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  1. I love the 49ers mindset. It's a focused confidence without being arrogant. They know if they show up and play their best game that there isn't a team on planet Earth they can't beat. It's also about showing respect to your opponent. The guys are taking this seriously but arent up tight about it. Very good balance.
  2. I didn't think those people existed, but there appears to be more than one pro speeding ticket person on this page of wayta alone. I would tell those people to go to hell, but that's not strong enough. I hope they have a pineapple shoved somewhere the sun doesn't shine Probably the same people who are pro taxes tbh
  3. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/01/25/george-kittle-recalls-anthony-hitchens-bullying-him-at-iowa-practice/amp/ Not that it matters that much, but and interesting wrinkle to this game, two of KCs LBs played at Iowa and are a few years older than kittle
  4. That was my point lol Thank God antone exum, Adrian Colbert, Cassius Marsh, and malcom smith aren't on our roster anymore!
  5. Weekly Bets Thread

    what makes you say this about the anthem? anything to actually back this up? Curious to hear what other prop bets people have success with. I just took Kendrick bourne to score the first TD of the game at +1800. Also took him to score first niners TD at +1100. He is someone garoppolo looks for in that part of the field. would be great if he scores first because I would win both lol I was looking for fred warner mvp but I dont see it offered at my book. was thinking of putting small amounts on a bunch of niners defenders because I feel like someone could get a late takeaway that decides the game. unfortunate that the only two guys I have available are sherman and bosa, which are good options that I bet on, but I was just hoping for some real long shot with a great payout for fun. deebo samuel is a guy I took as well. I didnt really want to put any WR, because its super rare for them to win, but we hand him the ball a lot and its possible he gets 5-6 carries and 3-4 catches where he does a lot once he has the ball. could score a TD multiple ways too, which helps a lot with these kinds of things. I already placed a large wager on the over 54. Thinking about doing two 25% bets on each teams total. KC team total is 26.5 and SF team total is 27.5. by splitting up the bet, I feel confident at least one will hit, with a strong chance both hit. Hard to see neither team reaching 28 points. Increase the payout when the game goes over, but not lose if only one team is scoring. I will say, the closer we get the less confident I am in the over. I took 54 basically immediately thinking the public would bet this number up a lot. The fact it hasnt moved that much despite most of the money coming in on the over means that vegas wants to encourage more betting, which is always a scary thought. I know they are fearful of sharps pounding the over if they move it too much, but at some point, you have to think the liability would be too large to risk not moving it up. I think this will be a game that goes way over or not over at all. I am thinking of doing an alternate line of the over 64.5 +270 along with the under 44.5 +270. not sure if that would make mathematical sense though
  6. watching niners chiefs week 3 2018 right now. I am only watching their offense vs our defense. they have a completely different defense, so watching that would be a waste of time lol I saw part of the 3rd and 4th quarter on NFLN the other day but I am watching it on gamepass which is nice to be able to skip to the parts I want and rewatch plays easily. This was Mahomes first start at arrowhead. 4th start, first home game. only 2 QBs in NFL history have started their first three games on the road. Patrick Mahomes and Jim Hostetler (lol). we are now playing him in his first superbowl. we were so bad at tackling back then. holy hell. kept diving at ankles. Its amazing how much better we have been at tackling this year. Its actually a very remarkable turnaround. I saw @Forge say earlier that with mosley in at corner, we might be the best tackling team he has ever seen. We were not that team in this game. They kept killing us with screens. fake it one way, then run a screen/quick dump off to the other side. they would break one tackle or our guy would take a horrible angle and it would be a big play. I dont think they will have as much success with screens, but its absolutely conceivable that its a big part of the gameplan again. would make sense to make our DL run a lot, especially early, to try and wear them down. I just dont think screens will be very effective this time around. our DL is athletic and smart. Saleh did his fair share of blitzing. We brought pressure with our secondary. it was smart. mahomes can move so we went after him with speed, while also mixing coverages. we did it on 3rd and 10, the chiefs had a false start, we ran it again on 3rd and 15 and they ran a 15 yard screen play lol cant have the same play call twice like that when andy gets to look at it. should have at least changed the side or something. Everyone says they show saleh a lot this year, but they showed him a lot during this game too. We were so bad at running zone last year. it really showed in this game. there were a bunch of plays where defenders would try and pass off receivers and no one would pick them up. It would just look like guys decided to stop covering their man. they kept doing overloads to certain spots. There were a lot of guys covering no one while WRs/Kelce would be wide open. its been night and day for us in that regard so I am not going to worry about that part. ___ watching KC's recent games, it seems like mahomes prefers to run towards the sideline. he likes to break contain, change the angle of the coverage and then have the option to run/pass. he doesnt run up the middle hardly ever. usually when he sits in the pocket he is looking to throw. I think our wide 9 scheme is perfectly suited to defend this. I am gonig to have bosa and ford get up field fast, then have buckner/armstead loop to the outside after that. It would certainly part the red sea (pun intended) and leave the middle wide open but I would definitely put kwon or warner in a zone in the middle of the field with one eye on him in case he tries to run. If he does run, hopefully the zone defenders can come up and force him to slide. If he tries to be superman and make guys miss, then I have a good feeling about bosa, ford, buckner or armstead running him down from behind (and hopefully forcing a fumble!). We can also delay blitz this zone defender up the middle as well. I think how/when saleh decides to blitz is going to be a huge factor. cant get caught blitzing against a screen, but there are ways to design zone blitzes where one DLman drops off and anticipates something like that so we have both bases covered. I definitely want to come after mahomes with speed. we actually have run some 3 saftey stuff the last few weeks. Not for very many plays, but we did do it. I wouldnt mind having tarvarious moore come in for a few plays again. would allow us to leave tartt/ward in the box or to man up on kelce while still having two S deep. would help match their speed. I dont want him on the field that much, but it could make sense to do on third down.
  7. New Forum - New Random

