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  1. MM is inheriting an almost ideal situation: good QB on rookie contract, strong OL, great RB, good WR corps, solid D. Credit where due, that coaching staff looks impressive on paper courtesy his additions. 'Would have been nice if he'd have gotten *us* a real special-teams coach, he might have another ring and still be here if he had. >.< Yeah, still a doubter of his, but that is a turn-key playoff team. They could even nab a Lombardi(!) while Dak is still cheap. But I think they'll come back down to earth when Dak gets paid.
  2. (Just to make this "saved" post go away...) These are such weaselly responses 3. -.- some other guy said that about Montgomery, not me 3b. No it's because MM was not using him enough, regardless whether the stats reflect that or not. No RB1 averages over 5 ypc like Jones did last year. That kind of ypc is consistent with change-of-pace rushers, not #1 guys, with Jamaal Charles and record-breakers like AP/CJ2K being the only exceptions. And no, a coach does not have to be on the hot seat for people to validly criticize him. I was criticizing that about him before he was on the hot-seat. 4. Yeah, kind of a big difference between saying it 7 years in advance versus saying during the season when the team is playing awful. 5. Oh lol of course, because making it about Rodgers's "toxic" relationship with McCarthy puts the reasoning firmly in the realm of conjecture rather than any notion that the coach was incompetent/mediocrity. So, not really for firing him, just resigning to the reality that it was inevitable. Damn, that must sting 6. I was largely just spitballing with alternative explanations that the stats would not reflect, but I looked it up just now and our ranking league-wide jumped up from 21st in the league to 5th place. So that "small" difference still beats all but four teams right now, whereas all but 11 were beating us last year. You keep focusing on context-devoid, macro-level stuff because it reinforces the narrative that Rodgers is the problem and not MM's coaching. Well hmm, who was coaching Rodgers when he became the problem!? Who was helpless when he had to play without Rodgers, whose only adjustment for a new QB's skill-set was to call endless swing-passes and then going back to the usual scheme/plays, despite supposedly being a QB guru (then publicly threw him under the bus for not "preparing" well enough ... which somehow does not seem like adequate explanation for why the backup was not serviceable)?
  3. Anyone else seeing the irony of this post? No, just me? Replying to your nonsense -- in my own, special way -- is not "melting the eff down." Just because I am more autistic than Outpost does not mean I am not 100%, completely calm while making these posts. Oh yeah, you got me -- so wounded over people's opinions of me at a site I do not regularly visit! =(
  4. Oh wow, he pursued the first position but not the second. You showed me!
  5. re: 3 -- I have a good memory. I remember vividly many fans wanting us to run Jones more. Those conversations happened here. I know; I was there. Some even debated AGAINST doing that, saying that his body would not hold up if we did (*cough*INCOG) -!! So when people act like there is no meaningful difference between how Jones has been used then and now... that's gaslighting, plain and simple. There's no accounting for situational football, and the difference in philosophical approach between these two coaches is clear as day. Or the fact that we run a lot more screens, jet-sweeps and such that are statistically passes but functionally running plays. It's clear that giving Jones touches if priority to this coach and that it was not to our last coach (who literally ran an Air Raid-type system). There is a reason why people were clamoring for more Jones then and are not now, our lying eyes were telling the truth. So yes, miss me with the stats. re: 4 -- by that point, it was so glaringly obvious that his defenders had to re-brand themselves. And yet... re: 5 -- so his offense -isn't- the reason for the struggles... but uhh, we need to ~do something different! Totally not the mental-gymnastics of a defender or anything. First of all the framing of that statement ("... wasn't the reason for the struggles.") is built for excusing him. No one thing is ever THE reason for a football team's struggles. More to the point, if he or his offense wasn't "the" problem (or, more accurately, a significant part of the problem), then there is no need to "do something different" at the HC spot. Otherwise, you have to admit that he was (a significant part of) the problem. The irony here is that they always accuse others of defending Rodgers from all blame!! Like... take a look in the mirror, pal. You were vindicated by this season?? Oh man, this is just getting sad. Let me guess, more stat reductionism -- points-per-game, offense and defense? Yes, great, let's explain away everything with numbers with 0 regard for context, like how that defense may have benefitted from an offense controls the ball better/wins the TOP battle! 'Nothing quite as illuminating as looking at stats in a vacuum.
