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  1. Make Another Movie - Draft Thread

    @Elky you up
  2. Make Another Movie - Draft Thread

    Pickl€ Juic€ Studios brings aboard Maggie Grace to play the Informations Officer (or something similar)
  3. Make Another Movie - Draft Thread

    Got about 30 minutes of work (deciding between 2 during that time).
  4. Make Another Movie - Draft Thread

    I have no plans to cast anyone that has been drafted as a lead so no worries from me. I also like to get a full cast before I develop the inner workings of the story...so I really do not know who will play huge roles vs big vs minor just yet.
  5. Make Another Movie - Draft Thread

    I have an issue lol. I will be casting main actors for a number of rounds still. Call them what you will, but they are pivotal and key characters to the movie. I have a 10 man crew plus an 11th that will be in my mind pivotal/key characters. Now I doubt I have any more top billed actors, but some good ones still coming
  6. Make Another Movie - Draft Thread

    That's a job for Seal Team 6 not the Captain of the New Dawn
  7. @Dome Here is my roster (sorry the elite's and poor'r and mixed up). I'll change the slider on a game by game basis. If you need more from me let me know.
  8. Pickle Rick - QB (elite) Tiny Rick - RB (Poor) Wild West Rick - Safety (Elite) Mexican Rick - LB (Poor) Farmer Rick - DL (Poor) Druggie Rick - Receiver (Poor) Cronenberg Rick - OL (Elite) Gangsta Rick - CB (Elite)
  9. To clarify...it will be close to my last one just not the script. The opening scene has already been posted.
  10. Make Another Movie - Draft Thread

    It is. You can go way back so looks don't matter or pick a vague plot line...I kinda did both with Roanoke Kinda like this
  11. He is an old man, probably too late for him
  12. I don't even know how many of you all read my quarter script vs just the synopsis for Roanoke, but I think I'm going just the synopsis this go around.
  13. I can't wait to read it and see what I need to do to improve Roanoke