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  1. Oof... not the best play coming out of a timeout.
  2. That's a backwards pass. Aka a fumble.
  3. That's a BS no flag there... clearly a head shot on a defenseless WR.
  4. Yay! Down 11 late in the fourth. Can't wait to see what Mertz does with that added pressure!
  5. Holy crap, Mertz finally threw two good passes, including his first TD in 7 games. #HeismanGM
  6. I've got to think some of the playcalling is for lack of confidence in the QB. When he is missing wide open WRs it certainly can't make you think he is going to turn it around. ND can sell out on the run at this point, Mertz isn't going to beat them. And I think that takes out some of the plays in your playbook knowing your QB probably won't make the right read. A lot of pressure on a 20 tear old? Yep. But he was a 5 star recruit, was handed the starting role, and has done squat outside of one game ten games ago. Again, I also think Chryst is not a good offense playcaller to start with. E
  7. Please yes. I'll take the HC growing pains for that aggressive mentality on both sides of the ball.
  8. Except one is having a good game and one isn't. One is actually playing like a college QB and one isn't. And not just this game, but the year so far. QB1 - 62/99, 808 yards, 8 TDs, 2 INTs in 3 games QB2 - 36/54, 324 yards, 0 TDs, 2 INTs, in 2 games. That's not equal. Out of the two I'd rather have QB1. And the tough part is we gave up QB1 for QB2. If the play of QB2 doesn't improve then that's going to sting for awhile. We've known our defense was the strength of the team, and that we were in a down year for both OL and RB meaning we would need our QB to minimize m
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