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  1. Yeah it's always tough - is the MVP the player who puts up the best numbers? Or is it the person most valuable to their team? MVP stat wise would be Mahomes but agree that MVP of the league would be Russ if it was most valuable to team.
  2. I'd go with : 1. Mahomes 2. Rodgers 3. Wilson 4. Allen 5 . Murray It's a QB award and there are a bunch of QBs playing at a pretty high level right now. I'd feel pretty confident saying Mahomes is #1 then Rodgers is #2 but there's still so much football left. I feel like it'll go to whoever has the best 2nd half of the season + team success. For a player like Kyler Murray it'll be tough because he won't win it unless the cards are a 11/12 win team and that looks tough sitting at 5-3.
  3. I think it's shaping up to be a high scoring affair on Sunday. The Bills have been playing in some sloppy weather the past month but the forecast in Buffalo is looking like mid 60's, no clouds and minimal wind. Josh Allen had a tremendous start to the season but I'd say (2) factors have made the last couple weeks worse. 1 is how defenses are playing him and 2 is the weather not allowing the Bills to pass 30-40 times a game. In JA first two seasons, NFL teams wanted to take away his running ability and make him beat them with his arm. That was how defenses played him in the first couple weeks of 2020 and he ate them up. You are now seeing the teams take away the pass and let Josh run if he wants. BB and the Patriots last week went with 6-7 DBs on EVERY play and didn't blitz. Essentially saying we'll clog up all the passing lanes but run all you want. I'm very interested to see how PC and the Seahawks are going to scheme it up. The Bills D has been a big let down so far and we still have key injuries on that side of the ball so I'm not expecting to stop Russ and that O. The only silver lining is the Bills best part of their D is the secondary (Tre White, Poyer, Hyde) so im interested to see if they'll just run it down our throat, or if they'll test our back 4. I'll go Seahawks 34, Bills 28 but I can see it going either way. JA is due for a monster game soon so i think it'll come this week or next week vs AZ. Here's to no injuries!
  4. The defense has been so frustrating to watch, I have zero faith they can make a stop. Hell, even last year we allowed teams to move the ball at times but we always tightened up and had a great red zone D and 3rd down D. Matt Milano and Edmunds being injured are a big reason but AJ Klein, Edmunds, Taron Johnson, the pass rush have all been awful. Jordan Poyer has been unbelievable this season though. I feel like he's involved in every play and even though he let up the 2pt conversion yesterday he could not have been in better position.
  5. Observations after week 8 Taron Johnson can no longer play/start for us. He gets killed every game and it feels like every time an opposing WR gets a catch, its on him. We NEED to trade for a nickel/slot CB before tomorrow because EVERY team we've played has exploited this. Edmunds has been disappointing but it's hard to say if it's a slump or dealing with an injury. Feliciano makes this OL so much better On offense i feel like we're pretty set. We need our TE's and John Brown to get fully healthy but I don't think we need to make any trades or improvements on the offensive side. The numbers haven't been great but the weather really affected this game and the KC game. We need Milano full strength with the upcoming schedule I love what Stefon Diggs has done for JA and the offense. Zach Moss needs to get more touches
  6. This is a tough one. Zach Moss and the left side of our OL dominated all day long but the play from Zimmer truly won us that game. So for that reason I'll go Justin Zimmer.
  7. Idk how to feel about the matchup now after seeing the forecasted weather (40-50 mph winds, cold and rainy). On one hand we have the superior passing attack and this hurts us more than the Pats. However, if you look at Cam's throwing log the past two weeks you'll see he is throwing NOTHING to the right or past 10-15 yards. Literally nothing to the right side of the field. I think the weather can actually help us in the fact that Cam will not be able to throw anything. Stack the box with everyone, have Edmunds spy Cam, and let Cam throw into White/Hyde/Poyer in this weather if he wants. If we go up 10 points (2 scores) i think we'll be sitting real pretty. I don't think there is enough talent or playmakers on that Pats offense to consistently have long drives down the field. Our run D hasn't been great but we also have gone up against some great QBs where our D has to respect both options (run and pass). In this game I think they're going to sell out for the run and make Cam win thru the air. I'm expecting more Josh Allen designed runs + Moss > Singletary. Bills 24 Patriots 14
  8. I expect it to be a pretty high scoring game. Seems like the bills could be without Milano and tre white, who I think are our two best defenders. I’ll go with 31-28 bills but have a weird feeling the Titans will pull it out. Heres to no new positive tests after the game!
  9. I mean it was a good comeback but Russ had 215 yards, 62% completion percentage and a 6.8 ypa. It was a great game but it’s wasn’t up to par to weeks 1-4 of Russ/Allen.
  10. Just keep moving those goal posts lol sounds good.
  11. Yeah if they told the Bills on Monday "oh wait jk you're playing Mahomes and KC in 3 days, have fun!" I'd lose it. They should've given every team 3 byes before the season started to allow for this exact reason.
  12. I 100% agree - the way the NFL has handled this is a joke. My big question is, Schefter said if more positive tests come back the Bills/KC game will go back to Thursday. What happens if the Bills are prepping for the Titans and then on Sunday or Monday a positive test comes back and now the Bills have to go back to playing the Chiefs on Thursday and haven't been prepping at all for them. Way too much uncertainty for an organization as big and powerful as the NFL.
  13. Completion % is overrated anyway imo - I'd rather be 50% in intermediate routes than 60% in short routes. That's besides the point but if you actually think there is no difference in how Allen has looked then you're just not wanting to admit you're wrong. Idc who you are, it's hard to throw for 1,325 yards, 12 TDs, 3 rushing TDs, 71% completion % and 9.0 YPA in a 4 game stretch. Even if he's not the MVP caliber player a lot of people are talking about, a scrub can't do that. He was labeled raw and unpolished for a reason, once he started to get good coaching and talent around him he's starting to improve.
  14. Why are you giving the whole league a big F you? lol. The Titans are the reason this is all happening. Granted the league is probably making an example out of the Titans but it seems like they were pretty careless when in their facilities.
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