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  1. Definitely the only guy I wanted was Kenny G on maybe prove it 1 year deal or Corey Davis on the same type of deal but both cashed out
  2. I remember Humble B pushing for him a little bit but was anybody else here clamoring for him ?
  3. Dudes body just can’t hold up to the NFL anymore IMO. Anything is a bonus from him
  4. Raiders were in great shape against Tua last year then got FitZpatricked
  5. Pretty much I bought the hype going into the falcons game and it just soured me again like fully haha. I expect the Raiders to go in and handle business
  6. I roasted Solomon Thomas did he really have 2 sacks I don’t get CBS lol
  7. Definitely but you can never have enough Dlineman. It’s more of a Atkins vs The guy we signed off the practice squad. What do I know maybe Atkins is fully washed up
  8. Always been envious of teams with deep D lines. super bowl Giants teams Texans when they had Clowney Watt and Mercilus. Eagles are another
  9. I know it’s late but still fun to see stuff like this
  10. If I’m not mistaken he’s the one that posted The tub of Lard Siragusa squishing Gannon. You read his posts homie was as smug as they come
  11. Correct but it was a swap of him and Keyshawn Johnson. The hard pill to swallow for a lot of fans in the capital used to acquire Ruggs. If we wanted somebody to open up the field and help out Waller I’d rather overpay a desean Jackson for a year or 2 to come in and do that. Than use a cost controlled high pick on a guy like that. ( Deseasn Jackson is an example obviously)
  12. I mean it’s only week ideally wouldn’t it be better if he rests as opposed to making it worst possibly ?
  13. Exactly……. honestly I don’t even know who the other corner is. Obviously Fitzpatrick is somebody to keep an eye on
  14. I just think it’s going to more of the same another physical front Jacobs already gimpy. I think it’s going to be on Carr. Like @Bitty 2.0mentioned getting WR involved will be important IMO
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