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  1. I rather would have had Yannick lol man ravens gave up what a 5th ? For Calais Campbell soo jealous
  2. We thought we just did this offseason can the team get out the contracts if they flop ?
  3. I mean Abram isn’t as small as Joseph but dude comes in like a missle lowering his head sometimes we could have a Shazier type injury
  4. I’m no big Carr guy it could just be a blown coverage atleast I hope.
  5. He looks good in his Instagram workout vids lol. At the bare minimum he’s a sure set of hands but I understand if fans dismiss it
  6. Well somebody is hurt seriously man I would like Dez couldn’t he be a Crabtree like contested catch /move the chain type
  7. I’m pretty pessimistic usually and this week is no different I don’t think it’s a good matchup at all
  8. Kind of besides the point but before he was hurt dude lowers his head a lot don’t want to have a Ryan Shazier type injury.
  9. We I’d all like to see it realistically I doubt it I mean Carr supported 2 WR for 1K but 3 ?
  10. I haven’t posted as much seems like CB is a big concern still Im still worried seems perennially about the pass rush
  11. Carr will likely win but his leash will be short imo. The chants and calls for Mariota will come eventually.
  12. For a while he was the third option In the passing game which he shouldn’t of been. I think that’s where I was felt like he was overexposed ( not his fault )
  13. I keep seeing the name Robinson who are we talking about Allen Robinson ?
  14. I chalked it more to coming off the injury he was playing well before he got hurt
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