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  1. Went to my first game at Allianz last night. Disclaimer: I'm not a soccer fan in the least unless it's time for the Women's World Cup (if I'm going to watch, the team I'm rooting for is going to have a shot at it all... sorry USMNT), but the stadium is awesome, the fans are pretty good, and the game is much more fun to watch in person that it is on the tube. Went with the Vixen team owner, and was sitting first row on the NE side. Very fun to be a part of clinching the playoffs.
  2. Heard on the radio (not sure if it was Lavelle or another Twins wonk... could have been Bonnes), about the Twins possible going something like Berrios, into bullpen game, into Odo.
  3. Week 4: VIKINGS (2-1) at Bears (2-1)

    As worried as I am about Khalil Mack on the edge, Im honestly more worried about Hicks against our smaller interior players in Bradbury and Eflein.
  4. First Vixen tryout has happened and we have two more in October. If you know of anyone who might be interested, send them over to mnvixen.com and they can register for tryouts. If they have any questions about it, feel free to PM me. Looks like we will be stepping up into Division I competition this year, and will definitely be looking into adding to our already deep talent pool!
  5. Josh Doctson & Vikings reach agreement.

    Because kickoff returner is not an important position in today's NFL, and Abdullah's ball security throughout his career has been suspect at best (guy dropped a ball on a running play without being touched). He and Boone have the same role on this team, and we don't need two of them. Abdullah is the easy cut since Boone also plays on specialist coverage units. Abdullah has NEVER had an NFL punt return in the regular season, and only did so in college up through his sophomore year. He's the definition of JAG, and another guy sticking around because of his draft equity.
  6. might as well stick to 6th and 7th rounders since most of them made the roster this year and our 5th rounder didn't
  7. Part of the reason he was released was that he's been battling injury - that combined with pretty much no interest from us when he left the team... I'd be surprised.
  8. Might be eyeing an outside receiver.
  9. Zimmer changing his pff tune
  10. first mild surprise
  11. the depth at defensive tackle is going to be the interesting follow the next forty minutes. Jaleel, Jalyn, Armon...