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  1. Is something up with him this year? He has had a forgettable year.
  2. Blake Martinez used his own guy to block himself out of that TD...
  3. 2019 Week 2 PACKERS vs vikings GAME DAY THREAD

    Dude, second game of the year with a new scheme against two very solid defenses. And they still put up 21 pts quick. R-E-L-A-X It was better than last week and that's what you want to see... weekly improvement.
  4. 2019 Draft Thoughts

    I think it is a sign of how bad our defense really was the last few years. A rebuild was definently needed. Best thing you can do for a new, young, offensive minded coach is give him a nasty defense to help lift some of the pressure off the offense.
  5. 2019 Day 1 Draft Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    Extended kid bath time works too
  6. Post Superb Owl Mock .... Hoot Hoot

    In liked it and would be happy for the upcoming season. But i'm more of an old school MLB & TE guy, so grain of salt.
  7. Trade for Antoino Brown?

    Please tell me i'm not the only one who watched that all the way until the end.
  8. Week 16 GDT Packers @ Jets "I Believe That Gute..."

    I hate it when KRs fair catch a ball with nobody within 20 yards of them. That being said, Tramon needs to learn to call for a fair catch when the gunner is close enough to tie his shoe laces.
  9. You Are In Control. Who Replaces McCarthy?

    Dan Campbell, current Assistant HC and TE coach for the Saints. He has a little experience as a HC, taking over the Dolphins when Philbin was let go. I believe he did well with that, even beating the Patriots once. The Saints always seem well prepared and ready to play, and I'd imagine he has a part in that.
  10. Fun Bye Week Game

    Derek Sherrod. I remember being at a bar with a few coworkers and explaining to my boss why I thought he was a solid pick. Looking back I knew in my gut it wasn't the best pick, but I tried so hard to convince myself and others it was.
  11. 2019 Murphy / Gute Off-Season moves

    If we make the playoffs, then I believe MM stays. Even with a quick exit. So for the following I'll say we missed the playoffs and MM is out. Hire Dan Campbell as HC. Currently the Assistant HC and TE Coach of the New Orleans Saints, former TE player. Has a solid pedigree as a player and coach under good coaches (Parcells, Payton) and even took over the Dolphins as interim HC when Philbin was let go. Offensive guy who I think would work well with the Packer's organization, roster, and fans. I'd allow him to bring in his own staff, but anticpate him keeping Pettine. I'd like fresh blood on the offensive and special teams, the defensive just got that this year. I think there would be changes on the defensive coaching staff, but the DC would remain ( I feel like MM forced a few on Pettine). I'd also believe the defensive would shift to a more 4-3 personnel oriented defense. I get it, most run a hybrid, but I do think you look for different types of players (ex: DE vs OLB). FAs I'd try to resign would be Wilkerson, Clinton-Dix, Breeland, and CMIII in that order. I don't think Clinton-Dix takes any offer GB puts out there as I think he wants to go somewhere else, and I wouldn't overpay. CMIII would need a team friendly deal, but I think he could still play a roll in a revitalized defense, again without overpaying. Cobb, Lewis, Kendricks, etc can all be (and in Cobbs case are already in the process of being) replaced for younger and cheaper. I'd move Tramon to safety. FAs I'd try to pick up would be Rob Havenstein/Daryl Williams (RT, Bulaga's replacement), Earl Thomas/Tyronn Mathieu (FS, one or the other as I don't think they pair up well), Dante Fowler Jr (OLB/SAM, built more for either of these positions than a true DE, solid against the run), and Quinton Spain (OG, solid player). For the draft it would depend on what personnel the defense is focusing on (again, I get it, hybrid, but still). I'd we stay 3-4 then I'd focus on OLB/EDGE, Safety, Tackle, Guard in that order. If we went 4-3 then I'd go Safety, DE, Tackle, Guard in that order. Unless a big time player fell into our laps in the middle/late rounds I'd shy away from RB, WR, TE, C, QB, DT, and MLB. I'd consider CB for depth, just not with the first 3 or 4 picks. I wouldn't package our picks to move up, I think there is good quality away the positions we need when we would be picking. Time to replace aging/underproducing/overpaid vets with younger/promising/cheaper rookies. Sorry for any mistakes, I am doing this on my phone!
  12. 2018 Expansion Draft - Packers

    SAA = Same As Above
  13. 2018 Expansion Draft - Packers

    I'm going to assume this year's draft picks wouldn't count/be eligible. 5: Rodgers, Bakhtiari, Adams, K. Clark, Daniels 10: SAA, Clinton-Dix, Perry, Matthews, King, Crosby
  14. Is Winston Moss on his way out of Green Bay

    Looked like a guy who doesn't care. Whether it is because he doesn't care for press conferences or he doesn't care to be with GB... only he knows the answer to that. Not what I'd like to see un a press conference from any member of the Packers, regardless of position/role. Just gives a bad vibe and makes me wonder if his perceived bad attitude spreads. Also have to wonder if this is how he interviews. If you want to be the face of an organization you better do better (or have the BB rings to afford an attitude).