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  1. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    My early FA crush is Cory Littleton. Probably too expensive to pay for an ILB but I would freaking love to see a guy in the middle like him with his range and play-making ability. We need a guy like him badly...
  2. Random Packer News & Notes

    Two things were clear from Gute's presser, assuming his actions match his words: (1) Big focus this off-season on offensive playmakers, especially WR, and (2) Big focus on ILB position. That's 2 of our 3 glaring holes IMO, with the other being another solid IDL.
  3. Fire Pettine

    More than likely. SF is built almost perfectly for Shanahan's offense. Talent is king especially when it is lopsided in key areas like it was in that game. I mean I hate giving the guy credit but Sherman was exactly right in his postgame rant. The first matchup was SF coming off a long overtime battle with Seattle and GB coming off a bye. We had every advantage a team could ask for and we still got absolutely destroyed in that game. We all used Bulaga's injury as a cop out and excuse but we were still the healthier team in that game and got ran over. Sunday's game was just a continuation of that except SF was much healthier this time.
  4. Fire Pettine

    Don't forget. The Niners faithful was trying to run Saleh out of town last year, he almost got dumped. Now he's a God DC getting HC interviews. That's because in one offseason the GM added Bosa, Ford, Kwon and Greenlaw and other players like Buckner, Armstead, Ward and Warner blew up after average past years. In short, the Niners didn't have guys like Lowry, Lancaster, Martinez and Goodson as anchors on their front 7. Those guys wouldn't come close to seeing meaning snaps for the Niners let alone start. Stated another way, if you switched the DCs, we'd be talking about firing Saleh while Pettine would be playing in the SB. Simple facts.
  5. Another point of perspective about Pettine: his system/defense worked against division teams, which probably carried some weight. In 2019: Bears - 3 points; 13 points Vikings - 16 points; 10 points Lions - 22 points; 20 points Hell, the team that did the best was Detroit, but in both games our defense was really strong in the 2nd half. Quite honestly, the Niners may be our kryptonite, every team has one. The great Packers teams of the mid 90s could never beat Dallas. We finally got to the Super Bowl in '96 and '97 not by beating Dallas, but because they were no longer in the discussion. The best way for the Packers to overcome the Niners in 2020 may be just hoping we don't play them in January...
  6. Fire Pettine

    DL and ILB. Just keep repeating it and make it so.
  7. Have to say, part of me is glad he's coming back (1) to keep familiarity in the system (not trying to win a SB with a brand new DC/system) and more importantly, (2) this to me sends a clear message that LaFleur/Gute think the problem is still more "talent" and less about coaching. Translation, I'm expecting Gute to be as aggressive as financially possible again this off-season to address the roster. LaFleur basically admitted today that talent wise the gap with SF is big (whether he's right or just trying to cover himself/other coaches, who knows), but he was clear (unlike Rodgers) that the talent gap is pretty large right now. For next year at least, Pettine's job is safe because I think the "not enough talent at key positions" argument won.
  8. I mean, I've agreed all along that we need help on the DL, another upper tier player to play along side Clark. I was pounding the table for it at the trade deadline but Gute didn't make a move. That being said, you could cherry pick and show me a 100 of these and my response would be the same. I don't want 50 anywhere near this starting lineup come TC 2020. He's a great guy, great "Packer" and I hope he does well in Miami or Cincinnati next year.
  9. An Early Look at 2020 Free Agency

    This is about where I'm at. I'm signing a proven guy you can legitimately call a No. 2 WR. Then you draft a guy in the 2-3 round who probably starts behind Lazard Week 1 but you're hoping he becomes Deebo/A.J. and is pushing your No. 2 guy by Week 12.
  10. 2020 Tight End Titillating Talk

    TBH, TE is a position I'm perfectly fine with platooning with young under-achievers. Give me Stern, Tonyan, maybe Lewis if he wants to come back cheap and a rookie. That's it. Use the money on WRs, ILBs and DL.
  11. Random Packer News & Notes

    I think Nelson took like 2 discounts. Lol, guy was so underpaid for what he did for this team.
  12. I just don't think he played poorly. Hell I think he played better in this game than he played in Seattle in 2014. Remember, the Niners 6 drives in the first half. They punted on the first drive, the next 5 were TD, FG, TD, FG, TD. Packers had 5 drives: 1st drive: Packers picked up a 1st down and then on 3rd and 3, Rodgers hit Williams almost immediately out of the backfield in space, a play that picks up the 1st down on most teams for Greenlaw read it beautifully and made the tackle. Great defense. A play that the Packers defense certainly couldn't make with its ILB core, but the Niners do it regularly. Packers punt instead of going for it on 4th and 1 at the 50. 2nd drive: Now it's 7-0. Rodgers hits Lazard on a beautiful pass for 13 on 2nd and 9 up to the 39. Then we call back-to-back running plays to Jones for a total of 3 yards. How many offenses have converted 3rd and 7 on the Niners this year? Rodgers is sacked, we punt. 3rd drive: By point it's already 10-0. Jones gets 6 on first down. Second down, for some reason we dial up a screen against the fastest defense in the NFL, and predictably, it's gets destroyed for loss of yards. Now we're back in 3rd and 6. Rodgers is sacked and fumbles. First play of the game I'll say: yea, Rodgers should have seen Williams coming on that blitz and had the ball out, but no one knows if there was anything there. Best case scenario, probably an incomplete pass and we save the yardage on the sack/fumble. Either way we punt, which BTW, was a 23 yard shank by JK. 4th drive: Now it's 17-0. Notice a trend yet? We're about to have the doors blown off because our defense can't stop anything. Rodgers on the money to Kumerow for 23 yards. Jones then reels off 4 straight runs. Then we fumble. We don't know who's fault it was, I have a hard time believing Rodgers just dropped the ball, but we can split that one 50/50 on Rodgers/Linsley. This play pretty much killed any chance of a comeback even though the fumble happened on the 25 yard line so maybe our defense could make a stop and give us the ball back 17-0? 5th drive: Nope, defense folds again and gives up a nearly 4 min drive for 3, now 20-0. Now Rodgers is pressing with 1:51 left knowing we need a TD before half. Throws a bad ball trying to press it downfield to G-Mo. Actually what I blame Rodgers for here is throwing the ball in G-Mo's direction at all... Ball is picked and returned to 30. Niners promptly score a TD in 3 plays. Game is officially over. Was Rodgers perfect, far from it. Was he missing guys, off-target, holding the ball forever, etc....I didn't see it. Hell, I didn't see one pass where he "missed" a guy who was open in the 1st half. What I saw was one defense making plays in big moments and another defense that could barely even force a 3rd down, let alone get a stop.
  13. Random Packer News & Notes

    A very diplomatic way of saying "they're going to pay me what I want or I'm leaving." Clark won't be giving any hometown discount, nor should he.
  14. Think I would have rather seen Sanders be the difference versus the 49ers winning while throwing the ball 8 times. That's one of the most embarrassing stats I've ever seen, maybe second to what Kaepernick did to our defense.