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  1. So they basically have already done this? Here's hoping if we have to cancel that someone else cancels too then. MC
  2. Random idea incase xichigan decides to cancel on us: (now this idea needs a bit of help) - Would we be able to schedule a game against another Big Ten opponent if xichigan has to cancel? Assuming there is another cancelation and a team we haven't played is available? MC
  3. This is very true. Plus I still feel Wentz can turn it around. He has shown he can lead the team down the field and make the big throws. He deserves a slice of the crap pie that is the 2020 season but nowhere as much as some analysists are throwing at him. Now he just needs WRs that can catch and coaches that know what they are doing. It feels like this team is always hurt (med staff) and too talented (coaching staff being idiots) to be 3-7-1. Go Birds MC
  4. Browns are going to lose at Tenn. Win vs Ratbirds. Win at NYC Trash. Win at NYC Trash take two. Win vs Squeelers. 12-4 sounds about right #5 seed. That is all MC
  5. Hashtag: the little things: https://www.newsweek.com/philadelphia-eagles-late-two-point-conversion-costs-bettor-500000-1551373 Some "12th Man" turd lost $500,000 on a bet that Seattle would cover the 6.5 spread. He lost half a mill because we caught a Hail Mary with 12 ticks left and went for two. HAHAHAHA! Go Birds MC
  6. They'd be available for a Championship game because they all tested during the week/on Friday and not the day of. So if they tested positive on the 27th of Nov, they'd be available for the 19th. MC
  7. If a team win their division but has a sub 500 records they lose their home game? Sounds fine? Don't Suck? MC
  8. Problem with Wentz is he is forcing it right now. The O-line is held together with duct tape at this point and all of his Wideouts were from the practice squad. Stress to perform has burst the pipes. It's not solely his fault just like it's not solely Dougy's or the O-line. The team is just too banged up and over paid for the production on the field. Eagles need to let one of the other turds win this division so they can get a top 10 pick and draft the best player available and hope Dillard pans out at LT. Fix the lines, fix the team. Go Birds MC
  9. Been a fan since the mid 90s when Baltimore stole Cleveland's front office, coaching staff and players. Since then Philly has won the division multiple times and been to the superbowl twice and won a title. So I'm not a curse... You're a curse! Go Birds MC
  10. Tenn, Cle, and Las Vegas make it as wildcards Fins (with KC, NE, LV, and Buff left on their schedule) and Ratbirds (being a game behind already with at pitt and at Cle left on their schedule) get left out. Cleveland either makes it to 5th seed with a win over the titans or the 7th seed due to a lose to Las Vegas. MC
  11. Analysists have wrote us off. Fans have wrote us off. Seahawks have wrote us off. Dougy has wrote us off. Watch us win this game by football gods level shenanigans. A win so wacky and strange the NFL World collectively looks like this on Tuesday morning: I'm talking about a 11 to 10 win. It'll 10 to 9 with 3 minutes left. We pin them deep on their goal line. Some how we hold them to a 3 n out. During the punt its a Bad snap! Goes out the back of the Nzone. Eagles get the ball back off a free kick... Victory formation... We win off a safety!!!!! Go Birds, MC
  12. So you guys often come together to talk about me and share Au Gratin recipes? Also with this omission, how am I not alive and well in your minds... and maybe your hearts??? That is all Mastercheddaar
  13. I don't like it when the head coach is also one of the coordinators. I know it has worked in the past but more often than not it blows up in the HC's face. Doug needs to worry about managing the entire team and pass of the offense to someone else. Go Birds MC
  14. You say that yet, I've been living free rent in the collective headspace here for the past few seasons. Looking forward to being randomly tagged next week! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. That is all MC
  15. Give me: Noon - Indy at tOSU. Indy keeps it close in the first half then tapers off in the 2nd. 3:00 - Wis at NW. Wis will blow them out. The badger is the apex predator of the B1G Ten West. Cinci v UCF. Probably going to be the closest game of the day. 7:00 - OK State v OU. Probably going to be the highest scoring game of the day. Good ol Fashion Backyard Ball! Or I could be completely wrong, what do I know? OH! IO! MC
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