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  1. Personally I want to stay away from fields. Idk why but I just don’t want him in burgendy and gold. I would take Sewell, Chase, Parsons in that order. if we decide to go QB if we are picking outside the top 5 I would go Wilson, Lance, Jones i don’t want anything to do with Fields or Trask
  2. I would take him honestly, if we draft a QB then we are once again gonna be waiting til they develope, and if we just stay with smith and Allen I think again we will be mediocre or worse. i would love to get Wilson and have him learn under smith for a season but I can’t justify drafting him that high. i like Wilson and lance over fields to be honest but once again Wilson and lance will have to set.
  3. CAP SPACE 52 Million CUTS Alex Smith- if I had us drafting a top young rookie I would keep him but I have us going with a FA QB 14.7 mill saved Jon Boston- have us signing our new MLB. Saves us 2 mill Peyton Barber- we draft another RB saves us a little over 1 mill Troy Apke- I have us signing a FA FS and would rather have Everette as our backup FS saves close to 1 mill Around 71-72 mill after cuts, plus 20 mill carry over 91-92 mill in cap space RESIGN SCHERRF 4 years 13.5 million AVG DARBY 3 years 8 million AVG Moreau 2 years 4 million AVG Roullier 3 years 6 million AVG FOSTER minimum Around 60-61 in cap space FA PRESCOTT- 3 years 37mill AVG, here’s why. I could see Dallas drafting a QB like Lance or Wilson bc of their cap issue and the Dak injury. I could see us taking Wilson but I had us mocked at 5 and I think it’s too high. I want to go with someone proven and still young. I think he would take 37 AVG coming off a big injury and the cap possibly shrinking due to COVID. From what I have seen he wants a small term deal so he has the chance to cash in one more time and I think he’s worth it. with cutting Smith and Kerrigan departure we will have the money to pay him plus resign our own and sign a few guys MARCUS MAYE-4 years 8 mill AVg young, athletic, and rangy, we have nothing at FS and I don’t want to see Everette or Apke playing every down. AVERY WILLIAMSON- 2 years 6 mill AVG. completes our LB core, I like the idea of moving Collins to WLB. To me this would be a wise move. He’s 29 about 10-11 mill in cap space. It’s scary to get down this low but we will have dead money coming off the following year Draft I have us picking between 5-6 Trade Haskins to Pittsburgh for a 4th 1. J’marr Chase WR LSU. I rather us pay Terry when he’s up for a contract then sign a WR to a big deal. Also I signed Prescott to a large deal, we will have a deadly young WR Core who can grow into a top core 2. Trey Smith OL Tenn. he can play every position on the line and it gives us flexibility. If Moses can play like he did yesterday at LT for good I’m hoping he can hold down that position for good. He’s had a great bounce back year. Smith could play either LG or RT for us allowing Charles to play either LG or RT so Charles has options of where to stick him 3. Brevin Jordan TE Miami. He’s a baller and if he can last till the early 3rd then we may have our next Jordan Reed but healthy and a better blocker! 3. Bubba Bolden SS Miami he could be there, I like the idea Turtle had of moving Collins to WLB, it makes too much sense and Bolden has played great this year 4. Kenneth Gainwell RB Memphis. Another Memphis RB will give us a monster backfield with Gibson. They both shined at Memphis and here lately Memphis is producing very good backs! 4(Pitt) Kellen Mond QB Texas A&M he can be in our system and eventually take the #2 spot when Allen leaves and if he shows enough promise can takeover when Dakari contract is up 5 Paddy Fisher MLB Northwestern- good size at 6’4” 241 he can come in right a way as a possible number 2 MLB, and be a standout on special teams 7 José Borregales K Miami. Normally I wouldn’t draft a kicker but this guy is the real deal for Miami this year, if we didn’t draft him I would hope we could sign him as a UDFA, I’m over Dustin Hopkins Rough Depth Chart QB Prescott/Allen/Mond RB Gibson/Gainwell/Mckissic/Love WR Mcklaurin/Chase/Sims/Harmon/AGG/Sims TE Jordan/Thomas/Sprinkle LT Moses/Christian LG Smith/Schweitzer OC Roullier/Ismail RG Scherrf/Martin RT Charles/Lucas DE Young/Smith-Williams DT Payne/Settle DT Allen/Ioanidis DE Sweat/Brailford WLB Collins/Hudson MLB Williamson/Fischer/SDH SLB Holcomb/Foster CB Fuller/Moreau/Stroman CB Darby/Moreland FS MAYE/Everette SS Bolden/Curl K Borregales P Way Breakdown i spent quite a bit of money this offseason but I think we are in a position to compete now rather than rebuild under a rookie QB. I think Dak comes back strong and will have a lot of good young weapons at his disposal im excited for the young WRs, drafted Chase With Sewell already being picked. Brevin Jordan is what this offense needs at TE! hear me out...... if Moses