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  1. If the Bills get JJ Watt I'm putting them in the Super Bowl and most likely winning. Allen has improved every season and improving from year 1 to year 2, then year 2 to year 3 is not an outlier. He will be as good, if not better, next season IMO. He has all the tools and is finally picking up the game and the game will only slow down. Slight bias : Bills-Rams
  2. I had a response typed out to one but then just read this and opted against it hahaha. Go Bills!
  3. Fair fair. I thought they looked really impressive and they can only play who they put in front of you but agreed. It'll come down to the Bills having to put up 30+ imo if they want a chance.
  4. Yep I agree to an extent. The only difference is : The Chiefs have been barely winning games most of the season and "not playing great". The Bills the last 7-8 weeks of the season were blowing people out by double digit average.
  5. It's gonna be a great game but what game from week 12 didn't impress you? Not trying to argue but they've arguably been one of the best D's in the league since November minus the Colts game. Week 12 : 17 points allowed to the Chargers Week 13 : 24 points allowed to the 49ers (10 points allowed thru game, 14 garbage points vs backups/vanilla D in the 4th) Week 14 : 15 points allowed to the Steelers Week 15 : 19 points allowed to the Broncos (6 garbage points allowed) Week 16 : 9 points allowed to the Patriots Week 17 : 6 points allowed to the Dolphins with o
  6. I think that's the reason to be optimistic for Bills fans. We haven't even played our best ball and beat an 11-5 colts team and a 12-5 ravens team; just finding ways to win. He hasn't really "took over a game" like he did throughout the season so I think that performance is coming here. He's done it to the Rams, Chargers, 49ers, Steelers and Dolphins D's so I think it's possible vs. the Chiefs; and I see a 300+ yard, 4 Total TD game.
  7. I'm interested to see the reports re Mahomes but I'd expect he'll play. Reasons for optimism : Allen is due for another big time game imo. He, for the most part, managed the Ravens game and played really good in the Colts but I see a signature 300+ yard, 3 TD game coming this week (hopefully?!). 2-0 to start the playoffs but the D didn't show up week 1 and the O was held in check for the most part week 2. Can we put both together? The defense. Huge bounce back week and they'll have some confidence going into this week. I'll go with 28-24 Bills right now but no clu
  8. I think the run D stuff is slightly overblown for a couple reasons. Last week we held Jonathan Taylor to 78 yards on 21 carries (3.7 ypc). Hines gashed us for (2) big runs in the 4th quarter but to me it didn't seem like the Bills run D was getting beat all day at all. But we obviously can't have those lapses going against Lamar and his dynamic ability. Another reason is Sean McDermott, he typically has a good defensive game plan against top QBs. Last season the Bills were the only team to hold Lamar under 200 total yards during his MVP season. I'm expecting Lamar to have a pretty
  9. Weather looking favorable for Buffalo tomorrow IMO. 30 degrees 1" of snow (won't affect much at all, imo) 15-25 mph wind speeds, with higher wind gusts possible. The last point is really the only reason why I see the advantage. If there are wind gusts i don't see that being great for Lamar, as with Allen he'd be able to zip it through regardless.
  10. Haha tbh it just feels nice to actually have a QB, be in the playoffs, and get the monkey off the back with a playoff W. I'm sure this could develop into more of a rivalry down the road if Allen and Lamar keep ascending but for now this is a fun match. I think both fan bases respect each other because it's been kind of a similar deal/situation. Both QB's got beat up by the media and doubters; and for the most part have proven critics 100% wrong. I obviously hope we win but also for a clean, injury free, entertaining game. If we're taken out i wouldn't mind you guys taking out the Ch
  11. I agree to a certain extent but Allen deserves the love if you look at his numbers that past 10 weeks + how many people made fun of him and ragged on him since before he was drafted. Allen's 5-0 and averages 30 ppg against top 10 defenses this year so I'd be very impressed if the Ravens do come out and bullies us and holds us under 24 points. Def could happen though its a nasty defense.
  12. I would say GB, New Orleans, then the Bucs. The Chiefs won the super bowl last season so I get they want to repeat but I don't see much pressure since they already got the ring + Mahomes is very young. As for the Packers, Aaron Rodgers is way too good of a QB to only end with 1 ring in his career. I don't think the Packers will be in this position that many more years (Arod MVP season + top 10 D) so I think they feel the most pressure. Saints are very similar to the Packers. Brees is almost about done and this will be one of the last chances with that whole group. Jo
  13. Can't even imagine the feeling Saturday night if we pull this off lol. Idk I have a weird feeling about this game. I feel like last week was a down week and we kind of should've lost if not for Josh Allen. It reminded me of old Patriot teams when they would be losing all the statistical categories but somehow they win at the end. My guess as to why it was sort of a down week for the team was the pressure of having to win the 1st playoff game in 25 years & not playing loose. I can see the team coming out blazing this week and kind of match the team we saw from weeks 11 to 17 and
  14. Another matchup I'm really interested to watch is the Bills WR's vs Ravens CB's. The Ravens like to play very physical and have their hands on the opposing WR's.. that works really good against big bodied WRs that can't get in and out of cuts quickly. The Bills revamped their offensive identity 2 years ago and now have Diggs/John Brown/Beasley; all quick shifty WRs that are tough to stick on. Josh Allen has been incredible against the blitz this year so I'm interested to see if Martindale blitzes as much as they have this year. If they do that'll leave alot of 1 on 1 matchups with our WR
  15. Which is how I see it going. He grew up in Western New York and him/Josh Allen are very close. If he did stay, I think the Bills offense would be as good (or better) next season and he'd have no problem picking a situation that he favors.
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