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  1. AFC South Discussion Thread

    teddy looked the year prior in week 17. he looked a lil off due to being a starting QB with a bunch of BACKUP quality guys. Foles didnt do good in LA. he didnt look good in his Superbowl MVP Nick year as well. while foles had a good year in 2018 he also had a GREAT OL(i mean Peters, Johnson, Brooks, Kelce) not to mention a good Rotation of Backs and cant forget having some good WRs like Jeffery, Tate, Wallace, and agohlor and u cant forget the TEs in ertz, Goedert, and richard rodgers all with having a doug pederson lead offense.
  2. AFC South Discussion Thread

    He looked fine to me in his 1 game shot in 2017. And teddy looked like atleast a solid game manager this year. Again prove how foles is superior.
  3. but with us not signing any big name guys we should just eat the contract at that point.
  4. do u remember the Brock Osweiler trade the texans made. pretty much the same thing there. the part that doesnt Make sense is we essentially made 40 million or so in cap space and we dont use it.
  5. AFC South Discussion Thread

    he was play In KC cuz he was playing for Pederson who after that year went to the eagles ;). and he was an okay Starter cuz his weapons werent as good as the ones he had with the eagles.
  6. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Foles wasnt the best. Foles took advantage of the opportunity afforded to him by wentz injury but outside of the eagles was very meh. I would have taken a shot with teddy b or even tyrod taylor. Both could manage a game and let us lean on fournette
  7. Ngakoue Thread: News and Notes

    I feel like 23 is my cut off.
  8. Ngakoue Thread: News and Notes

    Mahomes can have a million john Ross and would be fine at wr
  9. AFC South Discussion Thread

    i wasnt all that hyped about foles cuz his career numbers were less ints then bortles but was pretty innefective anywhere not with the eagles or pederson. an extra year of bortles and we wouldnt have been stuck with this cap consuming contract thats not letting us upgrade our roster as easy as we should.
  10. AFC South Discussion Thread

    our Offense wasnt gonna be above average either way. our OL was a bit underwhelming the year prior and the only change was adding Jawaan Taylor to replace Parnell and that was a wash. you also have the fact we let ASJ and only replaced him with a league average te(Swaim) and a 3rd round rookie(Oliver) and we all know tes take a few years to develop). you also have the fact the only big addition to our WR corps was Chris Conley replacing donte moncrief. our offense was not gonna be above average unless we had a top 12 QB and foles was proven INEFFECTIVE in other places outside of the Eagles and Doug Pedersons Chiefs. the main advantage of Having Tannehill over Foles is that Tannehill has Mobility and that could help mask our OLs shortcomings.
  11. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Like i said hes not a world beater but his contract over fole all day every day. Im not saying he would make us alot better but hes a step up from foles. Tanne would be like a 25-30 starting qb. Foles is like a 30-35.
  12. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Not really hindsight. Think about 1) the salary/contract and 2) at worse we would have a compotent backup qb that could push a starter
  13. 2020 nfl mock drafts thread

    9 Isaiah Simmons, LB starting mike 20 Grant Delpit, S simply bpa. Adds playmaking at fs 42 Damon Arnette, CB starting cb 73 Rashard Lawrence, IDL nose tackle competition 106 Ben Bartch, OT ol depth 169 Tyler Clark, IDL idl depth 186 D.J. Wonnum, EDGE edge depth. 200 Joe Reed, WR playmaker who needs to improve route running
  14. Pre Super Bowl 5 Rounds With Comp Picks

    i dont see how the Jags take a RB in round 2 when we still got Fournette under contract. i would look at CB, EDGE(if Ngakoue leaves we dont have another backup for the real DPOY Josh Allen, as well as IOL and WR
  15. 2020 3 RD Mock w/ trades and explanations where needed

    in this scenario i would go Kinlaw at 9 with Henderson at 20. then go with Arnette(CB is a bigger weakness at the moment then safety) and then go with Blalock and Cushenberry to shore up the trenches. gives the jags a nice Young DL of Kinlaw-Bryan-Blalock-Allen if Dareus, Ngakoue, campbell are all let go but dareus and campbell are the 2 im thinking are gonna be restructures or gone and ngakoue would be a likely tag and trade at worst. a coverage set of Henderson and Bouye(could be cut/restructured)/Herndon at CB and hayden at NB would look fairly good. Cushenberry could take Center or RG with Linder playing the other(however the team feels.