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  1. The issue is, Riveira wasn’t hired to win football games, he was hired to make the organization look like it had a modicum of professionalism (it still doesn’t?). Wins and losses are superfluous to Snyder and co. right now, the important thing is we don’t look like the toxic cesspool that we are. With that understood, there’s no reason to think anyone is going to have accountability for performance on the field
  2. If he’s one of Ron’s guys, and there’s no pressure on Ron’s job, I don’t see why he would. Coordinators normally only get the axe when they’re a scapegoat
  3. It’s a dumb arena team type name, but I’m an Armada guy.
  4. The Washington Lockheed Martin Support Our Troops Commanders
  5. Jason Wright is definitely a Dan Snyder shill. I didn’t have any affinity to red wolves, but what the hell do I as a fan care if you’re “held up in legal struggles”
  6. The fight was far less embarrassing then this team trying to go *** for tat with those custom benches and getting absolutely blown out. That’s a Dan Snyder window dressing on a turd move if there ever was one. the punches themselves don’t really bother me much. It’s not great, but at least these guys care enough to have some fire. Says far more to me about how this is a poorly coached team then it does about Payne or Allen.
  7. Terrible news. Be safe out there, it only takes one mistake at high speeds for your whole life to change.
  8. Was a good team that year. Still have some nightmares of that dropped Carlos Rogers pick 6 against Seattle.
  9. Random Redskin from the past, Joe Salavea is Miami’s new defensive line coach
  10. Sort of dumb that’s the way the season ends, but everything is sort of dumb these days
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