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  1. Worst part is we are the better team, they just got all the breaks and barely won. Actually, the worst part is going to be this forum for the next week. Posters are going to pick apart each other like always in a loss.
  2. Lol, that was their Super Bowl. It is every year. Now those of us on the border with MN get to listen to the obnoxious Viking fans talk about how great their team is. Although... it is slightly worth it to watch them explode at the end of the year and go nowhere. Their fans can't handle that, even though you'd think they would be used to it.
  3. Alright, good drive by the offense. Come on defense, time for a pick or fumble recovery.
  4. Rodgers playing like an aging QB today. Didn't have a great week last week either.
  5. Grew up on the WI/MN border. Vikings fans are some of the most obnoxious fans out there. They have a serious case of little sibling envy towards GB. Hell, one of their greatest sports moments over the part decade was the cheap shot that took out Rodgers... like how bad does your team have to be to have that as a top sports moment?
  6. They are checking each transaction to make sure you do not already have stock, and if so that you are below the maximum shares allowed.
  7. First game I had been at in over 3 years and it felt good to be back. It was a game that felt like the Packers were always going to win, which is weird given how close it was for so long. It felt like even if Seattle had driven down and scored points it would just have sparked something in GB's offense to come roaring back. And when Dillion started rumbling and bumbling it just felt right. The defense was amazing, really the back half was just flying around like crazy. The best part was probably the last two minutes though. I bet you maybe, maybe 10k fans had left the stadium. Which is in
  8. I would expect nothing less from this forum. 😄
  9. I'm not surprised he chose LA. He works out/lives there part time and let's be honest, LA in Nov/Dec/Jan is much nicer temperature wise than GB. We will leave the culture/people part of that open for debate. He could very much have been a nice weapon to have and he could have brought something to the table that we don't currently have, so I'm sad he isn't coming in that respect. That being said, nobody knows if he would be the OBJ of the last few years or the OBJ of a fews years back. I'm glad GB didn't try to outbid anybody for him, I highly doubt us reaching the SB swings on us having o
  10. 1 isn't "retired", but it really should be. Curly is the only player credited with wearing it.
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