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  1. I’m probably overly-anti-spotrac, but Given that they source their information from other sites (like OTC) and still get it wrong... bleh.
  2. OverTheCap has us right around $6M in the black for next year. Spotrac continues to prove worthless.
  3. Expected since Hill isn’t practicing and Remmers is still working back.
  4. All abouts the wideouts

    Beebe definitely stood out at practice. Certainly merits practice squad consideration.
  5. I've been thinking along the same lines as PA, that, perhaps, after these practices with the Jaguars, we swing a trade with them. Someone like Tony Adams (UDFA) with guard/center versatility and good athletic ability for a zone scheme would make some sense to me.
  6. Knockin' on Valhalla's Door

    He’s been hurt a lot, it just hasn’t caused him to miss much time. Back injury, hamstring tweak, etc but he’s been able to play through them. Last year it was an ankle and shoulder, year before an ankle/toe, the year prior to that was an ankle, and his rookie year it was the back injury that cost him the rest of his season. He routinely shows up on the injury report, but to his credit he plays through it most of the time. Definitely not fragile.
  7. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    I personally don’t see the Pack shelling out the assets it would take to snag Mack... maybe that’s just wishful thinking though.
  8. Forbath vs. Carlson

    He didn’t come out til the literal end of practice. It was just Quigley, McDermott, and Carlson working on the specialist field.
  9. NFL Snooze News: Volume Four, Por Favor

    Jeffery is one that Rhodes always seemed the struggle against for sure.
  10. Forbath vs. Carlson

    I finally saw him toward the end of the practice.
  11. Actually got a short video of it, looks like Isidora rolled up on him. Hes walking back out to practice as I type this. Everyone, just calm down. 😬
  12. I’m out at practice right now, he was walking around after they got him up, but took him away on the cart.
  13. Forbath vs. Carlson

    Don’t know if there’s anything to it, but Forbath hasn’t been, and isn’t, out at practice right now. Just Carlson, Quigley and McDermott
  14. Rashod Hill just went down during the team period. Looks like he got rolled up on. Getting carted off at the moment.