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  1. C-. Huge misses on Jones and Adams with premium top-100 picks. King has been okay but health is a big issue and that was a known risk with him at the time. Aaron Jones was a great find, but you're talking about a 5th round pick. I'm not praising a GM for stumbling upon a guy in the middle of Day 3. Same reason why I don't praise BB for drafting Tom Brady in the 6th round. That would have been a great pick had BB defied everyone and taken Brady in the 1st or 2nd because he felt he was going to be great. Instead, Brady was a flier who happened to be the exception to the rule. Same is true for mo
  2. If Rodgers actually did this, I and everyone else should turn on the guy. In fact, I would say "**** the draft picks" and hope Gute makes it a personal mission to hold onto Rodgers for the duration of his contract and let him sit at home for the next 3 seasons. His legacy in Green Bay and around the NFL would be ruined.
  3. How would others rank the likelihood of the options for Rodgers this season? I say the following: Rodgers plays full season with some type of extended deal - 50% Rodgers plays full season on existing contract and then is traded in Feb 2022 - 45% Rodgers is traded this off-season - 3% Rodgers sits out part or all of this season - 2% Rodgers retires - 0% Others may disagree, but the first 2 are the only logical options - for both Rodgers and the Packers Rodgers wants a new deal. He doesn't "want out of Green Bay," in fact, we wants to stay in Green Bay lo
  4. I'll say this again and will gladly remove the egg from my face if I'm wrong. The likelihood of a trade this season is maybe 2-3%. It's not happening and would be colossally stupid by the Packers to entertain post-draft. A trade literally makes no sense for either party. Now, a 2022 trade makes A LOT of sense for both parties. Rodgers is playing for GB this season or he's playing for no one.
  5. I'm not refusing to believe it, I truly don't know if Lowry can be a better 1-gap player. Honestly it would make sense since his ability to anchor as a 2-gap player resulted in him ending up on the ground way too often the last few years.
  6. Here's the best way I can define the Stokes pick: You hope he's the guy, with his tools, that if he got to play another 1-2 years in college and refined his technique would have been a top-15 pick in 2022-23, but you got him at 29 because he's just not there yet.
  7. It really depends how much the scheme is going to change up front. Right now, the deepest part of our DL is "really big guys" like Clark, Lancaster and Slaton. All three are/could be decent NTs but none of them, except maybe Clark at times, can play DE. Lancaster is a true NT who struggles when he's moved out to DE and Slaton is a NT too. So, in terms of DE types who can play the 3T or 4T (if we go with a true Staley/Barry scheme), you basically have.....Keke. That's it. Lowry is in no-mans land if we do away with the true 5T, two-gap DE; so I guess the question with him is whether the P
  8. The Myers pick may end up being the most interesting pick of our draft because of the comparison to Humphrey who went one pick later. By just about every single outsider eval, Humphrey was the better player (much better according to some), and I'm interested to know exactly why GB preferred Myers. A few possible things I can think of: Humphrey is left-handed (does that matter?); Humphrey is slightly smaller but not much; if there is a question about Humphrey maybe it's his ability to anchor (Myers appears stronger in that department); and finally, could it be that the Packers didn't want anoth
  9. QB (2): Rodgers, Love - 12 will be back. Love is QB 2. No need for QB 3. RB (3): Jones, Dillon, Hill -- pretty simple here. Hill replaces Jamaal and beats out Dexter for RB 3. TE/HB (5): Tonyan, Lewis, Sternberger, Deguara, Dafney -- seems like a lot of TEs but I just don't see a cut here. Dafney did enough late in the year to carry over and earn another spot (ST play as well). Deguara will be back and you have to give Sternberger at least one more year to do something. WR (5): Adams, MVS, Funchess, Rodgers, Lazard - back to a 5-man rotation like in days-past and it's a prett
  10. Great, now MVS demanding a trade to Tampa per Schefty (disclaimer: no sources and not actually true, but that's not required apparently).
  11. Thought we may have been interested given Gute's comments after the draft.
  12. Rapoport has done a much better job reporting this whole thing than Schefty.
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