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  1. Mankato advances to the DII football championship!
  2. Can just bring in his brother, Shane, who is dominating at Mankato. Passed Adam Thielen up for receptions this year (212 to 198), but has 4000 yards (Thielen had 2802), and 50 touchdowns (Thielen had 20)
  3. Replace Rhodes as a starting CB?

    I agree with everything in your post except this. He's looking incredibly slow footed, and stiff.
  4. Saw on the little post game glimpses they give on RedZone that Russell Wilson is the first QB in NFL history to have a winning season in each of his first eight seasons. Must be nice...
  5. Blakeman has been around for a while.
  6. 2020 Draft Talk

    Vikings potentially losing a compensatory pick with the Eagles released Andrew Sendejo today.
  7. Easily on top. On the field we were down by the Viking Ship and a lot of the player families, wives, girlfriends were down there so a lot of players, and Kevin Stefasnki, came right up near us. Idk the dude that I was standing next to, but he knew basically all of the DBs, so Mike Hughes, Kris Boyd, Jayron Kearse, and Mack Alexander came right up to us.
  8. Not the best of the games, but I was lucky enough to be on the field pre-game and down in the 360 club on the rail as the players came in and out. 1. Kirk was super pumped after the win, the most emotion I've seen out of him 2. Bisi Johnson and Eric Wilson are all about the fans 3. Got to catch (and throw back) one of Stefon Diggs pre-game passes 4. Danielle Hunter, Anthony Barr, and Jayron Kearse are not of the same species as the rest of us 5. Alexander Mattison is also huge 6. Britton Colquitt is a riot 7. Randall McDaniel looks like he could still throw on the pads 1337. We won the game
  9. Went to my first game at Allianz last night. Disclaimer: I'm not a soccer fan in the least unless it's time for the Women's World Cup (if I'm going to watch, the team I'm rooting for is going to have a shot at it all... sorry USMNT), but the stadium is awesome, the fans are pretty good, and the game is much more fun to watch in person that it is on the tube. Went with the Vixen team owner, and was sitting first row on the NE side. Very fun to be a part of clinching the playoffs.
  10. Heard on the radio (not sure if it was Lavelle or another Twins wonk... could have been Bonnes), about the Twins possible going something like Berrios, into bullpen game, into Odo.
  11. Week 4: VIKINGS (2-1) at Bears (2-1)

    As worried as I am about Khalil Mack on the edge, Im honestly more worried about Hicks against our smaller interior players in Bradbury and Eflein.
  12. First Vixen tryout has happened and we have two more in October. If you know of anyone who might be interested, send them over to mnvixen.com and they can register for tryouts. If they have any questions about it, feel free to PM me. Looks like we will be stepping up into Division I competition this year, and will definitely be looking into adding to our already deep talent pool!