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  1. Week 3: Green Bay Packers

    The Redskins have to fire Jay Gruden. Second half playcalling has been atrociois
  2. Week 3: Green Bay Packers

    Are you all seeing this Vikings/Bills score? What on Earth
  3. Week 3: Green Bay Packers

    AP or AD or TD?!?
  4. Week 3: Green Bay Packers

    Maybe I need to spend all the game at the store
  5. Week 3: Green Bay Packers

    Just turned it on, was at the store. We scored on a deep ball?
  6. Off-Topic: The Washington Wizards Thread

    https://es.pn/2pveVVX “How about Otto Porter, Kelly Oubre, and Markieff Morris for Gibson and Butler? Would the Wiz have to toss in a pick? I'm unconvinced. Minnesota gets three legit rotation players for a post-Butler playoff push, and two versatile young wings in Oubre and Porter. This deal pushes Minnesota a hair over the tax, but they'd be able to duck back under. (The simpler deal -- Porter and Oubre for Butler -- takes Minnesota too far over.)” I make that move in a second.
  7. Week 3: Green Bay Packers

    Of all the things that bug me about the Redskins, Larry Michael is the worst
  8. Week 3: Green Bay Packers

    At least we don’t need to worry about the rain affecting our deep passing game!
  9. Things other than Redskins

    I hate Tech, but I would think UVA needs to beat them sometime within the last decade to think about being the best team in the state.
  10. Redskins bringing in Breshad Perriman

    Released Perrimann and promoted Kapri Bibbs. The we don’t pass to WRs anyways jokes write themselves
  11. If Josh Dotson could block a charging mother elephant, I’d still consider him a bust
  12. Redskins Ranked 1st in Defense through 2 Weeks

    Tough to fault the defense too much for the Colts game. Flipped field position with a few turnovers and for the most part were fairly stout. Still need more pass rush, but seems more like a top 15 unit, than the bottom 15 we've become accustomed to.
  13. Why-Were we caught with our pants down/ Twice !?

    Bad coaching. It’s the same reason that you can come out completely listless for your home opener and squander and momentum your season had.