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  1. Does Baker get more passes knocked down at the LOS than any QB in the league? It seems like every game I watch of his, or highlights, I see at least one pass batted down
  2. So I didn't get to watch a lot of games yesterday, just some highlights and stats so how did the following guys look? Joe Burrow Gardner Minshew Teddy B Carr
  3. Saints gonna miss their home crowd more than any team in the league
  4. When does OBJ get traded to KC for a 1 year rental? Actually Cap wise who knows if that would work but does he get traded?
  5. Mike Evans (questionable) vs Saints or Tyler Boyd vs Chargers? Both have afternoon games so I can wait to see if Evans is cleared to play after his workout, obviously if hes out ill just start Boyd, but should I start him regardless if Evans can play since he is banged up?
  6. I would probably lean with Johnson since its full PPR especially since the Steelers will be facing a new coaching staff and a young defense in NY
  7. Does anyone else think Eric Bieniemy sounds a lot like Hue Jackson? That being said he seems like he will be a much much much better head coach
  8. In his defense he is coaching at one of the top 5-10 worst college football programs in history, but yeah he needed to win today
  9. Standard Passing Scoring Watson at Chiefs or Ryan vs Seahawks
  10. Let's go game by game Texans at Chiefs - Do the Chiefs come out firing and are they a little sluggish from the Super Bowl victory? How will the Texans new offense look? Hoping David Johnson returns to a top RB Excitement Scale: 12/12 Brews Seahawks at Falcons - I love Wilson and think he can lead them to an NFC Championship this year. Will Matt Ryan and the Falcons bounce back in a tough division? They did win their final 4 games least season Excitement Scale: 8/12 Brews Jets at Bills - Gase is on the hot seat and have they done enough to help Darnold take the next step? I love Josh Allen but I know hes limited still, hoping he can take another step and get the Bills a playoff victory. Excitement Scale: 3/12 Brews Bears at Lions - Two interesting teams in a way to me, but also two very boring franchises since I've been watching football (In my young 30s) Stafford is underrated IMO but its tough to overcome the Lions history. Trubisky has a nice start to the schedule and we all know his situation. Excitement Scale: 1/12 Brews Packers at Vikings - How does the Packers offense look in year two with LaFluer and are they a true Super Bowl contender? I like the Vikings roster but can Cousins really play well enough to win an NFC Championship game? Excitement Scale: 9/12 Brews Dolphins at Patriots - Excited so see how Cam does this year and the Dolphins seem like a team on the right track. Excitement Scale: 6/12 Brews Eagles at Football Team - Can the Eagles rebound or do they feel kinda stale to anyone else? I don't believe in Haskins but its still too early to label him a bust, cant wait to see Antonio Gibson this year. Excitement Scale: 3/12 Brews Raiders at Panthers - Not really sure what to make of the Raiders this year but I am excited to see their new stadium. Teddy doesn't so it for me at QB but he should be good enough to keep them in a lot of games, the defense is in a rebuild. Excitement Scale: 1/12 Brews Colts at Jags - Rivers with the Colts will be interesting and I liked their draft......and poor Minshew Excitement Scale: 2/12 Brews Browns at Ravens - I think the Browns and Baker take the next step this year. We all know the talent with the Ravens, now its time to win in the playoffs. Excitement Scale: 10/12 Brews Chargers at Bengals - The Chargers have talent all over the place but do they not live up to their potential with Tyrod at QB? I would bet their under. The Bengals are still rebuilding but I do like Joe Burrow. Excitement Scale: 2/12 Brews Bucs at Saints - I'm all in on the Bucs this year and how much does Brees have left? I do wonder if the Saints get off to a slow start if some of the players possibly start to turn on Brees and cause friction in the locker room due to his comments earlier this year. Excitement Scale: 12/12 Brews plus a night cap Cardinals at 49ers - Still think the 49ers will be very good this year despite losing the SB and I am looking forward to seeing how the Cards offense does this year, plus seeing Simmons play. Excitement Scale: 8/12 Brews Cowboys at Rams - Cowboys should be fun to watch this year especially with so much on the line for Dak. I think the Rams are due for a down season I am thinking around a 7-9 year from them. Excitement Scale: 5/12 Brews Steelers at Giants - The most underrated game week 1 IMO. Can Big Ben recover and still be a good QB for the Steelers? Also I'm a fan of Daniel Jones and Joe Judge, sounds like he is working them hard in practice. Excitement Scale: 11/12 Brews Titans at Broncos - Are the Titans for real or was last year a fluke type season? I think they will be a tough out every week and seem them around 10-6. The Broncos have a lot of young and exciting talent on the team, but can they get it going with this weird off season. Excitement Scale: 7/12 Brews With all that being said I am pumped for football to be back and I will not feel good Tuesday after all the beers I plan to drink lol
  11. So I am taking over a team for a guy who left this Dynasty League. Below are the only players worth considering to keep We have a $140 Salary Cap and any players who I keep listed below I have to pay from my salary at what he paid for them last year. We pick up an additional $50 for FA once the season starts Each year before the draft you have to keep between 4-8 players, and the rest must be released to FA, but as a first year owner I only have to keep 3 if I want QB: Matt Ryan $23 QB: Sam Darnold $10 RB: Todd Gurley $24 RB: Mark Ingram $15 RB: Kareem Hunt $9 WR: Chris Godwin $15 WR: Tyler Boyd $12 Starting Lineups with Standard Scoring with 1 PPR QB RB RB WR WR WR FLEX TE D/ST K I am going to keep Godwin and Boyd for sure, and I have to find one more player to keep….any suggestions on who it should be? I think I could let Gurley go and try to pick him back up for cheaper in the draft, same thing with Matt Ryan
  12. Have a PPR auction draft today....thinking about going after Mahomes, Hill, and Kelce My thinking is some weeks those 3 will all go off and I’ll be almost unbeatable but also weeks when others get the ball more it will cost me plus the bye week as well. Would this be smart, risky, or just plain dumb?
  13. Not sure if its been reported yet but sounds like Dez Bryant is getting a workout with the Ravens
  14. I mean why not...Jerry Jones never does anything half-*** so may as well take advantage of their training facility aka mini resort lol
  15. One of my favorite players in this years draft, hope he does well and also hope hes a better human than DG
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