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  1. That's Green Bay man. I'll bet two weeks from now during the LA week, Cobb and Allison will still both be listed as "questionable" on the Friday injury report. Both will probably play by then, but I'd bet money both will still be "questionable." When a player for GB has a soft tissue injury, especially a hammy, there's always a 2x multiplier. If he's expected to miss 1 week, it'll be 2 weeks. 2 weeks = 4 weeks, etc. It's a science.
  2. With Cobb/Allison out again, you know what would be cool tonight? An actual play or two where Monty is the featured target in the passing game. Maybe MM took some notes last night watching James White line up all over the place, and said "hey, we have a guy who could do that....."
  3. This was obvious to anyone who has watched the Packers the last 10 years.
  4. Won the pad level competition this week in practice.
  5. Mike Pettine Defense

    I think a one-and-done in the playoffs means an exit for MM. This will be (and should be) the year where simply "getting to the playoffs" isn't enough.
  6. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Anyone else think of the 2011 Packers when watching this Chiefs team? I mean our defense wasnt this bad but the similarities are there.
  7. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    I agree but who in the AFC is going to unseat them? I still believe they will win the AFC East given the competition and the AFC in general is weak af as a conference. Only threats I see right now are KC and the Chargers (if Bosa is healthy). Jax starting to look like pretenders and PIT chokes every year. NE could make it by default again especially if they get home playoff games at Foxboro in the winter.
  8. So after the bye, assuming McCray is "healthy" and not just "healthy enough to play" do you see him being inserted back into the starting lineup? Bell hasn't done anything to lose that spot that I've seen. McCray struggled in pass blocking and I'll give him credit, he did have to face Hicks, Richardson, Payne/Allen those first 3 games which is daunting, but I was just hoping he'd play at Lane Taylor level and I haven't seen it consistently. Maybe it's the shoulder, but maybe he just is what he is...
  9. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Pretty well I believe. He was their No. 3 CB.
  10. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Had a feeling you'd say that and I don't necessarily disagree. However if we are using Rodger's injury as an excuse, why have a "depreciation" thread about him? Is he just hurt which explains his poorer play and thus our record? Or do you buy that he's just "depreciating" which means we have a larger issue on our hands?
  11. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Allow me, Mr. Pessimistic to make a devil's advocate argument here: If I am Minnesota fan, I'm feeling much more comfortable than if I'm a Packers fan and here's why: 1. Schedule for first 6 weeks of the season GB: CHI, MINN, @Wash, BUF, @Det, SF MINN: SF, @GB, BUF, @LA, @PHI, ARIZ Both teams expected to be 3-2-1 after Week 6. Most Packers fans, including most if not every single person in this forum reasonably expected the Packers to be no worse than 4-2 with those 6 games and most of us expected 5-1, and some of us 6-0. We have 4 home games out of those first 6. Looking at MINN's schedule, most reasonable people expected a 3-3 result -- MINN had 3 very tough road games against 3 playoff-caliber teams (GB, LA, PHI). Not many of us expected MINN to win any of those games. Through 6 weeks, Minn has had 3 home games compared to our 4. So (1) Minn has actually performed better than most of us would have predicted (by a half-game) and we definitely have under-performed given our schedule; (2) Minn has a "quality" win on the road against Philly, an NFC win, the counter to which we have already lost (Wash). The closest thing to a quality win GB has is the Bears game, but that was at home, more of an expected win there; (3) Minn has the advantage of the tie against us AT GB; we needed that W more than Minn needed it because they still have us at Minn later on. Really, the only negative mark for Minn is their terrible home loss to Buffalo, their easiest game all year. But, their win at Philly is arguably a bigger win than the Buffalo loss because they picked up an NFC win versus an AFC loss. It's only Week 6 and we could improve/Minn could not improve, etc etc. However, through 6 weeks at least, by any objective measure, Minn has the upper-hand even though our records "should be" identical come Monday night.
  12. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Hughes tore his ACL for Minny today.
  13. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    We could become the best team, but the fact that we continue to trip ourselves up I think means we arent that team yet.
  14. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    It's officially the Bears' year...
  15. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    I know they arent exactly the same type of player but I wish MM would at least try to use Montgomery like Nagy uses Cohen.