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  1. Gameplan in. Good luck to my opponent
  2. To be clear. I am NOT quitting its just a very remote possibility if I get stretched in too many more directions. I will always try and make the time for this.
  3. Everyone i voted for i thought their roster could execute their gameplan better than the other team which equals a win.
  4. You know I'm close to quitting this league so yeah just keep pushing me. I just don't have time for it but continue to try and squeeze it in.
  5. Its does when you run a 30 team league lol. Also if I win my matchup this week I win either $200 or $400 depending on the world series matchup next week.
  6. I voted. Not gonna have time to explain any votes until after the MLB season. At the very least not until after the fantasy baseball season.
  7. Were you even night move? If so, yeah your role was basically vanilla...
  8. To be fair, I never actually gave my word. I fought hard for town. Then mwil started recruiting so it was between mafia and cult bc town was boned when the recruiting started.
  9. Yeah this game swung wildly and it seemed I could make it even more so at time lol. Then to be king maker was pretty fun. And to be clear. I was just going with racks, it didn't matter if he was with Orca or not (there was no way to tell what the truth was). tk3 made an appeal to me (mafia) and I killed him in a previous game, so this was a way to make up for that.
  10. I was so gonna win with town. Then with mafia. Then with cult. But then racks made an honest appeal to my decency and I had to take him up on it lol.
  11. Makes sense. I already voiced my opinion on that. Swag could have helped save Orca but bailed probably bc he knew he would splinter off.
  12. @rackcs I'm good to vote now and end this tonight. I assume it doesn't matter so im good with forge. Just say the word and I'll vote.
  13. Yesterday began 3:2:1:1 2 died. Should be only 5 alive
  14. Town wouldn't t have bc I was signaling all day that I was with Orca and his faction. My double votes. Removing town votes and I could even kill town. Mafia had the game won that day if they just saved Orca lmao. That said I'm still game to help mafia win if its possible lol https://c.tenor.com/JfDsU3vA92IAAAAS/all-part-of-the-plan-joker.gif
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