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  1. The Jones deal isn't bad for us though. It's basically a 2-year deal that is very team friendly for a guy who has been a stud for us the last few years. I'm perfectly fine with that deal. If we don't have Rodgers/Adams next season, at least having that Jones/Dillon combo with Love will be something, plus whatever we come up with at WR. This also could mean we see the Packers turn their attention to paying Tonyan instead of Adams.
  2. This I'm actually fine with. Time to do a partial "burn it down and rebuild" starting in 2022. Do whatever you can to get Rodgers to play this season and then he goes, Adams goes, and a handful of other guys (Preston, Turner, etc.) go as well. Get Love under center and try to rebuild around him over the next 1-2 years and get the team back into a top unit.
  3. Rookies set to report today. Vets set to report Wednesday July 27. Let's go.
  4. Judon apparently isn't thrilled about the new COVID rules.
  5. Winning cures everything. This whole saga probably never even happens if we win it all. Instead, we lost to the guy who (in Rodgers' eyes) got the things last year that he thinks the FO here has denied him for years (player input, a flood of talent at WR, etc.). That was only fuel to the fire.
  6. That one day in jail will scare him straight.
  7. Excited to watch him in the preseason. Really hope he looks decent because he's going to be the guy next year whether he's ready or not.
  8. Speaking of the Vikings...(sound on). 🤣😁
  9. Alternative Headline from Schefty: "Broncos cut Damion Willis to make room for potential Aaron Rodgers trade."
  10. A void is too much give by GB. I would however entertain a restricted trade market of Rodgers' choosing. Basically 5-10 teams he would be interested in and taking the best offer there. No one wants to get traded to the Jets or Washington Football Team. I get that from his side. I have no problem trading Rodgers to a contender while we go through the first year or 2 with Love as the starter when we aren't contending anyways.
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