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  1. No, I think the Texans would have made the trade before the draft. Probably for #3 overall from Miami plus some future picks I am very confident Lance will make it, so I have no issues with the way it worked out
  2. I loved Elijah moore coming out of college but I havent seen enough jets games to comment on that No one really knows whats going on with Aiyuk. I do think that eventually the team will get it sorted out. I will believe they trust him when he gets some manufactured touches. If you see him get some bubble screens and some jet sweeps, then he should be playable from that point on. Hes a high ceiling stash for the time being. It depends on your roster but hes worth holding onto I also like Rashaad bateman for a similar stash.
  3. I dropped shenault this week and am holding Aiyuk. Shenault is not a good WR. I wanted him to be a thing, but he really is a slot receiver who doesnt run great routes. He will be the third or 4th option in the passing game and needs manufactured touches Aiyuk has much higher upside imo. He may be droppable in 4-5 weeks but right now he is a hold or a solid waiver pick up
  4. .5 ppr pick 2 Mooney @TB Edmunds vs HOU Tee Higgins @ BAL Edmunds injury scares me and they may not play him too much if they have a lead, but at the same time he could absolutely rip a huge run or two early in the game to give them the lead
  5. Mooney is facing a beat up secondary and is JFs #1 guy. Aiyuk is going to play in the rain with Jimmy G, who doesnt seem to trust him or look his direction at all. Not sure why, but all of Aiyuks production last year came without JG under center Tough call in league 2. I can make a case for all three guys and I dont know if you can go wrong. I would go Mitchell for the upside bc I think he is very clearly RB1 for the niners and they will need to lean on the ground game this weekend. Conner against houston makes a ton of sense bc they will have a lead and will be looking to pound the rock.
  6. The only reasons the niners are favored is because we are off a bye and are at home. We have a bad record at Levis stadium over the last two years (dont forget we played "home games" in arizona last year), so its not like the niners have some big home field advantage or anything. I really dont think the 49ers should be favored given how the offense has played this year. idk. Yeah, I like the under a lot too. There is supposed to be a massive storm coming in sunday night and JG is not a good, bad weather QB. Kyle can get very conservative with JG under center, especially when its
  7. I get it, but Darnold has been very bad the last couple weeks and I am wondering if Carolina is having buyers remorse with him
  8. I heard a Denver beat writer on the radio yesterday who brought up the denver ownership issues with regards to Watson. He said he expects the team to get sold within the year. I believe there is a bit of power struggle with one or two of the heirs to the team wanting to force a sale but he didn't get into the details, other than to say a sale was imminent in his mind. This beat writer said that he would not expect Denver to make the move for Watson without the new owners signing off on it because it would be such a controversial move for their brand. Makes total sense. Carolin
  9. Kyle going to chicago to coach the QB he passed on in the draft would be like former 49ers OC Mike McCarthy going to GB to coach Rodgers part 2 We've talked about this before but this regime usually doesnt have issues moving on from bad decisions quickly. There are exceptions, but I am hoping that all of the failures in personnel would make Shanahan realize that he needs to give input, but not get fixated on "his guys" and let the FO do their jobs. I love John Lynch, he is going to make a terrific president of football operations one day, but Kyle needed a legit GM from day one
  10. Give me Carr vs philly. Lance wont start Tannehill is my 2nd choice out of these Its going to be POURING in sunday night in the bay area if the weather holds. Could be a very ugly, low scoring game. I dont think wentz will do all that much. Eagles secondary should get lit up by the raiders
  11. I know its a crazy high number, but is there any way that the chiefs titans game doesnt go over 57.5 points?? Titans secondary is obliterated. They have lost a lot of corners. KCs speed at WR is going to be a big problem for them. KCs defense was better this week after making some personnel changes, but King Henry should run wild on them I guess pace is a concern. Both teams may try and operate slowly to give their defense as much rest as possible because they know the other team can score.
  12. Right, this originally was meant to be a panthers thread, because Darnold has been very bad the last couple weeks. I figured what the hell, why not throw denver into this? Teddy has been pretty solid, but the ceiling is limited and Denver is more likely to be in QB purgatory for a while. If they dont go Darnold but they still take Horn, who is their QB? They obviously wanted to move off Teddy considering they ate some of his contract. Not sure what other options they would have had once the niners made their move up to 3
  13. Pretty simple question. At the time, I took both trades to mean that these teams knew a QB they wanted would fall to them. Surprisingly to the fans (and general media) Fields fell a lot farther than anticipated. Do you think either of these teams regret giving up assets and taking corners instead or waiting until after the draft?
  14. https://www.mercurynews.com/2021/10/19/atmospheric-river-storms-to-soak-bay-area-northern-california-biggest-in-9-months/ But another big one shaping up for Sunday night was upgraded to a category 5 on Tuesday, the highest in a five-level scale. HUGE storm coming in Sunday night Colts DL is very stout, especially on the interior, its going to be pouring.... Jimmy is going to turn the ball over multiple times, isn't he?? smh.
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