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  1. Redskins will undergo thorough review of team name

    As a true fan, I will not be buying any gear with the new name/logo. Not because I don’t support a name change, but because I refuse to line Snyder’s pockets
  2. 5-2 defense

    In today’s nfl that would be a disaster. Too much short passing
  3. FedEx has asked the Redskins to change the name

    Washington Filibusters. Will fit the city and our offense!
  4. Who is on your reverse MT Rushmore?

    Jimmy Moreland 4 times
  5. Should the Redskins change their name?

    I’ve always felt like Hurricanes has a ring to it.
  6. Ovi having 9 Rocket Richards now is insane. I think I saw that his 9 is more than Gretzky and Lamieux combined.
  7. Any Ideas for New Unis?

  8. Firing Bruce, hiring Ron, and getting Chase Young is probably enough to offset not finding many impact players in free agency.
  9. Who’s Your Favorite “Question Mark“ Redskin?

    There aren’t any, settle down guys, they’re all playing for the Dolphins now
  10. Warrants issued for DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar

    So did his victims.
  11. Quinton Dunbar has warrant out for arrest

    Looks like the trade to the Seahawks wasn't the only robbery Dunbar was involved in:
  12. He would have done pre-med and solved the problem at Jackson Memorial Hospital.
  13. Is Chase Young hurting the team by not social distancing? I'll hang up and listen.
  14. Is the offensive line really that much of a concern?

    Ereck Flowers isn’t walking through that door