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  1. I agree with the first sentence but I think we need to add someone. Mullens is fine as a backup next year no matter who our QB is but I would like to add a toosly project QB late that we can develop Not in the 2nd, but we need to take someone in the 5th or 6th if we don't draft a guy in the first What do you think of Iowa st QB purdy? Not necessarily the toolsy guy I would want but he seems like he could be ok in the right system
  2. I wonder what will happen if the Ravens Steelers game gets cancelled Does that mean the NFC gets an 8th seed? I guess we are one game out of the 8th seed? Lol
  3. I completely forgot that it's Alex smith vs Mike Nolan today Go Alex!
  4. Also, wouldnt you agree that a "good team" with a high pick would have an easier time finding "great players" rather than a "good team" with a low draft pick? Lol
  5. That's not his point at all He is hoping the niners get a higher pick His rooting interest has no barring on the actual results Niners FO seems really competent and we are most likely going to be looking for a QB So a higher pick absolutely helps us more than maybe some other teams in our current range
  6. N4L

    Notable Stats

    All of the excuses you posted earlier were valid until this year. He looks like Derrick Carr did a few years ago - an absolutely broken human being. Wentz contract is movable in the sense there isn't a lot of dead space I don't know if anyone will want to take on the 30+m per year though The eagles are stuck with him for 30ish million next year, but after that he can be cut If they cut Wentz, I'd hope the niners jump all over him. He would be a good reclamation project in a Shanahan system
  7. This is the unfortunate reality, and one that @Shanedorf pointed out a few pages back. The NFL wants to save the juicy matchups for other primetime slots or they are network protected games As a hardcore football fan I freaking hate it. Thanksgiving should be a day where they grow the sport, but instead they know they will make money either way so they give us sheit games Hence the reason we need to end the madness of "they will watch it anyways" and give us not Detroit or dallas at 9:30am/12:30pm and 1:30pm/4:30pm on a Thursday (PST/est).
  8. These are my thoughts as well, as a niners fan, although I am certain the majority of niners fans would not agree with me. The reality is, with more positives everyday, they NFL didn't have a choice
  9. This is exactly why the madness needs to end
  10. I don't think this is it at all We know he can play all 5, and use him as necessary. This off-season we didn't add a RG who could play right away, so we played him there. Then we moved him to center when we basically had no one else to play there. I don't think we have refused to put him there, we just have had other places he was needed more
  11. Hunter henry @ buffalo (does anyone know what the weather will be?) Goedert vs SEA on MNF Logan Thomas @ DAL Full PPR I would play goedert and not think about it if I knew ertz was going to be out. It looks like he will be back though. I honestly am thinking of playing Thomas I also have Jordan Reed or Hayden Hurst in another league (.5 ppr). I went back and watched the saints falcons game, holy hell ryan was bad. Hurst was open, other guys were open, ryan had time in the pocket but wasnt pulling the trigger. not sure why. I guess with trent williams out, mullens will need to make short quick passes over the middle to reed?
  12. Steelers Ravens postponed BUMP I'll repeat this again, the NFL has been giving us garbage matchups on Thanksgiving day for years and it's time to remove Detroit and Dallas from automatic Thanksgiving games
  13. N4L

    Week 11 COVID-19 News

    It's not weird or suspicious or whatever else you are insinuating Sweeney was exposed to someone who had covid, put on the covid list, then tested positive. Because he was already on the covid list, there wasn't anything for any news agency to report - "player on covid list has covid" is not a headline anyone clicks. So it's not as if they suddenly "found" a positive test, it's that no one cared enough to spend time writing about it until he developed a very real, and moderately common side effect that many people are now experiencing. A "side effect" that is a very real and definable condition - which now puts his football career in jeopardy because doctors may not allow him to ever take the field again So go ahead and think on this really hard and try to make this into a "covid is a media conspiracy" like you are trying to push, but the facts remain that the United States is the hardest hit country in the world because of people exactly like you, who think it's more likely that they've stumbled upon a large scale conspiracy rather than the simple answer that this virus is different than anything most people have ever experienced and we are still learning about it
  14. I thought PED suspension was 4 games for the first offense? Is that a new change in new cba? I like what Taylor has been doing in that role. Williams is most likely gone but if this helps lower his contract offers from other teams and that means we somehow keep him, then I won't complain
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