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  1. Chubb isn't even the best running back on his own team
  2. Cardinals release Terrell Suggs

    yeah if you are Cleveland, who plays Baltimore next week, you definitely put a claim in Honestly, the niners might even put a claim in considering how thin we are at DE (weve lost 3 DEs to injury, but dee ford should be coming back soon)
  3. TNF: For Whom the Bell Bowls (balt v nyj)

    You cant simulate Jackson in practice. Hes a special special athlete and the ball fakes and split actions they run are so precise you cant have guys who don't run them full time give your defense good work in practice. Its a unique offense to the NFL and that makes it very hard to prep for the first time around. I didn't say I think the ravens will fail, just that it will be interesting to see how teams play them the second time around. Option football can be defended, but it takes sound fundamentals and a defense playing disciplined. Look at the niners game, first half we had a lot of guys on the back end who were clearly supposed to be pitch defenders bite on the inside runs. Then in the second half guys started playing their assignments and not falling for the fakes, and the ravens only scored 3 points, a last second FG to win. That's the only way to defend it. you have a set assignment for each defender and they don't worry about the other skill position players. Roman has done an amazing job of pulling TEs and getting blockers on those edge defenders and having the numbers in their favor, and that's a testament to roman's unique wrinkle on an old school offense, but its not like there is no physical way to stop the offense lol I mean, Cleveland Pittsburg both gave them a tough time the first time (next two opponents). Then in the playoffs they could potentially see KC, NE, HOU, BUF again. That's big for those other teams to have the actual in game experience against this offense. Its why I am very happy with the fact the niners played you guys already. Nothing replaces actual experience.
  4. TNF: For Whom the Bell Bowls (balt v nyj)

    I'm very interested to see what happens when this option football team plays teams twice this season. The fact they have a 1st place schedule is gonna hurt them because new England and KC have experience against them. Lol at ravens fans bragging about beating the Jets at home on a Thursday. Your offense is unique and hard to prep for in one week. That's going to change as teams see you more and more.
  5. New England Patriots Spygate 2.0?

    The article notes: Yet the Patriots' statement read: Note: I'm not accusing the Patriots of lying here. It is plausible that the advance scout had nothing to do with the recording. But it's not a great look. One last quote: Take all of this in and try to say honestly "there's nothing here" or "nothing happened." I'm not quite ready to put on a tin-foil hat just yet, but there was absolutely wrongdoing. In a vacuum, it's very possible Belichick didn't know until afterward, but this ain't their first rodeo. It's also possible he didn't want to know, so he wouldn't be blamed for anything. Suffice it to say there will be a punishment (perhaps severe, perhaps not), but without something more, without a "smoking gun," as they say, any talk of voiding championships or playoff disqualification is premature. This was a great breakdown. BB clearly contradicts the pats statement. You can't deny that at all, it's inconsistent at best Bengals security guy in the browns press box is a legend
  6. Weekly Bets Thread

    Henry didn't practice today with a tight hamstring. I did see him on the sideline icing it on sunday. I am going to hold off on the Titans game and see if he's active I may hold off on the niners over as well. As a Niner fan I like what I am hearing about their defense, but Ridley is out, Freeman might not play, Julio didn't practice today. Niners will be down 6 defensive starters, and our backups on the back end have tackling issues, but we still have bosa, Buckner, and armstead up front and Matt Ryan playing outside of a dome doesn't help the over lol We also may bench Marcell Harris and insert tarvarious Moore at safety. Harris has been horrendous the last two weeks. yes it was against ravens/saints but it was so so so bad that I don't even want him on my roster next year. Moore played pretty well early in the season before Jimmie ward came back healthy. That switch would change a lot on the back end. I am very confident in the niners scoring points and I don't want to get in a situation where it's like 31-14 late in the game and I'm rooting for a score when both teams are content just going home. So, I might just lay the 10 or 11 points if Julio/freeman aren't playing. Rams feels like the '1 bet of the weekend' that I really really like. I said before that I really just want 1 or 2 games at most per week. Quality over quantity
  7. 2019 Panthers Season Thread

