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  1. Didn’t say that it did. I just have high hopes for J-Rob
  2. I particularly enjoyed the Janarius Robinson strip sack off the left edge.
  3. Rough game for our team to be sure. We gave a good team a lot of extra chances. Defense hauled in two interceptions to double Boston's total for the year, and the offense gave the ball back on the very next play both times. We were set to go into the half 14-14, but the defense faltered on a scramble drill and gave up a 23 yard touchdown with 6 seconds left in the half. A lot of good lessons learned, a fun season, and a definite hunger for more from the team. The coverage the team received from the Strib, KFAN, and a bunch of other local news organizations is hopefully something that
  4. The Wild were in a damned if they do, damned if they don't scenario based on the CBA change AFTER the Wild signed Parise and Suter. It made teams pay for signing back-diving deals like those of Parise and Suter. Had either player retired prior to their contract ending, even if they were on a different team, the Wild would have suffered cap recapture penalties. The Wild will have to draft well and have good, cheap, players ready to take some spots in years 3 and 4 of the buyout as the cap hits for those years for Parise and Suter could be crippling. Once we get beyond years three and four
  5. 33-22 win! Vixen are headed to the national championship.
  6. The Vixen battle for the conference championship, and the right to go to the National Championship game in Canton, OH, tonight at 7 against the 2019, defending, conference championship team from California. If any of you are in the Edina area, we are playing at Kuhlman Field (5701 Normandale), and tickets can be purchased online (via phone right at the gate as well). If you're not in the area, or don't want to venture outside, the game can be live streamed here! http://townsquaretv.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?publish_id=cc89215c-7a32-4f91-bb8b-5fdbc9c0d195 Biggest game of my coach
  7. Vixen travel to Arlington, TX this weekend for the WFA game of the week. Finally excited to get a true test of our team.
  8. A buyout doesn’t make much sense to me. Yeah, we’d get some cap room for next year, but the difference in just having Parise on the roster and buying him out in years 2, 3, and 4 is negligible. Then he’d also be on the books for around a 900k cap hit for an additional 4 years after his contract would have run out.
  9. He’s got a no move clause, and a high cap number that teams would want to send a bad contract back for. There’s also the problem of cap recapture penalties for when he and Suter retire (if it’s before their contracts expire). after this season, and how he was used, I bet he’d waive his no move clause and may even be willing to waive it for the expansion draft. If I’m management, I definitely go to him and ask to waive for expansion (Seattle likely wouldn’t take him), so that I could protect another young forward.
  10. Because he had not been good when given minutes to end the regular season. Team speed took a hit with him on the ice as well. Not a fan of Johansson (who he replaced in the lineup due to injury), but Parise being in the pressbox was deserved.
  11. Lack of center depth is glaring. Teams able to lock in on Kap and Fiala.
  12. I got to know Kelly a bit as a point of contact between the Vixen and Vikings. Super stoked for her.
  13. With their run of QBs, I think I just expect it to happen at this point. If it doesn’t happen, I’ll just be pleasantly surprised.
  14. Ignoring playing in a potentially packed home stadium backing a defense that will likely lead to more offensive opportunity?
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