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  1. Week 7: VIKINGS (3-2-1) at Jets (3-3)

    Epitome of “butt hurt”
  2. Week 6: Other Games

    Which was inconsequential, the Pack tied the game with plenty of time and we’re in field goal range with more than seven seconds left. ?‍♂️ INT looked clean to me.
  3. Week 6: Other Games

    Reaching with the INT - all turnovers are automatically reviewed. Even if didnt come down with it, it was going to be 4th down. The INT was a damn good punt.
  4. Week 6: Other Games

    Only Rodgers can go from... “ouch my knee hurts,” to “oh there’s a penalty,” to “I’m going to run for 30 yards now!” partly saying that tongue-in-cheek, because I’m sure the injury hurts, but the dude knows how to milk it.
  5. Week 6: Other Games

    As a running back?
  6. Week 6: Other Games

    Mahomes missed some wide open throws as well. When not being pressured. He’s absolutely the real deal but there’s still room for improvement; which is a scary thought.
  7. NFL Snooze News: Volume Four, Por Favor

    Wouldn’t be selling high on Cook.
  8. Hill at guard would be a bad idea.
  9. Week 6: Other Games

    Dolphins still have life.
  10. Week 6: Other Games

    Wow... Nothing but green in front of him, and he fumbles.
  11. Week 6: Other Games

    Frank Gore go crazy!
  12. Free (up to $9) shareable appetizer at Buffalo Wild Wings for Vikings fans since we got more than 3 sacks today. Coupon available at vikings.com/bww