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  1. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    or just signing Collins and keeping tartt. Collins could play LB for us, hes much better in the box
  2. Persistent OBJ trade rumors

    Exactly. 12 months ago they probably had similar value. As for OBJ, that interview he gave with ESPN where Ms Anderson asked him "are you happy in NY?" And he said "that's a complicated question... I love warm weather" The giants were smart to structure his contract so that they could trade him. The Steelers were not so smart Piece of NFL history: Jim harbaugh loved Odell and wanted to trade multiple high picks to move up to get him. Trent baalke refused and it tore the franchise apart because Jim let his displeasure be known and Jed York was too feable and stupid to dump baalke.Thatwas the beginning of the end of the 49ers window.
  3. Thoughts on Cousins

    Cousins is a solid QB. His problem has been he turns into a pumpkin in primetime games and has been anti-clutch. He hasn't been terrible overall, just when it matters most. It's a problem
  4. Two-Rounder (with a few FA predictions)

    While I love getting Antonio brown for the price of a trade down while getting a potential top 10 pick next year from the giants, in addition to white as a player, if the 49ers don't get an edge rusher in the first two picks I will break my TV. So I'm fine with white if it means the niners then trade up to get someone like burns or get the next best edge rusher in the second. Even if it's a 'reach'. Joe Jackson would be a solid add in that spot imo Our edge rushers are so so so so bad that we absolutely need to get two to three guys there this off-season.
  5. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    we were never in play with machado, but yes, I think this does really make harper less likely. Its the end of an era @John232
  6. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade

