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  1. Thanks! It was fun sharing it with you guys!
  2. Vixen season ended last weekend with a 16-8 loss to the St. Louis Slam. We had an awesome game plan, but shot ourselves in the foot in the red zone with inaccurate passes and poor sight adjustments... should have won, but the Slam are likely to go on to win the division two national championship now - the playoff seeding is a bit wonky, and many considered our game the "championship" game. Fairly successful first season as a head coach/offensive coordinator, but I've already decided to turn coordinator duties over to my QB coach, so that I can focus more on the overseeing of the team from a managerial perspective... I was pretty hands off with the defense and we had some "drama" on that side of the ball - I'll take 7-2 for my rookie season and the #6 team in the country (#2 in division two by the rankings) My season isn't quite done yet though! I've been chosen to be one of the coaches for the All-Star game on July 13th in Golden, CO - and I'm meeting with the Wayzata coaching staff to see if I'd be able to help them out at all this fall after not being able to coach last year.
  3. Vixen heading into the playoffs with a 7-1 record. We match up with St. Louis (who handed us our only loss) this weekend in St. Louis.
  4. Rudolph with a Very Shiny New Contract

    Love Kyle... don't like the deal.
  5. Lower level of competition this week (I had my second offensive line in at the end of the first quarter), but yes 109-0 in the last two games and 116-0 the last three. On the year we've scored 168 and given up 19; our defense is on a 12 quarter shut out streak
  6. YOOOOOOOOOU might be from MInnesota if....
  7. 59-0 Win for the Vixen this week against the first year Iowa Phoenix... next week is the big matchup. We travel to St. Louis to take on the #1 ranked division two team (we were #4 before this week).
  8. Definitely high expectations after being in the championship last year. It would be a great feat for the players as both offensive and defensive schemes were overhauled.
  9. 50-0 win for the Vixen tonight. Finally got the offense to click and the defense just keeps dominating.
  10. Not at all pretty... but a 7-0 win when our offense did not play well.
  11. Game three for the Vixen tonight in a rematch against the Kansas City Titans (17-13 week one victory); this time, it's in the great state of Minnesota. Our wonky bye week schedule is behind us and now we've got seven straight weeks, including tonight, of games. The game can be live streamed here, or you can make the trip out to Farmington high school to catch the game in person. It will be an entertaining night of football and Star Wars characters! www.townsquare.tv
  12. The majority of the rookies are actually below the cut-off line in terms of their base salary counting in the top 51, but their signing bonuses hit the cap no matter what.
  13. Roughly, based on how I understand the top 51 cap to work.
  14. 1. Garrett Bradbury = $2,342,324 2. Irv Smith = $1,054,255 3. Alexander Mattison = $700,541 4. Dru Samia =$679,983 5. Cameron Smith = $568,786 6. Armon Watts = $537,273 6. Marcus Epps = $537,191 6. Oli Udoh = $536,902 7. Kris Boyd = $522,419 7. Dillon Mitchell = $515,079 7. Bisi Johnson = $513,645 7. Austin Cutting = $513,645 Bradbury knocks out Craig James ($570k) = $1,772,324 in new cap charges Smith knocks out Roc Thomas ($570k) = $484,255 in new cap charges Mattison knocks out Mike Boone ($570K) = $130,541 in new cap charges Samia knocks out Holton Hill ($570K) = $109,983 in new cap charges Cameron Smith is below the threshold, but his first year SB has to be counted = $73,768 in new cap charges Watts (see above for SB rules) = $42,273 in new cap charges Epps (see above) = $42,191 in new cap charges Udoh (see above) = $41,902 in new cap charges Boyd (see above) = $27,419 in new cap charges Mitchell (see above) = $20,079 in new charges Johnson (see above) = $18,645 in new charges Cutting (see above) = $18,,645 in new charges
  15. Why isn't Elflein working out?

    I'd buy that on Compton (in terms of pass pro), but Remmers? Maybe I'm just remembers the REALLY bad of Remmers, and my assessment is biased because of it.