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  1. I liked this post until you said no garlic... wat garlic isnt fatty... ?? to be fair, my parents would give me a whole clove of garlic to chew on as a baby, so maybe I am bias here (im with you on the butter, its unnecessary for salmon)
  2. I am probably late to the party, but I always bake my salmon in a home made honey mustard basically you mix honey, mustard, soy sauce, garlic powder/fresh chopped garlic (garlic salt is for wussies). pour a nice thick layer over the fish. bake for 375 degrees for 17ish minutes depending on thickness, then add lemon after its cooked baked fish is the way to go imo
  3. 49ers RB Raheem Mostert requests trade

    he wants 4.5m. thats pretty reasonable considering he also plays STs at an elite level probably the best gunner in the league
  4. I told someone last night that he was sorta like Jameis Winston last year. Some amazing plays where he looks like a legit, upper tier starter, some plays where he looks like a completely incompetent turnover machine. The main difference to me was the fact that Jameis would throw an interception, then the flood gates would open and he would end up turning it over 3-4 more times. Jimmy would get the italian eye of the tiger after a dumb INT and would play his best ball for the rest of the game. He does have a good mental makeup, which is very important. I really dont think you are giving him enough credit though. He was super clutch for us for the vast majority of the year. If chris jones doesnt bat those balls down, we might be having a completely different conversation right now, but I still think his overall play this year and in 2017 shows that he thrives under pressure. He was really great on 3rd down and in the 4th quarter of a lot of games. I do think that there are some easy things for him to correct. #1 for me is footwork and pocket presence. in 2017 you couldnt sack him, he would move around in the pocket well and would flip the ball out as he was about to get hit. it was beautiful. We didnt see much of that last year, seems like there were times where he didnt trust his knee. I dont think he was able to work on that stuff too much last offseason and am hoping that changes. Also keep in mind that our WRs were not good early in the year. Sanders was a good player last year but he wasnt great. Deebo didnt start to shine until much later in the year (seattle MNF coming out party). KB was good later in the year, but early on he wasnt locked in. We didnt have a lot of depth. Pettis, goodwin were useless. We lost both tackles at the same time, so we didnt want to run a lot of long developing routes (those types of routes are kyle's forte btw). We had A TON of injuries on offense. So its not as if he was holding back our passing offense or something. He was good. Not great, but good. Basically I guess it comes down to what you think about him, if you think the 2017 version is really who he is, then you believe he will be better in 2020. If you think that 2018/2019 Jimmy is who he is, then I can see how you would say that hes going to land us in QB purgatory. I honestly think that Jimmy will play the best football of his career next year.
  5. its absolutely disgusting that cam would openly admit to having every team's playbook. BAN BB
  6. https://sports.theonion.com/cam-newton-scrambling-to-get-up-to-speed-after-patriots-1844324700 @Shanedorf thought you might get a chuckle out of this L O L
  7. Raheem Mostert Requests a trade

    the guy had been cut by 6 other franchises and had just sustained a season ending injury. He took a long term deal to give himself some financial security. Just because he is now underpaid doesnt mean it wasnt the right decision to make at the time. If he wouldnt have taken that contract and signed elsewhere, he wouldnt have produced (at rb) the way he did. I always thought it was interesting that we didnt use him on the first drive, but that he would still be our gunner on the first punt. Then the second drive he would come in at RB and would not be gunner. "hes not our starter" We arent trading him. I doubt we give him very much more money because it sets bad precedent reworking a contract after 1 season Interesting angle though: Players will probably be able to 'opt out' of playing this year due to covid and not be subject to the same fines that they would have otherwise accrued. They wont get paid, but they probably wont get fined either. Melvin gordon held out last year and had to pay a bunch of fines after he came back. Mostert would be able to hold out this year by opting out of playing. I doubt he does it, because his career earnings are 3.2 million and he is set to make 2.5 million this season. Hard to see him walking away from that A holdout from him would be bad obviously, especially because we traded away the only other RB with legitimate speed for the outside stretch in Breida. So we would be rolling with Wilson, coleman, mckinnon, and hasty... (after an offseason in which I was pounding the table for a legit RB in the draft smh). I still cant figure out why coleman is on the roster. Probably the only legit complaint I have about our offseason. I hope wilson gets a legit shot this year, and not only because I have him signed to a 5 year contract in the forum's dynasty league
  8. Raheem Mostert Requests a trade

    Njoku is a bad football player and costs more That would be an absolutely horrible trade Njoku is the classic example of "looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane". He was overdrafted because of his 'potential' and now the only reason he is getting attention is because of where he was drafted He's not good
  9. Raheem Mostert Requests a trade

    It was the easiest cut of the off-season and for some reason we didn't make it I don't understand it That 5m could have gone to kittle, or maybe a guard that is actually good (I have no faith in Compton)
  10. Raheem Mostert Requests a trade

    lets just cut coleman already. "mostert, you are now the highest paid RB on the team" LOL
  11. I just got an update on my phone from sleeper that the mosteratti has requested a trade. I feel bad for the guy because he is locked up long term for pennies on the dollar but there is no chance we pay him more or trade him. hes stuck
  12. it will still be loud up there considering they pump in most of that noise anyways
  13. the calorie intake required to get that much exercise yet maintain 300+ lbs is unreal. These guys honestly must spend their entire day eating and working out
  14. Preseason Cut in half

    also, the players dont get paid (much) for preseason games. so this is an easy recommendation for them to make. Im sure they would make this recommendation basically every year if they could. Players dont start getting game checks until week 1. preseason is 100% profit for the NFL
  15. Stock Investing

    Ive never felt worse about a 530% return ... hit 214 today before it dropped to 208 lol wow these call options literally doubled after I sold them bought chgg call options today, I dont feel great about it but education is moving online and they should report positive earnings this month (and the stock will rise before earnings in anticipation of good earnings imo). There is some downward pressure on the stock as its at an all time high but this is a psychological play as much as an analytical one