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  1. Dear Jacksonville,

    I think we can throw in rj soward and Justin Blackmon
  2. Dear Jacksonville,

    Lol how about adams for jack?
  3. Dear Jacksonville,

    Straight up ngakoue for adams at best
  4. 2021 nfl mock draft thread

    The simulator has us at 1. I think we pick 3 or 4 unless our units both improve and based on how we drafted mostly defense this past draft i think we would go more offensive in this 1. Lawrence-fields-lance all have similiar grades so far. If i can grab the best lt prospect in a long time and then get a very good qb prospect we will be better then having drafted lawrence and say cosmi from Texas.
  5. 2021 nfl mock draft thread

    1 Penei Sewell, OT franchise lt 17 Trey Lance, QB developmental starter. A raw dual-threat 33 Jackson Carman, OT Clemson wether he plays g or t we need good OL. I like a sewell-bartch/carman-linder-bartch/carman-Taylor ol 65 Tamorrion Terry, WR FSU starting wr 97 Chazz Surratt, LB north Carolina highly athletic lber. 113 Jordan Williams, IDL Clemson solid idl. 129 C.J. Verdell, RB Oregon rb competition 161 Trevon Moehrig, S TCU safety competion 193 Dylan Soehner, TE Iowa State a 6 foot 7 270 pound. Former hs wr so has some plus athleticism.
  6. The Gardner Minshew Thread: All Hail the Stache

    See andrew luck staying in school instead of going in the draft. He might not want to play here in Jacksonville cuz weve been bad for so long. He also could pull an Eli and force his trade cuz he dont want to play here.
  7. The Gardner Minshew Thread: All Hail the Stache

    Caldwell doesnt seem likely to be fired and salarywise its wiser to try to build with a hidden gem then it is with haviung a guy on a 2nd contract. also whos to say Lawrence decides to declare. he could just not declare cuz of whos picking 1st or he could stay so he can get his degree.
  8. The Gardner Minshew Thread: All Hail the Stache

    or maybe a new regime Comes recognizes the hotmess supporting cast they gave Minshew and decide to use the draft capital to surround him with better talent.
  9. The Gardner Minshew Thread: All Hail the Stache

    hmmm khan doesnt have the balls to move on from either guy. we saw this last year. IF there was nfl Redraft today Minshew goes round 1 no question. if Minshew puts up similiar numbers as last year while Cleaning up his 1 Knock(cutting his fumbles down) i wouldnt be suprised to pass on a QB even if the guy is a supposed generational guy but then again people seemed to think Winston and Mariota were generational guys as well and look at how that panned out. furthermore i think if by the odd chance we do move on from Marrone/Caldwell i think the team will go more the route of Rhule and how that rebuild is going. they signed a bridge qb who is likely very much a bottom 3rd starter in the NFL to a decent contract and decided to not start their rebuild by taking a developmental guy(love whom we all can all agree was a developemental qb with a good upside). then we also have the what if game of if Lawrence doesnt declare cuz he wants to win a championship/get his degree? just remember Andrew Luck(the last true generational QB Prospect stayed in school after being draft eligible for a season.)
  10. The Gardner Minshew Thread: All Hail the Stache

    if his play is the same as last year he wont be replaced. i mean honestly if Minshew wasnt drafted in the 6th round this wouldnt even be a conversation.
  11. The Gardner Minshew Thread: All Hail the Stache

    For those who think we should take Lawrence. Biggest weaknesses per the same guy: physical limitations and ball security. Seemed to fix the ball security issue after the bench. If mishew was a 1st u wouldn't be clamoring to take lawrence at 1.
  12. Jaguars sign QB Mike Glennon

    ya but we are the jags so hed go on a rampage and we end up signing him for a good paycheck just to revert back to earth
  13. FF's Greatest Jaguars of All Time - #8

    U still havent;)
  14. Jaguars sign QB Mike Glennon

    Championship move
  15. Jaguars 2020 Schedule

    I guess nfl network got tired of Thursday night jags vs titans