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  1. What do you think of the five first round rookie QBs so far?

    Yeah but the difference is Josh Allen has a better arm and is more of a pure passer than Lamar Jackson. If you waste a guy and spy on Allen that gives him one last defender covering the top of the defense. And Allen can blow the top off teams. Spying gives one last defender in coverage so I'd take that. In the last 6 games of the season, Josh Allen threw 26+ in 4/6 games, Lamar Jackson didn't have 1 game over 25 attempts. I think both QBs are good running QBs but totally different kinds. Josh Allen is more like Cam Newton and Lamar is more like Mike Vick back in the day running.
  2. What do you think of the five first round rookie QBs so far?

    And I'm not trying to turn it into a Allen vs Jackson thread but just weird how you can say Lamar is forsure not a mystery prospect but Josh Allen is based off their performance last season.
  3. What do you think of the five first round rookie QBs so far?

    Last 6 games of the season: Player A vs Player B 52% completion percentage vs 56% completion percentage 1,243 passing yards vs 964 passing yards 8 passing touchdowns vs 5 passing touchdowns 7 INTs vs 2 INTs 476 rushing yards vs 437 rushing yards 5 rushing TDs vs 4 rushing TDs Allen is a mystery and Lamar is top 2? Josh Allen came back from injury in week 12 and imo was the best rookie QB behind Baker. The Ravens actually had a talented roster around Lamar Jackson and asked him to run and make the necessary throws. A perfect gameplan for an inexperienced, mobile QB. That's not a knock on Lamar but a credit to the Ravens on how they used him. However in Buffalo, we had the WORST running game (our rank is high because of Josh Allen rushing #'s, not cause of any RB on the team), a bottom 5 run blocking OL, a bottom 5 pass blocking OL and WRs such as Robert Foster, Isiah Mackenzie and Zay Jones. I love Lamar too but I think with 1 year under his belt, a new, talented OL and some new weapons on offense - Josh Allen going to surprise the league next season.
  4. Bills fire OL, WR and ST Coaches. Hire OL Bobby Johnson.

    thank heavens danny crossman is gone. terrible ST last season.
  5. Thoughts on Josh Allen

    Obviously not all of those guys are/were great QBs but if a QB like Josh Allen could just get to 60% with his running ability and big play ability with his arm, the Bills would be more than fine and don't need him completing 65%.
  6. Thoughts on Josh Allen

    A little unfair - So Goff had a terrible year his rookie season, why did he have a terrible year? Maybe showing his weaknesses that scouts saw from college??? If you don't show improvement on your "weaknesses" from college to year 1 in the NFL that doesn't make you a bust. Especially if you're a QB with completion percentage issues and your OL and WRs suck. Brett Favre 52.4% Southern Miss. 1990 Mark Brunell 52.0% Washington 1993 Kerry Collins 56.3% Penn State 1995 Drew Bledsoe 54.3% Washington State 1993 Brian Griese 59.5% Michigan 1998 Jeff George 58.8% Illinois 1990 Jake Plummer 55.4% Arizona State 1996 Jeff Garcia 56.8% San Jose State 1994 Donovan McNabb 58.4% Syracuse 1999 Neil O’Donnell 58.8% Maryland 1990 Trent Dilfer 59.1% Fresno State 1994 Trent Green 55.8% Indiana 1993 Jake Delhomme 52.6% Louisiana 1997 Matt Hasselbeck 55.6% Boston College 1998 Mike Vick 56.0% Va Tech 2000 Tyrod Taylor 57.2% Va Tech 2011 Colin Kaepenick 58.2% 2011 Matthew Stafford 57.1% Georgia 2009 Josh McCown 51.2% SMU 2002 Carson Palmer 59.1% USC 2003 Kyle Orton 58.8% Purdue 2005 David Garrard 57.0% East Carolina 2002 Jay Cutler 57.2% Vanderbilt 2006 Matt Ryan 59.9% Boston College 2008 Brian Hoyer 55.8% Michigan State 2009 Derek Anderson 50.7% Oregon State 2005 Chad Henne 59.7% Michigan 2008
  7. Thoughts on Josh Allen

    LOL on Lamar Jackson being more accurate and having a higher ceiling than Josh Allen but no point of the back and forth; I'll let it play out. Also, Lamar Jacksons completion % was so high in college because he played in an offense that featured a ton of screens and short passes. Quite the opposite of the passing downfield Allen had to do. When i watch Lamar Jackson this year he looks like a WR or RB when he brings the ball back and looks to throw. Allen actually looks like a QB. and @jrry32 are you talking college? Allen missing by miles or this bs narrative people keep talking? I've watched every second of every bills game last season and the majority of the incompletions allen suffered where when the WR wasn't open and it was essentially just a contested catch and throw. What were your thoughts on Jared Goff after he had a 54% completion percentage, 5:7 TD:INT ratio and less than 200 yards per game his rookie year????
  8. Thoughts on Josh Allen

