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  1. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    Still dont agree with Oliver's stock dropping. Abram doesn't surprise me tho. He's gonna shred the combine. Singletary will as well
  2. As a millwright, i can tell some pretty horrid LOTO stories in my profession including a contractor who worked for my current company who got decapitated by a machine...
  3. What does everyone do for a living?

    Millwright in a sawmill, specialize in welding and fab. Most days i love what i do and pays pretty good(80k/yr).
  4. NCAA football

    But is this a true NCAA game with unis, stadiums, and the like or is it like All-Pro Football with fake teams and such?
  5. Favorite NES/SNES Games

    MK3, Ultimate MK3, and MK Trilogy was the golden run that franchise. I still play them over the new MKs
  6. Favorite NES/SNES Games

    I swear they dont even exist anymore. I miss 30 people gathered around MK Trilogy all pissing away coins to prove who was the best...
  7. Random Game Talk

    I saw this and wasnt sure whether to waste time on it but i think ill give it a try. Idk what it is but i havent had true fun with single snowboard game since Coolboarders 2. Yaggi was the ish.
  8. Games You Need to Replay

    With KH3 ive been going full tilt on the remasters in chronological order. KH1 was def the hardest to get through. Wanna do another playthrough of Witcher 3 when i get time as well. I never got to kill Radovid cause i opted for kicking Dykstra's a$$ beforehand...
  9. Football vs Baseball: Kyler Murray

    He has got a more than adequate arm. The ball explodes out of his hand and he throws a gorgeous deep ball. With Herbert out he'd be my #1 QB at this point if he declared. IMHO, if he was 6' or taller and didnt have the baseball stuff around him, he'd be a top 10 pick.
  10. Black Monday Predictions

    Every Raider fan praying for Tom Cable to be canned... My surprise if they lose tomorrow...Mike Tomlin
  11. Nagy and Pace

    As soon as they traded for Mack, i knew theyd be a playoff team. Props to them both. Their arrow is only trending up after this year too
  12. Aquaman (December 2018)

    Saw it tonight and pretty much echo the general sentiments of everyone else. The writing was average, especially the "comical" parts which were very flat more often than not. And Manta was pretty weak as a villain imo. It's setup for him to be in the sequel tho so hopefully he comes back looking stronger. But the visuals and action sequences were spectacular. Easily on par with the best that Marvel has put out. 7.5/10 for me seems right. Most importantly tho, i feel like this movie shows in several aspects that they have the ability to compete with the MCU.
  13. State of our team

    As someone who's watched every game of his career closely, you are dead wrong. I think youll be the one surprised, when he goes in the top 5
  14. Josh Gordon Stepping Away from Football

    I love this post. Josh seems to clearly refuse to stop smoking cuz it's a coping mechanism. The real question is why he feels the need to cope. Thats where the problem really lies. Everybody thought Justin Blackmon was an idiot pissing his career away too with all his issues. Now that football isnt his entire life, he hasn't gotten in trouble in years and even cleared probation last year. Even if it means he never plays again, i hope Gordon can find the same peace.
  15. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    It's more guys who have an extended catch radius and excel in contested catch situations. Crabs was his go to when a play broke down cuz he could throw it up and knew Crabs had a high percentage of coming down with it.