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  1. This is how I look at Martinez: Martinez is AJ Hawk except that Hawk was drafted 5th overall and Martinez was drafted in the 4th round. So as fans, we viewed Hawk as a disappointment because he never lived up to being a top-10 pick, and Martinez is slightly overvalued because he was a day 3 pick that "hit" -- meaning he became a reliable starter in the NFL. If you reversed their draft slots, we'd be view Hawk like Martinez and vice versa.
  2. Leonard forced 4 fumbles in one year of play (plus 2 INTs). Martinez has forced 1 fumble in 3 years. Let's not have this argument. Martinez is a good, reliable player who has 2 INTs and 1 FF in 3 years of starting LB play. That's what he is.
  3. Random Packer News & Notes

    Woof. Feel like we've been a poor tackling defense for the last several years now. The changes at safety alone should lead to great improvement here.
  4. Think you're going to see a lot more plays designed to throw to the backs, not simply check downs on plays designed down the field. Big difference.
  5. Nobody panic...
  6. Josh Jones wants to be traded

    Not sure Jones would be the first man up after Amos anyways. Think Greene has the insided track for that spot. If Jones isn't playing your cover-backer position (which he apparently is vehemently against), he's hardly even a role player anywhere else.
  7. Random Packer News & Notes

    Meanwhile, in Green Bay...
  8. Packers officially going full bubble-wrap approach with King this off-season. Probably smart. Can't get injured if he's not practicing, right?
  9. Way-too-early-bold prediction: Jake Kumerow will finish 2nd on the team this year in red-zone TD receptions behind Adams.
  10. Josh Jones wants to be traded

    Hes been reduced to official sideline pouter.
  11. Oren Burks

    See: Herb Adderley. Hall of Famers wear 26 in Green Bay.
  12. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Someone actually woke up this morning and decided it was a good idea to write and post this. Think about that for a minute.
  13. Who's your 2019 Breakout Player

    Far too early to be certain, but personally, I don't think you'll see much from J'Mon in year 2. He'll likely make the team but probably, absent injury, will be the guy who's inactive pretty much every week. With the new system, I'll think he'll still go through a lot of growing pains and still look like a rookie at times. Plus there's the numbers game. Right now, hard to argue that J'Mon at best is No. 6 on the depth chart behind Adams, MVS, Allison, St. Brown and Kumerow. You can already see it early in OTAs with Kumerow running with the 1s in place of Adams at times while Moore is on the scout team. I'm not expecting that to change in training camp. Kumerow is well ahead of J'Mon right now as is MVS and St. Brown, behind the two vets Adams/Allison.
  14. Oren Burks

    All depends on whether he can "see" it. Burks has the athletic ability but so do 1,000 other guys who can't make it in the NFL. They all look good in shorts. At ILB, if you lack instincts and can't anticipate that first step to beat the Olineman to the spot, you're just another guy and always will be. Hopefully, he's ready to take that mental leap.
  15. The biggest loss for LaFleur here is that he didn't tear it at practice so at least he'd have the Worker's Comp. claim...