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  1. Wentz will be able to pass us to victory IF the o-line gives him enough time and keeps him upright most of the game. I, however, won't be able to watch the game because the NFL feels Pats vs Bears and Browns vs Bucs are more important. We are 0-2 when the game hasn't been televised in my area BTW. Here's hoping for bonus coverage. Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  2. Week 8 | Other Games Thread

    Those teams up north for GOTW. Can't stand them but I can see a good game in the making. I got beers to drink and unhealthy foods to eat. scUM and Sparty better entertain me! Also NCS and Clem better make for a good nap game before the Bucks play. OH-IO Mastercheddaar
  3. I agree. Where am I suppose to make Madden like observation about this week's game? "In order to win the game, you have to score more points than the other team" Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  4. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12 — Yikes

    Well nothing should change with our game plan. Bosa was good but he wasn't the program. If he wants to focus on himself then Godspeed. We got Purdue to beat this Saturday and I got good eats to cook up. That is all Mastercheddaar
  5. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12 — Yikes

    Yeah, I'm not worried about Purdue... I'm worried about OSU in night games lol. That is all Mastercheddaar
  6. Which Team is Better: Ohio State or Clemson ?

    Funny. It seems both fan based are saying the other. I'm a OSU homer and right now I voted for Clemson. We both should win out and I don't see the #2 and #3 going anywhere soon. Looking forward to a rematch. That is all Mastercheddaar
  7. The Polls are a Joke

    1 - This isn't the playoff polls so it really doesn't matter. 2 - UCF is from a weaker conference. Conference wins will not get them much bang for their buck. Fix? Play better non-conference games. Conn, SC St, FL Atl with a postponed NC will not get it done. However Cinci and S FL are on the schedule IF they win out and stay ranked, those two victories could add a bit of kaboom. Not being a jerk, I do kinda like UCF. That is all Mastercheddaar
  8. Week 7 | Other Games Thread

    Come scUM and Wis fans!!! We need more votes for Wis v scUM. B1G TEN!!!! That is all Mastercheddaar
  9. Nah i actually got to watch the game... mc
  10. Did one of the idiots in the box just say 1 for 2? Correct me if wrong buuuut 2 outta 3 aint bad. Meatloaf reference for the win! Master the haul cheddaar
  11. He did that in college... trust me I got to see it over n over again. If i stopped doing these would anyone notice? Master the haul cheddaar
  12. At least they are not boston. Boston fans are the worst... mc
  13. Im ready to rent bell for another superbowl run. Master the haul cheddaar
  14. “You’re bad luck mastercheddaar...” please when I get to actually watch the game, we win. Cue my random sign off Eli manning is to peyton as the whiny little sister in league of their own was to geena Davis. .. prove me wrong. master “the haul” cheddaar
  15. Week 7 | Other Games Thread

    A 12-9 slobber knocker of a defensive struggle? That is all Mastercheddaar