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  1. What about forge repeatedly saying the game is over and he just wants it to end?
  2. So top 4 scum reads who do you got?
  3. Don't care. I want to know what you honestly think
  4. Got it now thanks. Give me your top 4 scum reads please
  5. I reread, that is my fault. This pounding headache i have is a bit distracting. So what I am hung up on is the death Miller. A death miller appears mafia upon death....you did not appear mafia
  6. I have odd night hits
  7. So what is your wincon...I will give you one last chance to answer this before I submit my move to kill you. I don't care about your role only your wincon
  8. I have said multiple times that I dont like how it seems like he has been way too buddy buddy with me, thinking the same as me etc. I saw it way back. So it is nothing new to me. Orca's role is not x shot in the same way as md4l's was. The terminology is clearly different "Lynchproof OR Hit-Proof (??? times)" You have yet to state your wincon. You claimed your role which was obviously a lie unless my knowledge of a Miller is wrong. Either way, I don't care about your role.... WHAT IS YOUR WINCON.....simple as that. Reveal or die
  9. Enjoy the drink aqua, it is a great motivator
  10. Dude md4l was lynched and I am killing you and taking the loss unless you tell us your wincon.
  11. What does that mean. Spell it out for me like I am dumb
  12. Why does any of that mean there will always be 2 lynches?