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  1. I think I like just, “ The Rashio” better. Seems more Fleck-like.
  2. I see he's the 5th leading scorer all time, does that mean he's toward the end of his playing career? How much gas does he have left in the tank, and what does he bring to the table? I'm just an amateur Loons fan at this point.
  3. I don't know if I've ever been more proud of our fanbase than I have been while reading through this thread. I don't know who that says more about though... Cheers to not tanking.
  4. And this happens all the time... when teams hit the midway point 0-8 or 1-7, are out of the playoff hunt, and on teams where their head coach is fired part way through the season. That's not tanking. That's admitting the season is already lost, and turning an eye to next year. It happens more in the NBA and the NHL because of the draft lottery system. You don't need to be the worst team in the league to get the top pick; hell, there was a possibility of a team in the NHL making the playoffs via the play in round, AND getting the number one pick this year.
  5. Is this kind of post really necessary, SK? Someone came in just to ask a question, it wasn't bad-intentioned.
  6. Perhaps, but I don’t see that as likely. i can’t remember our captains giving more interviews, or having more speaking engagements when compared to other players. He’s been able to lead without the C which has allowed players such as Everson Griffen and Linval Joseph, older players who’ve been around, to lead with the C. Harrison certainly isn’t the most vocal guy, and he does prefer to keep to himself, but with Linval and Everson gone, he’s now definitely one of the elder statesmen, and it might feel more natural for him to wear it now.
  7. “Looking for (pass rush) in all the wrong places...”
  8. https://overthecap.com/player/dalvin-cook/5627/ Per game roster bonuses are something that I think a lot of us thought would/should be in the contract, and would be a way to offset some of the cap the following year should Cook miss time. If Cook were to play in 14 games this year (as he did last year), $1,000,000 of those per game roster bonuses would fall under NLTBE incentives and wouldn't count against the cap for 2021, and so on down the line. Are the vested guarantees, the salary guarantees?
  9. Here through at least 2022.
  10. I was speaking more situationally, and it would depend on the team. I wouldn't want Hughes/Gladney up against a joker type tight end who's been flexed out, and I wasn't speaking specifically about Iloka filling that slot corner role; it could be Harris or Smith. It could be in base 4-3 looks as well with the safety playing the nickel sam to the speed side of the formation in our quarters coverages. Signing Iloka would, potentially, allow us more flexibility to matchup personnel that we currently don't have.
  11. With the youth of our corners, I could definitely see some three safety nickel/dime sets if the Vikings feel they have three safeties they trust.
  12. It comes up whenever there are perceived top end QB's as the Vikings have never really been able to draft one,. The problem is, it's still a crap shoot. Teddy blew out a knee, Andrew Luck had concussion and neck issues, Ryan Leaf had off the field trouble, and JaMarcus Russell was JaMarcus Russell. Even if people are calling a specific prospect a generational talent, it's still a crap shoot. You're guaranteed 16 games in an NFL season, there's no guarantee of even the best of prospects turning out to be franchise definers. Tanking does one thing, and one thing only - it tanks the culture of your team.
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