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  1. Parents had to go through likely even more than teachers with the whole distance learning thing; I'm sure any hurt feelings will pass quickly into summer joy.
  2. End of the school year... that felt like it ended two months and change ago.
  3. Harrison Smith

    He has lost a bit of a step, but that only shows up on a rare mental mistake when he has to recover. He's still the player that opposing OC/QB's worry about on any given play.
  4. Vikings by the Numbers

    That trio of drafted corners from Marcus McCauley (still hurts that my namesake couldn't do anything...), Asher Allen, and Josh Robinson (who I correctly predicted we would get in a contest put on by EJ Henderson... and never received my prize) hurts my heart a little.
  5. 2021 Draft Talk

    This year will go a long way towards determining that.
  6. Vikings by the Numbers

    Whoa whoa whoa... we glossed over 19 waaaaaay too quickly. That's a disservice to the man, Bobby Wade.
  7. ^^ all of that ——— aaaaaand the looters and rioters not being from here, apparently.
  8. NFL Snooze News: Volume Four, Por Favor

    It certainly couldn’t hurt. His football intelligence has been held in high regard, so he’d certainly be able to help from a game prep standpoint like backups quarterbacks are expected to do.
  9. Vikings by the Numbers

    Ah Jaymar Johnson... what might have been.
  10. He's a guy that was likely drafted in order to not have to fight to secure his rights as an UDFA, given that their asking him to move to center, or at least get practice there, he was always going to be a practice squad guy this year barring him blowing away his competition.
  11. The Ant-Man Franchised

    He's still well-short of the "Alan Faneca" rule that caps a compensatory pick at a 5th rounder for players with 10 or more accrued seasons. Harris just finished his 4th, and would have five after this year.
  12. The Ant-Man Franchised

    He’s officially signed the tag.
  13. Vikings by the Numbers

    That’s just mind-bottling... as our young friend @SteelKing728 used to say.
  14. I’m not sure if Igbinoghene would have been on our list or not. Seems like we targeted players who might be able to contribute immediately, and Noah will likely have a transition time given he’s only played the position for two years. he does have similar length when compared to Gladney though, so he does fit that profile. Johnson is someone that I mocked to us, but I’m not sure if they go that direction without medical rechecks. i wonder if they would have pushed the position altogether, and selected a safety like McKinney/Winfield who could play in the slot, or an interior defensive lineman like Blacklock - because I’m not sure a Fulton or Diggs was going to be on our radar at that point.
  15. Sounds like Hughes is the most likely nickel candidate. If they're the best two, maybe we see Gladney and Hughes outside with base personnel and either Hill/Boyd/Dantzler coming in to kick Hughes inside in nickel.