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  1. Jordan Howard trade rumors are back

    A trade in season is not going to happen. No one should create a hole just to need to fill it when meaningful games are left to be played. Maybe an offseason trade could happen, but you'd have to receive enough value to replace Howard in the draft. I'd say minimum 4th rd pick, maybe two 4ths is what we would get back. Ask more than that and the response would be, "we'll just use a 4th to draft someone controllable." Howard only having one year of control left is going to limit his value, when his position is one of the least valued in the league.
  2. Bears @ Dolphins, 10/14/18, 12 CT, GAME THREAD

    I watched highlights of all the Miami games. Tannehill has a little Cutler in him. He can make terrific throws but I saw him throw a ball to 3 Raiders DBs with his receiver barely in the picture. It seems almost certain that he will give the Bears a turnover. Mitch versus the blitz look scares me a little. It would be great if this was Mitch's focus this week (last week it was htrowing the deep ball after practice) because against Arizona he folded under blitzes. I like the idea of pounding Howard a lot more than last week, but beyond that it would be smart to limit the deep throws in favor of underneath/crossing routes to mismatches like Cohen and Gabriel. But this is Nagy's wheelhouse, so I will look forward to his gameplan. PS - I liked the idea that Nagy shared before the Bucs game: What does their defense see about it that it wasnts to exploit? How will the Dolphins try to tilt the field based on what Mitch/Nagy want to do? The chess game that is coaching...
  3. What would you have done different?

    I have thought a lot about our draft based on if we had not cut Sitton and either tendered Meredith or matched the Saints' offer to him. In this scenario we have not diminished the talent level and don't have the need for G annd WR like we would have. It could be argued that even with Sitton we would need more line depth and that even with Meredith we needed a differernt type of receiver. I was a big fan of Harold Landry, hoping that we could trade back and pick him between 14-22, somewhere in that range. Having taken Roquan at 8, I never expected Landry to be on the board at 39. I would have taken Landry there, as we don't have the need for a starting G/C right now. We also don't have to trade next year's second and a fourth to go get Miller. So it's either: Sitton, Meredith, Landry, 2019 2nd, 2018 4th or Daniels, Miller It kind of looks lop sided when listed that way, but this is why I was a little put off about reducing the overall talent on the roster by dropping two starters.
  4. Who had best draft?

    I saw Shawn Kemp play at my high school when he was a senior. Incredible to see him against iur 6'3" front line.
  5. New Bears - New numbers

    I wanted Floyd to take 48 because his college number was 84
  6. But you get two seconds and a third... Like I said, it was just for fun. Being able to make five picks in the top 100 would be pretty sweet, though.
  7. I was having some fun thinking about the rumors of Arizona moving up (but not too high) and NE interest in Lamar Jackson: Trade down with Arizona, pick is Rosen 15, 47, 134 for #8 Trade down with New England, pick is Jackson 23, 63, 95 for #15 Bears Picks 1. 23 2. 39, 47, 63 3. 95 4. 105, 115, 134 5. 145 6. 181 7. 224 First five picks go to (in some order): OLB, ILB, G, 5T, WR Fourth rounders go to: RB, CB, OLB 5-7 go to the best values/projection types. I don't know enough about all the players to put names to each pick, but you guys could probably fill in those blanks pretty easily.
  8. Forecasting the 2018 Bears Offense

    Fitzpatrick would decome the tarting slot corner and the backup to every other starter in the secondary. That is a very valuble player
  9. 3 Draft Scenarios, Pick Your Favorite

    People talk about how Pace always takes a physical freak, but I don't think he's ever had a stud lock sitting there to take at the top of the draft and passed on it for the athlete. Obviously last year they went with Trubisky. Take the Kevin White pick, in that draft there was a tier 1 group that ended with the pick before the Bears (Leonard Williams went 6, Amari Cooper 4). Vis Beasley was available and probably should have been the pick, but I don't remember him being a "stud" type at the top. Maybe he was and I don't remember. With Floyd, I felt like there were 7-8 players in the top tier. Pace moved up from 11 to 9 to get Floyd (DeForest Buckner went 7, Ramsey went 5). Tunsil was available, but he was fresh off the gasmask incident, I guess this is my way of saying that if a can't miss stud that starts Day 1 is there, however unlikely, I feel like he's taking that player over the physical freak. So knowing that at least 3 QB's go 1,2,3, that means that Barkley, Chubb, Nelson (the true tier 1A group), maybe you include Fitzpatrick in that group, too. If that's your top 7 then Pace just misses again. Maybe 4 QB's go in the top 7 and Pace has Nelson or Fitzpatrick sitting there. I think Edmunds is a bit raw, but he is absolutely the athlete with projection and would fit the mold after just missing the truly elite draft talent.
  10. 2018 Draft Prospects

    There's no way Buffalo doesn't trade up here. they have the ammo to pull it off and the jets are poised to get one of the top 4. I can't see them sitting at 12
  11. I look at it this way: He gets a 2 year/$29MM contract. He can be cut (with post June 1 designation) before the 2020 season and save $13MM in 2020 and $14MM in 2021 and count $4.5MM against the cap for those two years. That's worst case scenario, which assumes his play regresses or he has a career threatening injury. If he plays like 2017 and doesn't miss significant time it's awesome.
  12. Forecasting the 2018 Bears Offense

    Its hard for me to imagine the first pick is anything but Nelson or an edge rusher given the offseason moves so far.
  13. Yeah, just saw that My main point is that all contracts are x years guaranteed with y team option years. Even if he signed a 5 year deal it's really a 2-3 year deal with two options.
  14. All the guaranteed money is probably in the first two years, so it's a two year deal.