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  1. Cousins.... if he does what he's supposed to.
  2. 3 in Edina, 1 in Farmington; Simley raised their prices, so we looked elsewhere.
  3. Vixen home opener is at 6:00pm on Saturday, April 20th. The game will be played at Kuhlman Field (Edina High School), and I would love to have some members of Valhalla out to watch us play the Wisconsin (Milwaukee), Dragons!
  4. Hockenson is the easy choice... followed up by athletic lineman in Dillard and Bradbury.
  5. 2019 Draft Talk

    Not a first round pick in the bunch.
  6. 17-13 victory tonight for the Vixen against the only team to hand the black and red a regular season loss last year!
  7. http://www.wfaprofootball.com/watch-live-games/ we are actually the WFA game of the week. Two of the premier teams in recent history going head to head with us and Kansas City. QB for Kansas City is the twin sister of the female assistant coach for the 49ers (last name is Sowers). Tough test for us right out of the gates 7:00pm tonight for the game if you need a spring football fix without the AAF now.
  8. 2019 Draft Talk

    Carl Eller and Steve Jordan are announcing our second and third round picks, respectively.
  9. http://www.mnvixen.com/game-day-preview-kansas-city-titans/ It is upon us! Saturday is the first game of the season for the Minnesota Vixen.
  10. Even if it's more than Sendejo's 1.3M it would have to be closer to 3.5M to move from a 7th round pick (like Sendejo's) to a 6th round pick (like Latavius Murray)
  11. 2019 Draft Talk

    Depends on the player. If they’re going to improve your run and passing game, the positional value is absolutely there. Now, there’s a lot of good tight ends in this draft (all different flavors too), so you can likely afford to wait to address the position.
  12. Ponder was the last draft pick of the ToA with Frazier having taken over for Childress; that was in 2011, so 2012 was indeed the first year of the true GM.
  13. Clayborn was far from a monster with the Falcons... he had one monster game, and that’s basically it.
  14. My preference would be this as well, but we honestly just need to get the five best offensive lineman we can, and go from there. Could involve Reiff moving inside, could involve Elflein moving out to guard, could involve O’Neill flopping sides
  15. As has been said on here by many posters... hail Brz (and his team)