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  1. Jags to hire former DC Dom Capers as defensive assistant

    we also saw how teams also ripped this said defense to shreds cuz cover 3 doesnt worrk against a mcvay/shanahan offense or do u just remember our defense ripping bad offenses.
  2. Considering press man plays into our defenses strengths why should we not play the defensive coverage we are best suited for?
  3. Jags to hire former DC Dom Capers as defensive assistant

    Weve seen how our coverage struggles in the cover 3 and against teams that have a good scheme offensively.
  4. I suggest more man to man then cover 3 cuz its what ramsey prefers
  5. 2019 Mock Drafts

    7: R1P7 QB DWAYNE HASKINS OHIO STATE starting qb 38: R2P6TE T.J. HOCKENSON IOWA between choosing him fant or Neal u cant go wrong. Te won out cuz we got nothing there. 69: R3P5 G MICHAEL JORDAN OHIO STATE starting g/c 94: R3P30 WR TERRY MCLAURIN OHIO STATE wr depth/st 109: R4P7 OT TYTUS HOWARDALABAMA STATE potential starting rt 180: R6P5 RB RODNEY ANDERSON OKLAHOMA backup Rb 238: R7P22 WR PRESTON WILLIAMS COLORADO STATE day 2 talent that has red flags but weve seen this team gamble on red flag wrs like dede
  6. Jags to hire former DC Dom Capers as defensive assistant

    hes gonna be essentially like an advisor role. Wash cant scheme well for certain style offenses and im hoping capers can fix that cuz our coverage last year should have been better. we have 2 probowl talents at corner and we play cover 3 which ramsey dislikes when we could play something more like a 2 deep or something along those lines where ramsey is going man to man.
  7. Jeezla Pre-Combine 1st Round Mock

    no but coughlin essentially has the best seat in the QB Market. he can see what teams are offering foles and if he feels its too high(like he did last offseason with Kirk cousins) he will pass. Delippio also has a connection to Old Man McCown whom would be a good fit for us with a Young hot draft pick
  8. jags are currently at -1,381,311 Million over the cap per http://www.overthecap.com after todays transactions(declining ASJ's Option and releasing kai Forbath
  9. First Round with Trades

    http://whog957.com/jaguars-enter-the-quarterback-market-in-the-driver-seat/ Haskins makes more sense both short-term and long-term over signing foles IMO. they are connected with Foles cuz of the Deflippio connection however Deflippio is more known with his work on young QBs and he also did well in Cleveland with mcCown who is also a Free agent. signing a guy like McCown, Fitzpatrick, Taylor, and to extent teddy would Help Haskins in transition to the NFL as well as Push him for the job(i feel a guy should earn the job not be handed it on a silver platter.
  10. First Round with Trades

    hes a free agent unless the eagles tag him. plus just using last year as an example but did signing bradford stop the cards from drafting rosen. trading for tyrod stop the browns from mayfield. this jags roster needs a QB before any position unless both Haskins(whom the jags are Heavily interested in(they live scouted him 5 times this year and reportedly was by season end their number 1 on the big board). jags will trade up for haskins i believe.
  11. First Round with Trades

    jags should draft Murray over DK. foles is a huge question mark outside of playing philly and with the jags cap situation i dont see the draw to signing him.
  12. Jackson, bortles, Hyde, Parnell(his play was trash), maybe abry jones(tho with us paying mccray like 3 million for special teams/rotational DE/Sam LB seems like we would keep him.)
  13. Jeezla Pre-Combine 1st Round Mock

    we arent trading for foles with that contract. that is #fakenews. in order to acquire him were gonna have to cut 5 solid guys just to get him. ya no thanks on having that on our team. he seems to do well in philly but doesnt do much elsewhere so no i will not trade or sign foles for even 15 million. Murray would be a better acquisition cuz it would spark some excitement tho it would likely change our offense scheme up some but at this point our offense blows as it is.
  14. Always updating...

    im assuming its our 1 and 2 for the trade for haskins. i like the move. i would spend the 1st 3rd rounder on Mcgovern or Michael Jordan because both plug nicely into our gaping RG spot. i would use the 2nd 3rd rounder(which isnt a bad player but i believe a bad fit as hes more of a Zone blocking guy and we are a power scheme. i would look at WR, TE, OT, RB. WR cuz outside lee and Dede theres some guys very much needing to step up. TE because ASJ might be a goner and we need a 2nd te at worse anyways. OT because our Current RT could/should be cut and our replacement is essentially a 1st year 4th round pick. RB because outside fournette all the rest could be lost as free agents.
  15. Jeezla Pre-Combine 1st Round Mock

    kyler murray over Gary. Gary is best as a 3tech and we invested a 1st last year that plays the position. we also need a qb in the worse way and honestly murray would probably bring some excitement to this jags Lackluster offense. jags need Offense, offense, and more offense this draft. we have 2 guys i guess u can call them young starters with Dede Westbrook and Fournette(i really wanted him gone and hunt brought in but thats another story). we have a ? at TE, RT and RG. WR room is Lee is ? to how he will play off his injury while chark and cole had very meh years. Mickens is just a guy but a good PR and played well when he was forced into action in 2017 season(our playoff season). we have 3 backup RBs all likely hitting FA with Yeldon(UFA), Grant(UFA), Hyde(5 mill cap hit so bye).