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  1. Thinking about his season a little bit more, specifically the game in CHI where he forgot what down it was Soldier field is the worst playing surface in the NFL and it was a night game, meaning it the field was extra hard and obviously the cold can be brutal on joints on its own No wonder the dude had a mental lapse, he was probably extremely doped up in that game just to be able to play on that concrete in Chicago
  2. Dillon is right, if his guarantees get wiped out you can cut him with no consequence. You still have the signing bonus proration that will get accelerated and will count against the cap, but thats money that is already paid. Its not really worth discussing beyond this because there is 0% chance they cut him rather than trade him.
  3. This is an irrefutable fact. I hope that chris never gets the make the opposite argument! Warner is irreplaceable
  4. I agree that he drifted too far down the field after his break but this was still a high level play by warner. turned his hips downfield to respect the deep speed, flipped his hips back, tracked the ball and the route and got a PD without DPI.
  5. Next Gen Stats' top 10 coverage players in 2020: 49ers LB Fred Warner crashes DB-heavy rankings (nfl.com) There were only three players in the NFL who had better coverage than warner did in 2020. Thats not among LBs. Thats among all players. This isnt some subjective list, it is based purely analytics. I know its probably hard for you to watch a lot of 49ers games as a two team homer, but acting like its crazy that warner is the best coverage LB in the NFL, when the numbers make it abundantly clear is laughable (from 2019, but still)
  6. Wagner is great, but he is losing a step and as it sits today, Warner is the better player. Hes also 24 years old and has improved every year Warner is the best coverage LB in the league and hes also incredible in run support. Hes a true centerpiece of a defense Niners had a top 10 defense last year without bosa...
  7. Hell yeah! This was expected but it's still great that it happened so early before camp. ALL PRO FRED (Lock up that other thread)
  8. Anyone know what they paid him? I cant find it anywhere. I was thinking he would have been a nice add for the niners for 2m. Interested to see how pittsburg made the money work considering they have 0 cap space
  9. I want the $11 contract I signed him to last year which should have 4 years remaining
  10. man, I feel for him. Hopefully he gets the help he needs. Seems like his wife was staying at her parents house and that he has been having issues for a while. Damn. You really hate to see it
  11. Im gonna tag you with a 102 mph fastball if you try and take my aj brown away from me
  12. Damn, im ticked off at this. This was the year I was supposed to cash in on those cheap deals! First dynasty league and right when it starts to get fun I get yanked around. lol Gibeson going from $2 to 70, AJ brown from $11 to 90, ayuik from $2 to 40... ughhhh even dionte johnson for $35 now.... dude has been on my taxi squad for two friggin years, now I dont know if I can keep him I dont think anyone will have enough money to sign their guys, which means FAs will probably be cheap? Are we doing a stimulus for teams that did poorly last year?? because this plus a stimulus
  13. I actually said this when he was drafted. I thought the pats were taking him to play TE. Otherwise that pick made absolutely no sense. Pretty evident that Harry is/was never going to make it in the league at WR. Hes too slow.
  14. Kinlaw is out in the woods right now soaking up a different kind of game
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