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  1. God of War (2018)

    Are you referring to Baldor? Im about 8-9 hours in. Spend the last 3 hours exploring the Lake of Nines after i got to it. It pretty much goes full open world there and is incredible. Seriously people, im 13% through this game and its incredible. Dont rent it, buy it. This is the game of the year and the best overall game since Witcher 3. Im gonna be obsessed and playing nonstop it for at least a month or so. 97654754664/10 rating from me.
  2. God of War (2018)

    Cant wait. I preordered and it started downloading yesterday(huge 44 gig download for those who are curious about the wait after purchasing)so it'll be ready to play when i get home. 2 hours till i get off work and fire it up. Havent been this hyped for a game since KH2 honestly.
  3. 2018 Draft Thread v.2 - Who are we taking at #10?

    I agree. Theres 1 thing ill admit about this class. Theres a lack of superstar prospects at the top imo. But i think the 2nd-4th rounds are really strong. One of the strongest RB classes in a long while. CB, RB, OG, C, and QB to do a degree even, are very strong positionally in this draft. Hurting the perception of this class is premier d-lineman and OT prospects, which usually are always premium positions drafted in the top of the 1st. But by no means is this a weak class imo.
  4. What's your big board? 2018 edition!

    Vita Vea, Jaire Alexander, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Roquan Smith
  5. Random Raider Stuff

    Big suprise. Reggie is a guy who's proven he doesnt overpay or deviate from his value that he sets for a player so i could see agents not liking his style and disliking the fact he's not about putting his team in cap hell by doling out big contracts with alot of gauranteed money. Imagine that tho, the greedy agent doesnt like the stingy GM lol
  6. Most nostalgic games

    I would murder someone for a modern console remake of that game. My favorite pre-2000 game off all-time. The cut scenes for it's time blew my mind.
  7. 2018 Draft Thread v.2 - Who are we taking at #10?

    Ive like Alexander as the best CB prospect since the beginning of the college football season. Just as athletic as Ward but he's bigger, stronger, better at playing the ball in the air, and he can play man, zone, or press. I still dont understand why hes not considered a top 10 talent. He'll be the best CB from this class imo.
  8. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    Character and work ethic issues + brain injury + hasnt played a single down in over a year + still not medically cleared = waste of a roster spot
  9. Western Conference First Round Playoff Thread

    Looking like its headed that way. Wolves look lost and in over their heads
  10. Eastern Conference First Round Playoff Thread

    4 guys around that offensive rebound that Tatum got. No one got it and no one boxed out the one Celtic who was there. Terrible coaching
  11. Eastern Conference First Round Playoff Thread

    He got that off. Wowzers. Great game
  12. Eastern Conference First Round Playoff Thread

    No way!!!
  13. Eastern Conference First Round Playoff Thread

    Omg. Rozier just destroyed Bledsoe with that crossover
  14. Eastern Conference First Round Playoff Thread

    Middleton too
  15. Eastern Conference First Round Playoff Thread

    Giannis at 5 fouls now