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  1. yup fuller not moreland my bad
  2. I dont have a problem with moreland following the #1 into the slot. Fabian Moreau is a guy that im looking at as a beak out player. if he can build on what he was able to do at the end of last season then we will be alright. he just needs to stay healthy. I think we are in a better spot at corner than we have been in recent years to be honest. I also wouldnt sleep on colvin or moreland. my opinion of darby is meh.... if he satys healthy and plays good then we got a steal if not then his spot is taken. with our d line depth we should be able to get a lot of preassure and help those guys out. another guy I think that will beneifit greatly and may be a breakout is anderson. I think this will be the scheme that he finally can prove he was a 2nd round pick
  3. yeah when i posted that it was also before the incident. just dont see the point of keeping him, as far as apke and everret go, for me they are good SP players but i dont want to rely on either actually playing snaps. cant say im confident if we have injuries and they have to start. Apke went in the 4th bc he was a white guy with a 4.3 if we are being honest lol I could see Cam being the last one to make it at WR as well, but this has to be the year he does something or I think hes gone. Hudson I think will be a hell of a player for us
  4. I can dig it but guys I think that could be on the bubble as far as the 53 is Apke, Everett, and Latimer i think we could see one of our UDFA Recievers push latimer out also Curl and Hudson could push both Everett and Apke. I know Hudson is listed as a LB but he is what Rivera loves “versatile” I watched tape on him at Michigan in what they called a viper position. I think he could be what Sua was supposed to be. He also was a leader on the team
  5. Quinton Dunbar has warrant out for arrest

    You guys see dunny got arrested for armed robbery? Along with the giants Deandre Baker. Both arrested on 4 counts At first I thought a 5th wasn’t enough in the trade but now it’s looking like we did alright
  6. I mean in my honest opinion Christian is a RT. He’s never gonna be able to be a LT in the league. with that said I think Christian could be a good RT but.... he really has never had the opportunity to do so. He’s been behind Moses his whole career. While Moses has been great at times in his career, he’s also been used and abused as well. But the one thing Moses has always been until last year for 3 games is ON THE FIELD. I remember the other year our whole Oline was out and he played hurt the whole season I think Christian can be a starting RT especially in a zone blocking system but he needs the CHANCE to play. If Moses continues to regress I think the coaches need to get Christian some reps. If he can hold it down then we cut Moses after the season and save Cap room
  7. UDFA Thread

    Michael Pinckney is the only one I could see bringing in but we have a bunch of LBs already
  8. UDFA Thread

    David Bada a defensive lineman from Munich Germany
  9. UDFA Thread

    Is it Pam or Pan?
  10. UDFA Thread

    Combine and injuries hurt him, people said the interview about you know what hurt him but honestly I got a laugh out of it lol. Sounds like something one of my boys would say haha
  11. UDFA Thread

    I’ve yet to hear Trey adams sign with anyone, I guess the back surgery and other injuries scared teams off. It’s sad bc as one point he was mocked 1st-2nd round. I still think he’s worth a UDFA slot, never know what could happen
  12. UDFA Thread

    I think he’s a TE, he blocks exceptionally well and has really good hands, he’s just not the fastest or most polished route runner. I think he makes the team. And I wouldn’t worry about the height, look at Delanie walker he is 6ft tops and has had a great career when healthy harmon i want to say is 6,2” 215, he can block great but he’s neither an H back or TE. He’s a possession receiver. The WR picks show me that they are confident in only 3 on the roster and want more weapons. Say goodbye to Cam Sims and Trey Quinn Gibson replaces Quinn, he can do everything and more than Quinn can. And AGG will replace Cam Sims. Sims has had his chances. If he does some how make the team it’s bc they keep 6 and he battles lattimore for the last spot. the guys I think make the team all bring something different to the table and I like it Terry Mclaurin- all around good receiver and a number one IMO especially with more talent around him. Speed, route running and catching is A + Harmon- good blocker and great hands. A possession receiver who can jump and snag them. Poor mans boldin Steven Sims- returns, screens, slot, kick returns, good hands, solid slot receiver, shifty Antonio Gibson- home run threat. Can come out the backfield and make you miss. Runs angry after the catch. Garçon running style like a RB Gandy-Golden- 6’4” red zone target. Can jump and get it. Plays faster than his 40 time now if we decide to keep 6 it’s between Quinn, C. Sims, and Lattimore. Same if we keep 5 and list Gibson at RB, I like the difference in these guys. They all show something different
  13. UDFA Thread

    We signed Johnathon Johnson WR Mizzou Thad Moss TE LSU Steven Montez QB Colorado Isaiah Wright WR Temple Johnathon Johnson WR Mizzou
  14. UDFA Thread

    we have only signed 3, least in the league. I figured we would be big players with UDFAs.
  15. UDFA Thread

    We signed Isaiah Wright WR Temple terrence Steele to the cowboys.....