proves he can hold down LT the next few games then I think we may be alright on the line. He’s had a great bounce back season. And if not we can try putting Charles there. I drafted smith, I’m really high on him. He can play every Oline position so we could have the luxury of him and Charles playing to their strong point of either LT RT or G. on the defensive side I added our two biggest weaknesses a starting MLB and Starting FS, outside of that I think we are set on defense. Moving Collins to LB could be the best move we make, kind of like Mark Barron did, drafting Bolden would be awesome at SS for us Like I said I spent a lot of money this season. But I think it makes us very competitive! And a favorite to win this division! We can clear some dead money after the season but I think this is a roster that makes playoffs outside of the Haskins trade I did this draft on a simulator
  4. I think he will be alright as far as physicality of the game, yes he’s young and a little slim but he also played against grown men. Not as talented as the nba but still.. grown men unlike the college players. And also the NBA has gotten softer each year. Your seeing more and more small ball, and if someone even sneezes at a player now they flop 😂
  5. Im sure Brown starts off the season starting but i think avdija could eventually take over that spot, I agree with you though we do need another SF unless they plan on putting rui there an have tbj play some PF if we were to get griffin all depends on what detroit would want to do, they signed quite a few big men so far so the writing could be on the wall for Griffin. I could see Rose being traded bc it would match salaries and he only has 1 year left on his deal. I think Rose and Griffin for wall Brown and a 1st could be enough to be honest
  6. Its a pipe dream but if we could land griffin and rose in a wall trade I would be jumping for joy. Would give us someone to run the point. rather have Ish come off the bench maybe wall, Lopez, Robinson, Bonga, 2021 unprotected 1st and a 2022 pick swap could possibly do it Would give beal his best lineup in a long time Rose Beal Avdija Hachimura Griffin Bertans 6th man
  7. It seems like westbrook and houston are really gonna be one of our only choices as far as a wall trade goes due to contracts, Im jut hoping not many picks are involved. Would be nice if we could manage to Trade wall. Lottery Protected Pick, Wagner, and Bonga but I think it would take more. Im sure Brown and Robinsons names will be thrown in
  8. We just signed robin Lopez as well. Good start to FA
  9. Bertans is the better player IMO and younger at that harris is 32 and is about to make almost 19 mil a season so ask yourself Bertans at 16 or Harris at 19 who do you pick
  10. I think a player who played 29 minutes a game and shot over 40% from 3 is more than a role player. bc he didn’t start I’m games he’s a role player? If that’s the case everyone besides veal is a role player.
  11. And now John Wall has demanded a trade.... just when things start to look up.....
  12. Not anywhere near the same. Porter got a max contract and at the time was making more than wall and Beal. davis will average 16mil a season and from what I saw it may only be 13 mil this year allowing us to use the MLE and BAE. Which is huge! when you look at the 4 years 75 that joe Harris got you have to realize this was a good deal. i mean Jordan Clarkson got paid c’mon
  13. i saw a report that quoted rivera saying "if chase would of gone one we would have picked burrow at 2" to me that signifies that we will indeed be getting a QB in the draft. saw an interesting mock on fansided that had us taking J'Marr Chase at 7 and trading our 2nd, 4th and next years 4th to Buffalo to take Zack Wilson at 28. I would be pumped for that! as long as we could get a LT and TE in FA like a stop gap LT like villanueva and TE like Everette however i think wilson goes before 28
  14. I’ll be honest If I were the Wizards I would finally kick the tires on boogie. Wall has wanted to play with him forever and with both coming off 2 years of injuries they both have something to prove. I think he would come cheap as well. i think Justin Holliday at SF for the Pacers would be a good pick up for depth if we are able to get Bertans back. He’s a true 3 and D player. However he is 31 but he wouldn’t be a franchise cornerstone so it wouldn’t matter Wall/Ish/Winston Beal/Brown/Robinson Avdija/Holliday/Bonga Hachimura/Bertans/Wagner Bryant/Cousins I really wouldn’t mind that lineup at all! if we end up not being able to sign Bertans the. I like your theory on Jerami Grant to be our starter at SF allowing Avdija to come off the bench starting out. I would just hate to see Bertans not sign bc I could see him going crazy with walls playmaking if he comes back healthy and to his old self
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