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  1. Just like Davenport

    So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and just wondering. I know we need to get a future QB and have many holes to fill but if we were offered a trade like the saints made to get Davenport what would you do? i believe they traded up from 27 to 14, giving up their 5th round selection and a future 1st. now being redskins fans we aren’t that lucky, but just hypothetically speaking. Would you take that? Next years QB crop is going to be a great one with Tua, Fromm, Eason, and the boy from Oregon, all who would be top picks in this class. It would allow us if we aren’t in a position to draft one that we could trade up next year and potentially nab one. The way I see it is that if we do in fact draft a QB round one I don’t think it will be an immediate impact. We could fill multiple positions of need and talent with the late first 2nd and two 3rds we have and surround our future QB with some weapons. my question is though which team could you see willing to make a trade like that? And for what player? I honestly think the saints gave up a little much but it’s possible a team could do it. Maybe if a run on edge rushers goes and a team wants burns or Ferrell? Maybe the pats trade up for Hockenson if he’s there? Idk but I for one wouldn’t be opposed to taking a deal like that. thoughts?
  2. Last mock before the draft

    I like Harmon but feel he could honestly be had later but he doesn’t strike me as a do it all reciever. I took Butler for a few reasons size, speed, and he has lines up everywhere in college and is versatile
  3. Trade! KC trades up for an edge rusher and trades picks 29,61, and 63 1)29 Hakeem Butler WR Iowa St.- he has the ability to line up everywhere and proved that in college, great size at 6’5” and has had visits here Trade! Skins get Josh Rosen for pick 46 and Case Keenum 2)61 Michael Dieter G/C Wisconsin- can play multiple spots on the line and shore up the RG spot! 2)63 Rock Ya-Sin CB Temple- we need more talent at CB, I think Norman is gone next year and Alexander hasn’t proved anything. Moreau needs to step up as well 3)76 Dieonte Thompson S Alabama- I’ve seen everywhere he’s sliding due to injury concerns but he can line up at every spot for a Safety, great Value 3)96 Christian Miller OlB Alabama- another Nama guy who seems to be falling. I’m fine with him and Anderson battling for a starting gig 5)153 Foster Moreau TE LSU- can catch, run, and block! To me starting out he’s the primary back up and will eventually earn more playing time as the season goes on. He’s one of my favorite mid to late round prospects 5)173 Brett Rypien QB Boise St. - this to me is just a Dan pick and pedigree. With Case being traded we need a 3rd QB and after last year there is no reason we don’t keep 3 6)206 Ben Powers G Oklahoma- need as much completion and depth on the line as possible! 7)227 Lil Jordan Humphrey WR Texas- gotta get guys and see what they can do at WR. Very young and inexperienced group we should have 7)253 Kendall Joseph ILB Clemson- depth pick, I think he starts on practice squad but gets a call up during the season
  4. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    I love that but just not sold on Lock if Haskins fell to us in the first then that’s absolute Gold! Love Ximenes! He’s the only OLB I feel could make an impact that doesn’t go in the first
  5. i trade the pick to the raiders who need OL
  6. REED at WR

    So I saw a post on bleacher report that came from hogs haven. It was titled redskins new look offense. it had us trading our 2nd and Keenum for Rosen and then had us drafting Hockenson. It said our identity would be power run using many 2 TE sets like we do now. What I thought was interesting is that it had us using Jordan Reed as a slot receiver. Now I know he lines up in the slot a lot for us anyways but it got me thinking Could Reed make a switch to WR? His combine he ran a 4.7 which was plenty fast for a TE but not Elite reciever speed. But what Reed does just about better than any TE is his route running. If he was to shred a little bit of weight could you guys see him making a switch to wide reciever if we drafted Hockenson. I know it’s hypothetical and would probably never happen but it makes you think if he was to cut a little weight how much faster he could be. 4.5s maybe? With his route running ability and size he would still be a good matchup on corners and wouldn’t take as many hits from bigger LBs It almost makes me really eager to draft Hockenson to be honest if we thought reed could make the switch I know it’s way easier said than done but it would be a nice concept. In running formations where we run two TE sets reed could be in motion and basically be a 3 TE set. It’s really interesting to me and would like yalls thoughts. The mock they did kinda opened my eyes to it
  7. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    If we indeed get Rosen and the premier edge rushers are gone then ya I would trade back in a heartbeat. Allow us to recoup the pick or picks we lost on Rosen and be able to go CB, WR, OL, and LB with the first 4 picks is a win for us

