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  1. Even had he had the ability to play HS football it would have made a difference. Having coached over in that part of world, and now coaching women here in the states. No youth, pop Warner, high school ball (and the college as well), the mental aspect of the game is incredibly far behind the typical American kid who has grown up playing the game.
  2. One of the teams that's always at the top of the European Leagues - good for him for giving it a go, making some money, and then heading back home where he will probably dominate.
  3. Did he say, "we have every intention that Kirk will be our QB?"
  4. I'm reading a lot of mixed up information in this thread... 🙃 Kendricks taking a pay cut, Shamar Stephen having a pretty good year, Irv Smith not being as good a blocker as Rudolph
  5. Well I’m sure someone will take him at some point.
  6. Not all restructures are the same. Simple restructures, there’s really not much reason to not agree to them as you’re still getting your money. But restructures that turn base salary into per game roster bonuses or other incentives that provide the team with cap relief and the possibility of the can not being kicked down the road don’t have any benefit to the player.
  7. A couple nuggets for Doogie. Didn’t see if this had been posted yet so I apologize if it has.
  8. Another veteran, stop gap option. Not sure how much he has left in the tank, but would be worth kicking the tires on
  9. I loved seeing the varied backgrounds!
  10. Fell in love with Ade Ogundeji at the senior bowl.
  11. Athlete - 6'3 - 190 coming out of high school and I'm 6'4 225 now. I played football, basketball, baseball, and run track at the varsity level and had some division II football options. Walked on my freshmen year of football and fell out of love with playing the organized game. Transitioned into competitive flag football where I competed in regional and national championships. Still play beer league softball, volleyball, and coach football for Wayzata High School and the Minnesota Vixen.
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