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  1. You should probably also include the non votes as well....rags/matts/woz
  2. This will be you then.....
  3. So a lot depends on squire in your view. Odd that he was almost lynched but instead gopher got the axe 🤔🤔
  4. So what does that tell you about the bcb lynch yesterday? Mwil is town bc he was the hammer.....or mwil was an over eager mafia trying to lynch town
  5. Just that mwil has moved up firmly into my top 3 and if I'm the lynch then tomorrow if there is a mislynch its down to lynch or lose
  6. I also am leaning towards the possibility of a double buss between dingo and counselor. What better way to avoid suspicion then to lynch your partner d1 🤔
  7. I believe you missed danger voting me, making it 5-5
  8. Cant find your post about my reactions to being voted, but I can answer it if you like. It just seemed like you wanted others perspective as opposed to me critiquing my own game.
  9. That's what I was referring to as him trying to make his lynch less appealing..."if he doesnt know how could we 'know'" in reality it's a great play as mafia bc it puts the odds into play as opposed to his gameplay.
  10. I agree with couselor but I'm not sold on you doing this as bait just yet.
  11. This really feels like you did and are trying to make your lynch less appealing by claiming you yourself don't know what your role is. I'm pretty dome said he is just making these mini games for anyone so he probably went back to randomizing the roles based on the signup list. That's why there is only 7 in this game as opposed to 9 (I think that's how many the other games had) I really dont like this post. We have this lynch and then if wrong are in lynch or lose tomorrow. Lynching players to just get rid of them is reckless in itself
  12. @theuntouchable so what are you thinking with your new look at things?
  13. So 11 left and most likely 8-3 - now 6-3 - with a mislynch tonight 4-3 - with a mislynch tomorrow Lynch or lose after that. That's 2 mislynches counting tonight before we are in lynch or lose.
  14. 🤔🤔 noted Right. It's not like my theories have been made fun of, my name given multiple derogatory distinctions, etc. @Woz 😜 That definitely through me for a loop, then I remembered malf always likes to go out early and stay active in the chatty (his own words). That vote just seems like malf is in his ears saying (buss rags it could take the heat off of you)