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  1. Packers & Vikings Postgame

    Rodgers must have rejected outpost31's request for an autograph years ago
  2. Packers & Vikings Postgame

    The Vikings just shut down the Falcons in week 1. They limited Julio to 5 catches and under 50 yards with no TD's until the end of the game where he got a garbage time score. The Falcons also have much better talent on offense than we do. But at least Matt Ryan hit 300 yards!!!
  3. Gute's Amazing Roster Purge

    The TT nut lickers will never be able to move on
  4. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    You want a man's family to call him out on social media regarding whatever family issues they have going on because you think it will make Rodgers angry and therefore play better...? Some people
  5. Week 11 GDT: GB @ Seattle TreeSloths

    Hopefully there is half way competent officiating in SEA this time
  6. Extend Mike McCarthy?

    The Packers entered the 2nd half with a 5 point lead. On the 1st Drive both MVS and Adams had 1 target each. - Ended in a blocked punt 2nd Drive - Both have 1 target each - Jones scores a rushing TD - 21-12 GB 3rd Drive - Adams 1 target and 1 receiving TD - 28-12 GB 4th Drive (last true drive) - 11 plays, 3 targets for Adams, 1 for MVS. Crosby hits the FG, 31-12 GB We really tried padding Adams stats on that final drive with 3 passes to him over 11 plays. Think of all the young guys who could have built a great connection with Rodgers on those 3 passing attempts that may have gotten Davante killed. Whew!
  7. Extend Mike McCarthy?

    I replied to Outpost which looking back seems to be quite a mistake. The guy is over here arguing that Ty is as good of a receiving back as Kamara.. It was a losing battle before it started
  8. Extend Mike McCarthy?

    MVS had 7 targets. But Rodgers should just keep chucking it his way I guess for the learning experience
  9. Extend Mike McCarthy?

    So we should use our best receiver less to get the rookies receivers more use? That sounds like a winning formula right there
  10. I've seen way too many special team choke jobs as a packer fan over the past 10 seasons. Cant imagine what Ty was thinking there by taking that out of the end zone.
  11. Goff has missed a ton of crossers. I thank ye, sir!
  12. Oh what I've give to have an actual return man on special teams. Can we seriously do no better than Tramon? just a pet peeve of mine
  13. Oh, you're one of those guys. lol you sure got us good!
  14. Right here. Is there a reason we shouldn't be?
  15. got a bad feeling that the rams may simply run wild against our D all day. Offense will have to play perfect