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  1. This was the best game I've seen from Cousins in terms of his pocket manipulation and buying himself time. Or just outright running of the football when he needed to.
  2. In fairness, they got Hank Baskett from us... for Billy "Stud" McMullen
  3. Heck of a night for the Wolves. Reshaping the backcourt and adding a talented and versatile forward. This team is showing that they are going to emphasize an uptempo, running, offense.
  4. No Buck and Aikman. Thank you giant Flying Spaghetti Monster.
  5. Milton has been very bad. In no way should he come out this year, and if he does he’s near undraftable.
  6. Fields isn’t even the third corner. It’s Chris Jones right now.
  7. That’s pretty typical in terms of a Cyclops depiction.
  8. Very possible. Went a couple picks before Dantzler.
  9. I like how the picks are playing, but I would have traded up at some point for Neville Gallimore.
  10. Any potential compensatory pick would likely be negligible, and would still necessitate that the Vikings not sign any comparable free agent, and Elflein play a requisite number of snaps. Might be worth more to the team to roll forward the little bit of salary cap relief (roughly $1M) this move creates. I'm guessing the team was/is trying to do him a solid, and let him see if he can latch on and start somewhere. While he could likely backup all three interior positions, so can Brett Jones and there likely isn't much of a difference in their, low, level of play.
  11. Elflein isn't replacing anyone; not on this team at leat. Quite the fall from a solid rookie season to where he is now.
  12. Trade 17 + Culver + ??? For 6 Trade 1 for 3 + ??? Take Anthony Edwards ??? Profit
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