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  1. Can’t believe you’re trying to argue the bills don’t have a good D lmao. At least this fan base is humble. We’ll chat Sunday night after the game
  2. Held the #1 offense to 15 points in their own house on Thanksgiving. Held the Patriots to 16 points. 3rd in total defense. Top 5 in almost every stat. Josh Allen last 8 games : 18 total touchdowns, 2 INTs These kind of posts are so unintelligent but it is what it is. Having said that, I fully expect the Ravens to win this game; I'm going Ravens 28 Bills 20. I would 10/10 rather have the Ravens be the class of the AFC over the Pats so I'm with you guys on that front. Case to make for Buffalo winning : In Buffalo Since switching to 11 personal and no huddle offense a month ago, offense is averaging 28 points per game LB core : Milano and Edmunds might be the best LB duo this season. Both are very fast and athletic and rarely miss tackles. Something a team that wants to beat Lamar Jackson has to do. Safeties : Poyer and Micah Hyde are very intelligent and disciplined football players. Fast LBs and disciplined safeties will be key to try to contain the MVP. Will be fun to watch Lamar vs Allen. Funny thing is most people had these (2) QBs be the most "raw" and "project" QBs and both IMO are already #1 and #2 from that years draft class. Sky is the limit for both in my eyes. Jackson is revolutionizing the game and Allen has the athleticism to go with a cannon of an arm and his accuracy has been much improved this season. Here's to a good game and no injuries!
  3. Future GDT: Bills @ Steelers flexed to SNF!!

    He's been very good lately and a consistent pass rusher / force in the run most of the season. The Bills have been smart with him and kept his snap count around 50% each week to gradually get him going and to keep him fresh as a rookie. He's got great quickness and power with his hands. His stat line so far this year is : 28 tackles, 5.0 sacks, 1 FF, 2 PD Last 3 games : 8 tackles, 4.0 sacks, 1 FF Before the last 3 games he was getting pressure just not coming away with the sacks.
  4. Josh Allen is an ELITE QB

    How is that moving goal posts? lol. Are you saying i thought he was elite and now im saying he's not elite yet?
  5. Josh Allen is an ELITE QB

    He's not elite yet but he's def not outside the 20. His ceiling's one of the highest in the league and he's in his 2nd year progressing very well. Every week he's getting better and since week 4 he's : 13 passing TDs, 5 rushing TDs, 2 INTs (18-2 TD-INT ratio), 62% completion, 6-2 record. The amount of hate for Josh Allen is insane, people laughed at him pre draft now will stay on that hill and move the goal posts however feel fit.
  6. AFC Wildcard Race Discussion

    This couldn't be farther from reality lol, ask any Bills fan what the strength and weakness of our defense is and it's completely opposite. Passing YPG allowed : Bills 195.8, Steelers 213.5 Passing TDs allowed : Bills 9, Steelers 19 INTs : Bills 9, Steelers 19 20+ yard plays allowed : Bills 25 plays, Steelers 35 plays Avg. pass allowed : Bills 6.2 yards, Steelers 6.9 QB passer rating : Bills 78.5, Steelers 82.4 Yes the Steelers have more INTs and are more opportunistic but the Bills have the best secondary in the NFL IMO and has been stingy all year long. Arguably a top 5 CB, top 5 SS, and top 5 FS. 9 passing TDs allowed in 12 games!! I feel like we're nit picking as both teams have elite D's lol.
  7. AFC Wildcard Race Discussion

    Bills D > Steelers D Josh Allen >>>> Duck Bills rushing O > Steelers rushing O That doesn't mean Buffalo will win the game but to argue against the above is homerism.
  8. Josh Allen is an ELITE QB

    9-3 record and since week 4 he’s gone 18 total TDs to 2 INTs.
  9. Josh Allen is an ELITE QB

    He’s been one of the better QBs since the week 4 pats game when Allen said It was a huge teaching lesson. Love the posters that keep moving the goal posts on Allen when the majority of you need to eat crow. Most talked about him like he’d flame out of the league quickly and no chance he’d ever top 60% completion % or be a franchise QB. he’s been getting better every single week and progressing and the bills handled the last three opponents they played. It’s not accurate to post the bills season long offensive stats because he’s playing like a top 10 QB the last 10 weeks. also keep in mind everyone said he was the most raw and project QB, and he’s only In year 2 and getting better every single week.
  10. GDT: Turkey Day Feast! Bills @ Cowboys

    Man i can't wait for this game. I'm hoping we come out strong and show the national media that we have an elite D and our offense + JA are starting to find their stride.I'll go 24-21 Bills because i'd love a win but wouldn't be shocked to lose by a TD in Dallas to a good offense.
  11. AFC Wildcard Race Discussion

    Bills already have 8 wins and you got to think 9 wins just might do it, even at the 6 spot. They also beat the Titans so they have the tie breaker over them, as well play the Steelers in a couple weeks. (3) winnable games : Cowboys, Steelers, Jets (2) bleak games : Ravens, Patriots Sitting at 8-3 they should be able to hold onto the 5, at worst slip to the 6th.
  12. GDT Week 12: Broncos@Bills

    Clearly. FYI he is top 3 QB in most accuracy stats from 10-20 yards and the intermediate accuracy was his biggest question mark going into the season. Josh Allen is in a no win situation 24/7 because the media ate him up pre draft. and even after improving from year 1 to year 2 that's now only because he played "bad" teams. Well a bad QB looks like a bad QB no matter what and he's still doing that against 7 NFL teams. No chance I'd rather have Drew Lock over him lmao. Take away just the NE game and his season stats are very good. Pats have an elite elite secondary and BB knows how to gameplan for rookies. I guess we'll talk after sunday but here's to an injury free game. Both teams are very similar but Bills have the superior QB and play at home so ill go 20-14 Bills.
  13. GDT Week 12: Broncos@Bills

    Nope incorrect. He hasn't thrown an interception since week 4 and has progressed nicely this year. Check out the splits below with 2 less games played than in 2018. 2018 : 12 games, 52.8 Completion Percentage %, 2,074 yards, 6.5 avg completion, 10 TDs-12INTs, 67.9 rating, 8 rushing TDs 2019 : 10 games, 60.3 Completion Percentage %, 2,175 yards, 6.9 avg completion, 13 TDs-7INTs, 85.4 rating, 7 rushing TDs 20 total TDs to 7 INTs. Above 60% completion in year 2. For the most raw rookie from last years draft he's doing good and Bills fans are happy with him.
  14. Week 12 GDT: The OJ's vs The Broncos

    You could argue this might be the biggest game of the season sitting at 7-3 with (2) teams right behind us at 6-4. With Dallas, Baltimore and the Pats coming up, we really need to take advantage of the Broncos, Steelers, Jets games to get to 10-6. I don't think it's out of the question to beat one of those (3) teams (pats, dal, balt) but getting to 10 wins gets a lot harder if we drop this game and go to 7-4.
  15. CB Metrics (2018-19)

    Coming from someone that watches him every week, he’s very good. I think top 2-3 CB