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  1. I wonder who caved. Will we ever know?
  2. Rams/Donald expected to announce agreement

    If he retired today would he be a first ballot HOFer?
  3. 49ers Sign Alfred Morris

    Kyle Shanahan said at a news conference today that the 49ers are going to sign Alfred Morris. https://www.49ers.com/news/shanahan-49ers-to-sign-veteran-rb-alfred-morris We weren't deep at running back before our top two guys sustained (minor) injuries. It will be interesting to see what kind of shape he is in and how much tread he has left on the tires. He is obviously familiar with the offense and had his best seasons with Kyle calling plays.
  4. https://www.49ers.com/news/shanahan-49ers-to-sign-veteran-rb-alfred-morris Obviously we are very thin at RB currently. Even before the injuries this is the type of back we needed in my opinion. It will be interesting to see how much tread he has left on the tires.
  5. Rams/Donald expected to announce agreement

    This is funny to me. Not a knock on Donald, he very well may make the hall, but overrating someone then asking how anyone can say hes overrated is pretty funny rammy. If he retired today, he wouldn't be inducted into the HOF, let alone on the first ballot. As for this news, I am not sure if I should laugh or cry. On the one hand hes a Ram for the next few years. On the other hand he got paid and hopefully will prevent them from spending money in the future.
  6. Thinking back on this game, it did seem like we are giving the left footed punter Jeff Locke a real look. His first punt was clearly designed to spin awkwardly in the air in attempt to force a muff. Hard to explain without diagrams but it was diagonal and spinning like a corkscrew. It had good height to it but the Dallas returner was able to field it cleanly and gain another 5+ yards. Later on in the game he had a low line drive and then one that looked like he miss hit it that didn't go very far. Not a great night for him. Pinion didn't look very good either. He had one punt that bounced on the one or two yardline and then bounced forward into the endzone like a rocket. He needs to learn to put those in the corner or find a way to make them bounce sideways. The ball had backspin, and if it was a golf ball it would have rolled backwards, but a football bounces too unpredictably to expect that to be downed on the one. Depending where it lands in relation to the spin will just determine if it will go backwards or forwards - neither of which help us all that much. That was by far his best punt. He didn't really connect with any other punts. He had one in particular that was very short when we were deeper on our side of the field, meaning it was time to let one rip. Overall pinion has leg talent, but he's too inconsistent for my liking. He did make progress last year but did not look sharp on Thursday. Didn't have great body language either from what I could tell. It's crazy the things you can notice at the game that you simply cannot see on TV. The flight of a punt is much easier to get a read on
  7. What would you offer for Khalil Mack?

    Do I have a concrete source showing mark davis' account balances and a deficiency that wouldn't allow them to actually pay mack? No. With that being said, it is well known that the raiders have never been considered a wealthy team. The Raiders are essentially the Davis family's only revenue stream. They are billionaires for the sole reason that they own an NFL team. What about the time where Al Davis had to sell non-voting stock in order to make payroll? That was well documented. You don't see that in other fanchises, or at least you don't hear about it. I'll repeat this again because you keep ignoring it: all guaranteed money needs to be put into an escrow account. They just paid Carr 70 million in guarantees, and gruden another 100 million. I'm not sure if coaches contracts are required to be put in escrow, but if it does, then that's some significant money mark davis tied up in the last 14 months. I drive around a fair amount for work and all of the radio heads on 95.7 the game (raiders flagship) seem to insinuate that the Raiders don't have the physical dollars in the bank to be able to put the kind of guaranteed money mack wants. IF that is the case, then the raiders have less leverage than you seem to think. I'm not just making stuff up, there are "rumblings" about what I am saying. I think there is a reason that it took a lot of private money to build a stadium. Mark davis' NEEDED IT. If Mack is so great, and the raiders have the money, why not pay mack then? What is the hold up? Why is he holding out? The raiders clearly want him, so if they have the money, you would think they would be closer to a deal than they appear to be from the outside. "no progress. No optimism. No communication. And so, the holdout continues." https://www.google.com/amp/s/profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/08/09/raiders-khalil-mack-still-not-talking/amp/
  8. Minor Niner News Thread

    @Forge in the first episode of hard knocks they had a cut away scene with Hyde trying to pass block and getting beat badly. He was standing there with a visibly frustrated coach. He really wasn't useful in the passing game... I miss Frank Gore
  9. Solomon played really well tonight before the concussion. I really liked what I saw, he was very quick off of the edge and very stout at the point of attack. Good leverage and hand usage. He had what, three tfl in 8/9 plays? Richie James JR was as advertised. Another late round gem for sure. I was watching Pettis very closely tonight, he dealt with the press better than I thought he would and had some nice separation. He got alligator arms on that one deep pass over the middle though. It will be interesting to see how he progresses as he gets more comfortable. Jimmy ward looked terrible. Why did he change his number? Was it so that people wouldn't know it was him who was giving up big plays? He didn't get his head around on that touchdown and was schooled by a so-so QB and a rookie WR. Just didn't look confident at all. Moore looked better to me. McKinnon didn't flash to me at all. I'm just not convinced he's a good running back yet. I don't know if he has the vision and footwork to ever be a natural runner. He should have some big plays in this offense because he's the kind of guy who can break a big one when the crease is there. I just don't know if he's one to create a big play but I do think he's one to execute a big play when there is one in front of him. If that makes any sense to anyone else. I'm somewhat worried about our running back depth. Joe williams did have a couple decent runs, but we are really lacking a workhorse, grind em out kind of back. Brieda is probably the guy that runs with the most power and he's not a power back by any stretch of the imagination. Jimmy is still money on third down. I think it's amazing how good Kyle is at clock management already. Perfect use of time outs at the end of the game. Already 10x better than Andy Reid lol I loved sending those obnoxious Dallas fans home with blue balls.. definitely better than sending them home with a black and blue face hah
  10. Joe williams = Kendall Hunter? Short, good burst/quickness, #32
  11. I think he broke his collarbone unfortunately. Any word on Solomon? I saw 'head injury'. safe to say he's in 'the protocol' I guess?
  12. Kahlil Mack

    Would be a easy hurdle to clear. Restructure the contract to have a 5 million dollar roster bonus for being on the roster today, with 3 million or whatever being divided out on a per game basis. Then trade him tomorrow. I'd rather just keep him honestly, what could we really get back that would help us win this year? Our secondary is pretty thin as it is
  13. What would you offer for Khalil Mack?

    Do you have the cap space? Sure. Do you have the CASH? I don't think so. "In the NFL, all of the guaranteed money for the life of any contract has to be put in an escrow account the day the contract gets signed." I do actually follow a lot of the moves the raiders make. There is a reason that over the past 5 years their contracts were structured with small signing bonuses. Mark Davis isn't liquid enough to pay out large sums of cash upfront. Mack wants 70+ million in guarantees, that's 70 million out of pocket today, even if its not paid to the player for a few years. This honestly reminds me a lot of the Kahwi leonard situation.. If Mack is willing to sit out for part of the season, then the raiders leverage decreases significantly. I know that you are defensive because this thread is dedicated to everyone and their mother trying to pick off one of your best players, but simmer down big fella. cant wait until its VEGAS BABY
  14. A friend of mine played college football with Colton Schmidt (the bills punter). Apparently Richie and my buddy are friendly and I've been told he is a super nice guy .. not sure what to make of it but my friend is adamant that he is a good dude. He has had a rep as a dirty player for a very long time. I don't believe he used racial slurs like the jags players accused, but I don't think he's some teddy bear either. He needs... Something
  15. Browns WR Antonio Callway Cited for Marijuana

    @VanS thoughts?