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  1. I think any wife of a true Packer fan has to expect this, mine knows by now! :)
  2. Frigging smart move by Rodgers and ML - run the clock down then challenge. Effectively using that clock and TOs.
  3. Thinking the same thing. Nice to see thre adjustments....
  4. Just saw he was activated for the game. Hoping he makes a huge positive difference tomorrow!
  5. Is something up with him this year? He has had a forgettable year.
  6. Blake Martinez used his own guy to block himself out of that TD...
  7. Dude, second game of the year with a new scheme against two very solid defenses. And they still put up 21 pts quick. R-E-L-A-X It was better than last week and that's what you want to see... weekly improvement.
  8. I think it is a sign of how bad our defense really was the last few years. A rebuild was definently needed. Best thing you can do for a new, young, offensive minded coach is give him a nasty defense to help lift some of the pressure off the offense.
  9. In liked it and would be happy for the upcoming season. But i'm more of an old school MLB & TE guy, so grain of salt.
  10. Please tell me i'm not the only one who watched that all the way until the end.
  11. I hate it when KRs fair catch a ball with nobody within 20 yards of them. That being said, Tramon needs to learn to call for a fair catch when the gunner is close enough to tie his shoe laces.
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