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  1. I’m pretty meh on him, but I want to give him the season to see what he can do. His teammates certainly respect him, so let’s pull this thread
  2. The result worked out, but Scott Turner should catch a lot of flack for having a QB making his first start off a short week throwing 46 times in the rain, while having a RB averaging 5 yards per carry. Just weird game script
  3. “His impact doesn’t show up on the stat sheet” is the way people feel better about busts tbh
  4. I’m not going to lie to you guys, I went to bed at halftime. Was pleased to see Ereck Flowers led the team to a win though!
  5. I think there will be a pick 6 on a ball he airmails at some point, a lot of throws missing high. Risky business
  6. Jamin Davis made a nice play there, would be cool if we found a way to get him on the goddam field more
  7. Also, I’m pretty Convinced Heinicke is awful, every throw is brutally off target.
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