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  1. I for one cannot wait until Jordan Love starts and all these takes about Rodgers carrying the offense single-handedly are proven foolishly incorrect.
  2. I knew @Chili could wrap Kennedy's assassination into this somehow.
  3. It may be. It may not be. But that is not the point of the current discussion. I have seen nobody in this thread attacking Jordan Love the prospect. The only criticisms leveled against the pick are nonsensical attacks against a process that has proven to be successful. The process is not the problem. The prospect might be - but that isn't a given either.
  4. A lot of people in this thread are arguing that the philosophy behind the Jordan Love pick was wrong by assuming that Jordan Love will not be as good as Aaron Rodgers. 1. Nobody can possibly know that at this point but he likely won't be. 2. The Packers don't need Love to be as good as Rodgers to succeed. 3. Jordan Love may fail as an NFL player but that does not reflect that the philosophy behind the pick was bad or incorrect. They may have simply picked the wrong player, as with any draft pick, that is the risk, but that means nothing when judging the value of the philosophy a
  5. Well good thing the draft is for the NFL and who was the better college player is irrelevant.
  6. I hope they trade him. An extension should be out of the question. I know fans want to look at everyone else for why Rodgers has only one Superbowl but maybe Rodgers should look inward first.
  7. The MLB actually has more parity than the NFL. http://harvardsportsanalysis.org/2016/12/which-sports-league-has-the-most-parity/
  8. The draft doesn't exist for immediate contribution. Not at least the way GB approaches it. If Jordan Love turns into an MVP candidate, if AJ turns into Derrick Henry, or if Deguara becomes Chris Cooley, none of this matters. Judging the approach after one season is pointless. And if, according to you, the passing attack is so good because of A-Rod, then why dump resources into it? GB has Rodgers, they are gonna be good there. So why not invest in things he can't do? Like running the ball and blocking and defense. MVS played well. Lazard played well. WR play was not the problem.
  9. Yeah that is fair. I was mostly counting Hillenmeyer a miss because the Packers cut him immediately and he ended up having a nice career for himself. So there was a talent evaluation failure somewhere. I don't recall the LB situation at the time but I'm sure he could at least play specials. TT's guys are ridiculous because even if they did get cut, they were sticking somewhere. Hell the Montreal Allouettes, with Sherman as coach ironically, had like 5 ex TT players.
  10. I was interested so I broke down his drafts: 2002 RD 1 - Javon Walker - Hit RD 3 - Marques Anderson - Don't remember this guy at all - looks like he was out of football by 2005 so I guess miss. RD 4 - Najeh Davenport - Solid Back up RB and infamous closet pooper. Hit. RD 5 - Aaron Kampman - Massive Hit RD 5 - Craig Nall - Fine. Nothing spectacular but not a huge failure. RD 6 - Mike Houghton - Cut his rookie year - Miss 2003 RD 1 - Nick Barnett - Hit RD 3 - Kenny Peterson - Played until 2009 but never really offered much besides being a below a
  11. Rodgers has flaws. But so does Manning. So does Brady. So does Montana. Literally every QB ever has flaws. Manning threw over 10 interceptions in 16 out of 17 seasons. Rodgers has thrown over 10 interceptions twice in his entire career. Manning threw 27 interceptions that were returned for TDs, including 4 in the playoffs. Rodgers has thrown 3 interceptions returned for TDs in his entire career. 0 in the playoffs. They are both great QBs but Manning is just as flawed.
  12. I mean, I get winning Super Bowls is the ultimate goal but 5 NFC Championship appearances, 1 Superbowl win, .596 win percentage, 3 losing seasons out of 13. To act like the Packers haven't been wildly successful during this period is disingenuous at best.
  13. Not to mention the Packers, under the current model of extending the window, have made it closer to a Super Bowl than the Saints the last two seasons. It was a bad move by their organization and now they will face the consequences.
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