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  1. He's borderline Top 10 for me, now that is just guys who I have seen play (late 1980s+) I think hes one of the best players I've ever seen play the game, but I know I am a little biased
  2. Andy Dalton signs 1 year deal with the Dallas Cowboys

    I really like Dak, more so for his leadership (from what ive seen/heard) than his talent. That being said, I think the Cowboys have to think long and hard about rolling with Dalton this year if Dak wont accept their offer/s Dalton would obviously be a 1-2 year guy if that happened (unless he goes off), but they could work on contracts with the extra money and try to draft another couple QBs and see if you hit....however finding a guy like Dak is hard enough, let alone finding a true elite QB.....the Cowboys really have a tough decision to make IMO even though I'm sure Jerry ends up paying
  3. Which City deserves the next NFL team?

    I'm a little biased but the Greater Salt Lake City area has over a Million people (Ogden down to Provo). I go here once or twice a month for work and always love going to the Jazz games, very passionate fans. I doubt they get an NFL team next, but I think SLC would be great for an NHL team if they were ever looking to add a team or move one
  4. What are you reading? V1

    Recently started reading the "Joe Pickett" series by C.J Box. The first book was fine enough, but the next 2 get a lot more intense and darker. I believe there are now 23 in the series. Joe Picket is a Game Warden in Wyoming, a good and honest family man who seems to find more trouble than there should be
  5. Your Top 25 TV Shows Ever

    Started watching Sons of Anarchy again the other day.....I remembered some of Season 3, but not the way it ended. I think I have SoA too low, I forgot how good this series was
  6. Will 2020 Season Start In Sept?

    I think the NFL starts on time, if not they go with their backup schedule. Will there be fans? Probably not, well not many to start, but the NFL hasn't backed down (right or wrong) yet and I don't see them doing it anytime soon
  7. Rams Jersey Leaked

    I saw their new helmet and I like it, the jerseys look bad in the pictures, but I'm wondering if they will look much better once the players have the full uniform on
  8. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2020 (All up)

    I thought Denver for sure had a Top 10 Draft, I would have to take some more time to see if I agree with them being #1. That being said I live in Denver and its fun to pay attention to them the past few years which Elway and company have had 2 good drafts in a row before this, and if this class hits, then the Broncos could be on their way back to being a serious team. Going into the season the Broncos had maybe the worst WR core in the entire NFL, I remember posting the guys who were on the roster and a couple people on here said they didn’t believe those guys were actually real haha but if Lock is an above average QB, Fant keeps improving, Jeudy and Kamler hit to go along with Sutton, Gordon, and Lidnsay then the Broncos offense will be up there with some of the best. The one complaint I have is they didn’t take an OT to push Bolles at LT. Their interior OL should be very strong. Fangio will have the Defense as one of the best in the league so again it comes down to if the offensive draft picks from last year and this year continue to improve and hit I see the Broncos around 9-7 next season
  9. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Hmmm I wonder who it could be.....I don't know Seattle's roster all that well, do they still need help at RB? Maybe Fournette or Conner possibly. With them having Lockett and Metcalf I would guess probably not a WR. Jamal Adams name came up again during the draft
  10. What movie are you watching?

    I was eating a late night bowl of Raisin Bran when I read this and spit it all over my laptop screen. Possibly the best comment ever for a movie and also accurate!
  11. Your Top 25 TV Shows Ever

    Ok everyone please feel free to comment and list your Top 25 TV shows of all time. Please note I haven’t seen a lot of popular shows like Mad Men, Peaky Blinders, House of Cards, The Ranch, Parks and Rec, etc. I’m not boycotting them, just haven’t taken the time yet. I went Top 40 and will probably make some changes because I know I’ve forgotten some. Feel free to include any type of shows. 1. Seinfeld 2. The Office 3. Justified 4. The Sopranos 5. Breaking Bad 6. The Wire 7. Deadwood 8. The Killing 9. Dexter 10. True Detective Season 1 11. Trailer Park Boys 12. Mindhunter 13. Lonesome Dove 14. Longmire 15. Sons of Anarchy 16. Criminal Minds 17. How I Met Your Mother 18. Law & Order - Criminal Intent 19. Curb Your Enthusiasm 20. Game Of Thrones (Only 1/3 of the way done) 21. Godless 22. Bar Rescue (I know a lot of it is set up, but I enjoy Taffer yelling at people lol) 23. Chernobyl 24. Dual Survival 25. Yellowstone 26. Planet Earth 27. Two and a Half Men 28. The Simpsons 29. The Punisher 30. Ozark (Still need to watch Seasons 2-3) 31. Entourage 32. King of the Hill 33. Happy Days 34. Whose Line is it Anyway? 35. American Chopper 36. Married With Children 37. The Wonder Years 38. Home Improvement 39. The Price Is Right 40. Boy Meets World Think this should be fun since most are in quarantine and Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu are probably getting a workout haha
  12. NFL's biggest individual choke job

    As a Packers fan growing up the Eagles converting that 4th and 26 always made me so mad seeing it again and again over the years. Feel like the Packers had a solid team that year
  13. NFL Season Predictor

    ....I have created quite the mess it seems lol
  14. NFL Season Predictor

    If I remember correctly I had the following AFC North Ravens: 13-3 Browns: 10-6 Steelers: 8-8 Bengals: 3-13 AFC South Titans: 10-6 Texans: 9-7 Colts: 8-8 Jags: 3-13 AFC East Bills: 10-6 Dolphins: 7-9 Pats: 6-10 Jets: 6-10 AFC West Chiefs: 12-4 Broncos: 9-7 Raiders: 8-8 Chargers: 5-11 NFC North Vikings: 10-6 Packers: 10-6 Lions: 5-11 Bears: 3-13 NFC South Bucs: 12-4 Saints: 11-5 Panthers: 7-9 Falcons: 6-10 NFC East Eagles: 10-6 Cowboys: 8-8 Giants: 6-10 Redskins: 6-10 NFC West Seahawks: 13-3 49ers: 10-6 Rams: 8-8 Cardinals: 6-10 Playoffs: NFC Championship: Bucs at Seahawks AFC Championship: Chiefs at Ravens Super Bowl: Chiefs over Bucs
  15. NFL Season Predictor

    Sorry all I would have waited to post this whole thing if I realized the link I copied had different standings than my own for some reason. Mine were way different lol