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  1. @Forge wants to make a trade to consummate this newfound friendship. Give us OJ howard for a reasonable price. You know hes not a good scheme fit for arians anyways. Plus, you have cameron brate as well. We might have interest in him if you would rather keep howard
  2. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    you mean the same OC you had last year when cooper wasnt on the field during a season defining 4th down?
  3. 2020 Draft Thread

    what round is pittman supposed to be drafted in?
  4. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    yeah, because MM is known for playing the right guys at the right time #FreeAaronJones
  5. I agree with you about richburg. For some reason we are tying ourselves to him so its pretty clear we intend to keep him. Not the player I would have done that with considering the injury history. Garland back means we are probably fine there for the most part. I agree. Hes an all around solid DE who can play multiple positions if need be. He is bosa/AA insurance. He also lets AA play some 3t on base downs in case solly isnt up to it full time. that way we can use ford more in a SAM role as well. Its a great fit all around. Probably a better fit than Kinlaw tbh. Probably better in year 1 but lower ceiling overall. The fact that two-three teams have asked us about trading him after we drafted him says something.
  6. FFMD 20 Writers Room

    this was well crafted on so many levels. Bravo!
  7. FFMD II Dallas Cowboys Front Office

    Risky business. Our target could get snatched up and then we may not want to make the trade.
  8. we ran out of time. We probably would have done the pick swap. Oh well, sorry!
  9. we are trying. takes two to tango and all of the draftniks on this site heavily value picks
  10. so that could be you guys @BucsDraftGeek47 we will take a reasonable pick to move down to the DET 2nd you got yesterday
  11. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    One thing is certain, the NFL is greedy enough to start even though they probably shouldn't (considering the current information we have available)
  12. 2020 Draft Thread

    I could see us trading both picks if the right deal comes up. But if I had to bet I'd take the under statistically speaking if no trades, 1 trade, 2 trades all have an equal opportunity to happen (33%), then you take the under every single time I think the most likely outcome is that we trade once. I think we are much more likely to trade back from 31 than from 13. Buckner trade was 1 for 1 IMO. We have something specific in mind. A trade down from there is plan B if someone takes whoever we want before our pick.
  13. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    If you are houston, you NUK-E the **** out of that deal, pun intended That is the worst trade in the history of sports. You gotta think someone in that organization is going to do something to kill that deal. If not, its negligence tbh Nuk, fitz, kirk, isabella, hakeem butler is a very dangerous WR corps. Drake is a perfect fit for that offense and very talented. Murray would be a ****ing problem without all of that talent. Good thing they wont be able to fix both their OL and their defense this offseason. With that being said, how the **** did they get deandre hopkins without giving up the 8th overall pick??? again, worst trade in sports history. Thats not just football. Any sport.
  14. Quoting in case yall dont subscribe to actually being football nerds, just weird dweebs who run for stuff