  6. As for being 'awfully quiet' ... well yeah, what is there to say? Should I have rubbed it into people's faces? I don't feel the need to convince others of anything like his fanboys do. The whole ordeal was vindication enough. Him getting hired again does not really threaten my stance; I actually expected that to happen last year and was surprised it didn't. After all, the NFL has long proven that they value familiarity over competence. Meritocracy in our world is a myth and the NFL exemplifies it as well as any other industry. So I fully expect(ed) it. I was not looking forward or planning to laugh about it if he gets passed up again, but NOW I ****in will.
  7. hoo boy, so much to unpack here... 'never said he cost us SBs, just telling it like it is, which clearly is too much for his fanboys to hear. "just wanted a year away" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Do you honestly believe that or are you trying to pull the wool over people's eyes? Some other McC*rthy fanboy here said -- last year -- that actually, he could have been coaching for the Browns but was told Kitchens had to be the OC and he did not agree to that. Enough with the revisionist history, let's get with the facts: 1) He interviewed (with two different teams: NYJ and CLE -- where CLE had a FO that was already very familiar with him). 2) He did not get hired. That's it. That's all we know, no further. Frankly, I can live with "He didn't get hired, and we don't know why not." I think I know why but I am perfectly able to admit I do not know for sure. The ones who can't live with that are his FANBOYS because deep down they realize what the most likely explanation for that is, no matter how much they try to kid themselves. I mean you were in here on Page 1 with a "hilarious" post to ridicule any negativity against the guy before anyone even did that. Such insecurity, smh.
  8. Oh lol the revisionism is in full-swing. ~Nuh-uh, he DID run Jones lots akshully! Yeah, that may fool other short-memory fans but it ain't fooling me. You can hide behind deceptive stats all you want but we who were watching all observed the same thing. It was NOT the same. And I vividly remember the apologia for his refusal to feature Jones. His defenders (who re-branded themselves as "McCarthy moderates" after he was fired and they all had egg on their faces) acknowledged that refusal and defended it with hE's ToO sMaLl tO cArRy ThE lOaD!!! That was the refrain. It was said several times. The ones who said this know who they are.
  9. McC*rthy is the definition of mediocrity, just the benefactor of a HOF QB who made him look much better than he was until said QB started declining. He may have some initial success especially with a team like Dallas's present talent for like a season or two but they will quickly regress right back to where they are now with Garrett. Zeke's fantasy value will also fall off a cliff, but the FB may get a few dive calls a week, so that's neat. He will also publicly throw the backup QB under the bus if said backup does not perform as well as Dak, citing lack of preparation, rather than take responsibility like a true professional would. Personally, I was hoping some team within our division would get suckered into hiring him. Nagy and Patricia are not good and could be fired. That would be great, but alas, there is a good chance he gets hired this cycle.
  10. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    Come to think of it, you could add Tampa Bay to that list. Josh Freeman still owns that team's longevity-based passing records. Jameis is pretty much Freeman 2.0. Titans, as well, seeing as Mariotta basically is a bust and now they are trotting out Tannehill's mediocre arse.
  11. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    We had to lose Driver and Nelson's prime? That's news to me. Driver played out his whole career here and Nelson all but his last one, and he was clearly not his old self after returning from the ACL. Jennings still had a few more good ones left, but Rodgers's contract at the time really was not the reason we let him go (we had a lot of good receivers at the time and MIN was offering stupid money to WRs that offseason). More to the point, of course you have less money to pay other guys after you pony-up for the QB. Nobody here disputes that. At some level, you are not simply paying for good QB play, you are also paying that money to avoid being the Browns, the Dolphins, the Redskins, the Jaguars, the Bears ... you get the idea, teams that have had to suffer years -- even decades -- of futility solely due to not being able to find someone competent (much less good) at 1 position. Sure, some of them have had good years here and there but it was nothing sustainable, again due to 1 player. It's not production that makes QBs expensive, it's scarcity.
  12. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    Yeah, this is some Madden logic at work here (the vidya, not the coach). I can haz AJ Grenn with Nicc Folse and put up 70 TD's per year ~ take THAT aaron rodger!
  13. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    me: that feel when two sides are arguing bitterly against each other yet you think both sides are basically correct.

    All is right in the world!
  15. NFL News & Notes

    tOo SmAlL tO cArRy ThE lOaD -!! -- High "Footbaw-IQ" Posters