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  1. Here's the problems with the draft sims imo Pfn: big board needs updating. Draft network: has no true player rankings(just predicted order). Fanspeak: their big boards are more out of wack then pfn. First-pick: random board but what's worse is their draft pick order still isn't reflecting the Henderson trade. Pff: only allows 2 rounds and draft order is randomly done Si: big board isn't updated (Jameson Williams listed as 283 overall.)
  2. Pfn has some guys really out of place imo. I think they need a big board update.
  3. Traded 3 and a late 7 for 7 and 43. 7. Derek Stingley Jr. CB LSU starting cb 34. Tyler Linderbaum OC Iowa future starting c 43. Brandon Joseph S Northwestern I think he can beat out Jenkins. Smart and instinctive. 69. Trevor Penning OT Northern Iowa Starting rt 82. Nik Bonitto EDGE Oklahoma starting edge 106. Jeremy Ruckert TE Ohio State future starting te 161. Travis Jones DT Connecticut dl depth 181. Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu OT Oregon ol depth 187. Damone Clark LB LSU lb depth 198. Jermaine Johnson EDGE Florida State EDGE depth 225. James
  4. He hasn't been the same since last year's injury.
  5. Hamilton + Cisco = lockdown safety dou. If only we had some component corners who don't allow 80+ competition %
  6. Had a good run. Hopefully he figures out what is wrong and succeeds against any one but the jags
  7. Based on how our defense doesn't get takeaways of the guys u listed I'd probably a slight lean towards Hamilton. If u wanna watch an interesting guy check out DL Leal from Texas A&M. Pretty athletic and plays across the line from them. I'd like to throw Stingley, Elam, booth as guys I'd probably take over Gardner.
  8. I like him more as a guard that could get u out of a jam at tackle
  9. Cann linder and Norwell are all around the same age. That 29/30
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