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  1. Page one updated with everyone's previous picks. week 3 picks are not on there, I will do this on tuesday or wednesday so that everyone knows who they selected.
  2. I actually learned about this during quarantine on Ronnie's football life on NFLN. He busted the finger up on someone's helmet late in one season. He put a splint on it and tried to play through it, but the pinky was so busted that it basically rendered his hand useless and he was in so much pain due to the nerve endings that he was playing poorly. Ended up allowing some big plays in a playoff game that the niners lost and he blamed himself. Then, in the offseason the doctor told him "we can insert more screws, wait for the bone to set, and remove them, but there is a very strong chance it wont heal properly and you will reinjure it due to the physical nature of the sport" so Ronnie decided it was better to remove the tip of his finger (again in the offseason, not mid game like the legend would have you believe) so that he was 100% that he would never feel any pain in that finger ever again. So there was legitimate medical reasoning behind it.
  3. I havent had a chance to watch you guys this year, has chark just been getting bracketed? how serious does the chest injury sound?
  4. mostert will be back in 2-3 weeks at most I think
  5. This is like word for word what I was going to say, great post. Jeff wilson Jr is going to get a lot of work this weekend. Mckinnon has his role already set, he is the third down back and we have special packages for him beyond that. He may get some redzone work but Jeff Wilson Jr was our short yardage/goal line back last year. Both are very playable this week, but if you want to save the faab you can grab wilson tomorrow for free I would imagine. I am staying very far away from the giants RBs right now. Their OL is garbage. Freeman will probably take a few weeks. Lewis is not very good. Gallman wasnt even active so it shows you how much they think of him.
  6. These are really awesome breakdowns. I know the time it must take to type all of that, good work! I wonder if mckinnon will return kicks this week. I know @Forge said he expects jeff wilson jr to get the most carries this week, and I would agree that Jet has his role in this offense and it shouldnt change much, but I think its a bit negligent to put him back there with the lack of RB depth we have all of a sudden. I wonder if Hasty will get pulled up and be active while still on the practice squad, or if they will add him to the 53 man
  7. Tessitore was good, levy is ok Orlovsky was my #1 choice. Riddick and the other color guy are both good They aren't "iconic" and probably won't ever be with levy, but they are a solid B/B+ which is a huge improvement and I will ****ing take it
  8. I don't mind the contract, none of it was guaranteed. We can cut him at any time with no dead cap. That was before the restructure but even now, the roll over pays for the dead space if we cut him, so it's a wash
  9. Yeah, I targeted Brown because he would be the goal line back in my estimation and it felt like he was the runner that mcvay trusted because of his experience. Good context with the stretch run vs the eagles, havent had a chance to watch that game yet and I need to make a decision on this today. So I will probably hold onto him this week even though I will not play him for now (if I can). Thank you for that fantastic post! you are the man. I really like Kelley's matchup this week (CAR rush D has gotten torched and if the chargers get a lead they will definitely pound the rock), so I will probably drop mattison for him. I really hate to drop mattison but I am hoping that no one picks him up this week and then I can get him back when I drop the colts defense. mattison is more of a lottery ticket than anything else. I could have traded mattison for kelley and $10 last week but held off. now I am going to spend 10-15 on him smh lol That way I can have sanders/kelley at RB, ruggs and hopefully golladay at WR, and then one of my TEs in my flex with DJ moore even though its not a great matchup. If golladay doesnt play... then I need to decide between dobbins and brown in a must win situation where I am already playing 2 TEs lol smh in that scenario I would probably look to add a WR for brown and then just hope that buffalo stuffs the rams rush offense so that no one targets him next week and I can get him back With josh allen at QB, this team should be a shoe-in for the playoffs. I mean, Cmc, mostert, sanders plus good TEs, and high upside WRs should be enough.
  10. Its not anything I 'heard' its what logic dictates. Kittle had the exact same injury to the exact same knee and missed 2 games. The niners were 'confident' he was going to play against the Jets, up until the moment they announced that he was not going to play. @Gore Whore 21 questioned me the same way that you did (where have you heard that?). just gotta put 2 and 2 together Kittle is a guy that wants to strap it up and go play, but that would be negligence on our part if he is not completely healthy, which he isnt. We need him later in the season.
  11. 100% Kittle was never going to play in this game, even before the concerns about the turf.
  12. For Nick bosa, I might. For tevin Coleman, mostert, Coleman, Solomon thomas? No chance lol I know that's not the question, but half of the injured players is pretty good odds to have bosa in there, I guess the odds are even better of getting one of bosa or Garoppolo back (I do like Mullens though and think he will do fine) so idk man, losing the guys we did wasn't a death kneel, but being 0-2 when the rest of the division is 2-0 does feel nearly insurmountable even though it's just a one game difference between where we are now So I guess I probably would just for Nicky Bosa because he is a game wrecker that could help put us over the top and get 1+ win later on
  13. I really don't think there will be any pass rusher worth trading for this deadline. Pass rushers are expensive, and we are already short on draft capital and money, so even though the window is wide open we will probably have to hold firm this year. Should have drafted multiple young edge rushers to develop over the last few years. Why we ignored one of the most important positions in football I will never understand Hopefully this is a wake up call. I have zero issue with drafting a DLman in the first again this year if it's an edge rusher
  14. Dropping completely washed TY Hilton for the colts defense because they play the Jets. I also have the broncos defense who play the Jets in week 4 so I feel as though I should keep them I have cmc, mostert, Sanders, Dobbins, mattison, Malcom brown as my RBs Golladay, DJ Moore, ruggs, chark as my WRs I faced the two highest scoring teams in the first two weeks so even though I was 3rd and 2nd in points I'm 0-2 and half my team is hurt and I'm in 8th/10 lol I am thinking about dropping brown for josh Kelley or Darrel Henderson, even though I just spent 20+ faab on brown (which is a sunk cost and should not be used to make decisions). What do you think about that @The LBC? Kelley has the better matchup this week for sure I also feel thin at WR considering chark is injured and playing on Thursday, ruggs plays NE, and DJ Moore plays LAC, (both tough matchups). Hopefully golladay comes back I could pick up mike Williams, aiyuk, Anthony Miller, juedy and could potentially drop mattison and then pick him up next week by dropping colts defense Absolutely need to win because playoffs start in week 13 in this league and only 4 teams make it Very tempted to pick up aiyuk and start him this week buuuut right now my only healthy RB who gets carries is Sanders and I am starting Dobbins It's .5 ppr and 2 RB, 2WR, 1TE and 2 flex. Right now I am starting both Hurst and Jonnu smith already. I love Dobbins long term upside but it's too risky for me being in this position so I need a RB for this week and also the next few weeks if neither mostert and cmc come back soon. I went from having 3 legit RB1s to only having one playable running back. No IR spots in this league with 5 man bench is absolutely brutal
  15. That's good, he was down for a bit and in pain but did get up and jog off the field Do we know if DJJ ankle is the same one from last season?
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