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  1. TNF: Steelers at Browns

    Garrett had a chance at DPOY and now he will probably be suspended for the rest of the season Baker with a good mature interview after the game for once (From that ive seen)
  2. NFL arranges workout for QB Colin Kaepernick

    Somebody is an angry elf lol
  3. Quarterback Rankings (through week 9)

    Great question, not talking bad about him or the Pats, but obviously it seems Father Time is creeping around the corner. That being said watch Tom and the Pats win 3 more SBs haha
  4. Report: NFL has discussed moving the Chargers to London

    It will happen, NFL doesn’t care about logistics, they care about $$$
  5. What will the market be for QBs this off-season

    So I have been thinking about Baker Mayfield’s future since his embarrassing moment the other day with the reporter asking him a question and him walking out like a kid in Junior High. I actually really like Baker, and I want him and the Browns to succeed, but he has to mature and he needs to do it in a hurry. He also has a guy who maybe shouldn’t be a head coach, not a great O-Line, and he plays for the Browns (No offense Browns fans I’m just saying it won’t be easy for any QB to finally break that curse or whatever you want to call it) so he has some things working against him Let’s say he does ok the rest of this year, but doesn’t really improve in year 3, along with more outbursts and things you don’t normally see from an NFL QB. Could the Browns look to trade him or even cut him with one year left on his rookie contract? The reason I ask is because if he is going to have success, the New Orleans Saints seem like the ideal team for HIM. If Sean Payton can’t coach him up into a solid/great QB then I am not sure if anyone could. I know that’s a long ways down the road and a lot would have to happen, but what are your thoughts? Also if I'm John Dorsey I would be making a call to Ryan Leaf (With or without Baker knowing) and asking if he wouldn't mind reaching out to Baker to talk to him about the negatives for showing that attitude, at least in public. Ryan Leaf has been pretty open over the years talking about his mistakes on the radio and various TV shows
  6. Trade Deadline Rumors

    Thinking the Bears if the they can’t get Teddy B or someone else Dalton ain’t very good but rather have him than Trubisky
  7. Trade Deadline Rumors

    Could Andy Dalton be traded? Not sure about his current contract
  8. Why was Haskins drafted in the first round?

    I didn't like him coming out, but... He does play for a horribly run franchise He has one year of starting experience in college He's a rookie Also I find it interesting that nobody including the Redskins traded up for him, kind of a sign that the rumors about ownership and coaching staff had different opinions on him. I thought I heard a rumor he hasn't been working very hard, but it could just be a false rumor Either way, too early to know for sure if he will be a franchise guy or not
  9. Patriots acquire Mohammed Sanu for 2nd Round pick

    High price sure, but with the potential all time defense they have, Brady aging, and the injuries they have had to deal with at WR I really don’t mind it. Patriots goal is to win the Super Bowl, they could probably win it without Sanu, but why not give the Goat an extra weapon to go along with that great defense
  10. Is the NFL rigged?

    Anything involving this much money is rigged to an extent, how much is the question
  11. What movie are you watching?

    Wind River (for like the 10th time haha) 9.5/10
  12. Trade Help

    So I am currently sitting at 4-1 in my big money league and someone is trying to trade for Lamar since his team doesn’t have a decent QB. I am worried about my TEs, do you think I should try to make a trade for a better TE or just pick up TEs week to week like Defenses and stay put? He has Evan Engram, David Johnson, Mark Ingram, Will Fuller, and JuJu…..I hardly ever make trades and I don’t really want to let go of Lamar this week since he is facing the Bengals haha QBs Lamar Jackson Carson Wentz Danny Jones RBs Nick Chubb Derek Henry David Montgomery Jonny Hillman (Picked up this week to fill a flex) WRs Julio Jones Tyler Lockett Sterling Shepard Preston Williams TEs Eric Ebron Noah Fant Defense Eagles + FAs week to week
  13. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Need to fill my last Flex spot, full PPR Todd Gurley tonight vs Seahawks or Jarvis Landry Monday Night vs the 49ers (Jarvis is still not practicing from a concussion he got in the 3rd quarter last week)
  14. Trade Deadline Rumors

    No I have not, I just saw some highlights of him on Facebook and posted it kind of as a joke Ill have to go read about those injuries though
  15. Trade Deadline Rumors

    The Patriots getting Calvin Johnson to come out of retirement might not be a bad idea 😃