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  1. My goodness. Yes please. Sign me up for this everyday and 10 times on draft day. A project QB in exchange for a future 1st? Plus we get another first on top of that? This is like when the nets traded so many picks to the Celtics for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce The only thing is that it makes no sense because Denver drafts in front of us haha
  2. I am not buying that saving 24m wont make a difference at that point in the offseason. We can hold off on the warner extension until that time and obviously unused cap space will roll over. We can have a handshake agreement with NE, like we did with them and Trent Brown. BB certainly can exercise discretion, so i am not worried about the details getting out and that jeopardizing our ability to go get one of the young QBs Is it ideal as far as timing goes? No, its not perfect, but you know what? That is just how it goes sometimes. You need to make the move you need to make and let eve
  3. I think the better question is - will they take a QB at #4? I can see how a person with a user name of @Championshiporbust would ask the wrong question though
  4. Fields falling to a range where we can snag him is actually the outcome I am hoping for the most from this draft. I see huge upside potential and think its worth taking a big swing at the fences. We probably wont get another legit shot at Desean Watson, but fields can be our watson mea culpa / redemption without trading away the farm Kyle has traditionally targeted a specific type of QB. Obviously the league has changed but more importantly, I am hoping that Kyle's mindset on QB has changed. Its not just mobile vs not mobile as much as its the fact he was very confident that he could win
  5. I bet you that Eddie D would have found a way to have Dee retire, then hire him as a special assistant to Kocerek and pay him 11+ million
  6. Albert Breer said this recently - everytime compensation is leaked, it's by the team who owns the asset trying to increase prices (or it's fake news)
  7. I had not scouted mills until tonight. I like his release, it's very easy and compact and it looks like it jumps out of his hands when he is throwing down field. Uses a lot of touch underneath. Has a good feel for defenders and throwing into windows. He is a timing QB and does a good job executing playcalls. I know a lot of people want us to get an athlete at QB. I understand the reasoning and agree on a lot of levels (one of which is that our OL cant pass block worth a damn). With that being said, I am not sure kyle will make it a priority to get an athlete. He has only ever wanted
  8. I will pass on an oft injured RB coming off an achilles With the late round picks we have this year, we should be able to draft someone. I will up the ante and say that we NEED to add a RB this year I really liked what I saw from Hasty, but I am worried that he may just be too small to be anything other than a spot rotational player, and may find himself on the PS again this year Mostert has never handled the load of a 16 game season as a starter and has been injured 2/3 years I love JWjr, but he hasnt handled a full work load either I think we need 1-2 more runne
  9. From everyone in CA who lived through the 2020 hell fires, Texans, we stand in solidarity with you. I hope y'all get some normalcy in your lives soon. I know what it's like to be consumed by something like this To all of the Californians who moved to Texas recently because you were b****ing about how the state is run, we laugh in your faces I guess even the utility companies **** ups are bigger in Texas
  10. thinking about the watson CAR offer news more: When compensation gets released like this, its generally the team who owns the asset trying to drive the price up, or its fake If this is real, it means that HOU knows they arent taking carolinas offer So if all of the above is true, then Carolina isnt on Watson's list
  11. I think at that point, we would just be out on Watson. Would be cheaper to go get fields/wilson. cheaper in capital given up, cheaper money. For good reason obviously, neither are watson Whenever compensation like this gets leaked, its either fake or leaked by the team who owns the asset trying to drive the price up. To me, this says that either A) Carolina aint on the list or B) its fake news
  12. Why wait until week 6? He can just do this week 1 and get paid the full salary Worked for Jalen.
  13. I understand he can move around, but he is a 3T in a 43 or a 34 DE. You arent going to play him on the edge very often in a 43, just like he would rarely/never play OLB in a 34 My overall point is that it just shows how ignorant the media/fans are because they look at DE under his position and then think all DEs are the same. I just saw something saying "washington doesnt need JJwatt because they have chase young and montez sweat" just... no
  14. I keep seeing "so and so team doesnt need JJ watt because they have good DEs already" Do people STILL not understand the difference between a 34 DE and a 43DE??? Watt is not an edge rusher. He is an interior defender. figure it out people
  15. I think you underestimate the type of leader and communicator Saleh is. He will right the ship from a culture standpoint. Whether or not they win games is a different question, but they won't have the same issues they had before Regardless, pretty evident that Watson to the Jets narrative was being floated by Houston. They were trying to get MIA to increase their bid. Watson has a list of teams that includes Miami
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