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  1. Knockin' on Valhalla's Door

    Wait... he had 98 yards last night?? Didn't 90 come on one run??
  2. 5,000 or Bust '18

    Sorry guys; it's been a crazy couple of weeks for me, so I've been making my picks later and later. I'm fine just dropping out; I had a good run.
  3. In the media, perhaps not, but if you’ll remember I brought this up during his draft year that he didn’t treat those associated with the team, in terms of female training staff, at both UT and later with the Vikings with due respect and was described to me as someone who, “thinks their S don’t stink and they can do/get away with whatever they’d like.” again, nothing to do with the way he acted with his teammates, or in the media. You can take that for whatever it’s worth, I’m not trying to color anyone’s perceptions here.
  4. Not really the first word that comes to mind, but that’s more off the field.
  5. Still not a bad deal. White will continue t have his role. If anything, Burkhead eats into Michel’s load.
  6. Still Too Early 2019 Draft Talk

    Unless you don’t project him to tackle. If the team projected him as a guard, he’s an easy plug and play.
  7. He does not earn an accrued season while on IR based on what I found - the article is from five years ago though.
  8. Brings on the worst in some posters that's just unnecessary in my opinion - then again, maybe I just caught the worst of it on one of the few days I was able to check in here.
  9. Are we at the end of the Rhodes...?

    Honestly, he hasn't been the same corner this year - whether it's injury or something else going on I couldn't say. I think, for cap reasons, he's on the team next year, but the year after when we have to make a decision on Waynes' long term future... based on this season I'm siding with Trae
  10. Our offensive line has to be the only ones in the entire league not coached to attack the DL hands on quick passing concepts. It’s infuriating. Also, if the dude jumps, punish him for it! Make him not want to do it again.
  11. Still Too Early 2019 Draft Talk

    Most think Risner's future is on the inside - a lot of projections to center.
  12. Even aggressive free agency and drafting isn't a guarantee of success along the offensive line. The Lions have two first round picks on the offensive line, a third round pick, a highly coveted free agent at right tackle, and spent another first and third round draft pick on guards since 2013 that are no longer on the team... this is the team that gave up 17 combined sacks to the Vikings and Bears in two games. Drafting well is really the only sustainable way to fix the offensive line - high priced free agents generally haven't worked out for the respective teams that they've gone to (and this year's free agent crop doesn't inspire much anyway). The Vikings clearly need to invest higher draft capitol in the position group, you won't get an argument from me there, but yes - keeping the players we have and drafting offensive lineman is the best course of action. LT - Reiff LG C - Elflein RG RT - O'Neill Is a solid 3/5. I still believe in Elflein, and believe his level of play increases back to at least where he was a rookie with a healthy offseason, AND, two new buddies next to him. Now, I'm just beginning my dive into guard prospects so I don't have a ton of opinions of specific players yet,
  13. Thoughts on DeFilippo so far?

    Most assistant contracts are for two years; my guess is that Flip is back next year.