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  1. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12 — 7 in a row

    Glad to see not having Urban here isn't slowly us down on the recruiting trail! Go Bucks! MC
  2. Jason Kelce is good

    He is an easy player to like. Go Birds! Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  3. I was insinuating prostitution but I'm glad to hear there is a lovely Eagles bar on the bad side of London. Go Birds! Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  4. And In n Out the eagle means??? Wait a minute..... I guess that is where all the money goes... Go Birds Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  5. Eagles extend Wentz through 2024 season

    I agree. There is always some GM who wants to over compensate by signing a middle of the road QB to some stupidly large contract. Go Birds Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  6. Trent Williams Wants to be Traded or Released

    Obviously, I still live rent free in the heart and minds of everyone in the Browns forum though. Happy Gay Pride Month guys! That is all Mastercheddaar
  7. Who will be the worst team in the NFL?

    It's gonna be a battle royal between the Fins, Cards, Cinci Kittens, and Gspots. Go Birds MasterCheddaar
  8. The Official UnOfficial Free Agency & Offseason Thread

    Call it early in the workday but this has me laughing a lot more than it should. Go Birds Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  9. The Official UnOfficial Free Agency & Offseason Thread

    Guys, my source just told me the Eagles are going to play 16 games this regular season. Also the same source said we are going to play the Cowgirls twice. (My source is NFL.com BTW) Go Birds Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  10. Eagles sign QB Cody Kessler

    Kessler is everything you would want in a backup. He won't make the stupid throws and will conservatively dink and dunk down the field. Even if he is just a camp arm to push Sud, this is a good signing. Go Birds Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  11. UDFA Signing Tracker:

    The Eagles or any NFL team for that matter can sign me to a partially guaranteed contract then waive me if they want. Free money is always a good thing. Go Birds Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  12. Ranking the (B)East - RB (Overall)

    I like Zek but when it is all said and done Barkley will be a better back. I would like to use the rest of my time to remind everyone that the cowboys are garbage. Go Birds Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  13. NFC East: Now half good!

    I was so happy we drafted Clayton. Only thing Sudfeld has going for him is he knows the offense and is familiar with the team. Thorton is someone who you would want to be a 2nd string. Go Birds Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  14. Which gm put themselves on the hot seat?

    Oh noes another witty jab by letsgobrownies and his backup dancers. Whatever will I do? Oh yeah? Simply ignore you. That is all! Go Birds, Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  15. I also just remembered we traded for Jordan Howard too!