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  1. He would just run more zone if he saw this.
  2. Who would have thunk? Guys like Ja, King and Sullivan are good in man coverage. Maybe we shouldn't play soft zones 10 yards off guys on 3rd and 8 after all?
  3. Is this the story of how you met your wife?
  4. Wonder if Seth Roberts get his shot this week or LaFleur says, "nah, we good with Shepherd."
  5. I would much rather face Foles, no doubt.
  6. Gutey out here saving the season.
  7. Savage has been fine. He and Amos have actually been solid the last couple games. This defense would literally give up 7 points less per game if they simply didn't allow 10-15 yards of cushion of 3rd and long on a consistent basis. If they simply did that, we'd probably be 9-1.
  8. Hopefully Barnes is back. Need more Gary, Barnes and Martin. Less Kirksey and Preston (he should be getting Gary's snaps and vice versa).
  9. I think maybe 2 or 3 other QBs in the game (maybe) make that throw from the endzone, with no room to step into it. But that's just me.
  10. Brady needs Pettine, badly.
  11. Man we take these plays for granted and we're going to miss them when/if 12 leaves in a few years. Enjoy them while you can.
  12. Watching LA and TB play defense makes me sad. Sure they give up some points but nothing is easy. They are aggressive and live and die by playing in your face. They don't just sit back and allow you to walk right down the field.
  13. Nothing better for a struggling RB than facing a soft Packers defense..
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