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  1. If he’s forced to sell I’m pretty sure this team is going to be bought by Bezos, and for obvious reasons price isn’t a problem Lives in the area he’s looking to buy a team
  2. Crazy how a team that was a bottom 2 in the league can go on a streak and change their season and contend for a playoff spot
  3. We all know how the draft works, guys will rise and fall, but to me I think if the top 3 WRs, top 3 LTs, Pitts, and Parsons are gone then I think the pick should be Zaven Collins i think if we can go out and get someone like Milano, or Jayon Brown in FA to add with Zaven and Holcomb, then our front 7 will be best in the NFL by far Zaven Cole Jayon Montez John Daron Chase hands down best front 7 in the NFL, resign Darby and add a FS like Paris Ford in the draft and we are set
  4. Just put the 258 I have on them again tonight with the news that Lou Williams is out. as long as we don’t lose by more than 11 I win 493 total. only reason I did it is bc I haven’t spent any of my own money yet, it’s litterally money I got for signing up so I have my fingers crossed on this one!
  5. I’m debating on putting the winnings on them again tonight, depends if Russ plays for me. Wiz are +12.5 right now. Earlier it was +10 if Russ plays I don’t think they lose by more than 12 to be honest with the way they are playing right now, gonna wait it out and see if he plays. Could be beyond +12.5 by time the game comes
  6. I actually just bet 100 on the wizards tonight to cover +6.5 cominf off a 4 game win steak with beating some decent teams facing the Lakers without Schroeder or AD, or at least not losing by 7 I have to think the chances are good! this FanDuel Sportsbook has me hooked. Can’t wait to use it for football
  7. I really like Lucas and love that he’s on a cheap contract, that’s why I didn’t go LT in the 1st, also outside of Sewell and Darrrisaw I’m not sold on the others. as far as TE goes why do you want another starter? Did you see what Logan Thomas was able to do this season? He was outstanding! I would take Thomas on his contract over most TEs in the league. He came into his own. I think the Brevin Jordan pick is great insurance for Thomas and Jordan has a chance to be great! thanks bud I appreciate it!!
  8. I drafted Radunz at LT and Jordan at TE
  9. Yeah but Barber wasn’t just a short yardage runningback, they used him more than just short yardage, I mean the guy had 94 carries i would be down if he could restructure but who knows. I would love to try him at Lb but doubt he makes the switch, they wanted him to when he was in NY and he wouldn’t do it
  10. Heinicke/Trubisky/Allen if we can get Trubisky on a deal like Mariota then I wouldn’t be mad. 2 year deal that has no Guaranteed money after year 1. Basically a come in and if you win the job it’s a tryout type of contract
  11. ahhh thanks for catching that in Charles, idk why I had Lucas as a backup guard lol here’s my thing about Barber, he averaged 2.3 yds a carry and if Gibson goes down Barber would be getting a lot of carries and McKissic is basically just a pass catching back. I rather have another young Running back that can do more than Barber. Ask yourself this, if Gibson is out for a while you think we are ok with Barber and McKissic? Bc I’m not as far as WR goes, yes I want Allen Robinson I’m not gonna lie, I went with Samuel here bc I spent a lot on resigning our own and some other Free Agents.
  12. 😂😂😂 hes soo bad
  13. You may be the only person I know who thinks Jeremy Sprinkle deserves to play in the NFL!!! 😂😂😂 how bout this, if you like him that much he can be number 3 over Moss lol
  14. I had him in a couple of mocks a long time ago, I just have a feeling he’s gonna get paid!! While Moses did look good at LT that was a small sample size. I think a good question is can Moton play LT. I’m a fan of Lucas to be honest and his contract is cheap! And I also think Charles May be the future at RT. I know he played a little guard when he was healthy last year but I think he’s kinda like how Scherrf was, gonna try at LT but end up a Guard or RT
  15. I see where you are coming from, I mean I like both I just like Payne better that’s all, 3 years younger and always seems to come up with a big play or force a turnover, just seems like more of a force to me. btw I had to do another mock, couldn’t help myself
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