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  1. We all know who I wanted.... HOWEVER I hope DeVonta Smith is the best WR in this draft. Every time kid scores a TD this season I will gladly post "Boy was I wrong. This kid is legit! And to think... I wanted that loser the cowgirls took at #12?!?!?" Me/ Trying to be happy. Go Birds MC
  2. I'll grab the margarita glasses. It's just wasteful to not put all this giants fan salt to good use. Go Birds MC
  3. Only a giants fan can be happy about trading back and taking a WR with a 2nd-3rd round grade at #20. The 2022 1st rounder is nice though. Go Birds MC
  4. My hats off to the band... they have been playing this whole time, usually with city themed covers. mc
  5. Also anyone have the feeling we could have got smith at 12? And still kept our 3rd? mc
  6. Lawrence, Parsons, Pitts, Chase, and Sewell are the only players I'm 100% about in this draft. None of them will be there at #12. The rest of the WRs look small and weak or not 1st round worthy. No one stands out from the crowd at EDGE. The DBs don't impress. Therefore - OL or DL. SOOOO... Y'All are getting Steve Hutchinson underoos for Draft-mas and liking it! Or would you prefer Bruce Matthews granny panties? MC
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