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  1. I want 2 edge rushers in this draft

    ... which is why I wouldn't count it against my maximum limit (might wanna re-read what I wrote there)
  2. I want 2 edge rushers in this draft

    I want no more than 1 draft pick spent on an EDGE, except for maybe a flier in the 7th, and none at all if we do not adequately address S, OL, DL/ILB as a result of taking one. And because I am me, my preferences supersede yours. How 'bout THAT, OP??
  3. Your Packer Draft Board

    Snarky one-liners and #HotTakes constituting the entirety of posts =/= "ehh just differing opinions."
  4. Your Packer Draft Board

    Well when you have a toxic culture that exists on this board, people sometimes do not put themselves out there much.
  5. He's also their GM. Don't leave that part out, otherwise you give the impression he's hamstrung by a guy whose personnel management isn't what he wants for his roster. He's getting his own groceries and quite notably isn't throwing lots of resources into acquiring/retaining top-flight EDGE guys. So we should go along with the rest of the hare-brained league, which is trying to figure out how to stop the Pats, not that team which has broken said league? No thanks. Also -- I won't be too snotty about it because you're not that other prick, but --, you should really look into the rosters of teams that have had Mike Pettine (our current D-Coord) as DC/HC and how they've drafted. Hint: you lot should be valuing DBs -- particularly CBs -- the way you value EDGE. His best defenses have "starred" guys like Calvin Pace and Quinton Coples at EDGE.
  6. I think that’s more of a supply/demand thing, where truly elite “studs” are just so rare/hard to find. But the Patriots wisely do not fall into this trap. They never give EDGE guys like Collins or Flowers that big pay-day that so many other teams do, even with Brady already taking way less than his market value. That’s why they are the Patriots and everyone else is not. Also, realize what I am NOT saying. I’m not saying the EDGE position isn’t important. Not saying that. Every position is important. It’s just not QB-level important anymore, or even in-between QB and all the others.
  7. We also need to shiv this ridiculous cliche of "You can NEVER have too many pass-rushers!" You absolutely can have too many good players at a position. A logjam is a problem, and no, not the good kind. It means you lose out on some of the talent at a position group while you have also sacrificed some at another. Resources are scarce. It's foolish to try to throw a lot at a position group just to feel like it's "shored up." Now you're gonna be weaker elsewhere.
  8. I love how arrogant and condescending you are for a guy whose username reflects faulty evaluation ability.
  9. Packer fans' brains are broken after years of watching Rodgers get sacked so much. Most offenses learned to negate the EDGE rushers by getting the ball out much more quickly. The Packers never similarly adapted, so our fans are still under the impression that EDGE guys are game-changers, because that is true of teams that faced us.
  10. Jets sign RB Ty Montgomery (One year deal)

    I always felt like Mike McDoofus never used this guy right, and ofc we couldn't keep him after his kickoff fumble insubordination last year. It'll be interesting to see if/how an actually competent offensive mind makes use of him.
  11. Your Packer Draft Board

    1. Williams 2. Allen 3. Bosa 4. Taylor 5. Bush 6. Gery 7. Sweat 8. White 9. Williams 10. Hock 11. Simmons 12. Jacobs 13. Lawrence Subject to (slight) change
  12. incog's 2019 GB Draft Tiers

    Years of watching Rodgers take lots of sacks -- because Mike McDumDum kept his OTs on an island even if they're clearly outmatched third-stringers pressed into the lineup due to injury was coupled with Rodgers's habit of holding the ball too long while looking for the long bomb --, especially at the hands of divisional rivals like Jared Allen, have basically broken Packer fans' brains. If our EDGEs don't look like Khalil Mack in the first half of Week 1 last year, all season, then EDGE is a need. "Can't have too many good pass-rushers, derp!"
  13. incog's 2019 GB Draft Tiers

    Nick Bosa, the guy with an older (by only about two years) brother who has an almost identical athletic profile and is playing the same position at a very high level in the NFL right now... ... yeah, THAT is the guy to take a bold stance against!
  14. Guard Josh Sitton Retires

    Happy trails, Josh. He was a good one for us. IOL was a mess for a few seasons before he and Lang really shored things up.
  15. Choose Your Favorite First Round Haul!

    I guess I'll go with Taylor/Adderley. Both have really special ability and fill some pretty sizable needs (OL, FS).