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  1. You aren't wrong, but that doesn't make you right. Football is an emotional game. If you don't see how Brady gave the bucs and emotional edge that ultimately got them a ring, I don't know what to tell you. Put yourself in Devin whites shoes. Yes, you are an incredible player in your own right, but you are basically a rookie and you look across the field and you see a 43 year old pushing himself and everyone else in a way youve never seen before ... Brady has that clout. These young guys grew up seeing him hoist Lombardis. He absolutely deserves credit for it. Bruce Arians let
  2. I think you are discounting how much his leadership meant to that team. He was the one that pushed them across the finish line. He was texting teammates inspirational stuff everyday at like 6am. The young guys rallied around him. It's a rare time where a QB can take SOME of the credit for the defense. Those guys stepped up FOR and because of Brady. They bought in completely. I don't think that team wins while getting literally the same exact contribution from another QB on the field. So, while the rest of the team was stacked, Brady was the one who galvanized that team, and for that reas
  3. Played bad early but he battled the whole time and stuck with it. A bad performance doesnt mean you are a bad player, or that what you did previously is invalid. Its how you handle it when it goes bad. The dude rallied, got better as the game went on, and made enough plays to win the game. correct me if I am wrong, but didnt they only practice for like 10 days or something? I think they only played one game so that guys would qualify for scholarships, right? Weird situation where they knew it was their only game of the season no matter what happened. The perception would have chang
  4. You would also hope that when asked "in what ways did you fail in san francisco?" baalke wheezes out more than "it was that damned jim harbaugh" and instead wheezes "I took too many risks on injured players" (seriously, have you heard this guy talk? sounds like hes 110 year old man who smokes cigars everyday) I will never forgive Baalke for the AJ Jenkins pick in 2012. We went to the NFCCG and we were one player away. He never had a single catch for us, and we lost the superbowl by 5 yards the following year. Literally anyone else could have put us over the top. We were a stacked ro
  5. Absolutely. The proday was extremely impressive and showed just as much about him mentally as it did physically. He looked very polished. Everything looked easy but then the ball jumped out of his hand as you said. It was also a very fast paced work out and he didnt seem to get very tired, which shows a commitment on his part. I have repeatedly ragged on Jimmy Garoppolo for coming back in 2020 with WORSE footwork than he had in 2019, when footwork was the most obvious/easiest thing he could improve upon. It comes off like he didnt work on his craft during the pandemic. Lance improved sig
  6. Aiyuk taking the top off the defense is the missing piece to the puzzle Aiyuks length and deep speed coupled with Trey's big arm is going to give DCs nightmares Randy Moss is the best deep threat of all time. Guys that tall aren't supposed to be able to move like that and have that kind of body control Aiyuks got a unique body type. The guy has a 6'9 wingspan but he's 6' tall. His legs are equally proportioned to his arms. Long strides mean he's got very good top end speed. The fact he is not 6'9 means he also has great short area quickness. The guy looks like he floats when
  7. And Mosely is changing to #4 I like it I hate the rule. Hate it. But these changes seem pretty good. Lol
  8. Ted Nguyen wrote an article about top 10 scheme fits from the draft and has Trey Lance at #1. See his reasoning below: https://theathletic.com/2558295/2021/05/05/teds-film-room-my-10-favorite-scheme-and-player-fits-from-the-2021-nfl-draft/ So I think you are mistaken in your assessment. Not only is he going through his reads very fast, but he is also moving his lower body while doing so, allowing him to pull the trigger immediately when he sees something he likes.
  9. Yeah Middlekauf said (after the draft) that he takes the maximum dosage of the epilepsy medication. He also said there are times when hammys can scare teams off of a player, and that all it takes for a doctor to be like "its fine buuut I had this one patient who had issues..." for NFL guys (who are not doctors) to get scared away by it. So I do think that was a bigger deal than we thought at the time. Also, he carried himself a little awkwardly after getting drafted. Didnt seem pumped at all. Allbright cryptically tweeted "sometimes its not the player, its the person" and I think that wa
  10. Good plan, but have you considered that we can't be sure any of us will be alive in week 7? I feel like that's a huge hole in your plan
  11. https://www.sfgate.com/49ers/amp/Santa-Clara-49ers-city-attorney-Brian-Doyle-emails-16148130.php More stadium drama
  12. Seattle won't trade Wilson until they own their own first round pick. They would be so so so dumb to blow it up when they won't even get the benefit of being bad.
  13. All of his tape is from 2019 when he is 19 years old. He spent the entire off year working on his mechanics and watching NFL film. The mechanics at his proday looked much sharper than what you can see in the film from 2019 His accuracy was inconsistent to be sure. Some have said he is not a natural thrower. There are times when his deep ball is too flat and doesnt get enough air under it. There are times he throws laser with no touch. Inconsistent doesnt mean he wasnt accurate though. There were plenty of times where he threw perfectly placed balls that were on time and in rhythm.
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