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  1. Bill vs Jets vs Dolphins

    The entire media and NFL fans also had the Bills finishing bottom 5 last year, but we broke the 17 year long playoff drought so idk why people even care (myself included) about predictions. It's all a guess.
  2. Bill vs Jets vs Dolphins

    So confused by the "decline" and rebuilding talk of the Bills. They went 9-7 last year (made the playoffs) and only lost Tyrod Taylor, who was the 32nd passing QB in the NFL. If Josh Allen can just be a game manager year 1, similar to Big Ben, I like this team a lot. Our defense is 5x better this year than last (signing Trent Murphy, Star Louteli, Vontae Davis, 1st round LB Tremaine Edmunds). If Josh Allen can prove the haters wrong and Kelvin Benjamin can stay healthy; the Bills will be better than they were in 2017.
  3. Current Top 10 NFL HC

    Lol you can spin it however you want but your best defense choked in the most important play of your entire season so keep talking about luck and 99% chance winning, the Ravens choked and for that reason got bounced. And yes it is a strong counter. Both teams ended up with 9 wins and 7 L's and the Bills had the tie breaker over a 16 week season. The theatrics of it all happening was awesome tho not going to lie.
  4. Current Top 10 NFL HC

    1) The same thing was said last year and we had winning record and made the playoffs. 2) I literally said the Bills are still in rebuilding in my original post?
  5. Current Top 10 NFL HC

    Idk where to start but that's a dumb argument... Yeah and if the Titans don't win in say week 12 against the Colts they don't make the playoffs. What's your point? The nfl season is 17 weeks long, not just week 17. And how did we get worse? Was it getting rid of the QB who never had the bills ranked higher than 30th in passing offense? Or Richie and Wood retiring? Our defense improved drastically but a case can be made on offense I get that. But it's not like we were dealing with a franchise QB before lol
  6. Current Top 10 NFL HC

    Lol I'm glad you watch first take and have that opinion. How about you go watch the 5 INTs and tell me how many you think we're truly Peterman's fault. Here's the perception of the move from Bills fans and media. It's a little more difficult to understand than the general perception but ill walk u thru it. New coach, new regime, 2017 was a rebuilding year. They knew Tyrod wasn't the answer at QB (Bills ranked dead in passing O last 3 seasons) and the Bills also knew they were drafting a qB in the 1st round this year. I'd much rather have a coach that doesn't accept mediocrity and had the balls to say "Alright Tyrods definitely not the answer, I might get heat for it but lets see what we have in this rookie before we invest in a 1st round QB". I'll spin it around, so this Bills team finished 9-7 with a QB that threw 5 INTs?!?! Damn he must've been super solid and sound in every other decision they made. You also don't "luck" into the playoffs. The Bills won 9 games last year with a roster that doesn't have a whole lot of talent on it. By adding Star Louteli, Vontae Davis, Tremaine Edmunds, Josh Allen and Chris Ivory; the roster is slowly improving but don't get it twisted they are still rebuilding.
  7. Which rookie QB starts the most games in 2018?

    Some NFL teams need to give you a call and hire you asap, I didn't know you could look in the future and see who had a better NFL career. Good trait to have imo. My whole point in this is that some posters act like they have the highest football IQs and their opinion is fact and that GMs are stupid (See above post). I can say Josh Allen is going to be the greatest NFL QB and it holds just as much water as your Josh Allen sucks opinion. Because you don't know.
  8. Which rookie QB starts the most games in 2018?

    Yeah he's at best a 7th rounder right?
  9. Which rookie QB starts the most games in 2018?

    Crazy how the majority of front offices and draft analysts had him as a first round talent. So weird. Thanks for setting the record straight.
  10. Which rookie QB starts the most games in 2018?

    Josh Allen is one of the few QBs that actually took a lot of snaps under center last year in a pro style offense. Where does this narrative come that he's the least NFL ready QB? Is it just because his completion percentage was under 60%? QBs with college seasons under 60% completion percentages: Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler, Carson Palmer, Mike Vick, Matt Hasselbeck, McNabb, Tyrod Taylor, Drew Bledsoe, Brett Favre, Kerry Collins, etc. People acting like if you had a sub 60% completion that means you're toast, not the same imo.
  11. Current Top 10 NFL HC

    Sean McDermott. Going 9-7 and snapping the bills 17 year long playoff streak with a under talented roster. Are these rankings based on name or resume?
  12. Top 10 safeties

    The Bills have 2 top #10 safeties so kinda confused by these rankings
  13. The 2019 Buffalo Defense

    Am I the only one who thinks this defense can be one of the best in the entire NFL next season ??? Our secondary was top 5 last year and we drastically improved our front 7. DL : Jerry Hughes, Trent Murphy, Star Loutieli, Kyle Williams, Harrison Phillips LBs : Tremaine Edmunds, Matt Miliano CBs : TreDavious White, Vontae Davis, Taron Johnson S : Jordan Poyer, Micah Hyde The addition of Loutieli, Murphy, Edmunds and Phillips to the Bills front 7 is yugggge. Plus im in the camp that thinks Vontae Davis is going to kill it this year and prove he's still a very good starting CB in the NFL. Going into the season, where do you think the Bills D will rank this season?
  14. Bold Predictions Thread

    Josh Allen will have the best rookie year out of all QBs and the Bills won't miss Tyrod. He's labeled raw but played under snap more than of any rookie QBs and in a pro style offense.
  15. Top 5 QB's in 5 Years?

    1. Super Bowl Champ Josh Allen 2. Does it matter?