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  1. I'm sure he'll be up again. Probably him and Winn.
  2. Well, Gute's failure to address an obvious need on the DL is going to be tested on Sunday. Here's to hoping it doesn't cost us. It's going to be on Pettine to come up with some type of different plan because a Lowry-Lancaster-Keke grouping isn't holding up against any OL in this league.
  3. Golladay watch. Looks like they may see what he can do today. My guess is that they'll list him as Questionable with him actually having a Questionable-Doubtful chance of playing.
  4. Before I jump on the MVS has arrived train, I want to see him stack some success. He's had big games before and then he disappears for 2 weeks, whether that's on him or 12. I want to 2-3 games in a row where he looks like a No. 2 (4-6 recs, 40-100 yards). Then we'll have something. He has an opportunity this week for another big game, then Week 3 will be the first big test for him because instead of going up against Danzler and Detroit's No. 3-4 (due to injuries), he'll be dealing with Janoris Jenkins or Patrick Robinson, two vets.
  5. So in other words, trade more Day 2 picks for proven players?
  6. I know it can be a sore subject around here to talk about failed draft picks, but look at our team and the success we have had over the last season + Week 1 this season.... Now imagine if we were getting any contributions from our 2nd/3rd round draft picks for the last 3 years (prior to 2020 draft): 2017: (Kevin King counts as a 1st rounder even though he was pick 33); 2nd Round -- Josh Jones (gone); 3rd round -- Monty Adams (0 snaps Week 1 (hurt) -- largely been a bust through first 3 years) 2018: 2nd round -- Josh Jackson (2 snaps Week 1 -- haven't given up on him but largely irrelevant through first 2 years); 3rd round -- Oren Burks (3 defensive snaps Week 1 (plus some on ST) -- again, pretty irrelevant through first 2 years) 2019: 2nd round -- Elgton Jenkins (monster hit -- probable All-Pro future); 3rd round - Jace Sternberger (12 snaps Week 1 -- half as many as rookie Deguara and 1/4 the snaps as journeyman JAG Bobby Tonyan -- still hopeful Sterny will become a player though after missing most of last year) So, for 6 players drafted on Day 2 of the draft between 2017-2019, outside of Jenkins, we saw a total of 17 snaps on either offense or defense between the other 5 guys. Woof. ***This actually brings up a pretty funny point: For all of the crap the Packers have taken about their 2020 draft, it is not only possible, but very likely that for the 2020 season our 2nd/3rd rounders this year (Dillon and Deguara) will vastly outperform our Day 2 picks from the 2017-2019 drafts (again, minus Jenkins).
  7. Fantasy Question that hopefully a Pats' fan can answer: Do you expect Gilmore to shadow Metcalf or Lockett on Sunday? I would think Metcalf, but haven't heard anything one way or another.
  8. If I'm the Packers, I'm sticking with Bakh-Jenkins-Linsley-Turner-Wagner on Sunday. Wagner held up fine at RT and we're paying the guy to start at RT.
  9. Going to be interesting to see which two practice squad guys we move up this week. First, they'll have a spot on the 53 available when they move Taylor to IR, but I'd have to think the guys in play for the 54/55 spot will be Winn, Lovett and/or maybe one of Foster/Shepherd.
  10. We are going to learn a lot about our defense these next 3 weeks. Stafford, Brees and Ryan can throw the ball around the lot, and even if we catch a break with the injuries to Golladay and M. Thomas, all three offenses are still very talented.
  11. And yet....he has about a 50% chance of being our 2nd best DL on the field Sunday if Clark doesn't play.
  12. Pulling for the guy, but I'm not getting excited yet. He played 15 snaps. Still think Martin is our guy there once he comes back.
  13. Defense needs Greene back this week. If Pettine is going to keep playing that crap 1-4-6 defense 50% of the time, at least have Greene out there instead of Redmond. Big difference.
  14. I'll be shocked if Clark plays the next two weeks with any type of groin injury unless it was 100% precautionary. Hope I'm wrong. Also hope it's not worse than that.
  15. I mean I'm definitely being a bit facetious. Not necessarily correlated, it's just funny. Also, glad Light is gone. Bringing him back is going backwards.
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