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  1. Normally that would be the correct position, but we are stacked at the position such that he had no path to the field *and* we are in a championship push -- there's no place for a fifth-string TE on a team making said push, we need that roster spot for guys who will contribute.
  2. UNLEASH THE DILLON!!!!! Good god, LaFleur, you're channeling your inner McC*rthy with how few reps you give your stud-machine RB. Trade out Lazard for Cobb on 3rd down or other clear pass plays. On a side note, I hope Funchess is on speed-dial because I kinda miss him already. ... 'wish we could change our D-Coord!! πŸ™ King can't play, gotta go with Stokes at CB2. I would also significantly reduce Lowry/Lancaster reps for more Slaton and Heflin. I get why coaches do not want to hand out starting positions unless the backup player has decidedly earned it, but I would nominall
  3. Dunno, I think KC is pretty happy with their decision right about now. Brady's deal was also pretty rich. Frankly, we also would have been if the offense would have taken care of business two weeks ago. The fact that we were good enough to get to the NFFCG again, and arguably good enough to have won that game and the next (i.e. a SuperBowl) if it has been business-as-usual... kinda takes away from this idea, IMO. 🀨 I mean, yeah, a good QB on a rookie deal is the ideal situation, but there is more than 1 way to build a Championship team. Trying to cycle through rookie good QBs
  4. Normally, I would agree with most of this, but we are "up against it" cap-wise this year so some sacrifices are gonna have to be made. Keep those guys, then you kinda have to give up any of one P. Smith, Wagner, Turner (you can forget about bringing back the bigger-name guys)...
  5. Yes, I expect continued development from Keke. But Clark (elite) -- Lancaster (run) -- Keke as-is (pass) -- Adams (prove-it deal) + 1-2 back-end guys ... is not a bad situation. CB is our only hard need. Any of WR, ILB, IDL, RT, IOL and potentially RB are positions that we could stand to help with high and early-mid picks. But we only have 2 high picks (we pick late, so 1st = 2nd, 2nd = 3rd). Trade back, sure, but you need some Mids to fill those positions. So if we do not draft a IDL early (which I'm in favor of, btw) then I would not even bother until 5/6/7/UDFA (rounds I omit
  6. Hired: ... I think LaFleur will go with someone like himself, so one of the young guys (Leonhard, Nielsen, Evero -- take your pick), not Gray, Barry or Sutton. Free Agency: Walk on home, boy: - RB A. Jones - CB K. King - TE M. Lewis - DL D. Harrison YA CUT!! - C. Kirksey (+$4.6m) - D. Lowry (+$3.3) - WR D. Funchess (+$1m+) - BUSTS J. Jackson, O. Burks (~2m). At ILB (and RB), draft guys who can play. At every other position, draft quality athletes. Very tempting to add Preston Smith to this list, but he's solid and the price is tolerable, just stop giving him more reps
  7. Evero really intrigues me. He has worked under Fangio, Phillips, Morris, and many other really good ones. I would love to see what he can do with all those teachings and the D talent on our roster. 🀀
  8. If any team can squander all that draft capital, it's Detroit! 😁
  9. Matt's pick was Darren Rizzi (who has done a bang-up job in NO) but Murphy didn't want to pay his asking-price, so we had to settle for Mennenga's rando ***.
  10. Nah, take your time. Who are we competing with? The bad teams have largely filled out their vacancies. Sucks, but it is what it is. As for any remaining openings... where would a new D-Coord rather play? Some dumpster fire where talent is probably the bigger issue than coaching, or a defense that has all the pieces and was just in the playoffs (with one of the best offensive-minded coaches in the league)? If they choose some lesser team then that speaks to their judgment and we are probably better off without them.
  11. I actually don't think Pettine was that bad when it was all said and done. Still, that 4th-down call was unforgivable and game-changing. Apart from that, I just am not really that fond of his very passive, vanilla defense.
  12. Outpost is the only redeeming quality of FFGBPF
  13. Yeah, or it could be a Slow *** --> Zook redux. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ It's not irrational to be pessimistic on this one.
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