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  1. Preseason: Around the League

    Might limit his effectiveness though given that his feet were one of his best assets in terms of his ability to mirror, reset, and anchor.
  2. Preseason: Around the League

    Yup, Jason Peters was able to come back from it though, and that was at age thirty.
  3. wouldn't consider those curses given the lack of team success those players had and that they bounced around. Yeah, Dickey had a Cy Young season, but that likely wouldn't have come to fruition in the AL.
  4. No, but I don't think he would have been an off the ball linebacker. He would have been a defensive end for us; having Mack play like Barr has for us, or even will potentially this year, takes away from what he does best and that's just get after the quarterback and focus on that.
  5. What position does Mack play in our defense? He doesn't really have the capabilities of a true 43 OBLB like Barr does, and we've got two pricy defensive ends already. I'm not sure Oakland would make this move either, because they would still be shelling out $20M plus for Barr/Waynes and would lose a lot of pass rush. If you were making a move for Mack, you'd have to ship Everson out of town. In a vacuum, I'd make that move, but Everson is the emotional leader of the defense and still extremely productive.
  6. Knockin' on Valhalla's Door

    Robinson's an interesting Hall of Fame case. 57 interceptions as a defensive back in ten years playing the position, but he spent his first two years in the league as a flanker/half back and accrued 15 total touchdowns and around 1900 total yards in that time. In comparison, Paul Krause had 81 interceptions in 16 years. Robinson certainly seems HoF worthy based on his interceptions per year.
  7. Aside from some student loan debt (across two degrees), and a small car payment, I'm doing just fine. I'm able to live comfortably on a teacher salary that I supplement with coaching (which never feels like work), I'm able to save, and to spend money on travel (just spent two months overseas, and I've got trips to Hawaii and Ireland planned for next June). Teacher benefits in terms of insurance are a lifesaver. I don't pay a dime for health/dental insurance and just a small amount for a VSP (since my eyes are awful and I would be spending a ton on glasses/contacts without the discounts from the VSP). The car payment is so small, I'm not worried about paying it off quickly and I do still spend money like I'm a college student (minus the travel). I don't eat out often, cook most of my own food, and always find deals/free events for things to do for entertainment. Best thing about still looking like a college student is being able to go to Twins games for $5 and get hot dogs for $1 on Wednesdays during the summer.
  8. Knockin' on Valhalla's Door

    Just in time to get eaten by Linval.
  9. Preseason: Around the League

    Ugh, you hate to see that happen to such a young guy. Such a debilitating injury, and a tough one to recover from especially for a lineman.
  10. Tampa Bay should trade for him. Better than Jameis anyway, and they desperately need someone to be the face of that franchise.
  11. The interception he threw was pretty bad. Don’t know what made him think he could force the ball out to the deep sideline before the safety could get there. Had a guy coming open on a deep drag across the middle. Other than that, he did look good.
  12. Helpful when the new second basement is hitting like .380 compared to Dozier’s .210 and clutched up with a two run single to take the lead over the Pirates. Nice to see Forscythe bounce back after a terrible time in LA.
  13. I’m probably overly-anti-spotrac, but Given that they source their information from other sites (like OTC) and still get it wrong... bleh.
  14. OverTheCap has us right around $6M in the black for next year. Spotrac continues to prove worthless.
  15. Expected since Hill isn’t practicing and Remmers is still working back.