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  1. Those two who gave GB an F should rethink their line of work... wasn't even close to an F even with the Rodgers drama. Yeesh. I give is a A-. I thought they did a great job drafting a combination of BPA and need. I wanted a CB, OL, and either DL/WR in that order and that's what they did. I like the players they picked and think they all will have roles this year, with a few instant contributors. Solid, solid draft by GB.
  2. Agreed. He didn't say there wasn't a rift or that he was disappointed there was one, just that he was disappointed it came out of GB. Which is a crock since it was probably leaked by his side. But oh well! He isn't getting traded this year, he can either play or retire.
  3. B. But only because AR has multiple accounts on here.
  4. Agreed, but also probably true is that anyone with a half of a brain can tell you that there is a 0% chance all of these "reports from unnamed sources" are 100% false.
  5. Ok brother, you are obviously not reading what I'm posting. Best of luck to ya. I hope you are right and this is all fake news. But I don't think that's the case and I'll continue to support the Packers.
  6. Sorry, but that's a poor take. Let's flip that coin: "Then it should be easy peasy to post a link to AR disputing the rumors of him wanting more control of the franchise". Link? Or how about ANY AR link over the past few days denying ANY of this? I think you are confused regarding the definition of hate. I don't hate Rodgers at all. I think he is one of, if not THE, the greatest QBs ever to play the game. I want him back in GB. But not at the expense of him threatening to retire or pushing for the firing of Gute. To me that's not worth the headache. Feel free to feel differentl
  7. Sorry, there is absolutely fire behind this smoke. It popped up on draft day when trading was most likely AND Rodgers hasn't refuted it AND Murphy/Gute haven't refuted it AND it has only grow since it started just prove that. I get it, some fans are fans of players over teams. That's their choice. I'm not, I prefer teams over players. In this case I put my faith in the GB front office who thinks not just of one player but of the team long term. A front office that is having a good draft btw. Been through this before with Favre. Thanks for the memories, you were a great QB. B
  8. Sorry, can you explain the entitled part of your response? Not following.
  9. This just keeps making the Love pick look better and better. At that time you had a QB who appeared to be declining and a good prospect available to draft and sit/learn behind him. Now you got a head case QB demanding control of the franchise "or else". I'd rather Love sit and learn/develop another year, but I'm glad he is here. Also, what sort of message does this send to his teammates? They were a couple of plays away from the SB last year... If this is all true Rodgers can retire. I'm sick of his head issues, even if he is the best QB I've watched. No player is greater than the
  10. Not sure what Rodgers believes he controls in this situation, but it ain't much. He either plays or he sits, he isn't getting traded. If he sits his status as a Packer fan favorite nose dives and his likely hood of being traded next year tanks. He literally had the top scoring offense, the best WR, a top RB, and a good OL. The narrative of "get him weapons" is a joke... we win the SB last year if our defense was better, not if we had a round 1 WR. Dude is a head case. You don't give personnel decisions to a head case. No player is greater than the team.
  11. I'm happy with the draft thus far, except that MN is picking so close to GB. I cut the cord and am pulling ABC from the Twin Cities... they are going to cut to the Vikings presser after their pick. Jerks...
  12. Woof... the one guy I really didn't want. Hope I'm wrong and the "lack of talent" is true, but yikes. Went from Leonard to this in less than 24 hrs...
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