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  1. Yannick Ngakoue

    hes not good against the run but his main job is rushing the passer and he excells at contacting the qb with qb hits and sacks not to mention strip sacks and pressuring the qb. im not worried about his sub 10 sack season last year(it was 9.5 but he had a ton of qb hits and pressures so a bit of bad luck imo to not have that 10). i wanna say fowler would be our true edge rusher that would play on run downs over him but i think that changed at some point. regardless he still deserves the extension regardless of how his play vs the run is.
  2. Yannick Ngakoue

    I feel the reason we havent had progress on his deal is the fact that we still haven't put telvin on the reserve/retired list freeing up telvins money to use for an extension for ngakoue. Im sure the Ramsey deal won't likely happen sadly unless coughlin is fired.
  3. Chiefs extend K Harrison Butker (5 year, $20M)

    its not terribly high. its a good number for a good accurate kicker. makes me think we got a lil bit of a steal with Josh Lambos recent contract(3.75 to 4 may not seem like much but it when u dont have a rookie contract starting qb).
  4. Who will have the #1 pick?

    Most of those guys are of the 2/3 variety. Lee probably is our 1 while dede is our 2. Chark was a 2nd rounder just last year. Cole lead us in recieving in 2017 as an udfa from Kentucky weselyn but crashed hard last year to the point of being benched. Conley is one of those sparq guys but we signed him this year and he has a decent rapport with foles. Problem with the jags wr corps is 1) no true number 1 wr(thanks alot caldwell for keeping lee over allen Robinson) and 2) they are young and havent had an accurate qb throwing to them.
  5. Who will have the #1 pick?

    its both. 1) he has no vision and purposely gets himself hurt or suspended atleast once a year so he doesnt have to play. i just find it funny people think Fournette is good when hes had 1 okayish year(rookie year with 1000 yards but averaged sub 4 yards a carry). the only difference is that fournette had a few more explosive runs then richardson but PFF said richardsons rookie year was better then fournettes. compare the stats and take it for what its worth but im ready for the jags to exercise the option of cutting him for 0 cap hit.
  6. Who will have the #1 pick?

    wanna know who Fournette reminds me of. Trent Richardson
  7. i figured out the perfect comp for Fournette. he seems like Trent Richardson so ill take a 1st and u can keep him . im fully expecting us to move on from him this year but i wouldnt be suprised if we just ran him into the ground for the next 2 years and not resign him fournette would get hurt even with a few touches and he averages sub 4 yards a carry and our OL isnt a bad runblocking group and he just cant find/locate the hole.
  8. Who will have the #1 pick?

    Fournette shouldn't matter much. Foles has dede westbrook, marquise lee, keelan cole, dj chark, chris Conley, terrelle pryer and some random fodder at wr. At te: geoff swaim, josh Oliver, james o'shaughnessy, ben koyak and 2 undrafted guys.
  9. Thats the same reason i would pick Henry besides bringing him back to his home(he played high school ball near jacksonville)
  10. For the jags titans 1) JURREL CASEY 2) kevin byard 3) derrick henry Colts: 1) Ty Hilton 2) Quentin Nelson 3) darius leonard Texans: 1) deandre hopkins 2) bednarik McKinney 3) tashaun Gipson
  11. Fournette is 🗑. 1) inability to stay healthy 2) lacks vision to create and find lanes. 3) your talking about a guy who the team was gonna start anew with and hes not showing up to camp so hes not learning the new offense
  12. Texans fire GM Brian Gaine

    maybe he has blackmail on the owners
  13. Texans fire GM Brian Gaine

    i wonder why the decided to do this now other then being pissed that they have wasted 2 rookie contract years of watson and likely a 3rd with his OL still being a big mess. wonder why they didnt do this with rick smith
  14. Trent Williams vows not to play for the Skins

    it depends oh how a teams doctors can originally think oh he will be out the year and then somehow in their evaluations go oh he will be ready by training camp. thats a significant change and theres no reason that ive found that supports why they changed that time frame by multiple months. sounds like they might have misdiagnosed and other stuff TBH
  15. Trent Williams vows not to play for the Skins

    https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/jun/5/trent-williams-frustrated-redskins-medical-staff-a/ so they originally thought he could miss the season cuz of his growth surgery. if you thought originally he wasnt gonna be able to play this year what evluations changed that course cuz that sounds awful team doctors. they could have built a better backup plan in case he wasnt able to go because of that surgery but instead decided to roll the dice having that 3rd round guy whos a project and coming off an mcl surgery to be the backup LT option as well as flowers instead of securing super-sub ty nsheke