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  1. In your theory why are you assuming James is green. Couldn't it have been squire/tk3 and James/ksj are red team?
  2. I fully get their scumminess. If they are red team then why would tk3 just not vote themselves before night. He had the opportunity to do so. It would have saved a red team. Someone from two other pairs were on their line, so the other remaining red team would have a chance to throw shade on someone else. To me if tk3 and squire are red team they had a perfect opportunity to get out. So what reason would they have to not make that move. Would it be better to stay behind another night to set up their end game? @Tk3 why did you not make the move to save your pair before night ended?
  3. @Venom Sife has also completely avoided all talk of other players. Who he has reads on, red or green team vibes, etc. So venom, what are your thoughts on anyone other than touch and yourself? Who do you think is green team? Who do you think is red team? Why the late switch to force a 2nd OT?
  4. So it's interesting to look at the 3 vc from last night. Venom didn't vote with his partner (touch) in the first vote but switched pretty late in the second vote to force the second tie. Then in the third vote both touch and Venom didn't vote. could this be bc they didn't want to be the only ones left in the game that voted to save a red team pair. Also, if they stuck to their vote then it would have been a third tie, with one randomly chosen to be saved. James originally voted squire but then switched in OT. Could this be bc he didn't want to be on the squire line if they flipped red team. Or is it bc he had a change of heart in ot. He also didn't vote in the 3rd ot. Squire hops on in the final 3 minutes and votes to save himself for the first vote forcing a tie. I think malf was asking him to do so far ealier. At the same time if tk3 just had listened and voted squire they would have easily been rescued. Bcb/shady voted to save themselves, but shady did vote in the third vote to save et. This seemed like an effort to gain some civ cred. Fin/md4l just voted to save themselves
  5. So the first 3 posts were tk3's first of the game. Mostly just trying to figure out things and how the game works. Here he says that he just got online and malf was telling him to vote. Here is one of the more interesting posts of the night. Tk3 says he is not read up and was just asking questions about how the game works, yet he knows gopher/et are partners. That would mean he had to be read up enough either by reading the thread or in a chatty.
  6. That's twice now. I am more and more confident that et and gopher are green. Either that or someone is gonna beat et in the their chatty lmao
  7. Et could have saved them in regulation if they were red. I feel they are green bc of that. I suggest someone else flip to et
  8. So it's tied again. @Dome what happens if it's another tie?
  9. I was gonna mention this. I really didn't like squire and tk3 hopping on last second.
  10. Yeah I had that feeling when touch voted him. I was gonna ride it out bc we could narrow down the other red team.