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  1. Yea, the offense is still a work in progress, especially in the redzone. Really wanted MVS back this week but given that he didn't practice today basically puts an end to that.
  2. Hasn't been talked about, but Mercilus should also be a great locker room guy. Savy veteran player and I think he's a pretty great human off the field too.
  3. He's definitely not the same player he was a few years ago, but the last few years, he's been on a pretty ****ty defense. He was at his best when Watt was still taking names in Houston. Better talent around him in GB could mean better results. Nothing is guaranteed but this is a no-risk move.
  4. I wouldn't give up on him that fast. He still has talent, just need to find a fit. Personally, playing straight up inside like we did on Sunday is the wrong move IMO. As a sub-package player, Jaylon can still do things on a football field that less-athletic players can't. Give him time.
  5. Doesn't sound like it. Huber's source said he's probably playing this week. MLF seemed less confident about this week but should be a one week thing.
  6. Good news, just don't let Flea and the training staff see it...
  7. I don't think any of our guys are great at 50/50 balls, but if he's going to throw it, which he has several times this year, put it on the guy, not 5 yards over his head. He did it again with Lazard running that go up the seam. Lazard had a step on the CB and Rodgers badly overthrew him. If anything, throw that ball short and force Lazard to have to fight back through the defender for an automatic PI. 12's deep ball is off right now. Other than that, he's been pretty lights out per usual.
  8. Could have something to do with it. Probably also means King is progressing well (maybe playing this week) and they liked what they saw from Douglas.
  9. Which is why I think EDGE ends up becoming the focus as we near the day. All the pundits keep talking about CB, but I'm feeling better about that position day after day. Stokes is playing well, King is okay when healthy, Douglas looks playable and I think Dunbar will be an underrated add as well. Even without JA, that group can play with a decent front that gets pressure for them. Plus, the Packers at least sound somewhat optimistic about JA. Adding another EDGE player to give us more flexibility with moving Gary around seems like the play, if a play is made. Now, it's hard to get decent
  10. Deadline is 2 weeks from today. Figured some discussion could be had regarding this year's trading deadline. The Packers should be buyers at 5-1 even though they don't have a ton of money to play with ($5.2m according to Over the Cap). If GB does make a move, which position should they address? EDGE? CB? DL? Also, do we consider selling as well? Maybe on the OL?
  11. 12's biggest problem is the "I don't want to chance an INT" on those deep throws. Just put it on our guy and give him a damn chance to make a play. Most of these CBs don't turn around anyways.
  12. Both deserving. Harris is long overdue.
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