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  1. This game was a lot of fun. Hell of a performance by so many of the young stars. Quite encouraging
  2. I think I agree at this point. Could see this team getting to 5-11, maybe 6-10 if they steal one from the 9ers or Panthers. If that gets it done let’s half a good laugh in the playoff gameday thread.
  3. Pointless for the Bengals, we are in the hunt!!
  4. Poor Joe Burrow, that looks very bad.
  5. Got to be a holding there either way right?
  6. I’d really enjoy watching Westbrook. Not sure it would work but man he’s a dog - would certainly raise the intensity some. Wall has felt a bit toxic here for a while, maybe time to try something else
  7. I’m not really sure they are. Terry was considered a stud, and is a stud. Cam Sims was considered talented but raw by a lot of folks and looks like he’s developing and earning more playing time. The rest are just sort of guys, they may have a few catches but nothing worth getting excited about IMO. Team is getting some favorable game scripts for passing, so someone has to catch the ball, but I don’t necessarily see a ton of upside. Who knows though, at least they’re getting the chance to get on the field and find out rather than trotting Dontrell Inman out
  8. We’re the Dolphins without any of the good parts lol
  9. Completely agree. Alex is who he is, but was nice to see the receivers and Gibson play so well. Can build off this
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