    I agree with this, especially the bolded. It has the potential to be the type of circus that divides the locker room and takes YEARS to rectify. Steelers had better pray that if they don't trade him that he doesn't show up to camp. The longer this goes on the less leverage they will have. At some point you need to cut your losses and move on imo.
  7. I posted this in the 'general thoughts' thread. McVay didnt add any new wrinkles to the offense and made no adjustments during the game that helped get anything going. He expected to just run his plays and for them to work. Not sure why he didnt think to gameplan at all, or if he was just so confused by how different the pats defensive gameplan was week to week that he simply didnt know what to do. It really speaks volumes about how much Sean took from Kyle considering Hoyer never played for McVay, yet knew the entire playbook. If there was any doubt that Sean belongs in Kyle's coaching tree, this should eliminate it. Sean has had the benefit of a top 3 OL, a top 3 RB, and the same QB every game. Kyle inherited a far inferior team and has unbelievably bad luck with injuries, so its hard to compare what both guys have done so far on equal footing. 49ers Rams are going to be fun games next year. the only thing better than watching LA lose the championship ... is seing them do it three times in 16 months!! LOL
  8. Probably why I enjoyed that game so much, the Brady people werent really talking that much after... Rams fans dont have a choice but to stfu... the best possible outcome Not to make this a Jimmy G thread, but there are a lot of people that look at him and say "yeah, BUT". We gave him one hundred and thirty seven million dollars, and despite how confident I am that he is going to be/is an elite QB, I will concede that it has been a very small sample size and that its not a 100% certainty that is worth that contract. With Kyle Shanahan calling plays, hard to feel bad about whoever we have at QB. I havent had an elite QB basically ever, so hopefully he plays up to his potential I think overall that the QB position has been somewhat simplified across all levels of football, and that has made it easier for a lot of guys to succeed who might not have 10 years ago. There are just so many good offensive coaches out there too. My HS econ teacher always said 'where there is profit, there is entry'. QB is the best paid position in sports, so of course there are going to be a lot of good QBs out there.
  9. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    I am completely enamored with David Montgomery. He just reminds me so much of Saquon Barkley. Its the way he dips his hips and explodes any direction. He has great feet and elite vision. He has good power and creates tough angles for defenders to get a clean shot on him. Hes tough to wrap up and bring down. He also has a lot of plays where he tries to do too much and gets a couple yards less than he might have, which was the only knock on Saquon coming out. Saquon's top end speed/power combination is what makes him truly special. Montgomery is not going to be as good as the #2 overall pick, but he is going to be a damn good runner in the NFL. He doesnt have the top end speed that Barkley has, despite being 20 pounds lighter and an inch shorter (5'11 216 vs 6'0 234), but Id bet he posts some good squat numbers and elite short area burst at the combine. Short area burst is more important than straightline speed for a RB. We all know shanny needs his RBs to be able to catch passes, and Montgomery wasnt really asked to catch that many passes at Iowa St, but when he was, he looked natural at it. Shanny also seems to require his runners to be able to get the corner on the stretch run plays, and that is a play that Iowa St ran frequently. He was really good at finding the cut back lanes on these plays and wouldnt necessarily beat guys to the outside with pure speed all that often. Thats not to say he is slow, just that he isnt breida fast. Iowa State's OL left a lot to be desired. I think that Montgomery and Breida would be a great pairing. We need a between the tackles grind it out runner. We dont have one and we havent had one. Montgomery can fill that role while also fulfilling other duties within the playbook. If he can show he can catch passes, then I think he would be a slam dunk run to podium type of player for us. https://www.cover1.net/david-montgomery-running-back-iowa-state/ (I googled David Montgomery Saquon Barkley and this came up, so Im clearly not the only person to see this) I just wonder if RB is even on our FO's list of needs and if they feel like they would even try to take him in the 2nd or trade into the late second in order to get him. Honestly, watching the tape I question if he will even make it out of the first round. Hes a better prospect in my eyes than Sonny Michel, who I really liked and who the pats took earlier than some expected in the end of the first round.Who knows where he will get drafted. All I know is that whoever gets him will be getting themselves a helluva football player who is also a great athlete. Hopefully that is us. Either way he is going to be on a lot of my fantasy football teams next year lol I think our offense would dangerous with a three headed monster of McKinnon, Breida, Montgomery and would hedge against injuries. All three guys are well rounded but would bring a different skill set to the table. From a team building perspective, I think its better to spend resources on defense because Kyle has proven he can score points with anyone on offense. With that being said, I would be stoked if we could land Josh Allen, David Montgomery, and Hakeem Butler. Butler especially has HUGE upside. Then Id want another LB, a FS, and depth wherever they think is necessary. I also want to add another TE but I know I cant have it all lol Butler brings the size we basically havent ever had. He is very quick for his size and has good body control. I dont see him extend his arms out that much when he catches passes, there are too many body catches for my taste, which sort of negates his size advantage, but Im hoping thats something he can work on. He is a good route runner and at 6'6, technician route runners are rare. I see AJ Green as the comp I doubt we would ever spend a high pick on a runner because the shanahans have ALWAYS been able to find good runningbacks off the street, but David Montgomery would add a wrinkle to our offense we havent had... a true workhorse running back who can do literally everything. I also doubt we spend too many resources on offense, but it is clear to me that we need another WR (or another dynamic TE) and we cant just rely on McKinnon and Breida to be healthy if we want to make a deep playoff run. Imo we need one more RB. I said the same thing last offseason, but in a deep RB class we didnt take anyone... so who knows We absolutely need a WR, and this is a deep WR class, so hopefully we can come away with someone who is ready to contribute right away who also has all-pro potential because they have the ball skills to be a monster in the redzone (deep WR class probably makes an AB trade less likely honestly) It will be interesting to see what Kyle and Lynch want to do. Only TWO MORE MONTHS until the draft! JOSH ALLEN
  10. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Other than ya know... Wanting to live in San Francisco rather than Philadelphia
  11. Ravens trade Joe Flacco to Broncos

    You mean like they did when they spent a first round pick on paxton Lynch because they couldn't convince Kaepernick to take a pay cut?
  12. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    DC radio host says Harper has made his decision. Boras said before free agency started that he already knew Harper's decision Harper has posted a lot of 'I love San Francisco" on social media going back 4 years ITS HAPPENING @Forge probably means we re-sign bum as well
  13. Minor Niner News Thread

    Lets not forget that JIMMY's first highlight in that video is a touchdown pass
  14. Minor Niner News Thread

    I thought the first play was a scramble then the second play (first pass) was a TD. Whatever lol
  15. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade

    just in case some of you have forgotten ... this was 5 games