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  1. 1 thing im happy about in your selections.... No FSU players
  2. My draft is done 1st round OT Rashawn Slater 1st round OT Christian Darrisaw 3rd round OG Trey Smith 3rd round QB Kyle Trask 4th round INT Marvin Wilson 5th round INT Jay Tufele 6th round S Hamsah Nasirildeeen 7th round LB Dylan Moses 7th round OG Aaron Banks 7th round OT Stone Forsythe
  3. Pick 7.11 AKB selects Stone Forsythe, T, Gator Nation @pheltzbahr otc
  4. Anyone else having a problem with the spreadsheet. This is what I get when I flip to Seoul's roster
  5. 7.6 AKB selects Aaron Banks, G, Notre Dame @WFLukic otc
  6. I'd like to blame blue, it just feels right *i also have my next pick ready to go, so barring someone sniping him ill make the selection quick as long as I'm around my phone.
  7. I told you all mornings are no bueno for me lol
  8. Deal. Vea for a 2022 5th. Guys can you process this
  9. Pick 6.5 - AKB selects Hamsah Nasirildeen, S, FSU @Ragnarok otc I think
  10. Only if you fall into that trap (which could also be most teams). You have to realize what the covid time off, covid effected season, and team turmoil does. I think a few teams have and he will go in round 2 and round 3 at the latest. You can't just evaluate these players on 2020 or measurable at pro days etc.
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