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  1. Hopkins 1st team All Pro

    1st team Hopkins vs 1st team Tre'Davious White is going to be the matchup of wildcard weekend. Should be a good one!
  2. 2019 All-Pro Team Results

    Very happy for Tre'Davious White. Great competitor and guy overall. 2019-2020 season : Playoffs, 1st team All Pro, Probowler, Only CB allowing 0 TDs, Lead NFL in INTs, Best player on top 2-3 defense. Bills will have to pay him but well deserved.
  3. 2019 All-Pro Team?

    For some yes, but they have Tre White as the 15th ranked CB lmao. He's let up 0 TDs all year (only player), lead the league in INTs, and allowed the 2nd lowest passer rating against him.
  4. Coach Of The Year Predictions

    ?? He's been averaging 18 rushes the last 5 weeks and hasn't averaged under 4 YPC, with 3 of the games averaging 5.0 YPC+. I think over the last two months he's 4th in the NFL in touches, 4th in rushing yards and #1 in YPC out of any RB in the NFL with a certain amount of carries. Obviously it'd be nice to have a 2nd RB but Singletary is the Bills RB of the future (and now). So much fun to watch too. He can evade tacklers if they were both in a phone booth.
  5. Coach Of The Year Predictions

    Yeah thats what im rooting for going into next season. Josh Allen Devin Singletary AJ Green, John Brown, Cole Beasley
  6. DPOY 2019

    Gilmore : 36 completions allowed on 80 attempts (45.0%), 0 TDs allowed, 22.5 opponent passer rating, 6 INTs, 0 sack Tre White : 37 completions allowed on 81 attempts (45.7%), 0 TDs allowed, 25.6 opponent passer rating, 6 INTs, 1 sack
  7. GDT Bills @ Gillette Stadium

    Yeah agreed with everything, Pats losing to the Steelers doesnt sound likely but you never know!
  8. GDT Bills @ Gillette Stadium

    I would love to win this game but i cant see the Pats losing in week 17 to the Dolphins so it's not as big of a game imo. It's looking like the road to the playoffs will start with the Texans and if we win that game, travel to Baltimore and take them on again. Would love a W this week though to send a message that the Bills are for real though, 12-4 would be so sweet if we won week 17 as well.
  9. Coach Of The Year Predictions

    24 NFL execs voted on all the awards. I don't think McDermott is going to win but making the playoffs 2 out of his 3 years in Buffalo is damn impressive. This team loves him and him and Beane have built a great young culture in Buffalo.
  10. GDT: Bills @ Steelers on SNF!!

    This defense is insane. Lawson, Phillips, Oliver, Hughes, Milano, Edmonds, white, Poyer, Hyde, Wallace
  11. GDT: Bills @ Steelers on SNF!!

    Allen vs the Steelers pressure and TO machine of a D has me worried. Don't need Allen to have a good game, just need him to be a game manager here and don't shoot the defense in the foot. Play a smart game and secure the 5 seed. Allens worst games have come when teams blitz heavy (Patriots, Ravens, Browns) so Daboll really needs to come up with a good game plan here because the Steelers are going to be coming AFTER Josh on Sunday night. Biggest game in Bills history in a long time. Chance to lock up the playoffs with 3 weeks remaining, with a potential huge match up next week for the AFC East if the Pats drop another game (unlikely).
  12. GDT: Bills @ Steelers on SNF!!

    I'm thinking something very similar. I think who ever gets to 17 points will win the game, i don't see either team going over 20+ points unless there's a defensive TD. No shade to the guy but if a 3rd string QB named Duck puts up 20+ on this D I'll be very disappointed as the Bills D have averaged 15.0 PPG to opposing offenses in the last 6 weeks. Josh Allen has shown in clutch moments he performs, (lots of 4th Q comebacks, Thanksgiving day) so i believe he likes the stage and pressure. 210 yards, 2 total TDs, 1 turnover and hopefully a dub. Lets lock up the 5th seed!
  13. AFC Playoff Picture

    Best case scenario : win Sunday night and clinch the #5 seed. Hopefully go up against the Texans in R1 who I think we match up very well with. Worse case scenario : lose Sunday night, lose in Foxboro, must win in week 17. Lets do the damn thing Sunday!
  14. Please clarify this, you told me what exactly? I think my point was confirmed more than the poster trying to say the Bills didn't have a good defense. 1) I said the Ravens would win by 8, they won by 7. 2) The only point i was arguing was that if the Bills did/didn't have a good defense. They went from the #3 D to the #2 D after playing the 1st and 2nd ranked offenses (Ravens and Cowboys). Great win and best of luck the rest of the season.
  15. Can’t believe you’re trying to argue the bills don’t have a good D lmao. At least this fan base is humble. We’ll chat Sunday night after the game