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  1. True to a certain point. An early season non-conference loss has a lot less sting than a mid to late season conference loss. It is easier to make up ground and put together convincing "We got better" wins. Also being undefeated in your conference has a chance to give you that extra Championship game against a (normally) ranked opponent for a bit more CFP juice. MC
  2. Any Big10 fans in favor of giving Purdue the boot to Big12 for Iowa St? It seems that the only thing the boilmakers do is screw over their conference. MC
  3. It's not going to be a high scoring affair. It's going to be a defensive struggle. Boring if you aren't a fan of either team, intense if you are a fan of one of them. I feel Penn State has a lot more to lose here. Iowa doesn't have that tough of a schedule and will win a shot at the B1G Ten championship to potentially avenge a loss to Penn. Whereas Penn State, a loss here means they need to be perfect vs OSU, UscuM, and Mich St just to get a revenge game at the end of the season. Not an easy task. As a Buckeye fan, I'm going for Penn State so we can get max value if we beat t
  4. It depends on if you are a chip and a chair type of person? Is a shot at a championship better than no shot at all? However another shot at Oregon in the Rose bowl would be a nice consolation prize... MC
  5. I'm not going to blame them for being at the Red River. When they were scheduling in the beginning of the season, OU v Tex seemed like the obvious no brainer. That being said, I'm still watching the bucks v Maryland game at Noon due to fandom. I'll flip back and forth between commercials tho! MC
  6. I like the spice of your mustard sir! Go Birds MC
  7. Yeah, I'd do an East and West. Image having to travel to Utah every season if you are on the east coast? East - UCF, WVU, Iowa St, Cinci, Kansas, and K St. West - Ok St, T Tech, TCU, Houston, BYU, and Baylor It'll work better if there is only a 1 time zone difference for divisional rivals. (At least I think it's East to Central and Central to Mountain?) MC
  8. Stupid Bengals and dumb Viks had to go into OT. No Eagles for me. How'd we look? (Obviously stats and score paints a nice picture.) Go Birds MC
  9. Easy! Mich State v Miami for the noon game Followed by Bama vs Florida Then Auburn vs Penn For a nightcap AZ vs BYU. Fun stuff. MC
  10. Yeah, I guess I assumed wrong? It fits the theme of the GDT though. GO Birds MC
  11. Here WE GO! Last game of the 2021 PRESEASON!!!!! WOAH! Can you feel the excitement?!?!? When: Some time today I'm assuming? Where: At a stadium I'm Assuming? Who: A team that traditionally wears green and is named after something that flies vs A team that traditionally wears green and is named after something that flies? Why: Because Godell says we have to play 3 of these games a season now? How: I dunno I'm assuming a bunch of people who are not going to make the team are going to showcase their skills? It's the NY FOOTBALL JETS! VS The PHILADELPHIA EAGLES!
  12. Probably not. I'm getting to watch it on a pittsburgh channel! The yinzers are finally good for something. Go Birds! MC
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