    I don't know where to start. Every draft analyst will tell you the talent around him at Wyoming was terrible and are you really trying to argue that the Bills OL gave him time or that his WR's got open??? You're acting like he's a 10 year veteran and this is his "excuse" his whole career.. dude he's played 1 nfl season and had arguably the worst supporting cast in the NFL and still went .500 as a rookie. The longest time to throw means nothing because his WR's are undrafted rookies lmaooo. I got some stats for you to back this up: Bills WR avg. 2.31 yards of separation at the time of catch (2nd worst in the NFL) Bills WR avg. 2.63 yards of separation at the time of throw (worst in the NFL) 50% of Allen's throws traveled 10+ yards 20% of Allen's throws traveled 20+ yards Of course his completion percentage wasn't as great as a dink and dunk passer. Give him decent WRs, a OL that can somewhat pass block, and some screens and his completion percentage will rise quickly.
  9. Thoughts on Josh Allen

    What happens when your OL doesn't give you time to block and your undrafted rookie WR's can't get open? It's not a coincidence that Allen has his best games when the OL plays decent.
  10. Thoughts on Josh Allen

    When fans of other teams try lecturing you about the film of your starting QB by posting youtube highlight reels dude you've watched 3 minutes of the red zone channel and googled josh allen highlight videos. you look at the box scores and you think the combination of that + some youtube highlights make things a fact. Josh Allens rushing stats are so good for two reasons : 1) because he's an amazing athlete and 2) because teams play man coverage against him and turn their back not wanting to get beat in the air. How can you say Allen isn't a talented runner? You see when he hurdled anthony barr? or his 8 rushing touchdowns? He's a 6'5" white dude who weighs 240 pounds and can throw the ball 80 yards in the air. He's not as agile as Lamar or Russell Wilson but he still managed 8 rushing touchdowns and 630 rushing yards in 12 games. That doesn't happen by luck. Ask any Bills fan and his passing was night and day before and after injury. We had a bottom 3 OL, bottom 3 WR corp, bottom 3 running game, and no tight end. Yet he went .500 in the last 6 games of the season. With maturity, a new OL and new weapons i think he'll take another leap forward. And let me be clear,I hated the Josh Allen pick when we made it. It was group think because of social media but if i had to redraft the only QB I'd consider over Allen is Baker.
  11. Thoughts on Josh Allen

    LOL man get out of here. First off all you've probably have watched 3 minutes of Josh Allen film/highlights/games. All you're doing is eating the narrative and hate that you read online of Josh Allen. How much of Allen film do you think Jalen Ramsey watched before calling him trash in the preseason? Probably less than you and Allen had the last laugh on Ramsey. I'm not saying he's not accurate at times but watch the actual games then talk to me. If your calling him the most inaccurate QB you've ever seen and you watched him play from week 10-week 16, i don't think you actually watched him. It is the combination of all of those things. Lamar Jackson looks like a runningback when he's playing QB, Josh Allen needs to work on his mechanics (foot work) to improve on his accuracy but he has the running ability paired with the biggest arm in the NFL that can make all the throws. Each team probably loves whatever rookie QBs but I'll take Allen over any of them besides Baker at the moment. The Bills had the worst, or 2nd worst OL, in the NFL. Paired with no WRs and no running game. He was pretty good as a rookie and should only improve.
  12. What do you think of the five first round rookie QBs so far?

    I think we're going to look back and this class is going to turn out really good. Baker, Lamar, Josh Allen, Darnold and even Rosen all showed promise this season. Josh Allen ended it with 5 TDs, 300+ yards and a W. Since he's returned from injury in week 10 he's been a completely different player and keeps us in every game. As a bills fan it feels weird being optimistic about the future and our QB position but im all in on Allen. For me he's the 2nd best rookie with a lot of potential but you could list Lamar Jackson or Darnold ahead of him and that wouldn't be wrong either. Sneaky stat : Josh allen was the #1 fantasy QB the last 6 weeks of the season
  13. What do you think of the five first round rookie QBs so far?

    Last 4 games : 13 completions = 204 yards 16 completions = 206 yards 18 completions = 231 yards 8 completions = 160 yards Yeah I think you're right. The guy DOES NOT check the ball down which is what I want to see from a rookie QB. Surround him with some talented pieces, get him to accept dink and dunks every now and then and he should be alright (hopefully).
  14. What do you think of the five first round rookie QBs so far?

    Fully agree with that, Allen has the worst supporting cast of all rookie QBS imo and I'd take the Cards OL, Larry Fitz, Kirk and DJ over our OL, Robert Foster and Ivory/McCoy/Murphy everyday. Wayyyyyy too soon to tell for any QB but I keep reading how poor Rosen and he has no supporting cast yada yada yada, but then people are so quick to write off Josh Allen. Mostly because everyone ragged on him pre-draft and now want him to fail so their opinion was right. I'll be honest I was one of them but I've honestly been impressed with what Josh Allen has done with zero talent around him.