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  1. Feels like every year the Packers are represented in 1 or 2 of these "top games" of year. Also seems like in every one...we lost.
  2. What's funny thing is that he tried to use it on Jones. For all the talk here about letting Jones go, Gute tried to pay him.
  3. Wonder if he'd be worth the hastle? I'd imagine you could probably get him for a conditional-nothing pick given his current relationship with the Titans. First round talent at OT with 3 years left on a rookie deal if you think he gives a damn about playing football.
  4. I think the Vikings get to at least 8 wins.
  5. Casey is intriguing. The biceps injury (played 3 games) last year maybe means more a discount. Prior to that, Casey had 7 straight seasons with 5 or more sacks. His age is irrelevant IMO. At 31, he's right there with the other guys who are going to be available, including Watt.
  6. An option the Packers could definitely consider would be to let Watt go for the bigger dollars, restructure Preston and sign Casey, Short or another similar player, at probably half the cost.
  7. Yea, (a) i don't buy this (might be info from his agent), (b) if he has gotten that offer from one of his top 3, he wouldn't be available right now.
  8. I have no idea what round he's going in but I really want Javonte Williams to be a Packer. I'll take him + Dillon.
  9. It's Buffalo or Green Bay. TN isn't a true contender with Tannehill. Watt has to know that.
  10. If we're just looking at overall yards, etc. yea Dillon can probably get there. What Dillon can't replace is the big-play ability from Jones. Plays like his 50 yard TD run against the Vikings to seal the division in 2019, his big TD against Philly in 2020 when we were struggling a bit late in the game, his 75 yarder against the Lions in a close game coming out of halftime, and his huge 60+ yard run against the Rams in the playoffs -- those plays don't happen with Dillon at RB. GB is going to miss Aaron Jones. We might as well just accept it. Dillon + a change-of-pace rookie should be "ok
  11. Well...at least we didn't draft this slug.
  12. Why didn't you tag me? My philosophy has always been keep/get the guy who is going to make your team better. The Packers are a much better team with Aaron Jones on it, period. Now, I'm fine if they don't want to pay him $8-10m and decide to use that money elsewhere, but I would be far from upset to see 33 back. I've been in his camp all along.
  13. Don't think he's an obvious choice because he has more value than Kirk/Wagner. I've said all along, if the Packers land Watt, I'm predicting Preston is gone by the next day. If we don't sign Watt (the more likely scenario), then I think the Packers probably try to restructure Preston instead.
  14. The Rodgers restructure is a bit tougher because of the Love dilemma. A large restructure to Rodgers doesn't just mean clearing cap/pushing cap for Rodgers' team in 2021, but it also basically forces the Packers to commit to Rodgers for an extra year or two past this season, thus basically wasting Love's entire rookie deal. I'm expecting a Rodgers restructure, but I think it's going to be an in-between type deal where the Packers save more like around $7-8m (from his roster bonus) versus $12-14m (I've seen examples of both ways they could do it). I think the former still leaves open the
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