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  1. My brain isn't working today smh. Give me Baltimore then.
  2. Lol my bad he's in another class obviously. I meant it more that Allen and Lamar were the 2 consensus worst QBs from the pre-draft process and now look like the top 2. Not a shot at Baker I was just saying the pre-draft notions on guys are a total crap shoot.
  3. Who I think they will take : CB or DE/LB Who I want them to take : Elijah Moore or Travis Etienne. Why? I want the FO to lean into the Bills strength and make sure we don't lose our fast ball and identity. Elijah Moore is an absolute fire cracker and brings that speed/explosiveness we could use in our offense. I think Brian Daboll would love this toy and really create some crazy plays for him. Plus Beasley and Sanders are getting up their in age so a future WR core of : Diggs/Gabriel Davis/Eijah Moore is appealing. Same kind of reason for Etienne. I know we have draft capital in
  4. Anyone acting like they know how a certain QB is going to succeed in the NFL is pretty laughable. You think you're smarter than these GM's drafting players? Realistically it's a crap shoot and you have no clue. Ryen Russilo did a great pod reviewing every QB drafted in the NFL in the last 20 years.. he went thru every one and essentially 50% of 1st round QBs were serviceable to good, while 50% were busts. Flip a coin. Even though Mac Jones and Josh Allen are different prospects, I'd say to the 49ers fans re Mac Jones, I hated the Josh Allen pick. I wanted Josh Rosen and everyone told me h
  5. It's a hate listen haha. His takes are getting worse and worse but its entertaining imo
  6. I was listening to Bill Simmons the other day and he said it best.. "who the F knows".. because when you think about it no one really does LOL. TBH I hated the Josh Allen pick when the Bills first selected him; mostly because of the twitter narrative. I wanted Josh Rosen lmao and was mad we drafted Josh Allen yikes. Any of the QB's getting drafted have a chance to be great, it all comes down to coaching/attitude/IT factor. Teams need to make sure their guy has that IT factor that can command a room and is the "alpha" on the team. Brady, Mahomes, Wilson, Rodgers, Allen,
  7. Yep this is the answer. Even though I don't believe the Bills ever had any intention of starting Josh Allen year 1, but were forced to because of injuries and the front office's failure to sign a veteran QB that year. I saw First Take debate this the other day about JA regressing and I though it was idiotic (like all those shows). He's improved from year 1 to year 2, from year 2 to year 3. Rarely do you see a QB improve every year than just decline. His floor for 2021 I think is a bit worse than last year and his ceiling is MVP. Coaching and patience is the key though to developing
  8. Nah he’s not washed but we’ll agree to disagree
  9. Love this. Kept the OL together, Josh Allen in year 4 + a WR Corp of Diggs/Sanders/Beasley/Davis is very very nice. Now just get Ertz and that should do it.
  10. I’m not too familiar with the ravens salary cap but are they way over? Seems weird to let two good edge rushers in him and Judon go when they’re contenders.
  11. Not gonna lie, him and tre white are pretty even as #1
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