    That would be a great hire. I've been impressed with the Vikings offense this year. He probably wouldn't be able to put together a great staff, especially if they go deep in the playoffs. Would need to find someone to run the defense Let's hope they got that trash game out of the way and can refocus this week. Sometimes losing your coach can spark a team, and sometimes they like the guy and it's a huge distraction. You guys can beat Seattle at home. You really can. You are going to have to play like you give a damn though lol
  8. Was Saquon the right pick for Giants?

    nick chubb isn't even the best RB on his team Barkley is a generational player, but he was the wrong pick for the giants at the time. Hell, even AD was taken 7th overall I love how we haven't heard from @Gmen around here for a while. He literally said that jones is a more athletic peyton manning lol he started a thread about how well the giants rebuild had been going and how good their young defense was lol hows that going for you big boy?
  9. Well ****, he has to be out for at least 6 games... meaning if we get a bye he is done for the year, but if we are the WC team he could potentially come back in February? Or is it 6 weeks and not 6 games? Damn shame, hes been really freaking good. Would honestly be the offseason to lock him down though. When a player gets hurt the year before they go into a contract year, often times they will trade some potential earnings for security. We could just make him have some roster bonus that comes due after next season, to keep his cap hit low for this year.
  10. We've been talking about paraag being a cap wizard for years. Time for him to earn that title
  11. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    It's nice to come to the hot stove thread and actually have a hot stove that is heating up
  12. Coach Of The Year Predictions

    Oh man, I wish this was true lol We are down 6 defensive starters and counting right now. (Tartt, DJ Jones, Kwon Alexander, Kwon Williams, Dee Ford, Richard Sherman). Weve also had two backup edge rushers go on IR, two guys who were playing really well at the time. So outside of bosa we dont have a (healthy) true DE on our roster right now. We didn't have kittle for a few weeks (including the Seattle game). We lost both of our starting tackles at the same time that our fullback got hurt. We just lost our starting C for the year. We've had multiple running backs go down for weeks at a time as well. Every week it seems like we have a new guy go down. Can't go one week without something happening. The niners had a week 4 bye which was absolute horse**** and it's really showing right now. We need need need this first round bye to get healthy
  13. https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/49ers/49ers-get-better-idea-cost-retain-arik-armstead-franchise-tag I was pretty disappointed in this article. "can they afford AA?" then maiocco doesn't say anything other than what the tag would cost... he doesn't even say how much cap space we will have next year after the new cap figure was released The thing that was interesting though, is that the tag for AA would be at DE because that's where he has played more snaps this year. Ooff I'd rathersee @y2lamanaki and @Forge break down our cap space lol y2 did your previous projection take into account the rising cap?
  14. Weekly Bets Thread

    Not feeling nearly as good about this weeks slate of games as I did last week but here are a few I like: Rams -1 at cowboys. Cowboys have extra time and are at home, usually that is a good thing, but I don't trust this coaching staff, so I think that negates this advantage. I also think the cowboys have forgotten how to tackle on defense. Their secondary and linebackers are simply not bringing guys to the ground. Rams offense is good at getting the ball to guys in space and I think there are going to be some huge plays where one guy misses a tackle then its off to the races. Rams defense matches up really well with the cowboys and I don't think that dallas will have much success through the air. Dallas has quit on their coach imo I heard @ET80 say he is fearful of the way Tennessee matches up with Houston. can you post that again? I do love the way Tennessee is playing right now. very complete team who is extremely confident. Henry in the second half is an unstoppable force. I wish the line was -2 rather than -3 because someone is going to go for two at some point in this game. I like the over 47 in the niners game. There shouldn't be any rain on Sunday here so that helps the over. If the rain comes, I wouldn't bet this, but if there is no rain I think the niners will put up 30+ on this team. Trufant is out and they have two super young corners that are going to play. Sanders and Samuel should feast. Niners run game should dominate as well. Niners defense is limping right now. We have two good outside corners and a good FS, but our SS is out and his replacement (marcel harris) shouldn't even be in the league from what we have seen from him this year. Our young LB corps have been bad the last two weeks and no one seems to be able to tackle on the back end of our defense. Our DL is a little beat up right now too. Falcons could easily score 20ish points (honestly they are a very live dog too)
  15. Sheldon Rankins likely done for season

    he tore his Achilles last year. If this is the same ankle, then it could be a big problem for him down the road. He tore it during the playoffs last year, I am shocked he was able to come back so fast tbh