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  1. Top 6 pick

    It would make sense to trade up for the BPA if your ratings identify a talent gap. For example, take the Floyd trade up, maybe they had him rated a "95" and the next player on their board was a "90." Worth it to trade up in that scenario for BPA
  2. Spielman's take on Trubisky

    They'll pound the run with Blount (just like NE did in the past) once they have a lead opened up. Even so, he can run his way to two 4th quarter TDs. Philly has three solids runners based on what I saw in the Dallas game. That team is hot and should make this one look easy.
  3. Week 11 GDT - Lions (5-4) vs Bears (3-6)

    And that's why we took the damn field
  4. The Foxy Offseason

    Let's not forget that Pace is the guy who had the Browns FO ready to trade for their #3 pick to select Mitch. He has a poker face. He should be making Fox and Loggains feel like they've got the keys so that they don't do something stupid out of desperation.
  5. Quarter Season Mock Offseason

    Love this point - it was something I was thinking at draft time this year when everyone was talking about next year's class. This could be the way that Pace wins the Trubisky trade long term. Assuming a top ten pick this is a very possible scenario for QB.
  6. Predict the Bears season

    PS - I selected 5-8 just off the cuff before I did the above
  7. Predict the Bears season

    I look at their schedule (below) as: A) Lock to Win (or wins that should be wins): week 13, 16 B) Lock to Lose (or wins that would be upsets): week 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 14 C) 50/50 (too close to be A or B): week 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 14, 15, 17 Disclaimer - I'm generally cautiously optimistic, but rarely pick an upset for my Bears. If it looks like a bunch of doom picks that is what's behind it, nothing more. Formula: Wins = A + C/2 = 2 + 9/2 = 6.5 --> Roundown to 6 --> Rounddown for "Bears Factor" (you don't need to ask what this is) --> 5 1 SEP 10 12:00PMCDT ) FALCONS 2 SEP 17 12:00PMCDT ) AT BUCCANEERS 3 SEP 24 12:00PMCDT * STEELERS 4 SEP 28 7:25PMCDT * , ` AT PACKERS 5 OCT 9 7:30PMCDT + VIKINGS 6 OCT 15 12:00PMCDT ) AT RAVENS 7 OCT 22 12:00PMCDT ) PANTHERS 8 OCT 29 12:00PMCDT ) AT SAINTS 9 BYE 10 NOV 12 12:00PMCST ) PACKERS 11 NOV 19 12:00PMCST ) LIONS 12 NOV 26 12:00PMCST ) AT EAGLES 13 DEC 3 12:00PMCST * 49ERS 14 DEC 10 12:00PMCST ) AT BENGALS 15 DEC 16 3:30PMCST , AT LIONS 16 DEC 24 12:00PMCST * BROWNS 17 DEC 31 12:00PMCST ) AT VIKINGS

    Hi everybody I posted as bringbackditka in the old forum and signed up with a new account. Lifelong Bear fan. I read often but rarely post. Hopefully this new site will track read/unread posts better than the last one (one of the reasons I didn't come as often or post much). Good to see some familiar handles here