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  1. U missed where Brandon williams is hurt
  2. Jags claim WR Jaelen Strong from Texans

    with the way this team thinks from Coughlin to Caldwell to Marrone its clear they have no clue what they are doing.
  3. Jags claim WR Jaelen Strong from Texans

    im saying to use him as a redzone Option. nothing crazy about putting one our biggest WRs in redzone plays. im not saying make Benn a starter or anything. all im saying he we have a BIG WR whos got some Hops and right now we have no proven Redzone targets outside of maybe lewis(but hes declined). is it 2 crazy to think a big wr should get a shot in the redzone?
  4. 2018 Mock Draft EroR week 2

    based on whos available i would Strongly lean towards Christian Wilkens for the jags even tho we have a very low need for him. i would also Consider Fitzpatrick and McFadden as we need a New Nickle corner. if you want to give the jags a WR i would lean towards Courtland Sutton who could bring a similiar skillset to the potentially departing Allen Robinson.
  5. D82's 2018 7 Round Mock Draft v.2.0. **UPDATE**

    for the jags Landry is a good pick there with whos been taken. i would consider Fitzpatrick as we dont have a 3rd Corner whos proven to be anything under contract. round 2 i think is 2 early for hernandez. i would Grab Mason Rudolph so we can have a QB play for us. its Highly likely Blake will be cut this offseason and henne is a FA and we also just signed nassib whos pretty much a backup QB at best. round 3 is a solid pick with Goedert however i would pick Will Clapp as we need an interior O-Linemen. round 4 i would look at Cameron Smith from USC as i feel hes a better LB then the guy from BYU and he should be able to play all 3 LB spots. round 5: i would add Adam Breneman who would potentially solve our TE problem. round 6: i honestly havent heard of that RB. however i would still pick Darren Carrington here to give us some WR Depth as we stand to potentially lose our 2 starting WRs while we might cut Allen Hurns. round 7: I would pick antiono Callaway because hes 2 talented at that point and if u blow a 7th its not that bad. i would Pick Bradley Bozeman instead of the small school WR at our pick. we could use some interior oline depth. the Biggest Dissapointment in the draft was waiting till round 7 for a QB.
  6. Jags claim WR Jaelen Strong from Texans

    i beg to differ. Look at our Former TE Zach Miller who was essentially a Injury-prone TE who essentially missed 3 years with Injuries and then turned into a Solid Starter.
  7. Jags claim WR Jaelen Strong from Texans

    Hes 6 foot 2 220 with 37 vert. Should be considered for a potential redzone target.
  8. Jags claim WR Jaelen Strong from Texans

    im suprised we havent tried Using Benn More. hes got some Size/Speed. you know who we need to use more. we Need to try James out more. the guy seems like a potential Redzone threat with his Size and athleticism. he was compared to Ladarius Green so hes gotta be atleast half-way decent.
  9. Jags claim WR Jaelen Strong from Texans

    lol wait till Blake is benched for henne. then we go to the superbowl
  10. Jags claim WR Jaelen Strong from Texans

    just a snipet from a scouting report from NFL.com Strong looks the part of a physical, possession receiver with a relatively high floor.
  11. Jags claim WR Jaelen Strong from Texans

    Benns a big body biggest problems coming out was Lack of Seperation and game speed(dont give me this 4.4 Underwear time)
  12. Texans release WR Jaelen Strong

    Wworthwhile gamble for us. Outside of Benn we have no real size at wr with arob on ir.
  13. 2018 draft thread - still sucking a decade later

    like did i really want to pick James. no but he was pretty clear BPA right there with Christian Wilkens. Wilkens would have been a great choice but i passed because we have 3 Starting quality interior guys who are on longer deals meaning your looking atleast 2 years for him to likely start(more then likely replacing campbell). if you guys want an interesting name how about Kentavious Street DL NC State. hes like a freak athlete: 4.58 laser 40, 40 vertical, 700 squat all at 6 foot 2 280 pounds. probably a mid round pick but just think of that athleticism.
  14. 2018 draft thread - still sucking a decade later

    im still trying to figure out why tugboat doesnt think James is a top 10 talent. like i said i could make a list and show you that theres 8 guys that would be more realistic to pick at this time because theres no way in HELL we draft a rb top 10 after fournette. heres my list in no particular order: Barkley, Guice, Landry, Key, Wilkens, Rosen, Darnold, James, Fitzpatrick, McFadden and that seems like the consensus in mocks and big boards right now.