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  1. What's going on with TJ Watt and the Steelers? Is there actually a chance he misses this week vs Buffalo?
  2. Wow week 1 lfg! I like the Bills with the fans back in the stands. Bills 28 Steelers 17
  3. We beat all 3 last year But yes they're all pretty equal, the NFC West is way better than the AFC East imo. The Pats are really the only team that makes me nervous this year. I'm not that high on Tua and Josh Allen owns the Dolphins, he is their daddy. We'll see about Zac Wilson i like him but i think they're a year or two away.
  4. We're not talking about if you need elite WR's to win super bowls I was simply pointing out OBJ and Landry are not elite WRs; not close. Yes they are good professional level WRs but if we can throw out elite that loosely than almost the entire NFL is elite. I agree they are a collective good unit and aren't going to lose you games though.
  5. I was offered Mike Davis, RB for Mike Thomas, WR... I have MT. Thoughts? I went WR heavy due to value in a 10 team, .5 PPR and could use some help. QB : Josh Allen RB : Josh Jacobs, Damien Harris WR : D. Adams, DK Metcalf, J. Jefferson. Bench : Callaway, Mike Thomas, Singletary, James White I obviously need the RB depth but I think I'd start Jacobs/Harris over Mike Davis. Do I swap MT for Davis to get some RB depth? Or play the long game with the (2) guys I have now and trade Mike Thomas for a much better RB once return to the lineup?
  6. Calling Landry or OBJ an elite WR is laughable. Even more laughable is saying Peoples-Jones is on the cusp of becoming an elite WR; who has 14 career catches. I know you're a Browns fan but come on man.
  7. I don’t care about the PFF grade they give but they listed factual stats re Beasley on why he’s a top slot guy.
  8. Ooffff brutal rankings, looks like it was done by a middle schooler. McKenzie is the bills number 5/6 WR so confused how he's a top 10 slot guy lol. Either way below are some actual stats from PFF. We'll see what WR core puts up the best numbers this year and go from there.
  9. He was also on a run first team with Kirk Cousins and Adam Theilen and is only 27 so he's just scratching his prime. And that's your opinion I personally don't think so since Allens preferred WR is someone who creates separation and Diggs is pretty much the best at that. Would be tough to best 130 receptions and 1500+ yards regardless of which WR you pick. No Kupp is not easily a better slot WR than Beasley. Any advanced metrics about separation and catch rate is going to favor Beasley. So will stats. Lockett and Beasley play a completely different position so not comparable. Ok and
  10. I'd say he's right up there yeah. Arguably the best pure route runner in the NFL and even though he's not huge, he can go up and get the ball at its high point. Metcalf has the potential but last season was his first season breaking 1,000 yards. Diggs has done that 3 seasons in a row, and last season he bested him by 44 receptions and 240 yards. I get Metcalf is a physical specimen but that doesn't make him better lol. EDIT: Also, ESPN poll of executives, players, coaches had Diggs as WR3 and Metcalf at WR9 for what its worth.
  11. Good there is a zero percent chance a Bills fan would want to swap WR groups with the Rams LOL. Diggs lead the NFL in catches/yards/targets, Beasley is the best slot WR, Sanders put up 700+ yards and 5 TDs on a run first, NO offense. And Gabriel Davis had 8 TDs as a rookie last year. I'm not even going to touch the Metcalf > Diggs point.
  12. Except* he and Jim Harbaugh are both Josh Allen. Hate all you want lol
  13. Like his boy Jalen Ramsey, he should just eat his words and leave it alone 🤐
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