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  1. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    https://sports.yahoo.com/report-mother-zach-courtney-smith-claim-ex-ohio-state-assistant-victim-retaliatory-plot-ex-wife-223132593.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=fb Two different people revealing the same story of Courtney wanting revenge for Zach Smith cheating on her. That is all Mastercheddaar
  2. Preseason Week 1 - Steelers @ Eagles - Tuddfeld's Reign

    Normally don't bother live blogging during a preseason game but I for one am happy Foles is still on this team now. Plus for like 3-4 snaps our defense looked SWEEEET! (Until they took everyone and anyone out.) Gonna Repeat! Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  3. NFL News & General Info Thread

    The Haul continues! A 7th rounder in 2020 for Corey "Can't Catch" Coleman. Let's see if the Browns can't strike all pro gold and rebalance this trade in 2020. All kidding aside... How do you screw up this many draft picks? It still baffles me? Wow... Just Wow. Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  4. The NFC East Thread

    Oh it is pretty easy. Garbage QB + Garbage Wideouts = Lulzy TD fails. That's all Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  5. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    Lulz.... That is all mastercheddaar
  6. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    Not at all, if he had an actual part in covering up abuse, he should be fired. I honestly doubt he knew the whole story. Also it's not like he was witnessing the abuse at a BBQ or defeating Smith's actions. Smith was let go in fact. No one is trying to rally to keep his job. Smith is the bad guy here. That is all Mastercheddaar
  7. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    Hearsay is when you do not have direct contact with the source. If his wife talked to Courtney then Mrs Meyers talked to Urban, that is hearsay. Also something I read about DV and HC's not being fired, here is something from Colorado not too long ago: https://www.cleveland.com/osu/2018/08/what_happened_to_colorado_foot.html That is all Mastercheddaar
  8. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    When Zach Smith did stalk his Ex, they fired him ASAP. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/ohio-state-fires-assistant-coach-zach-smith-after-string-of-domestic-violence-allegations/ Also I love how one story reports one thing and another something completely different. I can't keep tell what's what anymore. I'm going to sit back and wait for actual facts to come forward. That is all Mastercheddaar
  9. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    Again were you there? How do you know this? Or is this just your opinion? Meyer's only problem would be if he knew all about this happening and did not report it to the NCAA. If he didn't know to report it then why is Urban Meyer even being threatened with firing? Again some text message between his wife and a position coach's ex wife is hearsay. That is all Mastercheddaar
  10. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    Obviously that is enough evidence for tOSU haters to call for the head of a man that had nothing to do with a POS guy hitting his wife. Smith should be arrested and charged with DV. Yet somehow Meyer's needs to be fired based solely off a text message his wife received. No convictions, arrests, **** trials... just a text message. That is all Mastercheddaar **** Just read it, he was arrested in 2015 but no charges were brought up against him. His wife got a protection order and divorced him. The case never went to trial. Zach wife beating POS Smith was immediately fired when he was arrested for criminal trespassing and violating said protection order.
  11. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    Again is this you saying it? Some reporter saying it? Didn't know Meyer had to fire people on the spot for hearsay from his wife. Inspector Urban doing what the cops couldn't. It is very hard to act off of no convictions, no trials, no arrests... just a text that your wife got. Either come back with actual evidence that Meyer helped cover all this up or pound sand. That is all Mastercheddar
  12. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    Because that is what it was at that point an allegation. Hindsight is always 20/20 but acting like Meyer had something to do with it or that he covered it all up is stupid. Sorry the abuse happened but the only person who should be fired and thrown in prison is the person that actually committed the crime. That is all Mastercheddaar
  13. The Champions Camp - Training Camp begins

    But if he is not ready by week 1, we still have a superbowl MVP to start for us. I like August and all but it's in the way of Football. Master "The Haul" Cheddaar
  14. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    I think NCAAF should go to an NFL style of rotating Power 5 conferences and non power 5s. Play your 9 conference games, +1 p5 game +1 non p5 game and add a play anyone you want game. #1 will play #1 #2 against #2, etc. Home and away would be back and forth or decided by coin flip. You would see a lot more conference vs conference type weekends, like they do in basket ball. (which always gets me hyped up). That is all Mastercheddaar
  15. I'd be happily disappointed with a big playoff run but I want to see another SB victory. 2019 Superbowl champs has a lovely sound to it Master The Haul Cheddaar