    I think greedy and murphy go before him. Mullen and the guy from penn state are rising too so it’s possible, if baker goes in the first I think it’s towards the end. If he would of had a better combine I would of said top 20 maybe, rock ya-sin is a riser as well

    I’m seeing a lot of drafts with the panthers taking Baker in the 2nd after we pick. He’s dropped since the combine. He’s my 1st round talent that tumbled down the board. Just not as far as polite as far as reciever goes, yes brown may not be there but there’s a chance he is. I would take Harry there as well as I feel him and Brown are the most complete receivers in the class

    It’s very well possible depending how the board plays out, also don’t forget the gruden connection

    I don’t have us trading for Rosen in this draft

    Ok guys I know I have been posting a lot of skins mocks lately, I can’t help it, I love doing them. This would be an absolute dream of a draft for me if it goes down this way. I for one wouldn’t mind trading for Rosen but I think we roll with the dominos and get one in the draft. Here We go Boys TRADE!!!! The raiders are on the phone with the redskins and offer pick 24 and the 35 to move up to pick 15 to select T.J. Hockenson to pair with their new shiny reciever Antonio Brown! redskins draft picks 1)24 AJ Brown WR Ole Miss- If he’s there we take him, I also really like N’Keal Harry as well! Both are my 1 and 2 guys at the WR position in the draft. Would love either! 2)35 QB Will Grier WVU- I love the guy, I think he fits our O and honestly I think the raiders or giants could get him in the 2nd but due to us trading with Oakland we nab him and jump in front of the giants 2)46 CB DeAndre Baker Georgia- a lot of mocks im seeing have him falling down the boards after the combine, I like tape! once ranked to go as high as 15 I think he takes the fall that we see a talent take each year, absolute steal and can possibly be a number 2 off the back 3)76 OLB Oshane Ximenes ODU- Small school guy is in an athletic freak! Could be a 1st or 2nd round guy if he played at a bigger school. He can come in and push Anderson and maybe even take the starting spot right now! 3)96 Connor McGovern G/C PSU- I think a lot of us on this forum really like this guy. He’s versatile and can play multiple position and represents great value. I’m not sold on Flowers trying to switch to guard 5)153 Davis Sills WR WVU- let’s face it we need WR help, Grier’s #1 in college, he comes in underrated just like McLaurin from Ohio St. big 6’4” target with good hands 5)173 Foster Moreau TE LSU- a lot of my drafts feature this guy in it, he may go earlier but he’s a do it all TE who could take over for VD once he hangs them up or if we make him a cut 6)206 Sheldrick Redwine S Miami- possible he goes earlier after having a good combine but there’s not much tape on him all though very gifted and physical! I’m not a big Apke fan! 7)227 QB Jordan Ta’Amu Ole Miss- I know what a lot of you are thinking, “another QB” after last year I want a bunch! With colt and case only here for another year we need a young cheap QB due to the smith contract. Never hurts being prepared. Unlike last year 7) 253 ILB Kendall Joseph Clemson- gives us another body at the position. A lot of people want a starter but don’t sleep on SDH and R. Foster, we still have mason and jhc as depth
  13. Gruden wants to get Perine more involved

    If we don’t take an edge player early and Anderson is forced to start all year at OLB the only way I see Perine playing is if he converts to FB and we actually use a FB
  14. Washington Free Agency 2019

    what about crabtree?
  15. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    Me personally I think that daniel Jones is the most NFL ready, I would like a trade back in the first getting more picks while scooping up either jones or Grier but I only trade back if we are looking to get a QB