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  1. If we don't take him, how far does he drop? We do have 2 2nds and a boat load of additional picks as well. Not to mention we still might get something for Foles. A 2nd and a 3rd might be enough to move up from late 2nd to early 2nd and pick him then. Go Birds Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  2. I'm feeling the same exact way. At this point, if Foles walks, we'll end up getting a 3rd round (most likely) comp pick for him. It isn't really worth a few extra spots up in the draft to have a chance at losing some of our other FAs. Go Birds Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  3. I'm hoping it's Jax. We might be able to get a few extra picks out of them. 3rd this year and maybe a 3rd next year too. Go Birds, Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  4. I'm hoping Cincy, Jax or Denver. I don't want to play against Foles. I really don't want to play against him 2 times a year. Go Birds, Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  5. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12 — 7 in a row

    I like seeing the beefing up of the O-line. That is all Mastercheddaar
  6. True. I'm sorry I still have rosy memories of that night. However with Ajayi and Blount running, it took a lot of pressure off the passing game. Go birds Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  7. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12 — 7 in a row

    If we get Breese I'm sure our defense will be #1 in the nation. Kid's highlight reel is insane. That is all MasterCheddaar
  8. Couple thoughts on this... 1 - True he has ended 2 seasons in a row on the IR. 2 - What about winning 2 superbowls? I doubt anyone is going to boo Wentz when he comes back. 3 - Foles during the superbowl run had the team at full strength. We were winning it all if Foles just played to his abilities. Foles again last season took over when several players were coming back from the IR. Honestly when Wentz was in there, all he had left was Ertz and Jeffrey. Would you trust Adams or Smallwood to do anything other than run for 2-3 yards and fall down? Also lets not forget the O-line was beat up the whole season too. We started to get healthy when Foles took over. 4 - I don't know much about the Flyers but yeah their are similarities from your story. If we did end up keeping Foles,, I'd love to see him get MVP again. Don't get me wrong I like Foles as much as the next guy but Wentz is a better QB and the rightful future of this team. The FO needs to trade Foles to an AFC team and reequip the offense with RBs, the O-line with youth, and the defense with a starter or 2 and some additional D-line depth. Just my two cents. Go Birds Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  9. Which team is going to experience the biggest decline next year?

    Any team that has an older QB at the age of retirement is a high risk. Steelers, Pats, Saints. Any team with a high number of FAs. Indy. Any team paying big money for players that are not worth their contract are also at risk. Redskins, Viks (Smith and Cousins) Go Birds Mastercheddaar
  10. The Mock: Kyler Murray Edition (With Trades)

    Why would the Browns move back in the 2nd round with New England? They drop 10+ spots in the 2nd to gain 20 spots in the mid rounds? That is all Mastercheddaar
  11. Seven Rounds, Mr Fluffles V1

    I agree. Dre'Mont Jones in the 1st round then I'd trade up for Elgton Jenkins in the 2nd. Kelce has mentioned retirement (somewhere I remember reading it) and the interior of our line could use a bit of insurance for the future. It would also free on our other second rounder to take an RB. Go Birds Mastercheddaar
  12. Colts re-sign GOAT Kicker Adam Vinatieri to one-year deal

    Until he retires I cannot officially call these players kid yet. That is all Mastercheddaar
  13. NFC East: Now half good!

    Wentz got hurt though. I'm sure that affected his pro bowl bid. Go Birds Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  14. Eagles Offseason Outlook: Offense

    My Take: (Obviously a lot of you probably said it already or at least thought it.) QB: Starter - Wentz (Obviously) Backup - ??? Can Sudfield improve to the point where we feel confident in his abilities? I'd say sign a vet to challenge him for the # 2 spot. As for Foles, I love him for winning the title but the NFL is a business and we cannot let a starting QB go for nothing but a potential 3rd round comp in 2020. Work out a deal with Denver, Jax, Somewhere in the AFC for a beneficial sign and trade or something to those numbers. We don't need to break the bank either. 2nd and a late in 2019 and maybe a mid in 2020. RB: With the exception of Sproles, none of these guys are really anything more than backup/PS squad fodder. We should try to find a vet in FA and then use a 2nd day pick on a potential starter. Bryce Love for a 4th/5th rounder in a mock I saw sounds like the perfect pipe dream actually. WR: Jeffrey and Agholor I feel are the only two worth mentioning. If Matthews wants to come back on the cheap then I agree with you. Tate was a this year signed with the potential for another comp pick in 2020 (Smart move). There should be some decent FA vets available on the cheap. Again with our 10 picks, try and find someone we can develop in the mid to late rounds. TE: We. Are. Set. OL: We don't have any serious pending FAs BUT there are rumors of retirements. Hopefully Kelce and Peters can stay another year or so. This gives us a chance to draft replacements and have them learn under some of the best. I want a C/G/T draft with one of our 1st 3 picks. THEN I'd like to see another lineman picked somewhere with a 4th/5th rounder as well. Developing the O-line and making sure it stays a solid group is key to making sure we don't get Wentz killed and we stay at the top of the NFC East. All in all: Oline and RB are the biggest concerns right now come FA and draft with Foles being the biggest off season business decision. A quick tune-up/retooling and we'll be NFC East Champs and in the position for a deep playoff run once again... at least from an offensive point of view. Go Birds Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  15. Offseason Outlook: Defense

    We have 10 draft picks and a class that looks like it is going to be a deep d-line and o-line draft. We can easily draft replacements on the lines this off-season and probably save some cap to spend in other areas of need. Jernigan for example is owed 11 million. Is he worth it? Could we spend that 11 million elsewhere and not miss a beat? I think we should draft DL and OL while finding our weapons on the FA. Basically I'm saying expect this draft to be boring, like getting socks and underwear for Christmas. Go Birds Master "The Haul" Cheddaar