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  1. What movie are you watching v1

    Super excited for the documentary i just ordered. 10+ years in the making and the true story of the godfather of metal and my idol, Chuck Schuldiner. Cannot wait to sit down and watch it when it gets here... @Starless Did you see this came out on Friday?
  2. Cyberpunk 2077

    Absolutely stoked for this. CD Projekt Red always bring it and i expect nothing less. I could care less about having to wait cuz it'll be gauranteed beyond worth it when its done. Eagerly awaiting a release date so i can pre-order
  3. E3 2018 and upcoming titles

    Well i found my xmas present to myself... Sony dropping a KH themed package on release with custom skin PS4 Pro and custom touchpad skinned controller. Comes with 1.5 and 2.5(HD Remixes), 2.8, and KH3 altogether. Still waiting on price. For those who've never got into it or want to try it, they're doing a $99.99 for all the games. Which is basically 7 games(all HD and 6 remastered) and 3 cinematics for $100. Smokin deal
  4. OTA's

    So Mack is gonna start his holdout when minicamp fires up. Reggie better get that ish done
  5. E3 2018 and upcoming titles

    Personally, its probably my favorite series of all-time. But its definitely not everyone's taste. Alot of people didnt like KH1 cuz admittedly its very little kiddish, but #2 is one of my favorite games ever. Idk how anyone can't at least somewhat enjoy #2, especially the second half of that game. On that note, it looks like they've added GOBS of new interactive combat features and one thing i also noted was it seemed like the Gummi Ship missions are gonna be alot more in-depth and complex. I pray they get rid of 100 Acre Wood this time around tho. Its so f****n boring and time consuming.
  6. E3 2018 and upcoming titles

    Even darker...and better
  7. E3 2018 and upcoming titles

    They better not cuz im scheduling a week of vacation the week it comes out. Words cannot explain my anticipation for Sora's final adventure. The heartless of Aqua at the trailer's end gave me chills. The game is gonna have to be crazy long and complex just to tie everything together.
  8. E3 2018 and upcoming titles

    Yep. Buying me an xbox now.
  9. E3 2018 and upcoming titles

    Also low key hoping for a possible Parasite Eve remaster after seeing a billboard with Aya Brea on it in the FF7 remaster teaser
  10. E3 2018 and upcoming titles

    Tetsuya Nomura said at D20 a little while back that we'll see a final full trailer and get the release date at E3. And i too would die for both those remakes, RE2 in particular. Its still to me, for its time, the best RE game ever made.
  11. OTA's

    Manuel is the best bet for the backup job. He earned it last year over Cook, he's got the most experience, and physically he's the most gifted of the 3. Cook is nothing special imo and Hack doesnt belong in the NFL. Nothing he did in college ever suggested otherwise either. Dont know what people think we're gonna find in him. All that said, ill be really worried about our offense if Carr gets hurt.
  12. Eagles cut Kendricks (officially signs with Cleveland)

    Please let Oakland land him. LB is by far out weakest level on defense. If we got him, Whitehead, and DJ, itd be an improvement at every LB spot across the board from last year.
  13. Most complete back in NFL history

    His stiff arm was all time. And while he didnt have lower the shoulder power, he took contact easily and maintained impeccable balance, which requires alot of strength imo.
  14. What Song Are You Listening To?

    I went and saw The Black Dahlia Murder, Homewrecker, and The Convalescence live in Spokane last night. Unbelievable RAGER of a show. Blood, broken bones, couple guys got arrested, dudes getting thrown on and off stage constantly. Ive been to ALOT of shows but that was maybe the most violent pit i've ever been in. Spokompton knows how to mosh. Last night felt like a cleansing of the soul 🤘☠🤘