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  1. Inside Linebacker ... IT IS TIME

    Was talking about this the other day. Pretty remarkable that Blake hasn't had a single PD for a guy who never leaves the field. Even blind luck should get him 1 every 6 games. Again, I'm not going to beat him down and I think he's a great guy who's been a great Packer, but this guy doesn't even get a look from me in the off-season, no matter the price. Packers need to actively improve at the ILB position with 2 brand new players not currently on the roster. Otherwise, we'll just be talking about this same stuff next December.
  2. Week 14 GDT: Packers vs Washington Redskins

    Yea him and Guice had over 200 yards combined last week. Gotta make Haskins throw the ball.
  3. Week 13 Games

    Need the Bears to lose Thursday against Dallas. Another loss guts any hope at a miracle 10-6 playoff berth and for a veteran team like Chicago who, after last year, was a pre-season favorite to make the playoffs and compete for a SB, it'll likely have some impact on their intensity coming to GB knowing they're done.
  4. Glass is half full

    I think Seattle is in for a let down at the Rams (who barely lost at SEA earlier this year) who are fighting for their playoff lives. I think SF is the better team vs. NO and responds with a win. I think that defense will suffocate Brees even at home. Good chance after Week 14 that the standings for the top 4 will be: 1. SF: 11-2 2. GB: 10-3 3. NO: 10-3 4. SEA: 10-3
  5. Week 13 Games

    Mennega's wet dream right there.
  6. Week 13 Games

    So is this just homefield advantage or is SF/SEA >>>>>>>>x2 GB/MIN?
  7. Week 13 Games

    I celebrate and then I see Carroll celebrate and I hate myself.
  8. Week 13 Games

    Rhodes are open
  9. Week 13 Games

  10. Week 13 Games

    I feel like Wagner has been playing for 15 years and he's still a beast in the middle.
  11. Week 13 Games

    Collarbone for Cook?
  12. Week 13 Games

    Difference between optimism and being reckless. I don't want our division hopes to come down to have to win a road game against a tough team in a tough environment, where we will be an underdog. Seems foolish.
  13. Week 13 Games

    Yea no one should be rooting for Minnesota tonight. That's crazy.