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  1. With their run of QBs, I think I just expect it to happen at this point. If it doesn’t happen, I’ll just be pleasantly surprised.
  2. Ignoring playing in a potentially packed home stadium backing a defense that will likely lead to more offensive opportunity?
  3. In terms of bulk stats, don't forget that we are playing a third place schedule instead of a second place schedule this year.
  4. Doubt he’d be just a return guy should he make the roster. With his traits, he could easily be a RB3 type as he develops, a gunner on KO/Punt, and any number of other special teams roles. is that worth a 4th round pick? Meh, maybe not, but his athleticism is incredibly intriguing.
  5. 56-0 win in our opener tonight for the Vixen. Always nice to be able to unload the bench, continue to push the score, and continue to keep a zero on the board.
  6. Challenge Abdullah for the slot-back, fly sweep, player early.
  7. I’d rather have Nixon or Tufele, personally, over Twyman.
  8. In a Covid year with limited post-season assessment, Vikings have picked 3 players from the senior bowl. only ones that weren’t are the two OL
  9. The two ancient QBs had incredibly high APYs, and snap counts. Clearly age wasn’t a big limiting factor when considering the other factors.
  10. Age is a limiting factor in how high the pick can be, not if the player qualifies.
  11. I like this way of looking at things (although still one pick to go to “finish” the trade)
  12. I mean we’ve got plenty of guys who are just placeholders. I wouldn’t mind mind a trade up either though. still some intriguing interior players in Nixon and Tufele
  13. Darrisaw - Cleveland - Bradbury - Davis - O’Neill
  14. Out of how many drafted QBs in that range is the bigger issue.
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