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  1. 2018 NFL schedule Thread

    I think he's a bungals fan
  2. 2018 NFL schedule Thread

    I like the way that schedule lays out. Lots of tough road games early, then three easier home games at the end with one easy travel destination to LA to finish off the season. I also like the late bye. I also love how many primetime games we get!
  3. 2018 NFL schedule Thread

    Especially early in the season. It's so freaking hot in santa Clara that a Sunday night game would do wonders.
  4. 2018 NFL schedule Thread

    Especially because it's a Monday night game. I thought they said they weren't really going to do those here because of the traffic. As someone who more often than not gets roped into working weekends, the more monday and Sunday night games the better. I will be making a trip to LA to see us smack the Rams, assuming it's a Sunday game. Anything but Monday night down there and I'm in
  5. 2018 NFL schedule Thread

    Jets lions MNF to open the season? What is the reasoning behind that? "screw it, everyone will watch it week one so it doesn't matter who plays"

    Yeah, it's really bad. It seems like pitchers always have their best night against us. I heard on the radio today that the giants have seen the most breaking balls of any team in baseball. We also have the most swings and misses of any team. Hunter pence especially looks lost and always lunges at pitches. I'm losing hope he will ever be serviceable again. Brandon belt has to be my least favorite giant ever. He has a horrendous swing that looks like he is trying to chop a tree down when he swings. I do like his glove and the extra reach helps turn two more often than not but my God if I see him take another calles third strike with runners in scoring position in the 9th inning I am going to tear my hair out. The guy would rather walk than hit. The fact we hit him second on a regular basis is so freaking stupid. I'm just glad we finally have a different hitting coach. Bam Bam was an absolute joke. Why anyone pitches to buster is beyond me. Longoria has started to look a little better but he's been pathetic this season.
  7. Draft Rumors

    No one cares about the cowboys enough to do this though..
  8. 2018 Draft Thread I

    Foster could play WILL simply because he is so talented but imo he is a much better MIKE. Having him anywhere else would be a mistake. You are right about the fact he could play in a 34 scheme, he is excellent at navigating traffic and making tackles. Roquan Smith on the other hand would be a terrible fit for the 34. He would be a good fit here as the WILL but will struggle anywhere else. He isn't going to be great in coverage in the NFL. If we draft him as 'fosters replacement' that would be a huge mistake as they play completely different positions. The more I think about it, the more I don't think roquan will go in the top 15. The closer we get the more my gut says he won't be a 49er.
  9. No they don't. The FDA is actually one of the most stringent regulatory agencies in the world when it comes to testing. Other companies do this all of the time, no doubt, but not pharmacuetical companies. A family member of mine is a biotech patent attorney so I am well versed.. but this is a topic for another thread so I'll just leave it at that.
  10. Minor Niner News Thread

    @Forge then let's be sure we don't trade him for any sort of future picks, cut off the head of the snake. Somewhere lamichael James is crying himself to sleep
  11. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    Even if foster doesn't play in a game for 2 years, he will still have 3 more years under contract for cheap. Also, it's awesome that Sherman has made it a point to make this his business. That is slightly different leadership than say, Eric Reid was offering. Speaking of Reid, I firmly believe that he should be fosters replacement. He did an incredible job in that spot with hardly any repts. He has always been a better in the box defender. He is an asset to the team no matter how you slice it - give him two or three years for a fair price and tell him he's penciled in as a starting lb. If tartt gets hurt then he can slide back in there, mid game even. As much as I love Derwin james, a trade or two back and an Eric Reid signing would be a fantastic use of a finite amount of resources.
  12. Angels Will Sign Shohei Ohtani

    But, but, but... he throws any pitch at any time!
  13. Around the NFL

    I would sign dez simply to pick a fight with talib or Marcus Peters so that one or both of them will be ejected and then it will be easier on everyone else lol
  14. 2018 Draft Thread I

    I think we all recognize that we are lucky there are 4 QBs who will likely go in the top 10, because it means we will either get a top 5 talent at #9 or we will be able to trade back. Would you rather: Scenario A) draft roquan/Edmunds/james/Fitzpatrick/whoever at #9, and then trade our second, next year's second, and probably another pick to move into the 20s and take Landry. We would come out with two bonafide starters for the defense. Scenario B) trade down to the late teens, then trade down again and acquire 4-5 picks including a future 2. This would let us completely rebuild the defense.