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  1. Irish Wolfhounds 2020 Expansion sim

    2020 Wolfhound Coaching Staff HC : Eric Bienemy OC: Mike Lafleur DC: Kris Richard ST: Rod Wilson Bienemy, a former nfl player himself has been Andy reids right hand man the last few seasons. Well respected and loved by his players by all accounts hes overseen the gameplaning/script of some of the best offences the nfl has ever seen the last two year's and has helped Mahomes develop into the best quaterback in the nfl. He'll be looking to implement the same concepts from KC with the wolfhounds while also incorporating some of the play action and misdirection that lafluer will bring from learning under kyle shanahan Kris Richards will oversee the defensive side of the ball bringing his press single high and cover 3 cover concepts he's used in Dallas and in seattle Overall the coaching staff is young but we hope that they will continue to grow with team over the next few years
  2. Been following a few of these for awhile so i said id finally get one going for myself. Im going to follow the same model as the Texans for their expansion draft, I must either select 30 player from the expansion pool or their contracts must equal to 38% of the cap. Ill being keeping track of my cap space and moves in an excel document and will be drafting in real time using the bengals draft slot's this year I can adopt any real life trade offered up during the draft aslong as i keep the value within 50 points & i can adopt any free agent signing's at face value unless said player re-sign's with his original team in which case a 10% premium will be added to the deal I will cherry pick a coaching staff from the NFL that is not currently employed, or is employed at a lower coaching position. (I can promote an OC from an existing team to HC etc) All coaching contracts will last for 4 years and I lose any of my coordinators if they are hired in real life to HC. Ill will be playing the bengals schedule this year and will determine my record on a week to week basis and then reevaluate my record each season and reasign my schedule to a matching team within the division
  3. Irish Wolfhounds 2020 Expansion sim

    I was reading threw all the BDL stuff, id say it takes up some amount of time
  4. Irish Wolfhounds 2020 Expansion sim

    Its the actual name of the Irish national team, heres hoping this team ends up a lot better 😂
  5. Eire Packers 2020 Mock Draft

    Cap space 29.4 million Cuts: Jimmy Graham 8 mil Lane Taylor 4.6 mil Cap space 42 mil Resignings Marcedes Lewis, Good blocker, Vet presence Tyler Ervin, Gadget type player who was starting to get some snaps the last few weeks Mason Crosby, Reliable, Milk him for what he's worth ERFA'S (Lancaster, Sulivan, Kumerow, Tonyan, Lazard) Cheap, young and all have an upcoming role next season except maybe kumerow Total 10 mil Cap Space: 32 Mil FREE AGENCY Jack Conklin 4/48mil Nasty run blocker, adequate pass blocker. 78.3 pff grade (bulaga was 77.9) Id much rather pay conklin the extra mil or 2 at 26 years old then bulaga at the minute Demarcus Robinson WR 3/9 mil Shift slot receiver for rodgers to throw strikes to Joe Schobert 89 Tackles, 2 sacks, 2 ff & 4 interceptions this season 3/15 mil Cap Space: 12 mil The Draft #30 Ross Blacklock, DT, 6'4, 305, TCU https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/ross-blacklock/t7ydLnDRk4 Powerful, late riser that's moving up the draft boards #62 Denzel Mims, WR, 6'3, 206, Baylor https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/denzel-mims/ZbRV713pev Fast & physical boundary receiver, will highpoint Arod's errant throws #94 Akeem-davis-gaither, LB, 6'2, 219, Appalachian state https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/akeem-davis-gaither/dcTgGF2o24 Modern day LB, Speedy, quick in coverage #126 Matt Peart, OT, 6'7, 310, Uconn https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/matthew-peart/ZcPZFw7Up9 Great feet/size, Suffered playing on a poor uconn team #157 Josiah Degura, TE,6'3 ,245 , Cinci https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/josiah-deguara/C3YabgX51G Good run blocker, can develop for a year and take over from lewis #172 Antonio Gibson, RB, 6'1, 223, Memphis https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/antonio-gibson/I5CiDenmam Can play Rb or wr, electric with the ball in hand #189 James Morgan, QB, 6'4, 213, Florida international https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/james-morgan/xMtJsaiJJm Played well at the senior bowl, worth a shot 7th round Carter Coughlan, Edge, 6'3, 234, Minnesota https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/carter-coughlin/1PcgjmHvSi Edge #4, Developmental jack of all trades player Cap space Left 7mil
  6. Official 2020 OT/IOL Thread

