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  1. Sheldon Richardson traded to Seahawks

    I believe in the Jets. And I believe that the Jets believe in the Jets. And I know for a fact that the Jets' belief in themselves and us believing in them makes them believe that they believe in us. That being said, rhe Jets will go 1 and 15 this year with the players they have on their roster, especially after this trade. Unfortunately it was the right move to make although we lose out in player value, maybe we pick a QB in the second/third? round next year that doesnt hit sideline reporters on fade routes. Heres to 2018 fellas.
  2. Gang Green Intro Thread

    Name (first names only): Caillou Age: 27 State you were born in/State you live in now: new york/new york Hometown: new york Occupation or school/area of study: I study the game of football Interests besides football: Cornhole 3 People (dead or alive) you would love to meet: elvis grbac, wayne brady, bam bam bigelow Favorite Movie: cheaper hy the dozen 2 Favorite TV show: Alf Favorite Musician/Band: marky mark and the funky bunch Favorite current NY Jet: robbie anderson Favorite past NY Jet: wayne chrebet Favorite current non-Jet in the NFL: damon harrison How many Jets games have you been to?: 4 What is your earliest Jets memory?: joe namath trying to kiss suzy kolber