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  1. As someone who travels Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming about 150 days a year for work I love it. Now I grew up on a farm so I have some (limited) insight to some of the ranching mistakes they make but overall I love the show. Season 3 is intense and you have to have to stomach for some awful people on all sides…there is nothing friendly or happy about this show lol
  2. This isn't out yet but if you're a fan of the show Yellowstone then you probably already know about 1883, if not here is the final trailer. Pumped for this
  3. Giants need to go after him Send their 2 First Round Picks in 2022 - Right now they are picks 6 & 7 so those are very valuable especially to Seattle. Add in Daniel Jones (If they want him) plus whatever else it would take, I'm sure some 2023 and maybe 2024 picks
  4. Caned By Nod - None The Wiser New Metal band and the lead singer is independent country artist Cody Jinks 😉 FYI as of yesterday his new country album "Mercy" and this metal album "Non The Wiser" were both #1 in their respected genres on iTunes, first time anyone has ever done that it sounds like
  5. Yes Teddy B and Sam are not real legit QBs that can take you over the top. Until you have one keep swinging until you hit Time will tell if Fields and Mac are those kind of QBs but we knew for sure Teddy B wasn’t and we were pretty sure if not certain Sam isn’t
  6. Love this for both sides. I think we all agree what Cam is now but I’m happy he gets to end his career (most likely) with the Panthers. I’m sure he will provide a few great moments the rest of the way and maybe even pick up some nice wins
  7. Man those first 10-15 mins of Yellowstone were great. Non stop action all the way
  8. Playoff Flacco was a real thing and not one to be messed with
  9. The timing of this does seem a little weird https://larrybrownsports.com/football/david-baker-resignation-hall-of-fame-emails/585540
  10. I want these emails and findings exposed I don’t care if it becomes the biggest scandal or whatever you want to call it in NFL history. The league will survive but let’s break up this good ole boys club nonsense that’s going on
  11. At this point you have to wonder will Shefter retaliate or not? You know he’s got to have some Aces up his sleeve after all these years covering the NFL, and if he feels like the NFL or whoever is coming after him then what all could he expose about others? This is going to keep getting bigger and bigger, people wanting to throw others under the bus before that person can do the same to them. Can anyone tell me who is running the investigation on the Washington Football team about workplace misconduct and the 650,000 emails? Could the U.S Government get involved if they want to?
  12. Cowboys vs Bills in the Super Bowl and I don’t really care for Dallas but they seem to be the real deal this year
  13. Lavar Arrington brought up a good point today, who was on the receiving end of these emails? Gruden obviously felt perfectly comfortable using the language he did which probably means the people he was speaking with shared the same beliefs…if so they should be exposed as well
  14. I know this is more a freak injury but please don't let this guy's career cut short due to injuries
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