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    Dunbar, Way, And Collins are the only ones i see with a shot Dunny is like top 5 in all CB stats Way is the most underrated punter in the league and I want to say Collins leads all SS in tackles
  2. I honestly don’t understand why he hasn’t been a pro bowler yet TBH
  3. 2020 Draft thread

    https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2865274-matt-millers-third-quarter-3-round-2020-nfl-mock-draft has us taking Jeudy at 3 and Alaric Jackson in the 3rd. I could go with that! Don’t think Alaric falls that far though
  4. 2020 Draft thread

    If we stay at 3 and young is gone then my ideal draft is a trade back with the dolphins. there are a lot of 4 win teams and I think the dolphins could win more, they could fall down to the pick 6-10 range, with that said I would love for them to trade up for Herbert and if they do we take all 3 of their 1st rounders. also we trade Trent for a 2nd and 4th round selection to the Arizona Cardinals to protect Murray i try to trade Kerrigan and a 6th to the lions for a 3rd and clear cap so with that said this is how I approach the draft 1. Delpit FS-Center field play maker we’ve needed for a long time 1. Lamb WR-idc what y’all say he isn’t going top 10 1. Digs CB- he and Dunny hold it down for years 2. Okwuebunam TE- finally a starter 3 Quarterman ILB- him and Reuben can be a good duo 3. Trey Smith- OG/OT- he can play all over the line, 1st round talent. Health issues (blood clots) why he drops 4 Chuba Hubbard RB- replaces AP as number 2 4 Sam Ehlinger QB- becomes our number 2 and insurance if Haskins flops Resign Scherff and Flowers FA big signings- LT- Costanzo- 3 year deal want a proven LT instead of putting faith in a rookie OLB- Clowney- look past the sack numbers, you have to gameplan him and he plays against left tackles allowing sweat to play on the other side. I’ll take that any day compared to just having a chance on young if he’s there and only trading Trent for a 2nd
  5. 2020 Draft thread

    I really think this defense is missing that centerfielder that makes the big plays, I dont see it in apke or monte at all! which is why im pretty big on Delpit. Him and Landon would be huge for us on the back end. I also like Okudah a lot but I only trade back and take Okudah if we get good compensation
  6. 2020 Draft thread

    so hypothetically speaking of course, if Bruce Allen is gone and by some snowballs chance in you know where Trent Williams decides to want to come back bc of Bruce being gone and a whole new staff, what will yalls opinion be on the draft if we some how miss out on Chase Young? Trent coming back would allow us to not have to focus too much on OL early but it would also mean we wouldnt have a good chance of picking up and extra pick due to not trading him. If Chase is gone does the focus then shift to Jeudy? I like how our Young Wideouts have been playing lately. do you take Jeudy or look to trade back a few picks and pick up a 2nd and get a duo like Lamb, Mckinney Delpit, Reagor Okudah, Okwuegbunam I think Jeudy is a great talent but we have a ton of needs, I could go Jeudy or trade down if its not too far down and depending on compensation
  7. #FireBruceAllen

    to me that would allow us to be able to not have to focus on OL too early in the draft. though it does mean we wouldnt be in position to aquire a 2nd rounder
  8. #FireBruceAllen

    if Bruce is fired do you guys think there is any chance possible that trent may return depending on who the GM is?
  9. Who do you want as HC

    I still want a mixture of Luis Riddick GM with Urban Meyer COACH. One can only dream
  10. Week 13: Cat fight at the Panthers

    Regardless of where we pick I’m sure we will at least get a chance to take one of young, Thomas, Jeudy, Delpit, okudah, or lamb. That’s a plus. I want young as bad as any of you but I would be happy with any of them to be honest
  11. Week 13: Cat fight at the Panthers

    Is it just me or does it seem like the guys and young guys now are more hungry? We have a team of guys who all are pretty much 5 years or less in the NFL starting for us right now outside of AP and a few others. as much as I want to lose and get a high pick I’m actually really enjoying watching the youth of this team win and give it their all We are super young! and how bout our 2 OLBs that were recently signed! They had to go out there due to Kerrigan, sweat, and Anderson and they played lights out!
  12. Bruce Allen's Future ACTUALLY in Doubt

    I think this is the year that it finally happens. who would yall want as GM? Im hoping they dont just hand it to doug williams. I would like to see a former player in position thats not doug williams. This sounds crazy but I would love to see Cooley have some kind of job within the organization, or Chris Samuels, even Santana
  13. Jeudy Jeudy Jeudy Jeudy rockin everywhere!

    I’m not downing dunnys season at all but you need more than 1 CB I want to see Fabian on the outside opposite of him the rest of the year to see if he can be a starter. He wasn’t fit for the slot job. I see jimmy taking the slot for the future
  14. Jeudy Jeudy Jeudy Jeudy rockin everywhere!

    That’s a reason why if the cards fell that we missed on young I wouldn’t mind a trade back to acquire more picks while taking Delpit. dont get me wrong I really love Jeudy and want weapons for Haskins but like we have all said and know, this is a deep WR class, their will be good talent in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. IMO the thing that will be interesting about this draft is if we address LT in free agency and young is gone where do we go from there, in my mind it’s jeudy or trade back we will most likely trade Trent and get a 2nd so if we traded back and added another 2nd and maybe two first from Miami then we could completely upgrade this team with good talent
  15. Jeudy Jeudy Jeudy Jeudy rockin everywhere!

    A center field FS is what this team has needed since sean