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  1. 1. BDL Owner you’d go fishing with in a canoe @WFLukic seems like someome who could catch all the fish while I just relax 2. BDL Owner you’d sit in the back seat of a cab with on a 300 mile ride @Jlash just bc i won't ve going insane by the end 3. BDL Owner you’d share a prison cell with (life sentence) @wwhickok , seems like someone who i can count on to go postal and get some prison cred and protection 4. BDL Owner you’d let date your sister (even if you don’t have a sister pretend) @PR , seems like a stand up guy I guess lol 5. BDL Owner you’d let make you a mystery cocktail (any kind of cocktail they want) @Counselor, and it better be a damn good one. 6. BDL Owner you’d trust to help you survive stranded on an island (think castaway situation) @SirA1 , you better keep me alive 7. BDL Owner you’d trust to write you a letter of recommendation @rackcs, he doesn't like me so it would be interesting to make him suffer through that lol 8. BDL Owner you’d trust to do your job for a day and not get you fired @bcb1213 , slack off all you want 9. BDL Owner you’d most like to take a jacuzzi dip with @pheltzbahr , be ready for me to cannonball into the jacuzzi 10. BDL Owner you’d let choose your next playlist @Ragnarok , he better be tuned into the country scene 11. BDL Owner you’d share a sleeping bag with @Whicker, im a big guy and need the most room i can get, current ownerish would be @TedLavie im sure he would bring the wine and good chocolates 😉 12. BDL Owner you‘d share your deepest darkest secret with @MD4L , (I still love the Jameis years at FSU, shhh keep it a secret) 13. BDL Owner you’d pick to bring you home fast food dinner of their choice @EaglesPeteC , it better be something good 14. BDL Owner you’d trust with a key to your house @Blue , I'd rig the house up so that it would be his tomb 15. BDL Owner you’d let borrow your car for the day @RuskieTitan , do your worse, i need a new one anyway
  2. Hey we got one of those. Our o line is shaping up now
  3. I like Rome's up tempo style (as you all should well know by now). I think it will wear down OKC very quickly. Rome is able to dictate the pace and style of this game and crontrols it from start to finish.
  4. I'm liking Sacremento for the upset here. Featuring a part time back is gonna hurt and I think its too insurmountable for Cuba to overcome. Its puts them behind the chains for to much of the game.
  5. I've thought about this game a lot. I think Berlin gameplanned well with loading the box to stop Henry and WSR going run heavy gives the advantage to Berlin. Then with Big Ben playing bad this week, I think Berlin edges out a victory in a pretty low scoring game 17-14
  6. I like Camden here. They game planned well for their opponent and stopping Brady. I feel their offense will be good enough to outscore what Singapore will be able to do.
  7. IC takes this one in a close one. Ultimately to many injuries and inactives hurt NO.
  8. OK 1. @Malfatron the Bucs offense should have been rated a 1 🤣. 50% QB draws with Brady, you sure I had Bucs playbook lol. 2. Brady sucks and I'm using tecmo as my evidence. 3. Brady sucks lol. 4. GG hobo.
  9. I'm still learning how to evaluate stuff (in relation to this league and the nfl). But, uh, what was that trade supposed to do, unless it was cap related.
  10. I started to a couple years back, just to see if I could (no experience whatsoever), fully expecting it to suck. It didn't take long at all before I got too distracted with other things, but I hope to one day either complete what I started or start and complete another one.
  11. I've also got a few themes that I have not worked on but i could throw something together in short order.
  12. Turf land plays a very tough d, i think that o line struggles and gets tripped up a lot here allowing the big turf monster to keep Lancaster off the scoreboard. This game ends in a shocking 0-0 tie
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