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  1. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    I have Shady McCoy, Marshawn Lynch , Mike Thomas and Keenan Allen as my 2 RB's and 2 WR's. I need help who to start on my flex ; .5 PPR, standard scoring: Joe Mixon vs Packers TY Hilton vs Browns Blount vs Giants Amendola vs Texans Evan Engram vs PHI JJ Nelson vs Dallas
  2. Week 2: Buffalo "Panthers" at Carolina Panthers

    This might come back to bite me in the a** Sunday night but Cam does not scare me like he did 2 years ago. He doesn't really run the ball and has settled into a pocket passer which isn't fearful. My brother is a die hard Panthers fan and I watched that game last week and he looked pretty bad imo throwing the ball. Our rushing attack will go over 150 yards between Shady, Tyrod, and Tolbert. Our new OC was the Broncos OC the last couple years so we play smart, boot leg, conservative offense. You guys obviously know McDermott and he has some talent on this defense in Dareus, Kyle Williams, Shaq Lawson, Hughes, hyde and our rookie CB. I think it'll be a one scoring game going 23-20 for Panthers but wouldn't shock me if the bills won this one.
  3. Week 1 GDT: Panthers @ 49ers

    Debatable but we shall see. Shady & Buffalo have been the best ground attack overall the past 2-3 years. Finished 1st last year, 1st the year before and after (1) game their in 1st this year. It's not just shady that is difficult to stop but Tyrod is the quickest QB in the NFL. Guy flies
  4. Current Running Backs, and Wide Receivers That are Hall of Famers

    Really? He's forsure going over 1k this season and next season. That puts him less than 1,000 yards away and 12k easily in sight? And yes he's never been considered the BEST rb but he's always been elite. He's way better than Forte / Gore / etc, don't be foolish.
  5. Shady McCoy

    He's a legit elite, game changer we never really have had in the past 10-20 years. I think he's going to win the rushing title this year pending health and if the Bills finish above .500 somehow and he puts up 2k total yards; dark horse as a mvp candidate.
  6. Week 1 Player of Game

    Shady. Really think he has a shot @ the rushing title as long as he stays healthy
  7. Current Running Backs, and Wide Receivers That are Hall of Famers

    If Shady McCoy eclipses 12k yards in his career than he's definitely on that list. He's almost @ 10k.
  8. Bills vs. Jets Week 1

    Great opening game IMO. Tyrod actually made progressions and wasn't so quick to scramble against a tough Jets front 4. Shady looked like a top 3 back per usual. Defense looked very solid especially our secondary.
  9. Week 1 Overreaction Thread

    LeSean McCoy is the best RB in the NFL
  10. Bills vs. Jets Week 1

    True I totally blanked on our secondary but offensively I like our WR core a lot more than last year. An 8 game Sammy Watkins + Woods + Tate wasn't cutting it. I think our defense is going to be better than last year and our offense will be more consistent.
  11. Bills vs. Jets Week 1

    28-10 Bills. No offense for the Jets with an improved Buffalo defense. Tygod and Shady will put up 150+ rushing yards and Tyrod won't turn it over. I don't get why people are so pessimistic this year on the Bills. We lost essentially (2) players in Darby and Watkins but replaced them with Gaines, Zay Jones, Jordan Mathews who aren't slouches and will stay on the field. I think our D will be a lot better and more disciplined this year. And I think on offense we are going to control the ball, do a lot of play action boot legs with tyrod and wear teams down. McDermott and Ryan IMO have a similar coaching philisopcy in terms of good D, control the clock, limit turnovers.. I just believe McDermott is a lot better coach. Lets go boys!! Week 1!!
  12. Martin & Parker for Abdullah & Dez

    Yes. it's that easy
  13. Rate-My-Draft Thread

    My bad lol its a 10 man, .5 PPR league. I traded my 2nd and 3rd for 1st and 4th then traded for Hilton after the draft 😬
  14. Joe Mixon

    What do you think Mixon's outlook on the season would be if either Hill or Gio get cut??????
  15. Rate-My-Draft Thread

    QB: Cam Newton RB: LeSean McCoy RB: Joe Mixon WR: Mike Evans WR: T.Y. Hilton FLEX: J Landry TE: Kyle Rudolph D: Giants D K: Matt Bryant BENCH: A. Abdullah, L. Blount, J. Rodgers, S. Diggs, Z. Jones Thoughts/Suggestions/Input?!?! I'm torn between my flex with Landry, Blount, and Abdullah