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  1. Around the NFL - NFL General GDT

    Get Flipp back!!!! Even if he is just a consultant. He can consult Wentz outta this funk. Go Birds Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  2. Big Ten Targeting OU & Texas for 2024-2025 Expansion

    Lulz... Point well made. That is all Mastercheddaar
  3. Big Ten Targeting OU & Texas for 2024-2025 Expansion

    Of course Pepe Silva U would be heading straight to PAC 12 in this scenario. That is all Mastercheddaar
  4. Fire Doug Pederson

    Didn't I just read this post? Strange.... Go Birds Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  5. Big Ten Targeting OU & Texas for 2024-2025 Expansion

    Or and this is a big OR, the B1G ten gives Neb back to the Big 12 along with Iowa. We then boot Maryland and Rutgers back to AAC/ACC. The B1G ten then brings in ND to the West and WV to the East, with an opinion to snag Cinci and Pitt. ????? Mastercheddaar
  6. Why is a practice squad scrub covering cooper? Go burds mc
  7. Anyone know the cpr? These cowboys are choking! Go birds mc
  8. Touchdown! And the extra point is of course no good... also how classless is it to try and interrupt a td celebration? Go birds mc
  9. Lol. Stop the game to remove our player amd take a timeout. Just wow. I’m glad ol googly eyes jones helped make the refs families have a magical Christmas. And a fumble... fml Go birds! Mc
  10. I’ve seen enough of him to know he’s terrible. I could madden this game and do a better job calling plays. Go birds! Mc
  11. I, for one, do not like the dallas cowboys, their players, their coaching staff, their under-educated, front running fan base or their googly eyed owner. <=== Googly Eyed Owner seen here. The Trash Talk Has Begun! Go Birds Master "The Haul" Cheddaar