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  1. Snyder doing this and PFT finding the bots is laugh out loud funny
  2. For years the franchise has attempted to turn fan sentiment against a player right before they run them out of town. Alex Smith managing to do it to himself just goes to show you that he really bought into the teams culture, could have been great in our front office.
  3. The idea that coaches weren’t chomping at the bit to start an older QB coming off a catastrophic, life threatening injury over a first round pick from the year prior doesn’t exactly seem unreasonable. Obviously we all know how Dwayne turned out, and Alex had some moments and showed at the very least he’s can still be a crafty veteran QB, but the need to make a point of bringing this to the public is lame. There were plenty of legitimate me against the world angles to play that didn’t involve airing grievances against the team.
  4. Good to know 14 years of developing a schtick wasn’t for nothing
  5. 3/4 of a point. Largely apathetic, but still enjoy trolling the board occasionally.
  6. LOL guy got fired twice in Carolina???
  7. Avidija has the look to me of someone who will be a successful NBA player. Seems like the speed of the game and athleticism isn’t too much for him at all. Fair or not the Euro guys always make me nervous (The Jan affect?), but like what I’ve seen so far.
  8. Can’t win the lotto if you don’t buy a ticket. Bucs by 14+
  9. Was texting a friend the same thing, absolutely absurd all Al and Chris’s hand wringing
  10. Time for AITH to get us hyped about a deep run!
  11. The eagles are so badly coached
  12. Two bit coins is like $60K Al
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