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  1. 2[44]: Elgton Jenkins [OC; Miss State]

    If he played center most of the time (I have no idea) that isn't really surprising.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft Day 2 Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    I guess I am eating a rum ham tonight then
  3. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    Yeah, even if it isn't dyslexia and he is just stupid, who really cares. This is just football. You do not have to be smart to be good at football. Especially as a pass rusher.
  4. 2019 Day 1 Draft Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    If you put Chili Powder on one it gets even more effective. No jokes.
  5. 2019 Day 1 Draft Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    Canadian football too
  6. 2019 Day 1 Draft Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    G-League basketball baby
  7. 2019 Day 1 Draft Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    Just watched a two minute highlight reel. It has been decided - we pick Hakeem Butler or I punch a hole in my wall.
  8. 2019 Day 1 Draft Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    Ok guys. Who should I irrationally want tonight? I will not accept ILBs, TEs, or IOL
  9. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I have been way out of the draft process this year. I don't really know anyone. But all I am asking is no TEs, ILBs, or IOL at 12. Please. Thanks Gute.
  10. Random Packer News & Notes

    Yeah I also wouldn't put too much stock into what they say. Just gotta wait to see it in action
  11. As long as he throws 35+ TDs next season - he can be as big a jerk as he wants. You do you Aaron. I don't care.
  12. Nathaniel James Hackett - Packers Offensive Coordinating Coach

    I'm so optimistic it is destroying my insides.
  13. Nathaniel James Hackett - Packers Offensive Coordinating Coach

    This is pure conjecture but given Mac's time under Paul Hackett (who was QB coach under Walsh), and LaFleur coming from the Walsh originated Shanahan tree, could the edge have been given to Nate Hackett over Monken because of the similar verbiage? Basically, Mac, LaFleur, and Hackett all use Walsh verbiage, and they wanted some continuity in the language of the offense. Although, probably over half the league uses Walsh verbiage and I have no idea if Monken does or not.
  14. LaFleur's Lieutenants - Coordinator/Staff Thread

    He has a connection to the Gruden's. But LaFleur never worked with Jay Gruden so who knows.
  15. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    *of reporters