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  1. Denver trades WR Sanders to 49ers

    Ahhh **** that's too much lol What's his contract like
  2. @Pickle Rick used his sensor. I missed that part. What were the results ?
  3. <puts gold in box hoping something cool happens> <Looks at cave walls/ceilings for paintings> @The Orca Squire cheese are 100% scum based on concrete information. Swag is more doubtful but maybe that's because I'm just scrolling through those rambling posts. I'll follow the rest of the group and vote swag
  4. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Sanu is a really good player and brings size the pats don't have from their targets. I love this trade for them tbh
  5. Week 7 Game Ball?

    Been waiting to see someone else say this. He missed too many tackles out there and had no gap discipline. He was hurt more than most on the field by the conditions. His game is based on speed and he never looked like he had good footing. It's part of the reason I expect us to be fine with CMC. Kwon is very fast and should be able to do pretty well against him
  6. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    I did this in the playoffs last year while winning by 3 points. I benched diggs who scored 25 points. Wake up Wednesday and Lamar Jackson lost some points due to a backwards pass or something and then I lost by .01 because of the stat correction. Would have won the championship and a cool 1k. My team was stacked I'll never not play someone again. Negative points don't happen frequently enough, stat corrections are super common (lost earlier this year on a stat correction, and won this week on one) and the tie breaker at the end of the year is points scored
  7. Add/Drop thread

    It's like OJ Howard. I cut him after week 2. Was that bad? Absolutely not. Cut your losses. Nagy is clueless right now too. Did you hear his post game? That team is about to fold imo
  8. Add/Drop thread

    Is he starting though? 46% snap count and they just don't feed him the ball. Hes great in the passing game too and they hardly ever put him there. I thought I was getting a poor man's Kareem hunt (rookie season) when I drafted him in every goddamn league lmao I don't get it
  9. Minor Niner News Thread

    The niners Facebook page changed their profile picture to a throwback version. We are wearing the whites this weekend. You heard it here first.
  10. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    They've played the Steelers, jets x2, buffalo, redskins, giants, Miami. Those are 7 horrible offenses. Just wait until... Hmmmn yeah they are going 16-0 lol easiest schedule in NFL history I think
  11. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    I'm very glad we didn't draft him. He has horrible fundamentals and the turnovers issue is real. The guy fumbles far too often and plays loose with the ball. He had like 30 turnovers his last year at USC. Obviously he was taken before us, but only because of Garoppolos winning streak
  12. Here, let me help <Finds some wood and creates a torch from the lit fire> @The Orca I was like why the ffff was there a lit fire in a Panthers lair?
  13. There was no cave reference though, we might be in different places. It happened when you guys were fighting the panther. I took racks dead body, used it as bait to sneak by the panther lol
  14. <goes back to the Panthers lair> @Forge I was there already and found an empty box and gold. Maybe that'll play Also, orca never processed: <searches 'empty' box for hidden compartment> @The Orca
  15. Texans acquire Gareon Conley

    It would seem that you are able to dish it out but not take it lol It's all in good fun, playboi