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  1. "Okay, here we go. Since the days of Copernicus, man has dreamed flight. On this historic day, let us go on to... Hold on, I'm givin' my speech! On this historic day, we remember the Wright Brothers: Orville and Redenbacher, whose dreams and visions inspired generations..... And now, again, one man's vision ushers in a new era of aerial travel, proving the power of imagination and intellect. The magic... of flight!
  2. We are what, 45 hours from night. What is your purpose behind this post?
  3. Why do you want me to remove your name?
  4. Only one person voted for you......🤔
  5. What was your thought process behind this post?
  6. Wait, did the Simpsons ever do it, or did South Park beat them to something?
  7. The Amazing Race sign up and Game thread

    I don't think you ever posted the updated times. Can we get those before the next comp please (unless I missed them).
  8. The Amazing Race sign up and Game thread

    This week is almost consumed entirely by March madness and some other things but as long as it is not like a 2 or 3 hour thing I can make it work
  9. The Amazing Race sign up and Game thread

    Not really the best time but if it is only 30 minutes I could try and make that time work
  10. Welp looks like d1 will be easy. dome
  11. The Amazing Race sign up and Game thread

    I thought we were going with a Monday deadline?
  12. The Amazing Race sign up and Game thread

    I got you covered @The Orca. Just did it in 25.
  13. Just dont get modblocked or killed and you are good. That all I'm shooting for this game. Its all March madness from Sunday until the end of the tourney!!!