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  1. In the NFL it is easy to become successful but extremely difficult to maintain success. What about SF? What about NO? How are the Packers gonna beat them? There is no guarantee that SF or NO will be as successful next year. SF has undergone changes, Brees is old and liable to fall apart at any moment. Long-term planning is why GB has been generally successful for almost 30 years. Obviously, the FO and LaFleur think Love can play. Are they right? Who knows - probably not even them. But being angry about long term planning, which has been the cornerstone of the Packers success, seems strange to me.
  2. Anybody have any thoughts about Antonio Gandy-Golden, WR from Liberty? Looks big and has a real good press release from what I've seen. Potential mid-round target? Plus he went to Liberty so you know the ghost of TT is on board.
  3. We used to see this in reverse whenever we played Pittsburgh. Automatic over. These defenses practiced against this offense all training camp. Scoring is gonna be hard for both teams.
  4. You can't fumble it forward and have it be advanced
  5. The paranoid delusions of other NFCN fans are too good. I'm almost glad the Packers won this way. It is highly entertaining
  6. Because we all want that MACtion.
  7. It is a coaching philosophy thing. Teams are gonna run on Pettine with the way he plays. Not many teams can win running more than they pass. That's all it is
  8. Also both Pettine and Dom realize you aren't going to win running all the time. They play so much sub, they are baiting the run.
  9. He had help almost every play. They can't do that all 2nd half.
  10. Anyone else not at all concerned? D has been given short fields on all 3 TDs, and Philly just doesn't have enough DBs.
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