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  1. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    HUGE week for my fantasy league. Prize money is $2,000 and there's 5 teams at 5-6 battling for 3 playoff spots. Please let me know what you're thinking. Kirk Cousins, Shady, Doug Baldwin, Gronk and Dez Bryant are locked in my line up. Pick 2 of 3: S. Perine vs NYG D. Freeman vs Bucs D. Lewis vs Dolphins If Freeman sits it makes the decision easy, but if he starts, which 3??
  2. Week 10 GDT: New Orleans (6-2) @ Buffalo (5-3)

    Wow last weeks loss was depressing lol but it's a fresh new week and hopefully we get back on track. Reasons I like our chances: 10 days rest 4-0 at home. Both our D and O play a lot better McDermott has coached against and knows this saints team very well The players are going to be pissed and hungry after last weeks stinker Saints are due for a loss sooner or later, right? Reason I don't like our chances: We all know about the saints offense but their defense is playing great right now. Drew Brees and Co. One of the hottest teams in the NFL.
  3. TNF: Buffalo Looks to Crash the Jets

    Yes in the sense that it's a TNF game and those are hard to predict. No because McDermott will have the team focused, we're a better team than the Jets, and they'll be (maybe) without their top DL and CB (Mo Wilk and Claiborne). If Mo Wilk is out I see Shady and the Bills rushing attack going for 200+.. Shady 150, Tyrod 50. Bills 27 Jets 16
  4. Week 9: Bills (5-2) @ Jets (3-5)

    Haha dude it sucks so bad.. Of course the one weekend ill be on an airplane the Bills are playing a primetime game going for 6-2. I accepted the invite back in April so that's why. I tried looking at flying into Buffalo tonight, going to the game, hopping on an early flight to Rhode Island tomorrow morning, and barely make it for the wedding.. Couldn't make it work logistically though. Audio for the 1st quarter, Sunday ticket or Amazon streaming for the rest. LETS GO!!!!
  5. Week 9: Bills (5-2) @ Jets (3-5)

    I'm on United but I'm going to check on their site if they might offer it. If not, audio wouldn't be awful for just the 1st hour. Land at 905 eastern so I should be able to catch half the 2nd quarter + the rest of the game. huggggeee game tonight
  6. Trade Deadline: Winners and Losers

    Agreed - all bills fans knew the trade was coming. Hopefully he goes down there and kills it, rooting for the guy. His letter he wrote to buffalo was a nice touch and something he didn't need to do. Best of luck Big Marcell
  7. Trade Deadline: Winners and Losers

    That's cop out logic. In terms of brand of football, Buffalo the last 5 years >>> Jacksonville. In terms of city, I think it would be easier for a individual like Dareus to perform better in a small market city where he doesn't have distractions. Not like Jacksonville has many more but it's in Florida and more lively than Buffalo. Dareus was a beast a season and a half ago. I didn't see much lately. I hope he performs because I love him as an individual, very misunderstood. His up bringing was something you couldn't even imagine. Lost almost all his family and friends to death..
  8. Week 9: Bills (5-2) @ Jets (3-5)

    I was listening to Joe B's podcast yesterday and have to agree with his prediction, I can def see Shady going for over 200 total yards tonight if Wilkerson is out. Shady always performs on primetime games + a weaker run D + a Jets defender giving him bulletin board material. I'm thinking 28-16 Bills. Defense plays solid, Bills offense establishes the run and doesn't turn it over. If Mo Wilk and Clariborne are both out tonight that would be huge. I unfortunately will be on a plane from Chicago to Rhode Island for a wedding and will miss the 1st hour.. Anyone know of anyway to watch a game up in the air? I'm going to buy Wi-Fi to at least track the game but don't think you can stream live TV up in the air.. sucks.
  9. Trade Help Thread

    lol I didn't know if I was missing something.. but the traded worked out like this: Gordon, Jones Jr, Rudolph....for.....Freeman, Gronk, Sanu, Fat Rob.. I like
  10. Trade Help Thread

    Melvin Gordon for Devonta Freeman and Gronk???? .5 PPR I have the below players as starters: RB : LeSean McCoy, Melvin Gordon, Carlos Hyde WR : Doug Baldwin, Hilton/Marvin Jones Jr TE: Kyle Rudolph If I did it: LeSean McCoy, Freeman, Carlos Hyde Baldwin, Hilton/Jones Jr Gronk
  11. Panthers WR Kelvin Benjamin traded to Buffalo

    I'll happily give a 3rd round pick for him lol. Spin it how you want but this trade in no way helps Carolina - maybe they'll turn a late 3rd round pick into a good player but the Bills def won this trade. Weird seeing them at 5-3 and trading their number #1. My brother is a hugeeee panthers fan and is happy about Funchess but even he was scratching his head.
  12. Who Ends Their Postseason Drought?

    I see two pretty easy games against the dolphins + 1 vs the colts. If we beat the jets this week and get to 6-2, the bills just need to go .500 the rest of the year for 10-6. I don’t see how the bills lose to the dolphins if they play how they have been all year. Especially with the subtraction of Ajayi and Kevin Benjamin add. Projecting out wins is the dumbest thing but I’d bet on 4 more wins (jets, colts, dolphins x2), then just need one W out of chargers, saints, chiefs, patriots x2. I don’t think this team would go 0-5 against those but we’ll see. EDIT: I can also see both the jags and bills making it? Its early but if the bills win this week the next closest WC team is 2 wins away? Buffalo has the hardest road but they also have more wins at the moment than other teams 🤷🏼‍♂️
  13. Kelvin Benjamin Traded to The Bills

    Agreed. Ducasse has been a very nice surprise at G. He’s not an above average starter but he doesn’t get blown up like John miller was getting routinely. Solid starter.
  14. Kelvin Benjamin Traded to The Bills

    Wow I love this. Great front office and coaching staff in place 5-2 with the jets upcoming.. Tyrod, Shady mccoy, Kelvin Benjamin, Charles Clay, Jordan Mathews and a top 10 OL.. Plus the number 3 scoring defense who leads the league in turnovers. this game against the Jets is HUGE. If we get to 6-2 we only have to go 4-4 to end the season to get to 10-6... please let things fall our way just 1 season!
  15. Panthers WR Kelvin Benjamin traded to Buffalo

    Still have our (2) 1st round picks, (2) 2nd round picks and (1) 3rd rounder in the draft. wow, what a different narrative around Buffalo we're used to.. Tyrod, Shady McCoy, Kelvin Benjamin, Jordan Mathews, Charles Clay + a top 10 OL + 2nd ranked scoring defense + 1st in turnovers