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  1. Ok, that was a bad comp. I just meant that both guys are good redzone threats who have a knack for finding holes in zones over the middle. Both guys have good leaping ability and stong hands too. Reed is quicker and a better route runner... At least, he was the last time he was healthy 2+ years ago @HTTRG3Dynasty My main point was that cousins has shown a propensity to look for his TEs which could mean a career year for Rudolph. I don't think he's the best TE in the NFL, he's had consistency problems for sure, but that might have been due to inconsistent QB play.
  2. 2018 Expansion Draft - 49ers

    A better question would be: who would the 5 players that we would protect in an NHL style expansion? Same rules you laid out but no rookies or guys who signed here as free agents this off-season DEFO Buckner Garoppolo Ruben Foster Solomon Thomas Staley? Tartt? Witherspoon? I wish we would have traded Trent brown and 2nd round pick for gronk.. would have been magical
  3. That would work, except we are talking about smoakland, might as well be Jamaica lol
  4. I don't necessarily expect him to hit that mark, but he is an extremely natural, fluid, and dynamic receiver who has good length and leaping ability. Cousins had good chemistry with Jordan Reed, and when Reed was healthy they put up some good numbers together. Cousins found him a lot over the middle and down the field. In 2015 Reed played 14 games and had 114 catches for 950 yards and 11 TDs. Talent wise, I don't see a huge difference between things that Jordan reed does well, and what Rudolph does well. I don't think Rudolph will catch 100+ passes, but if a lot of attention is given to thielen and diggs then the middle of the field should be open. I am not super familiar with DeFilippo, but Philly ran a very TE centric system last year so you would think that Rudolph would be a focal point of the offense this year. Any injury to thielen or diggs should only help Rudolph's statistical production. Basically, Rudolph has always had the skill set, but now he has the quarterback, and theoretically an offensive system that could lead to an uptick in production this year. I don't see a reason why Cousins wont have 4,000-4,500 yards next year. Also, not to derail the thread, but I wonder how well the Vikings defense will do this year. On paper, nothing should really change considering they are bringing everyone back plus Sheldon Richardson, but they were historically good on third down last year and I am not sure how sustainable that is. If their defense gives up more points next year, it could lead to cousins throwing the ball more. I just thought that he was worth a mention in this thread
  5. If there's smoke... then someone is probably smoking
  6. Minor Niner News Thread

    My point was that Vernon improved over the course of his career. He was never a natural receiver, but I believe it was during the off-season between year 2 and 3 that he spent an exorborant amount of time catching balls from the jugs machine before and after practices and I thought it showed on the field. There was improvement, however marginal it was.
  7. Minor Niner News Thread

    No doubt, but with Garoppolo consistently hitting guys in the chest with the ball, guys who aren't great hands catchers could still catch a lot of passes. Vernon Davis showed us that it is a skill you can work on. He hit the jug machines hard and really honed his craft.
  8. Julian Edelman facing 4 game suspension for PED

    Honestly, given that colangelo's burner accounts essentially ended his career in the NBA, I don't buy the retraction. I think its much more likely that this was a leak in the organization who realized that the national media has identified his account as a 'potential burner account' and decided to lay low for a while. It's a more likely scenario than just guessing a specific player failed a drug test Say what you want @Yin-Yang, but you cannot deny the fact that there has been more leaked info from annoymous sources within the organization than at any other time in BB's tenure in New England. That place used to be buttoned up tight. Now? Seems like a new story comes out every month about unrest in the building. As a Niner fan, I didn't want to believe any of the rumors about the problems going on behind the scenes during harbaugh's tenure. Then he is let go and it comes out that all of the rumors were true, and then some.
  9. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    Not to spread unsubstantiated rumors, but on NFL live on Friday they insinuated that this decision was made, in part, due to financial restrictions. I guess it costs a pretty penny to go to the ceremony and celebrate in ways that are customary to the event itself. TO has been broke for a few years now, which is a damn shame, considering he's still reletively young and preformed like he was in the top 1% of an extremely high paying job for a lengthy stretch of time. Im not sure if it's a legitimate excuse, because I have no clue what the actual costs will be, but I would hope that, in the event this is true, he would find a way to show up in a modest suit and crash someone else's party. Not showing up in protest because he didn't get in earlier would asinine, but it's not the first loopy thing the guy has done, nor will it be the last, I have no doubt.
  10. Around the NFL

    This explains why we didn't bring in a single TE this offseason, we thought we were going to get GRONK Also explains the lack of a redzone threat being brought in as well. Damn you Thomas Brady! If true, I think that this somewhat confirms the idea that Brady went to Kraft to get them to trade Jimmy. This shows there is precedent for Brady to go to Kraft and throw his weight around. Its funny, because if they wouldn't have traded Jimmy, then Brady's threat of retiring wouldn't hold as much clout. CRAZY Lets get BB to come run our defense..
  11. Around the NFL

    What a time to be alive.
  12. Minor Niner News Thread

    I heard a rumor this morning that he won't attend due to financial reasons. I know he's had some money problems, so that does make sense. Apparently it can be a little expensive to participate in the festivities. Not sure if that makes him more or less of a bum, but that is a completely reasonable reason not to attend, if true.
  13. The 2018 MLB Draft Thread

    Wow, how is that even possible? Wouldn't he be a professional if he is guaranteed 5m a year?
  14. Minor Niner News Thread

    No, I'm a bumgarner
  15. Minor Niner News Thread

    Sorry @J-ALL-DAY but TO is a bum