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  1. Now with the trade back what would you want as compensation? they currently have 13 picks in 2020 with almost 2 picks in every round. they also have 9 picks in 2021 with 2 in the first and second rounds. would you consider taking 2022 picks? Id love to get a 2022 1st at least in that deal. I like having multiple 1s in each draft .
  2. I watched a good portion of the Game before I had to go to work and came away a bit impressed by Davis. only a week (maybe?) at LT, and he held his own and wasn't the problem along the line. cheap, and can play multiple positions along the o-line.
  3. This is what Im hoping for. I'd still like to give Rosen a real chance at showing he's the guy. with the roster the way it is currently.... that just won't happen. This year will be fitz's last year in the NFL, he will end up dying at some point in this season. given your Scenario and the FA, you give Rosen the chance to show that he's the next Franchise guy and you're covered if he doesn't.
  4. I'll support just to make sure the pats don't get him. I feel even more strongly about him than I did baker and I was a fan boy. I hope he becomes a Fin
  5. As long as he doesn't go to any team that has had a franchise type qb in the last 10 years... I'll be happy. let the scrum of the league claw their way out of the bottom of the pile.
  6. I really hope you're wrong and ends up in Miami. we've had trash at QB since the year 2000 with Pennington and Tannehill the out liers.
  7. I'm interested, what makes you think they go 11-5? the most wins I give them this year is 9.
  8. the eagles turn around is rare, definitely not the trend. When you go up and get a qb, selecting a franchise guy that borders elite play, makes everything easier as far as getting to the bowl game. (oh and your welcome for helping ya'll get wentz... if you get a ring this season can you send one to miami I think they deserve a bit of the pie lol) jay-train doesn't like going up the middle so it's a good thing blounts there to give the gut punches. your oline is better than ours that goes with out saying. i think a portion of jays issues this year was his trust in the oline to make the bloc
  9. also anyone get the vibes from when the team turned it around last year? we play like absolute idiots in the first 4 games then gase started calling the team out and making changes to better fit the team. call it an uneducated hunch but I think the fins play well this week.
  10. gase figures it out regarding play calling, going up one of the leakiest defenses in the league. I think we have a good shot of winning really need to take away the short pass game for the saints.
  11. i feel the front office has let Rodgers down as of late. From the outside looking in, the drafts they've had feels like they rely too much on development rather than more polished players coming out of college. Hardly dipping into the 2nd tier free agents to try and put them over the hump in a position of need, they wait on guys drafted in the late rounds previously. It takes too long to address issues facing the team. I could be wrong, haven't followed too closely.
  12. Apparently someone hurt Timmons fee fees and he wont be showing up for the game today. some team leader... expect the TE's/ Melvin Gordon to feast. the Fins have LB issues all over with our rookie LB and Misi already on IR before the first game with little depth behind them.
  13. The TE's/RB are going to eat today. WTH is up with Timmons, he isn't going to play today as he got mad yesterday in practice. last thing we need is more LB issue.
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