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  1. Keys to Gruden Success?

    The other thing in Gruden’s favor is having cap space as opposed to 12 and 13.
  2. Keys to Gruden Success?

    Please show me where I got political lol BP asked who those chuckleheads were helped him out
  3. Keys to Gruden Success?

    I didn’t know The young Turks had a sports wing more known for politics anyways yeah don’t know who these Windbags are 🤣
  4. State of our team

    Raiders have scored 10 or less in 5 of last 6 games not blaming anybody in particular but that’s pretty brutal
  5. Rumor: Raider Player to Retire (Jordy Nelson?)

    Seth, Lafell, Blacknall and Ateman I mean.... wow imagine trotting that on to the field
  6. State of our team

    I just saw that Seth and LaFell starting going forward leggooo
  7. GDT: Chargers @ Raiders

    True but the offense is now got to be the slowest by a county mile now that he’s out. I’m assuming Ateman gets his shot
  8. GDT: Chargers @ Raiders

    No excuse for throwing it away on 4th down man
  9. GDT: Chargers @ Raiders

    Fans really payed their hard earned money for this....
  10. Bruce Irvin cut

    He’s currently 20th according to OTC looking at the stats over the two years I think he’s right where he should of been. Il give u Derrick Morgan, and Brian Orakpo and T sizzle were paid less. Agree to disagree I guess
  11. Around the league v.1.0

    Well his passion for football has been questioned If im not mistaken... if he balls out laughing is the only reaction I can think of
  12. Bruce Irvin cut

    What’s your definition of production ? For a 2nd pass rusher I’d give u inconsistent
  13. Bruce Irvin cut

    15 sacks 10 forced fumbles and 37 qb hits over the two seasons. Yes he deserved to be cut on a rebuilding team but don’t tell me never produced
  14. State of our team

    I’m with you on Carr skeptical about Gruden but I just saw a post saying the fan base is dumb for piling on Carr but agreed with your overall point.
  15. Random Raider Stuff

    Love the Cooper trade but if you told me Chuck would empower an actual GM going forward I think the doubters would be a lot more optimistic.