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  1. players in for visits/workouts WR Jeff Badet, Hakeem Butler, Quartney Davis Codey McElroy, Dillon Mitchell QB J’mar Smith TE Temmarick Hemingway hoping we sign Butler
  2. With the #1 pick in the 2021 draft the Washington football team selects
  3. Just saw that von Miller May miss the whole season needing an ankle surgery. Could be interesting to see if we may dangle kerrigans name around i love kerrigan and it would be great to see him with the team his whole career but if you get offered a late 3rd or early 4th that’s a conditional I think you gotta take it
  4. I mean the cardinals have Hopkins, Fitz, Kirk, Isabella, Kesean Johnson, and some other rooks at wide receiver Butler pretty much missed all of last year with a hand injury he got in camp. With the lack of offseason he couldn’t catch up to the other guys. I would take a flyer on him as our last receiver. Gotta feeling we look at Sanu
  5. Peterson’s statement basically said Gibson fits this system so well and they drafted him for a reason. Looks like Gibson may be the guy. Figures he would play more WR, all changed now with AP cut
  6. Right but I’m saying those are our 3 main guys. Anderson will get his chances on the edge. Especially in run downs. I was just mainly naming those 3 bc they are impact defensive players. We have 5 1st round picks on the Dline, Ioannidis is the most underrated on the line. I want to say he tallied 8 sacks last year as a 3-4 end. Our defense was terrible last year, manusky should of been fired a long time ago, he didn’t know how to run a 3-4 our disguise blitzes. Del Rio is a whole different t animal and we extremely benefit by going back to a 4-3 with the depth we have. I’m honestly surprised no one was traded. Like I said settle is our 4th guy on the interior and when he gets his chances to play he’s solid!
  7. True I mean a good rotation is how San frans defense dominated last year. Our Dline is def our strong point
  8. I say he gets 8-9 like I said 3 guys will rotate and this defensive scheme will finally allow kerrigan to get his hand in the dirt and not worry about covering at all so it benefits him even more so we shall see
  9. I say he gets 8-9 and I think he could honestly get more but none of our edge guys will be getting every snap. To be honest I think sweat has more this year than kerrigan and young but time will tell. and the reason I say you guys still win is bc talent on offense for example the only player that we know is a sure thing on our offense is McLaurin
  10. True but could be cap reasons or the fact they have some young guys looking good. Only reason I consider it is bc outside of Inman we don’t have anyone with decent talent that’s a bet of over two years. could be a good sign until Gandy-Golden shows he’s ready for a starting role, especially with Harmon getting injured. I like Sims in the slot and want him to stay there, also it could take some pressure off of Gibson to play WR more than they intended to add the fact he’s super close to Haskins, I’m sure they did workouts together and have some type of chemistry Mclaurin/Sanu/Sims/AGG/Inman/Sims to me is better than McLaurin/Inman/Sims/AGG/Sims with Wright of Quinn being the last guy. Gibson would then really only play WR if something happened to Sims
  11. @TheRealMcCoy with the injuries to yalls Oline I think we are in the same boat as far as talent. also have you seen our Dline as well? We are stocked at edge and interior most players we have on the line could start on almost any team when you look at an edge rotation of sweat, young, and kerrigan it’s scary. And having Payne ioannidis, and Allen on the interior is deep. Not to mention settle as our 4th DT who is super talented as well. Our dline is just as deep if not better, I’ll give it to you guys fletcher cox is the best interior guy but I don’t see an edge you have better than ours with that said I believe you guys still win
  12. Mohammad Sami was cut by the Pats, I know he’s actually really close to Haskins wonder if it could be a signing
  13. I like what I see on film out of Davis. I think he could honestly be a steal for us
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