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  1. Marshawn Lynch seems to have retired for good.

    Raiders are going to draft David Montgomery in round 2 or 3 First three picks are defense 100%
  2. Robbie Gould request trade

    Yeah, he would probably be willing to take a discount there too. 2020 conditional 6th that turns into a 5th if they make the playoffs.
  3. Robbie Gould request trade

    I really like Ted Nguyen. CAN WE PLEASE STOP FEEDING THE TROLL? Grant Cohn is either an incompetent buffoon or has an agenda against this team. EITHER WAY lets steer clear of that child Serious question, which team is going to trade a pick to us for a kicker who clearly only has one destination in mind and is set to be paid 5 million? The bears wont give us any picks for him because: A) They dont have very many draft picks and have very limited cap space and therefore require as much cheap labor as possible B) They know that Gould basically can tell other teams not to trade for him because he wont sign a LTD and that Gould only has one destination in mind I would have thought that a team like the chargers, who have basically been cursed with kickers for the last 8 years and want to win a SB, but they seemed to have solved their kicking problems recently. Who else might trade a pick for a kicker who is set to make 5 million for one year? I mean, seriously.
  4. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    Harry is too slow to be a true #1 He doesn't run great routes and will have some serious problems separating

    49ers will not be drafting that slow guy in the second round. Kyle loves speed on offense and guys who are technical route runners. Harry is neither. We don't need WRs with big catch radiuses either, Garoppolo is super accurate with his ball placement. Just seems like a horrible fit for everyone.

    worth adding, the first team to trade down is favored at the jets -240. Cards are +500 something, niners +380, Raiders are like +400 I tried to find 'no WRs drafted in the first round' but couldn't. that will pay out though
  7. Steelers extend QB Ben Roethlisberger (2 years, $63 M)

    That is waaaaay too much money for him LOL He's old, declining, and lost a lot of weapons. I don't understand why the Steelers felt a need to do this. Wasn't he under contract for another year already?
  8. What is Rosen worth and to who?

    lol I'll give you the fact that we cant really evaluate Rosen based on the bad team he was on with poor coaching, but proclaiming him as a top 10 QB is jumping the gun as well. Seems like Rosen is getting a case of confirmation bias. Those who like him, are going to overlook the bad stuff. People who hate him see the poor play and think hes trash. Its probably somewhere in the middle. I think his absolute upside is Cousins with a slightly worse arm, or maybe he will be Eli Manning. He will probably be a viable starter for someone, but I really don't see why he will ever be an 'elite' QB without an elite supporting cast (cough Goff cough) Murray will give them a better chance to win games in year one for the simple reason he is mobile. Rosen moves like Eli Manning without as good pocket awareness. That is a horrible combination to have with a terrible OL like the cards have. With Murray, at least he will be able to scramble and make plays downfield. He has a much better arm than Rosen does. As a niners fan, I hope they keep Rosen. The absolute best version of Rosen is much easier to beat than the best version of Murray imo.
  9. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    Its time to put the smokescreen out there that the giants and 49ers are talking about the giants trading up to #2 to draft Haskins. Basically it would force the redskins to deal with us rather than the jets. The compensation someone posted based on draft charts (not an official rumor just conjecture) for the redskins to go up to #3 with the jets was: 1st, 2nd, 3rd this year, plus 2020 FRP and 2020 third round pick. I think I do that deal to move back to #15. Then use our own 2020 FRP to get Ramsey!!

    That is enough compensation for me, I will give them a 'discount' and let them trade up for that price. having an extra second and third in this draft would be huge. Having an extra first and third next year after trading a 2020 second for Dee Ford would basically make this be the trade: Niners trade away #2 overall, 2020 second Niners receive - Dee Ford, #15, #46, #76, 2020 first, 2020 third would be amazing

    oh man, I think the 49ers would take that same deal for them to go up to #2. That is a franchise altering trade. 2020 FRP alone makes it worth it imo. That could be a top 10 pick
  12. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    I would give up next year's first for Ramsey even though we already traded a 2020 second for Ford. With Sherman plus the young corners we have, I think we would be pretty set there. With an improved pass rush (Ford, bosa, Buckner, Thomas is a great group) we would have a damn good pass defense suddenly. It would be playoffs or bust, but with a healthy Jimmy G and Kyle calling plays, I feel pretty good that our 2020 first will be in the 25 range. We would need to clear some cap space over the next few years though. Guys like McKinnon and richburg would need to be cut
  13. Robbie Gould request trade

    @y2lamanaki fair enough. Thought it was implied. The tweet is misleading at a minimum.
  14. Robbie Gould request trade

    This tweet is factually incorrect. Tucker's extension does nothing to change the franchise tag number for this season. Franchise tag salaries are based on the top 5 salaries at your position from the previous year. It couldn't be the way described in the tweet, because what if Gould already signed his tender? Then the contractual amount between both parties would change? Shoddy reporting right there
  15. Buying a House

    Incorrect. @skywindO2 you can just tell them 'im not going to waive contingencies and will be sending a cancellation'. That's literally all you have to say and you will get 100% of your initial deposit back, you don't need a specific reason. I suggest that if you have a different number in mind for the home that WOULD make you comfortable, that you just tell the sellers that you will waive contingencies if they agree to a price reduction. If they don't allow the price reduction, then you walk for free. That is, assuming you still want the house just at a different price.