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  1. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    If by "defensive linemen" you mean DTs, then yeah, I agree. EDGE, considerably less so. I would pay good money to keep a good one around, but not break the bank for any.
  2. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    Very interesting article here about pass-rush versus pass-pro: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26888038/pass-blocking-matters-more-pass-rushing-prove-it I've suspected this and stopped buying the "premium value" hype on GAME-CHANGING PASS-RUSHERS(TM) for a lil while now, 'just didn't have the empirical evidence to back it up.
  3. Jaguars kick the tires on DL Datone Jones

    I think he could have developed into a player if he went to the right fit. Trying to play him as a 34 DL was a mistake because he's just not stout enough. He flashed talent when he could just shoot the gaps -- should have been a 4-3 UT/LDE. You can't really reset the clock on a player of his age, either, sadly. You can try, but it rarely pans out more than a little.
  4. He's just trying to fit into the culture around here. You like having coaches who can relate to the players!
  5. Seahawks sue Malik McDowell

    Is that $800k really so vital?
  6. 2019 Green Bay Packers offseason - OTAs/minicamps

    YASS MATT! You SHOW that sorry McCarthy how to coach (and he's new at it) -!!
  7. Adam "Pacman" Jones retires

    LEGEND tbh ..
  8. rank the roster: 2019 edition (#24) (complete)

    Reggie Gilbert is THE TRUFH!! No respect!
  9. Reuben Foster goes down on 2nd snap of OTA's (Redskins)

    Every team is cursed with something. Packers have the neck injuries, 49ers have early retirement, Chargers C position is an all-consuming black hole. For the Redskins, it's the legs. Dwayne Haskins better do some yoga.
  10. Who's your 2019 Breakout Player

    I think most of the good candidates have been named. Montravious Adams was actually showing some signs of life late last year. It's a "**** or get off the pot" year for him, too. I don't know if "breakout" is what I see from him but if he can become more consistent then he may make us feel better about seeing Mike Daniels walk next year. I also think we'll see more receiving production from Marcedes Lewis this season. LaFleur uses TEs pretty heavily and Lewis is easily the best guy we've got in the blocking department, so I expect he'll see the field a lot more, which could lead to some big plays in the RZ and on PA.
  11. rank the roster: 2019 edition (#14) (complete)

    Big whoop. Everyone gets injured in this game. And more than a few people ranked ahead of him have also been quite injury-prone, while none other than the Top 5 have the same kind of superstar ability. It's not even slightly hyperbolic to call him a threat to score every time he touches the ball. You're gonna rate a middle-of-the-road C (Linsley) over that guy just because the C is more durable?? McCarthy logic at it's finest.
  12. rank the roster: 2019 edition (#14) (complete)

    Boy, I was all in on Tony Brown, then you threw JOSH JONES I’m there and now I’m just torn. In all seriousness, big LOL at Aaron Jones not even being Top 10. Mike McCarthy intelligence at work here.
  13. rank the roster: 2019 edition (#13) (complete)

    Tony Brown is GOD!!!
  14. 2019 Draft Thoughts

    Why you'd re-register an old name is a separate question. And the simplest guess to that would be: because you had been using it for some time and it had "stuck." .... Can't handle not being the smartest guy in the room, can ya?
  15. Raiders trade Kicker Eddy Piniero to Bears

    I love that they felt the need to make this move. 'Really warms the heart as a divisional rival.