB Round 7 Pick 28: Mone, Bryan, DT, Michigan (A+) NT depth. maybe we role with jones and anoku as the active NT
  11. 2019 Mock Drafts

    Your Picks: Round 1 Pick 14: Gary, Rashan, DE, Michigan (A-)i didnt see an OL i valued at this pick. i didnt see a qb worth the spot. i dont think we go wr in round 1. Gary projects as a 3 and 5 tech and would help replace Campbell and jackson. Round 2 Pick 14: Adams, Trey, OT, Washington (A) Potential LT but at worse case hes our RT. Round 3 Pick 13: Jenkins, Elgton, C, Mississippi State (A+) Potential starting RG Round 4 Pick 14: Deiter, Michael, OT, Wisconsin (A+) Potential Starting RG and OL depth Round 5 Pick 14: Petite, Tyler, TE, Southern California (A+) TE Depth. i have a feeling we are gonna let James leave in FA leaving a need for a new 2/3 te Round 6 Pick 14: Gaines, Greg, DT, Washington (A+) short stucky NT to replace dareus. Round 7 Pick 28: Davis III, Felton, WR, Michigan State (A+) bigger bodied WR whos intriguing cuz he knows how to use his size effectively and also has some ellusiveness and quickness.
  12. Pre Week 7 1 Rounder

    not a huge fan of picking finley in round 1. much rather go with someone like Raekwon davis, montez sweat, christian wilkens who are much closer to BPA and would fill a need as the jags are likely losing fowler so there would be no backup true edge rusher behind ngakoue. davis and wilkens would pair with Tavern bryan to replace both campbell and jackson. both are potentially cap casualties as we are in a money crunch with ramsey, jack and ngakoue needing extensions
  13. 2019 Mock Drafts

    im pretty sure even gabbert qualifies as an improvement at this point right? i like locks athleticism and arm strength. i dislike his accuracy right now and some of the decision making,. i wish we had a QB whisperer as an OC.
  14. 2019 Mock Drafts

    just cuz he plays at that school doesnt make him that.
  15. 2019 Mock Drafts

    21: R1P21 TE NOAH FANT IOWA Starting TE 53: R2P21 DL DEXTER LAWRENCE CLEMSON Dareus Replacement(gotta make cap room for ramsey jack, ngakoue extensions) 84: R3P20 OT DAVID EDWARDS WISCONSIN starting RT. could be a potential LT in the right scheme but at worse we get ourselves a good RT 123: R4P21 QB RYAN FINLEY NC STATE Potential QB of the future. good enough size, and accurate. 161: R5P21 EDGE JALEN JELKS OREGON Potential 2nd true edge rusher for the team 195: R6P21 G LESTER COTTON ALABAMA potential starting g 240: R7P24 RB RODNEY SMITH Minnesota rb depth