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  1. 2018 Free Agency

    honestly the way I see it the best scenario I think is to just sign him and trade him. look at it this way, there will be a team that needs a quality starter. they will look at breeland and say WOW, hes only 26 hes a top 20 corner in the league and he only cost 2 million against the cap, we could in all honesty turn him into a 4th round pick if we sign and trade him
  2. Off-Topic: The Washington Wizards Thread

    TBH I think that there are 3 players on this team that need to be traded gortat-older,price, and his head is all messed up, one minute he loves DC one minute he’s ready to retire or play elsewhere mahimi- overpriced, has the size but not the skill, we paid too much for him porter- am I the only one who didn’t want him on that max deal? He didn’t deserve it, trading him could net us decent value and open up a lot of cap, oubre could fill his void, oubre I felt deserved more minutes then porter anyways we find a way to trade or dump their contracts we could bring boogie in and take a chance on his Achilles, that’s who I want the most. Then get decent depth with picks and veterans like ty Lawson
  3. QB Smith/McCoy 2 RB Guice/Perine/Thompson 3 WR Doctson/Richardson/Crowder/Quinn Davis/Cobb’s 6 TE Reed/Davis/Sprinkle 3 LT Williams/Christian LG Nsekhe/Welsh C Rollier RG Schereff/Parris RT Moses/Clemmings OLINE 9 DE Allen/Lanier/Hood DT Settle/Taylor DE Payne/Ionidis DLINE 6 OLB Kerrigan/Mcphee ILB Brown/Hamilton/JHC ILB Foster/Speight ILB 5 OLB Smith/Anderson OLB 4 CBNorman/Moreau/Scandrick/Dunbar/ stroman/Holsey 6 FS Swerenger/Apke SS Nicholson/Everett/Blanding S 5 K Hopkins P Way LS Red SURPRISES 4 UDFAs make the 53 OLINE- Parris and Welsh should have gone in this draft. I think 1 can emerge as a future starter but as of now Nsekhe is the man to beat there, Clemmings played well for us at tackle, I think we keep him and release Bergstrom who we just resigned also good bye Catalina, Kouandjio,Kalis, and Franklin, I think Kalis and Catalina stay on our PS WR Cobbs makes this team and with Quinn I can see as a possible KR, great special teamer and he kind of reminds me of grant, Davis to me takes a spot if we keep 6 he’s probably our most athletic one, just needs to put it together, I hate to cut Harris bc I really like him but he’s had chances here, also I know we resigned quick but I think Davis pushes him off the team DLINE McGee and Mclain I think are good as gone. When we drafted Settle I think it forced McGee off the roster, with Payne we have so much versatility and if Settle ceases the opportunity we can move Payne to End. Phil Taylor is cheap and when healthy he produced He’s there for depth and in goal line packages, Ioannidis who I love loses his starting spot in the 3-4 if Settle ends up balling, we keep Ziggy who is cheap and moves back to his normal position. We finally have real Dline Depth! DBs Quin makes this team, totally surprised we got him as a UDFA, We keep 5 S and 6 CBS, Stroman becomes our PR and Apke ends up being our best special teamer lers see yalls charts, thoughts and opinions
  4. Redskins UDFA Tracker

    i see where your coming from but if they were ready to be mainstays on the team then they would of played more last year when we had litterally no good players out there outside of crowder crowder, richardson, and doctson are the only locks right now, if we carry 6 then there are 3 spots open
  5. Redskins UDFA Tracker

    simmie was the 13th pick on the board according ti bleacher report, i think he will make the team. good size at 6'4" just watched his highlights and trey quinn could be our new ryan grant. both could take roster spots away from davis and harris
  6. Redskins UDFA Tracker

    simmie cobbs is a great pickup, he should of been our mr. irrelevant

    i think its already a sure thing hes gone as well

    rounds 4-6 would be perfect for us the way they have it! hamilton in the 5th and fascyon in the 6th

    im thinking wyatt teller, dashawn hand, anthony everette, or jc jackson in the 4th
  10. Options for 2nd Round Pick

    RB Guice Jones Chubb Johnson Interiror OL Hernandez William- i think connor will be like scherref, be better at guard Daniels WR sutton kirk chark washington TE Gesicki Goedert DL Hurst Phillips EDGE Landry Key Hubbard CB jackson oliver D.jackson Davis S Harrison Reid a ton of good talent left to get us an immediate impact player, hard to not pick 1 of the 3 lineman listed up top but if guice is there he is my pick, if hes gone ill take hernandez, daniels, if they are gone and josh jackson is on the board i feel that we have to take him. too much value there
  11. My Final Mock before the Draft

    Vita, Payne, Guice, Price, Hernandez are the top players that I like projected day 1 and early 2, Payne and Guice would arguably fix our two biggest needs outside of LG, If it can happen and we dont give up too much im all for it! If we can get both and maybe a G in the 4th or 5th then Im happy
  12. i wouldnt hate it but i dont love it. we could trade back and get wynn or hernandez, also TE isnt a pressing need to me right now, i love the player but its just not big enough of a need to take at that spot, i know nothing about the last 3 picks
  13. Which draft scenario is most likely to happen?

    i would want B to happen. that would be a a better O line than dallas in my honest opinion depending on roullier
  14. Washington makes a trade with Baltimore moving down to 16 while picking up a 3rd and 5th round pick. Baltimore jumps Green Bay and Arizona to select Calvin Ridley WR Alabama who was a target of both teams. 1)Da’Ron Payne NT Alabama New England trades pick 31 to Washington for their 2nd round pick and a 3rd and 5th pick 1)Derrius Guice RB LSU 4)Wyatt Teller OG VT 5)Antonio Callaway WR Florida 5)Quin Blanding S UVA 6)Shaun Dion Hamilton ILB Alabama 7)Dee Delany CB Miami 7)KC Mcdermott OT Miami I think this May be my best one, I really think that if Guice dips past the Lions that he will fall a bit, Eagles are the team I think takes him so a trade with the Pats is logical
  15. Dez

    So he got released today and his last words were I’ll see you guys twice this year. so that could mean 3 things skins giants eagles eagles have no cap room, unless he litterally signed for vet min giants could sign him with Odell, dez, Shepherd, engrem, and possibly Barkley would completely change their offense and make it a force to be reckoned with skins- we could use a WR and I’m scared that if we do try and get him it will be for too much money and stunt the growth of doctson. But with that said I wouldn’t necessarily hate the idea also, if he’s not an every down player, I just don’t know if they plan on Richardson being every down Doctson,Bryant,Richardson,Crowder,Harris,Davis could be a potential WR core for us If they use Richardson how they used Djax when we had him I could possibly see us signing dez. If Richardson is just a one trick pony going deep I would understand a dez signing under the right price. I wouldn’t pay him more that 5 mil tho, but that also would prevent us from signing Hankins if that’s still even a possibility