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  1. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    That game was wild last night. Giants up 7-2, diamond backs score 5 in the 8th inning to tie it. The giants take the lead 9-7 in the 10th inning. Dbags tie it 9-9. Giants go up 10-9 in the 11th and then shut the door This has to be some sort of record though, weve won like 8 extra inning games in a row hopefully @Forge has the info
  2. Dynasty League Start-up.

    I will give it a shot, very busy recently haven't had time but I will sign up at some point. I see you were saying labor day weekend draft. Might be tough but I could probably swing it
  3. Chargers S Derwin James to miss significant time

    The 49ers: Hold my beer
  4. NFL Preseason GDT Week 2

    He is moving while he is clapping. You can't move like that. If you were under center and you dipped your head too low while giving a hard count, it would be a flag. It's essentially the same thing. He is clapping, then moving, in an attempt to get the defense to also move. Once you come set you have to stay set. It's a rookie/bush league manuver to be honest. They may seem 'ticky tacky' but it's preseason, all crews throw flags now for stuff they wouldn't during the season to get guys to clean things up. Teams always tell officials before the game starts "watch this guy break rule x in certain situations" and then the officials look for it, and give out warnings as necessary. The raiders obviously told them to look for this
  5. Who is the National League MVP?

    Go ahead and post the numbers then. Make your case for yelly over the other guy (I hate even saying his name tbh)
  6. Who is the National League MVP?

    He's had a better season than yelich and is on a better team to boot. There is still a lot of baseball left
  7. Who is the National League MVP?

    I hate saying it, but it's clearly Cody right now Still anyone's race though
  8. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Q Tarantino)

    Also moviegoers: why the hell was this movie 2.75 hours?
  9. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Q Tarantino)

    Something I find funny, Bruce Lee's family is mad at QT for his depiction of Bruce in the movie. I find it hilarious because the only time we saw Bruce was while Pitt was on the roof imagining what would happen if he would have been allowed to stay on set. They are mad he lost the fight lol Not only was it a movie, but it was an intentionally fake scene in a movie
  10. How has trequan Smith looked? He had some decent games last year and has the physical tools you look for
  11. Report - Dak Seeking 40m Per Year Deal

    Well, this statement just doesn't make any sense. If that's the going rate, then that is what he is worth. That is just the supply/demand curve
  12. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    @757-NINER Now that the Rams are in LA, you bet your arse they are a 'natural' rival. The bay area and LA are natural rivals. the fact you say raiders fans are 'down to earth' makes me laugh, and makes me question the rest of what you are saying. most of the raiders fans on this site are pretty good, but they are the exception in my experience anyways, I don't really care who people consider a 'rival' or a 'non-rival'. I have the teams that I dislike, and that's good enough for me *shrug*
  13. Arbitration for running backs

    Fullbacks would fall under this category as well!
  14. Arbitration for running backs

    Yeah, that's why I didn't suggest a specific criteria for what constitutes a RB. I think its better if you just have a 'common sense' rule where an independent 3rd party makes that determination. Lets be real, its pretty freaking obvious who are running backs and who are not. Its not WR/TE or OLB/DE where the roles are muddied together/different in different schemes.
  15. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Q Tarantino)

    Yeah, I agree with you but there was some things that I liked, so I have mixed feelings about it