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  1. Marcell Dareus accused of sexual assault

    im gonna go with innocent till proven guilty tho i could see coughlin making an example and cutting him and getting us more rollover cap tho our run defense likely suffers as a result unless Abry plays back to how he was when he was behind roy miller.
  2. 2018 Expansion Draft - Jaguars

    i prefer just about every corner on our roster plus i think we would shed his 5 million which would help make it easier to resign 1 of the 3.
  3. Ranking the roster - #15

    si senor.
  4. 2018 Supplemental Draft

    would love to add Beal to this team in the 3rd or 4th round.
  5. Ranking the roster - #16

    u can try different Line combos out in otas and see if certain guys can play and handle other positions. it helps if guys get hurt so you can have your choices of options. FWIW Parnell has Played LT out in Dallas when Smith was hurt in 2012. clearly has some decent ability to play LT.
  6. Still Early '19 UPDATED 4 Round Mock

    it looks good for the jags position wise tho i cant find anything about hill other then hes ranked like 25th in the junior class at DE. i would go with the old Dominion DE or Coley(he seems pretty athletic and we could use LBer help potentially.
  7. Ranking the roster - #16

    i gurantee you Lane Johnson can Play LT. athletic as hell. Jason Peters went from TE(college) to RT to LT in the NFL. IT can be done.
  8. Ranking the roster - #16

    he was a RT who made the switch in the pros. how about jake Matthews who was a RT for 3 years and moved over to LT his senior year.
  9. 2018 Expansion Draft - Jaguars

    Abry Jones(4 million for a Backup DT is fairly steep.) Josh Wells(hes a swing tackle but i dont think he makes it this year because of Will Richardson). Jalen Myrick(hes looked pretty bad this year in OTAs but maybe a change in scenery will help). DJ Hayden(i feel patmon can do his job at a fraction of the cost.) Tanner Lee(hes looked bad and doesnt look anything more then a highly developmental Backup QB at best.
  10. Ranking the roster - #15

    put him any other NFL Dline and he would struggle. he would probably thrive in St Louis at 3-4 OLB because of the attention Suh and Donald would draw. hes not a natural edge rusher. watch the tape from him in college. PFF is pretty good about tallying for Pash rush productivity. there might be a few 50-50 calls on pressure but QB hits and Sacks cant be disputed.
  11. Ranking the roster - #15

    congrats he beat a Backup RT. that drop off is Huge
  12. Players on your teams trade block?

    that sounds alot like Senquez Golson
  13. Jalen Ramsey lands at #17 on NFL's Top 100

    seems 2 low.
  14. Ranking the roster - #16

    2 words Brah. Tyron Smith who was a College RT and a Franchise LT.
  15. Still Early '19 UPDATED 4 Round Mock

    the mock was made just before it happened