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  1. Very cool stat for a couple games. thanks for sharing
  2. Josh Allen, Diggs, gabe Davis, Ed Oliver and dion Dawkins all posting IG stories re Daboll shows the coach he is. Great hire for the Giants. The players like him and he’s an aggressive/progressive play caller 🥲
  3. Agreed on everything you said. If they all came out at the same time with their draft grades, Allen would've gone last out of the 3. But if all (3) are playing at their peak, I think Allen's the best out of them all (homer lol). His mobility in the pocket to extend plays as well as being able to call designed running plays (Allen lead the NFL in YPC) is truly hard to game plan for a defense. I'm hoping we see the JA from the playoffs all next year and on a MVP campaign. It also wouldn't shock me to see Herbert win MVP next year, or even Burrow. The AFC is loaded with QB talen
  4. Yeah it's all making sense now lol - I should've just left it at my initial response about his display name and avi. Don't get me a wrong, an argument can be made for Herbert but not as convincing as this alumni thinks.
  5. Lmao, I thought you were joking at first but I don't think you are. How is the below? We'll take a look at since Herbert came into the league. I wanna preface by saying I think Herbert is a top 5 QB but your arrogance at the original question is the only reason I'm going this deep. I also won't include postseason because Herbert hasn't made it there yet, but Allen has won 3 playoff games before 25. He also has the 2nd highest playoff passer rating ever in NFL history (granted only 6 game sample size). So he's got the clutch gene as well. Total yards Allen : 10,135
  6. I was going to reply but then saw your display name and avi 😆
  7. I’m just reconfirming why 538 and no one else thought the titans were a #1 seed / real contender. My bad
  8. Just looking at the most current seasons and the past 2 years, sorry
  9. Also, they were 5-1 in 1 score games last year and 0-5 in 1 score games this year. 1 score games typically even out to about 50-50 so it's kinda just bad luck.
  10. Part of me thinks it was them being bored in the regular season and just wanting to get back into the playoffs and start the "real" season. It doesn't seem like it but the Bills have made the playoffs 4 out of the last 5 years so maybe they were inconsistent this year partly because they weren't "on" every game. The Jags and Colts game come to mind. The other loses were all 1 score games and the Bucs/Titans/Patriots (1st matchup) games could've all easily gone buffalos way. Crazy to think all wins have been by double digits and all loses (outside of IND) were 1 score games lol.
  11. Just to throw it out there (I still have Mahomes over Allen until/if Allen can win a SB, big if), in the past 2 season this is how they stack up : Total Yards Mahomes : 10,268 Allen : 10,135 Total Touchdowns Mahomes : 79 Allen : 88 Completion % Mahomes : 66.3% Allen : 66.1% INTs Mahomes : 19 Allen : 25 Record Mahomes : 26-7 Allen : 24-9 It's a lot closer than you'd think. Mahomes has slightly more yards, less INTs and a slightly better re
  12. If Allen bests Mahomes this weekend and somehow ends up with a SB ring this year then yeah. But it's a little premature until the other guy (Allen) performs on the big stage and wins the grand prize (SB). Mahomes has already done that, Allen hasn't. Talent wise they are very close but Patrick has the hardware, Josh doesn't.
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