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  1. the only thing I can see with them doing this is that maybe they make a current tackle a guard and move on from brandon via trade. or that they are going into this playing the comp pick game if they dont plan on being active in FA next year but we should have quite a bit of money so i see us being buyers so idk
  2. just watched tape on malik willis from Liberty, dont know how his game will translate to the pros but WOW!! dude has a cannon and totes the ball like a runningback!
  3. I mean to be honest we pretty much traded a 2022 5th for Two 7ths not a good trade if you ask me
  4. Hoping Moses or Trey Smith, Smith must be falling bc of the heart issue
  5. Idk how I feel about that but I guess there are some guys we want
  6. A little off topic but how bout that Davis Mills pick? does Deshaun Watson even play in the league next year with all the legal issues? Is it truly that bad? Or is this signaling that he’s gonna be traded? whats your thoughts on it? Honestly after this draft I really see us as the main Team with need of a QB of the future right now and I wonder with all these allegations what it will take to get deshaun? And is it worth it right now? Im honestly thinking Watson or Rodgers could potentially be available soon. And if so, and we get one I think this is a Super Bowl caliber tea
  7. A ton of people on twitter wanted Dyami Brown, from what it seems he can be a day 1 starter Fitzpatrick is gonna be going deep a lot prediction of offensive depth chart QB Fitz/Heinicke/Allen RB Gibson/Mckissic/Barber WR Mclaurin/Samuel/Brown/Humphies/Harman/C.Sims TE Thomas/Reyes/Baugh LT Cosmi/Lucas LG Flowers/Charles C Roullier RG Scherrf/Schweitzer RT Moses/Christian thats actually a lot of depth on offense, most we have seen in a while. 4 guys to look at on offense in rd 4 TE Brevin Jordan RBs Brown, Gainwell
  8. I saw where Rivera said a few teams called about trading up in the 3rd and one team admitted to wanting St. Juste but we took him with that pick
  9. Still can’t get over the depth of this draft TE Brevin Jordan OG Trey Smith Deonte Brown LBs Jabril Cox, Moses DE Shaka Toney, Radhad Weever, Quince Roche CB Karey Vincent, Lenoir, Wade RB Carter, Gainwell S Johnson, Nasirldeen, Washington DL Nixon, Wilson Tufele WR St. Brown, Wallace, Seth Williams, Dazz, Sage Surratt ahould get another contributor in the 4th
  10. Only one I would take in the 4th is Brevin if he’s there. guys like yeboah bushman and Farrel could potentially be 6-7th rounders.
  11. So what’s the WR depth chart gonna be? Who makes it Mclaurin, Samuel, Humphies, Brown, Harmon, C.Sims?
  12. I’m thinking Mills or Mond sometime in rd 3, possibly 4
  13. There’s a ton of talent in this draft and we should be able to get some impact guys in the 3rd
  14. Terrace Marshall, Cosmi, Radunz, Bolton, JOK, Moore, Baby Gronk im good with them
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