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  1. Kyler Murray

    If hes there at 15 do you take him? and do you think he will be there The only team I see that would go QB in the top 10 is Jacksonville, I think they could be tempted to sign a vet like bridgewater or flacco tho, I think the giants still roll with Eli, but denver, Cincy, and Miami are in front of us and could all be teams going for QBs I would love to get him personally and then after the season when bruce allen and gruden are finally fired we get lincoln riley as our head coach. ONE CAN ONLY DREAM people lnock murray for his size but the kid can play! would you take him at 15? or consider a trade into top 10 for him?
  2. Call me crazy but bring back Gregg Williams for a DC
  3. Off-Topic: The Washington Wizards Thread

    im fine with resigning sato if they cant find someone to replace wall if hes traded, we dont need a superstar PG we need a guy who can dish it, just look at last year when wall wasnt in the lineup
  4. Off-Topic: The Washington Wizards Thread

    they need to move wall and porter, i dont see neither of them winning a championship, beal on the other hand is someone that I would not give up at all. to me their are players around the league who i could see liking the idea of playing with beal. dont forget we could open up some max spaces, we need to draft better
  5. Off-Topic: The Washington Wizards Thread

    honestly if the lakers want ariza bad enough i would love to package him with wall and green and send them on the way out, take lonzo, hart, kuzma, and ingram with a 1st unprotected and call it a day. . this needs to be brads team, hes the best player on it. I would also trade porter too, basically get rid of everyone but beal
  6. Off-Topic: The Washington Wizards Thread

    And it just fell through lol
  7. Off-Topic: The Washington Wizards Thread

    Trevor Ariza to washington Kelly Oubre to Memphis Austin Rivers and two grizzlies to the Suns does this mean we have a potential Otto Porter trade in the making? Or does this mean we are officially going with a complete small ball lineup?
  8. My Way Too Early Mock Draft

    they need another corner and they have the cap room to use, i mean look at what garcon got the other year......
  9. My Way Too Early Mock Draft

    Woz the 4th came from my norman trade
  10. I have us picking anywhere between 10-15 for this year Josh Norman gets traded to the 49ers for a 4th round pick , SF defense is horrible and they have the cap space to take on his contract. TRADE-- Oakland Trades their 2nd pick in the first round from dallas and their own 2nd round pick to washington for our 1st rounder, Oakland jumps teams vying for a WR to take either Harry, Brown, or Harmon 1)Montez Sweat DE/OLB MISS ST. 2)Will Grier QB WVU 2)Trayvon Mullen CB Clemson 3)David Sills WR WVU 3 comp) Martez Ivy OG Florida 4)Damien Harris RB Alabama 5)Kendall Joseph ILB Clemson 5 comp) Tyler Petite TE USC 6) Brett Rypien QB Boise ST. 6 comp) Alec Eberle OC FSU 7)Joe Lowery OT Ohio St. 7)Jon Runyan OG Michigan I dont think there is anyway we can go into next year without drafting a QB, and I want to double down on them, I think Colt starts the season off but Will Grier will be pushing to start and we need to carry 3, rypien just makes for a good story for the skins but hes also a good qb my 7th round picks were basically more bodies to try and get some oline depth and find a diamond in the rough, I didnt go ILB early bc we dont know what the future holds for foster, I think the top 5 picks can all make an impact. I want to see some drafts from you guys, I know its really early but just want to see guys yall want to target and team needs
  11. Week 13: Iggles Wiggles

    Welp looks like we are drafting a QB
  12. Lets Talk Playoff Scenarios

    I think we make it fellas, I also think Colt plays well tonight against their secondary
  13. So as of right now we are in the 6th spot for the wild card and still fighting for the East Redskins remaining schedule---- eagles, giants, jags,titans, eagles these are winnable games but we all know how the redskins play, if we can beat the eagles then I think that they may be eliminated based on the other teams still in the hunt Teams fighting for a wildcard-----seahawks, panthers, vikings, eagles, redskins Lets look at remaining schedule for the opponents EAGLES--- redskins, cowboys, rams, texans, redskins VIKINGS---seahawks, dolphins, lions, bears PANTHERS--Browns, saints, falcons, saints SEAHAWKS---Vikings, 49ers, chiefs, cardinals Lets throw in the cowboys schedule as well--Eagles, Colts, Bucs, Giants We have a favorable schedule when it comes to the rest of these teams, as you all know we control our own destiny if we win out but thats easier said than done. take a look at the games our opponents have left, we have it a lot easier even though a lot are division games, but they are winnable EAGLES---- I see them losing at least 4 of theses games (prediction 1-4) no playoffs VIKINGS--- I could see them losing 2 or 3 of these, the seahawks game is huge (predicition 2-2) no playoffs Panthers- based on that schedule with the saints they are done and honestly could see them lose out (0-4)no playoffs SEAHAWKS-- the vikings game will be their biggest one, I have them winning it but losing to KC (predicition 3-1) playoffs Eagles 6-10 Vikings 8-7-1 Panthers 6-10 Seahwaks 10-6 playoffs In conclusion for us I think is a great possibility that we could still get in even at a 9-7 record, now what we do when we get in who knows. Personally I want dallas in the wildcard round, but this is just an overview. Thoughts?
  14. Reuben Foster Claimed by Redskins

    If he gets his act together and can become a pro bowler down the road I think you might change your mind, right now it’s nothing lossed, nothing gained, it’s a possibility he can change and if he doesn’t we lost nothing. how many of you wouldn’t take Ray Lewis in his prime bc of his past?
  15. Reuben Foster Claimed by Redskins

    I actually think this was the best place for him, due to the leadership on the team, also I’m sure the guys were asked how he was in college, nothing is guaranteed for him, he still has to prove himself, if he straightens out it could be a huge steal