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  1. Ok so here it is. First off I believe Nacho is the final mafia and if so the rest of this stuff is pointless. Swoosh and Scoundrel were online at night and if scum would have used their kill (especially swoosh as it would mean game over). So this leads me to believe nacho is the scum and since he wasn't online didnt use the hit. That means we can't risk that he ca kill tonight and he has to be the one lynched today. This leads to what happens if he is town. In the event that he is town, that means 1 of swoosh or scoundrel are scum. And as I said I highly doub
  2. But as an appearance to the thread you appear scum. You can still play great and appear like scum. Its not a knock on you. It can be from your role, how you ended up voting, activity level, the way your moves turned out, etc. You could play great but if for example you hit someone that was cleared town and then claim you thought he was the GF even though everyone already knew someone else was the GF, you would appear to be big time scum. Like I said though, I have a way town wins so just bare with me. I'll post tomorrow when I get on.
  3. Town wins by lynching nacho. I can break it down tomorrow but mathematically I believe its sound providing 1 assumption and its a pretty strong one.
  4. 1 town killed malf after thinking he was the gf after it was revealed squire was...town fail 1 town missed his n1 move, claimed it was a day move 1 person failed at every read and move all game and has thread evidence from a know white flag waiver pointing to them 1 has followed others all game and done nothing until they magically have 2 votes 1 has done norhing all game and missed all their moves Pretty sure you can't tell who is town there lmao
  5. But I can vote. It'd be better that you and scoundrel lock first bc as you said swoosh has no kill so at worse we kill him tomorrow
  6. 🤣🤣🤣 If I had a gun I'd shoot all 3 of you bc thats how bad you all have played lmao. Not in the game sense but your thread appearance. You all are 99% scum imo.
  7. And why its super fake, gives you a reason to post this exact thing as to why you are still alive
  8. Bcb was seen visiting malf n1 as was squire (both mafia now dead). The only one left alive that also was seen visiting malf n1 was nacho. Nacho has also claimed protector and is alive still....why....easiest explanation is his claim is fake. If you were really roleblocked the other night then it can only be nacho from my viewpoint
  9. Gonna ride or ride with Bcb's reaction of calling out the lightning rod and it being nacho.. They all got caught n1.
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