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  1. Patriots sign TE Lance Kendricks

    He's a nice little utility blocker, in-line or at FB. Does not offer much as a receiver.
  2. Dean Lowry extended

    Dang, that's a good deal
  3. Same story with the Browns two years ago -- lots of plays where the pass-rush just missed because the secondary was so porous, so they drafted Denzel Ward to shore it up. Fans talk about the pass-rush like it can help make the secondary look good when they play well, but it's actually the other way around these days.
  4. Top 5 Packers Age 25 or Younger?

    Clark, Xander, Jones, Blake make the list for sure. Then I guess it comes down to who you feel best about with King, MVS, heck even Savage or Gary. I go MVS, even though I am pulling hard for King.
  5. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    I saw them two years ago at Soldier Field. They still sound good -- pretty textbook show format (nothing particularly extraordinary/memorable), but if you like them/their music, you'll have a good time.
  6. 2019 Draft Thoughts

    Savage and Amos should be a pretty good starting combo but we did play 3 safety quite a bit last year iirc and behind those two we don't really have anyone worthwhile, so I'd be for adding another guy. 5'10/185 is a skinny safety, though.
  7. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    Gary is more like Cam Jordan athletically, IMO, and it's worth noting that Jordan did not hit his stride until year three. I hope Packer fans exercise patience (even if I know better) because Jordan is one hell of a player now, but did not make much impact right away.
  8. I think the Hawk comparison is actually slightly unfair to Martinez, although I take the general point. Still, Martinez has a much better nose for the football than Hawk ever did.
  9. Basically any team that has more than 1 reliable starter, at a time when you basically start three players at the position. Jaire is the only stable thing at CB (and even he has always been a little bit injury-prone). After him we have... -- Talented but oft-injured presumable starter Kevin King. I love the guy's physical tools but you just can't count on him. -- An aging vet pushing 40 in T-Will. -- A wild-card in Tony Brown -- A second-rounder who looked far less impressive than the UDFA mentioned above. (I'm not gonna call him a bust yet, but I was a skeptic from the beginning) -- A sixth-round rookie (albeit, one who has a pretty impressive physical makeup) -- Umm... (*looks up Packers depth-chart via Google*) ... ... ... Will Redmond -? I mean, sure, there are some teams that may be even worse off at CB, but those teams will probably fare miserably this season, and I assume we are aspiring to be closer to the best teams rather than the worst teams so we should concern ourselves with the exceptional few rather than the average team.
  10. I mean, if you had kept reading past "not an elite interior DL" then surely you would not have missed the heavy sarcasm and understood that I was making a point about Football Outsider's grading system rather than any point about Kenny Clark. Nonetheless... ... making this point was a great service to me! Gold star for the day
  11. Can't wait for the season to start so Outpost can repeatedly shriek "DIDN'T HAPPEN! NOT A PLAYMAKER!" every time Martinez, like, falls on a loose football or something. It's gonna be L I T
  12. lol, another very educative and not at all simplistic grading system. Tipped pass, INT ... same thing. And I suppose we now must accept that Kenny Clark is not an elite interior DL because he's not up there with the venerable Denico Autry and Jarran Reed in "defeat" stats. Shoot, here I thought we had an ascending young talent in the middle of our defensive line, but I guess he's a JAG because some wonky Football Outsiders system says so.
  13. I think it's more the case that he's overrated by our fans, because our ILB position has been so weak for the past few years that a solid but not spectacular player like Martinez comes across looking way better by comparison, when in truth, we should not have been so weak at the position in the first place.
  14. See, I knew you would try to play this game, so I was careful with how I phrased this. me: "Why do I not remember him making many plays last year? ... Oh, it's because he didn't (make many). He had 0 turnovers (INTs or FFs) on the year last season." He did do a pretty fine job rushing the passer, yes, I will give him that, but(...) He had no production against the pass. Yes, he did make other plays, I have granted him that, but it's hard to call him a playmaker when you do not show up at all in one whole important aspect of the game (pass coverage). And it's not like he was invisible because he was lockdown, he gave up a lot of plays. Or forced-fumbles, which you can make both against the run and on pass-rush plays, but he did not. I don't want all this beating up on him to imply I think he's a BAD player. He's solid, arguably the best we've had inside since Barnett. Yet if anyone is so content with his play as to think that nonetheless pursuing a true stud-machine in the mold of a Kuechly or even LVE as a rookie is more trouble than it'd be worth, that's small-minded and much too complacent, IMO. And I daresay the staff agrees with me, as evidenced by drafting an undersized, athletic ILB last year and surrendering additional picks to do so (Burks). Your grading system gave him a comparable rating to guys who are actually elite, which shows that it isn't an accurate or useful metric. Now, I will give the benefit-of-the-doubt and assume that masking his total lack of turnover production was not intentional, just the product of a hastily put together grading system. Where your opinion of him and mine separate is that, to you, he is a playmaker because his statistical production is good enough to qualify. To me, the stats are one part of the equation (one where he still leaves wanting somewhat), but stats alone are not it... People do not use the term "playmaker" on just anyone who makes plays, otherwise, almost any player could claim the title and the word would not mean much of anything. Typically, the word is reserved for upper-echelon players, whose impact cannot be fully appreciated by the plays they make but also the plays they can make, which opposing OCs have to take into account and re-work their gameplan to avoid (and yet, they still find ways to make them). It's why teams will throw at Martinez and not at Bobby Wagner (as often). (...) Lavonte David has been elite on a defense that has been as bad on-paper or worse, so I see no reason to doubt that he would still produce about the same with us. Wagner has had good/better talent around him, but at the end of the day, I think elite players generally produce regardless, and that cast generally matters less on defense than offense. Not really, but this would not be the first time you have lectured me about something other people said that you take exception with. "There's NO SUCH THING as SCHEMING GUYS OPENNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!"
  15. Dang, that's weird. Why do I not remember him making many plays last year? ... Oh, it's because he didn't. He had 0 turnovers (INTs or FFs) on the year last season. Unless the goal was to make him look better than he actually was, you may need to revise that system. He did do a pretty fine job rushing the passer, yes, I will give him that, but that leads into the next part... It's not the truth, but it's not THAT far from it, either. Blake allowed 7 plays of 20+ yards against the pass last season -- career worst -- and towards the end of it, Pettine regularly subbed him out for Josh Jones (who himself isn't great in coverage). So it would be fair to say he's a good run-stopping ILB who also offers some good pass-rush/blitz ability, but is also sub-par in coverage. All said, I would say he's "above-average," maybe even "good," which in my books would be better than "meh" or "okay" (but I'm not sure how you define those terms). He's certainly not elite, though, and I wouldn't say he's in the next tier down, either. You cannot honestly tell me that Blake is really somewhere close to Lavonte David or Bobby Wagner in that respect (coverage). No OC is afraid to throw at Blake Martinez. They do it regularly, and will have a pretty good success rate if they do so.