    I'm well beyond caring if people think I'm insane/crazy When it comes to this team, I am absolutely obsessed. Let that freak flag fly, baby. I love this team and I don't care who knows lol absolutely no shame My aunt calls me the mayor of our section at Levi's. I am super super loud and always cracking jokes (at our expense when we are bad, at the other teams expense when we are good lol) everyone knows me for this reason Very fortunate to have the ability to go to as many games as I do. It certainly is a big part of why I love this team as much as I do.
  8. I agree with that first part. Neither side should think it's a lock It's going to be a back and forth game. Even if one team gets a nice lead, it's not gonna last We are more well balanced, but they have stronger strengths. They can score very very fast. The niners are probably the fastest overall roster in the NFL, but we don't have the top end speed that they have
  9. New Forum - New Random

    That sounds horrible lol too many people When I'm not at the game, I can't watch with more than 1-2 people at the absolute most. Usually it's just me by myself lol I'm very torn on this one, because when I get my first ring I'm trying to go full Brian Wilson
  10. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    It really is. Interesting to see how he handles it. Some players take it super personally
  11. I hate this kind of talk. Just say the team or don't say anything I have a strong belief that the dodgers use technology to steal signs as well. I commented about it last year. They were roughing up bum after that whole thing with muncy happened. Then, a runner gets on second, giants switch up their signs, and bum strikes the next two guys out. Seemed blatantly obvious to me what was going on. So it's funny to see everyone ***** and moan about it
  12. Spags vs shanny 2009 - Rams 13 Houston 16 2010 - Rams 30 redskins 16 2011 - Rams 10 redskins 17 2012 - saints 32 redskins 40 2015 - giants 20 falcons 24 Not really a lot of familiarity there to be honest. I didn't look to see stats for any of these games either.
  13. Travis Kelce vs George Kittle

    I gave you props for your well reasoned post and acknowledged it was valid and sound reasoning. I even gave you your first like! No, he's not. That's never been my reasoning as to why kittle is a better receiver. He's a better receiver because he's more dynamic. He's faster. He's better after the catch. He's a better route runner because he's a quick twitch athlete. He has better hands. I said it a you pages ago but your new here so I'll say it again. Kelce is a damn good football player. Stating kittle is better is not a knock on Kelce by any stretch of the imagination. Kelce is a smooth athlete and looks like he glides when he moves. He is very good at finding holes and zone and space over the middle. He's more in the mold of a traditional tight end in that sense. He is a very fluid athlete, no doubt about it, especially for his size and length. I agree with the notion that these two guys are head and shoulders above everyone else at the position. No arguments there! The difference between they're blocking abilities is greater than the difference between their receiving abilities. That tips to scale in favor of the guy who is better blocker.
  14. Update: Jaguars hire Jay Gruden as OC

    Gross. That's going to be a logistical nightmare Imagine being drafted by a team on another continent