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  1. 2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Quinn drafting like the Patriots... Problem he's forgetting... we don't have Belichick to Coach these under-the-radar types up. I thinks he Drafted Gronk 2.0, but there's no Belichick. He Drafts an under-the-radar type in Round 2, but there's no Belichick. He signs 3 former Patriots in Free Agency, but there's no Belichick. This is gonna be another long season.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    I hate this team.
  3. Lions released TE Eric Ebron

    I don't have a problem with cutting him for the most part, I do believe it's possible he plays better somewhere else but he just wasn't getting it done here so freeing up the space makes complete sense. I do however agree with IDOG, I hope they have something lined up because at this point we've added/re-signed nothing but depth players, if this team is going to take a step forward they need to add quality starters, not rotation players. Doesn't have to be a huge name like Suh, but they need starters at multiple positions, one of those spots should be filled with a starting caliber player.
  4. The Lions Den: Visiting Free Agents

    I'm definitely going Front 7 with the Draft Pick if I'm the Lions, I'd be OK with Landry, Smith, Evans, Bryan, Vander Esch or Payne, though I also like Denzel Ward if we don't land Butler and he slips to #20. I think there are some good options at #20, I agree though that the defensive line needs work. Defensive Front 7 should be the priority #1 the rest of the offseason (and every offseason IMO).
  5. The Lions Den: Visiting Free Agents

    I'd still take Evans if he's the best available player at #20, if we're going to be running a NE style defense I'd like to see us have 6-8 man rotation at D-Line and 5 man rotation of LB's. Davis, Jones, Kennard, Reeves-Maybin and Evans would be a young core with some potential.
  6. The Lions Den: Visiting Free Agents

    Definitely hoping we end up landing Malcolm Butler, yesterday it was said it was between Detroit and Houston, Houston just signed Aaron Colvin, hopefully that puts us in the drivers seat for Butler. Though we're bringing in Shead for a visit, might just mean that both teams feel Butler is asking for too much. I like the two LB signings for the most part, two young athletic guys, good depth if nothing else. Don't think spending money on the older RB's will work out, I'd rather they not sign either of them to be honest.
  7. Dorsett may not have shown all that much yet as a Colt, but players turn Patriot and suddenly look serviceable and make contributions. I'm not saying he'll blow up, but don't be surprised if you see him make some big plays here and there and have decent season in NE. I trust they see something that can fit into their system. With Edleman done they're prolly just looking for another hidden gem they can coach up and put in the right situations and Dorsett has some potential. Brissett has looked solid when he has played, they're hoping that's a sign of legitimate upside and that maybe he can produce a bit until Luck comes back. Seems like a trade that makes sense for both teams since Brissett likely wouldn't see the field in NE barring another odd situation where Brady/Garoppolo both go down.
  8. Roster cut down time

    Same, he's not great but the LB corps are weak already, IMO. Figured he'd at least make it as a backup/ST.
  9. Free agents available- 2017

    Wouldn't mind seeing us take a run at T.J. Ward if we could land him for a reasonable price. Can never have enough depth in the secondary. Not a huge need and he's mostly a box Safety but he'd add Leadership and another body on the back end, good tackler. Also wouldn't mind signing Ahtyba Rubin on the cheap to compete/add depth at DT.
  10. NFL Concept Helmets by Ultimate Effects

    I'm not as overly attached to traditions as most, in some cases I am but for me, if it looks better it looks better. That said, most of these aren't that good. The Panthers is the best, it looks incredible to me. Speaking of one that I think is a huge improvement but I know would be met with backlash because it strays from tradition, the Jets one is really good, but I know most would complain because their helmets have been basically the same for so long. The Packers and Cowboys ones stray too far from tradition, those I would understand people being upset about. The only thing I would ever change about either of their actual helmets, is make the logos alittle bigger on the sides (not quite as big as some of these though). I also like the Raiders one, though I think the logo should be a touch smaller. My team, the Lions, is a pretty good one too. The Patriots and Chiefs ones are the only ones with the "split" color scheme that are OK, the rest of those are bad. Chiefs one would actually be kind good with an all red helmet. Titans one is solid but without seeing it say Titans on it somewhere you can't really tell it's their's other than that we know their color scheme, also looks kind of like Jeff Gordon's Nascar from the 90's. Tampa Bay and Arizona ones are OK. The Colts is good but the black just isn't right for them. The Falcons helmet is the most disappointing, with their color scheme and logo I think you could make some really nice styles with theirs, this one stinks. The rest aren't that good. I hate the Bengals helmet having "Who Dey" written behind the logo. The worst one is the Jaguars by far, followed by the Chargers, then Bears.