    @Ozzy have you any notes on Mattew Peart out of Uconn.?
  7. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    Oh wow thats seems very easy
  8. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    @HighCalebR do ye not have to pass a driving test before driving in the states.? In ireland we have to do theory test at 17 to get a provisional licences which means you can drive but only accompanied by a full licenced driver and then we we have to do 10 lessons and pass an hour long driving test with an instructor before we get a novice licence and you have to put an N sticker on your car for 2 years which means you can drive alone but not on motorways etc before you get your full licence
  9. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    😂 No did that draft on TDN and didnt recognise any players left at that pick so i just gave up 😂
  10. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Dont want ro make a thread just for this but at the momentment id like RND1 Alex leatherwood LT Alabama 2.) Devonta smith WR Alabama 3.)Ross blacklock DL TCU 4.)Chazz Surratt LB North Carolina 5.)Joshua Uche Edge Michigan 6 )Lamical Perine RB Florida 6.) Jaron Bryant CB Fresno State 7.) Jamie Newman QB Wake forest 7.) Probably looking at iol but i havent got that deep into the draft
  11. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Ya m8, still dont trust darnold throwing the ball either, Anderson has the potential for a big 80yard gain or wlse a 0 catch game wheres atleast you know whites probably catching 3/4 passes for 40/50 yards and another 20 yards on the ground
  12. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Id leave anderson on the bench anyway @JaguarCrazy2832 i can see gase pounding the ground with bell early on
  13. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    .5ppr Starters are set just have to finalise my two flex's between. Chris godwin vs SF James white vs Pit Royce freeman vs Oak Dion lewis vs Cle Will fuller vs NO Courtland sutton vs Oak Mecole Hardman vs Jax Probably going to go with godwin and white but any input appreciated
  14. 2020 Mock Offseason (No player draft, only positions)

    How do you see kenny clark fitting in contractwise @AlexGreen#20
  15. Mock Draft Thread

    At the half way point in a .5ppr draft and its looking like my starters are Qb: Rodgers Hb: David johnson, Marlon Mack Wr: OBJ, Keenan Allen TE: Oj howard Flex1: chris goodwin Flex2: courtland sutton Any thoughts.? Or any late round rb's ye would recomend
  16. Eire Packers final mock

    Bored in the hospital will my youngfellas sleeping so just a quick attempt Made my picks using the draft network mock draft app Round 1 pick 12 Edge Brian Burns Slight slight reach here but he's got the flash, production and potential to make it worthwhile. Round 1 pick 30 DT Jerry Tillery Mike daniels replacement for next year but will still see his fair share of reps this year Round 2 pick 44 WR Deebo Samuel A quality toy for Arod here, felt 44 was a bit too high for the likes of isabella, and cambell and deebo is the more all round player Round 3 pick 75 Safety Deionte thompson Great value here for a guy who was a 1st rounder the 1st half of the season Round 4 pick 115 TE Kahale warring Inexperienced player but hes natural catcher and shows great effort in the run game Round 4 pick 118 RBvDevin Singletary Would make a great 1-2 punch with jones and outside zone math Round 5 pick 150 LB Emeke Egbule I like his athleticism and nose for the ball, bit of a project but thats what your expecting this late Round 6 pick 180 Safety Sheldick Redwine Hes a late round draft crush of mine, he can do a bit of everything and doesnt shy away from contact Round 6 pick 194 Tackle Paul Adam This late we might aswel go for the boom or bust types, Adams has a great frame but needs lot of work to put it all together Round 7 pick 226 FB Alec ingold Our new Kuhn, likes the dirty work and impact blocks like a truck
  17. 12 Burns 30 hock 44 samuel from your list but id rather thornhill at safety
  18. Hock for me at 30, Big dropoff at TE talent after him and fant while one of Rapp or thornhill should be still there at our next pick to round out the safety room
  19. Brian Burns, Debated ferrell but i think Burns has a higher ceiling and with the smiths we can ease Burns in.
  20. BDP's 2019 GM Mock Discussion!!

    @cortes02 your OTC
  21. BDP 2019 GM Mock Draft Pick Thread *New Version*

    With the 232 pick of the 2019 NFL draft the Atlanta falcons select DB Isiah Johnson from Houston @BringinDaPain
  22. BDP 2019 GM Mock Draft Pick Thread *New Version*

    With the 189 pick of the nfl draft the Atlanta falcons select LB blake cashman out of minesotta
  23. BDP's 2019 GM Mock Discussion!!

    First kicker of the draft picked 🤗
  24. BDP 2019 GM Mock Draft Pick Thread *New Version*

    With the 188th pick of the 2019 nfl draft the atlanta falcons select Kicker Cole tracy from LSU
  25. BDP's 2019 GM Mock Discussion!!

    @D82 your on the clock m8