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  1. Should the Bills Trade Up For a QB?

    Yes, if they don't sign Cousins (Bills would have to make him the highest paid QB, don't see that happening) then they should for sure trade up into the top 5. Potential trade partners : Giants @ #2, Colts @ #3, Broncos @ #5 (if they get Cousins). I like Rosen, Darnold and Mayfield as selections in the top 5. If the Bills sit pat @ 21 and 22 I wouldn't mind Lamar Jackson. Would one of the Bills 2nd round picks be enough to trade for Nick Foles????
  2. I had a lot of money on the Pats last night so I was on the bandwagon and I'm not coming in here to troll but here are some observations from the game: Gronk and Brady are unbelievable. What are the Patriots doing on defense? You have the GOAT QB, the GOAT TE and a very nice supporting case of players in Hogan, Amendola, Cooks, White, etc. Why on earth are you fielding a defense that consists of no depth, no namers and washed up players? Brady losing the super bowl but having 500+ yards and 3 TDs is sad. They did a good job scheming the D all year long in the reg. season but in these games you need to have talent out there.
  3. Bills fire Rick Dennison as OC

    Lol truuuu. I think I read your original post wrong but yeah we're on the same page.
  4. Bills fire Rick Dennison OC

    Yeah but the credit of the playoffs isn't because of our offense lol. McCoy or Chud are the 2 favorites and the Bills have a lot of ammunition to get their new franchise QB this year.. Back to back 1st round picks + 2 2nd round picks.
  5. Bills fire Rick Dennison as OC

    I don't think it was Rick Dennison who helped us get to the playoffs. Just because we made the postseason doesn't mean every aspect of our team deserves credit and I like that McDermott has the balls to do something like this; it was a strict business move and what he thought was best for the team. Our offense essentially regressed in every category last year and the play calling was bad. Sounds like either Mike McCoy or Chud are the (2) favorites. Both are huge upgrades over Dennison.
  6. What should the Bills do at QB?

    Anyone who watched the playoff game will know why Tyrod is not the Bills QB going forward. He's great at not turning it over and controlling the ball but when he/the Bills are behind and they rely on his arm, it's game over. He has great mobility and play action passing but he doesn't go thru reads. Kirk Cousins - sign 5/6 year deal, use (2) 1st round picks and (2) 2nd round picks in draft to surround him with talent. Trade for Alex Smith - if we had a competent passing attack all year + Shady + good defense = lot better than 9-7 Teddy Bridgewater - 2/3 year deal, see what he can do. Draft a QB and groom them behind Bridgewater in mean time. Draft a QB in the first round : whether that's using both 1st round picks and trading up, or staying at 22nd overall. Go get your guy. I'd rather fill the QB position in FA (Cousins) and using our surplus of draft picks (4 in the 1st two rounds) on other holes in our roster. McDermott and Kirk Cousins personalities would go perfect together - can definitely see the Bills going after him.
  7. What should the Bills do at QB?

    Sign Kirk Cousins + Star Lotulelei in the offseason + Use (2) 1st round picks + (2) 2nd round picks on offensive skill positions + Easier schedule next year = 2 straight playoffs
  8. Week 18: Bills @ Jags

    Lol. Jag fans talking down to Bills fans all week how the jags are better in every category and only chance is if jags poop the bed. You guys are the jags not the patriots just chill out.
  9. Agreed. He got a bad rap in Buffalo, everyone thought he was this bad guy with off the field issues but I always liked him and thought he was a good guy. I'm not sure if Jags fans know of his back story and all the tragic deaths he's went thru but it's pretty crazy.

    If we can create 2 or more turnovers from the Jaguars offense I like our chances. I think it's going to be a very similar game to the panthers, chiefs, and bengals game. The Jags do have a better defense than the Bills but they also have Blake Bortles, who is 10x more turnover prone than Tyrod Taylor. If Shady plays, I'm going 20 - 17 Bills.
  11. What Has Surprised You Most About This Season?

    This. And not only adding talent but McDermott has proven in just 1 year he's a very good talent evaluator.. Poyer, Hyde, Tre White, EJ Gaines, Matt Milano, Dion Dawkins, Deonte Thompson were all under the radar, un sexy signings/draft picks last year but all have been huge contributors to the Bills this season. I think it has to be the bills though. everyone was calling them a bottom 5 team this year and that was before trading away Dareus and others.
  12. No yolk on myself, I'm super clean - I'll agree the Jags have a better CB duo but I'll take our safeties over your guys any day. I didn't jump in here until I saw iPwn write a long list of everything the Bills are bad at and how they won't score 6 points. You guys do you and stay in here and wait for someone to comment to have your satisfaction. I know what the Bills secondary is and I know what goes into football. If the Bills / Jags swapped front 7's it'd be much different but that's all hypothetical. I'm out of here. You guys talk down a team, one of the fans comes in to rebuttal and I get (6) notifications that 6 people comment on it. It's too much. I hope for no injuries but I hope the Bills win and I come laugh when you guys have the egg on your face. C ya!
  13. If it can be argued that a team is top 3, there's an argument that can be made that they can be the best. EDIT: for example, Minnesota is a top 3 defense, some will say they are the best D in the NFL, some others wont.
  14. Yet you guys are 10-6 and we're 9-7 lol. I can't keep up with you man and all your stats/posts but we'll see what happens Sunday. Bortles doesn't scare me and you got sweep I think by the Titans, who have a similar team to the Bills imo.
  15. Lol nice. It helps when you have 55 sacks (Jaguars) compared to 27 from the Bills. The Jaguars have double the sacks, Bills are 2nd to last in pressure so yeah I hope that would force the QB to make quicker/worse decisions. You guys have a much better overall D, I'm not disputing that. A good pass rush helps a secondary and the Bills have no pass rush. What they've done this year is very impressive so idc about your team D stats. I watch them every week - our DL and pass rush is not there, we have 1 or 2 decent LB's but the reason we have a winning record and aren't 6-10 is because of our secondary. They've sealed 3 or 4 games for us in the 4th quarter in tight games. Jordan Poyer, S : 95 tackles, 5 INTs, 1 TD, 13 PD, 1 FR, 2 TFL Micah Hyde, S : 82 tackles, 5 INTs, 13 PD, 2 TFL Tre White : 69 tackles, 4 INTs, 1 FF, 18 PD, 2 FR, 1 TD, 3 TFL. Is it really that laughable to say we have a top 3 secondary when you have (2) elite seasons from the safeties and (1) elite season from White???? White's PFF 3rd ranked CB in the NFL, lead all rookies in PD and only let up (1) TD.