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  1. Path to 53 - Tracking All Redskins Cuts

    yeah but ziggy can play other positions than nose, i would of tather gotten rid of ziggy for brantley but oh well
  2. Path to 53 - Tracking All Redskins Cuts

    Phil Taylor is just a Nose, we have Payne and Settle who can play Nose, also Ziggy if we need him too
  3. Path to 53 - Tracking All Redskins Cuts

    I honestly think Brantley is the better all round player and is under team control I want to say for another 2 or 3 years on a 6th round contract. It’s a great move. Lanier wasn’t going to see the field much IMO unless a rash of injuries happened i had Allen, Payne, Settle, Ioannidis all ahead of him, plus if they put Settle at nose in base 3-4 then Payne would be on the end. Brantley fits better, it was a solid move
  4. Path to 53 - Tracking All Redskins Cuts

    Brantley was a 1st-2nd round talent before he got in trouble so maybe he could be a diamond in the rough for us
  5. Path to 53 - Tracking All Redskins Cuts

    I heard Lanier was released bc of injury but don’t know much about it
  6. Path to 53 - Tracking All Redskins Cuts

    Really the only surprise I see is Dunn, I think he will end up being released and we sign a waived guard. I really wish that we had starting and backup centers who could long snap on special teams. It just is rediculous to me we have to burn a roster spot on a Long Snapper but I’m sure we aren’t the only team that does it. i think we are screwed if Montae or DJ goes down. IMO Apke was the worst pick we made in the draft. To take him in round 4 when honestly he was a 7th at best was horrible. He’s not gonna be on the team next year IMO, wasted pick, I hope he proves me wrong but all I see with him is speed, yeah he plays ST but he can’t tackle, all he is is a gunner
  7. Preseason Week 4: Redskins @ Ravens

    Deveon Smith over Kelly and perine lol
  8. Predict the 53 - Update Page 3

    I think this is the year that we see Rob Kelly finally not make the team, its dumb to let perine go IMO for fat rob, hes litterally done nothing in every game so far i see us going Peterson/Perine/Thompson with Bibbs making the team until marshall returns
  9. Adrian Peterson (Signed)

    still i dont think any of our current backs can make some of the runs he made last year, still shifty and powerful, it wont hurt to add him
  10. Adrian Peterson (Signed)

    I think he will realize that thompson has that role for a reason, its a little different then the situation he had with the saints, the saints had two guys who could start on most teams, we dont all we have is a back that is guarenteed 3rd down work
  11. Adrian Peterson (Signed)

    I think we sign peterson, here is why Guice is hurt but peterson could still be a good mentor to him while he is rehabbing petersons running style is the closest to guices of all the players on the open market It will be a 1 year rental doesnt affect guice when he plays next year with a healthy o line i think he can still produce on early downs plus i gotta feeling trent williams is gonna push for gruden to sign him, if a good runningback hits the market when the cuts happen we can always release him and scoop one up
  12. Per BR Adrian Peterson is visiTing Monday, I honestly think he will be the one to sign, they will just use him for early down work and you know Trent Williams will be pushing for us to sign him as well
  13. Just got the update on bleacher report, says he’s being cut because the younger corners are showing out! Norman,Dunbar,Moreau,Alexander,Stromanand Johnson are the 6 in my eyes
  14. Guice Has Torn ACL - Out for Season

    I want to see what Martez Carter can do. heard good things when we got him undrafted. I think rob and perine could take over the job but the only thing is that it makes our play calling 1 dimensional, they arent pass catching backs. guice could run and catch. I would take a look at Morris, Murray, and Peterson if they feel like the other guys cant handle the load. honestly I think that Perine and Fat Rob dodged a bullet bc I think one of them was going to be the odd man out in Washington