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  1. Not yet but if his production stays up over the next 5-7 years and he makes another Super Bowl then he will be in my Top 10 all time
  2. I think its a coin flip at this point that Russell gets traded
  3. FoxBet App shows Texans +100 Panthers +250 Broncos +333 Dolphins +700 Jets +800 49ers +900 Washington 14/1 Pats 15/1 Bears 17/1
  4. Oh for sure, looking at Jones it doesn't seem he has had quite the injury history of Watt but your point is valid. As we know every year there a few new teams that make the playoffs, the Cardinals could be that team if they take the next step which will be hard given the division they are in
  5. Nice pick up for the Cardinals, over pay a little but sometimes its worth it. JJ along with Reddick and Jones could be a nasty pass rush group, I think I heard Simmons had a good season but looking at just his stats it doesn't look like it, would need Cards fans to confirm?
  6. I think he would look great in a Raiders uniform and you know Gruden would be in love with Wilson. What would the Raiders have to send, obviously Carr and picks but how many and what rounds
  7. I would love to see him in Vegas or Dallas just for all the offseason drama and interest it would draw
  8. Colts have cap space to bring in a WR or could take one at #21 if they want to address that position aggressively
  9. If things really are that bad, Wilson to the Texans for Watson (add in whatever else you think the Texans would get) would make some sense. We all know Wilson is a religious person and that seems to be the theme for the Texans....maybe hes the one QB who would be cool with it all, the rest of the team is another story
  10. It's tough to comprehend what he just did this season, it was truly amazing
  11. I agree with you that it gets much trickier once you add more than the three 1sts but finding a legit elite QB is just so tough to do. I was wrong about Lamar Jackson but I'm not sure he has enough to make a run in the AFC playoffs and win a Super Bowl...also I really like Josh Allen and am surprised he took this big of a step, but again its tough to imagine him leading his team past KC moving forward in the playoffs.....Watson is a guy I feel can go toe to toe with Mahomes if hes on the right team If you have a chance to get a QB like Watson and have to overpay (to an extent) then I beli
  12. That's a good point about Cousins being available more, it just seemed underwhelming when I first heard it
  13. Rumors 49ers might be willing to trade Jimmy G for Kirk Cousins....
  14. If you're a team in need of a legit top of the league QB and aren't willing to trade three 1sts...enjoy being in limbo
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