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  1. seems like we are going to do a reset, but if we dont, I have to shed some salary which is why you should accept my lopsided trade proposal in your favor you are still ripping me off, but its at least palatable for me
  2. A "perfect" spiral is actually less consistent in its trajectory than one with a bit of wobble. Those passes may have had a bit too much wobble though lol I was able to slow down those clips to get a very brief glimpse of JG throwing the ball. His feet and hips looked well synced with his arm. Short step, short hip twist, and the ball was out of his hands all in one motion. His footwork has been my biggest complaint. I have been hoping that he would correct it every single offseason. So ofc it only took us drafting his replacement for it to actually happen. He was never established
  3. yeah, that was really well done on his part. He pulled receipts and gave a very concise breakdown of it all. Loved the way he said "greenbay is not a vacation destination" that was a polite way of putting it
  4. I like how they are wearing the extra padded helmet coverings. No reason to bang heads in the offseason I wonder why Bosa is the only guy not wearing it
  5. If you win 11 games, you should be a playoff team. I get the idea that you should win your division, but a team could theoretically win two games against a 12 win team and still lose the division IMO the extra playoff spot for the third wildcard should only be given if the third team wins 10+ games. Or at least, has a winning record (9 wins). If the third team is an 8 win team, then it should be 6 spots in that conference. Helps get good teams in, while keeping bad teams out.
  6. Right, and my point was that the way the dolphins cut KVN, who was a team leader, one year into a long term contract could have potentially eroded any trust between the two parties, leading to an increased amount of uneasiness for an aging player who doesn't have guaranteed money. He is literally one play away from never earning another dollar in his life. Miami has the leverage, but ultimately they should give him some sort of rolling guarantee. Have his 22 salary guarantee if hes on the roster week 1 of 21. Have his 23 salary guarantee if hes on the roster week 1 of 22 etc etc. You can
  7. It does seem like he is amenable to simply guaranteeing more of his future salaries I wonder how the KVN abrupt termination is factoring in here. He may not trust the dolphins FO to not cut him at the first sign of trouble
  8. I think im out on this league. sorry fellas!
  9. Tomorrow is the first day of open practices, but today is the first day of camp, yes? 10:17 start time means lance isnt signed yet
  10. 7th highest paid TE seems about right. LOVED what I saw from him last year. He has good length and a good understanding of space and how to find open spots in the zone. His game reminded me a lot of jason witten. There is still room for improvement for him, but I do expect big things
  11. Ward has been writing a lot of checks this offseason. Not sure if I love it or hate it. Love the confidence, dudes earned the right to talk. Hes been beyond stellar for us. Very underrated part of this top 5 defense. He was probably the second most important part of our defense last year. Absurdly consistent. At the same time I dont know if this benefits us in any way. Hes been talking a lot of smack publicly and sometimes that will come back around to bite ya.
  12. I have a good one thats very relevant in today's NFL. Sorry @ET80! It ends with the 49ers drafting Trey Lance. Which only happened because the 49ers were able to trade with Miami, who had houston's 3rd overall pick. It was available via trade from Miami for three reasons: 1) They already had a QB they drafted in the top 5 last year, so they werent really interested in another rookie (if they didnt have Tua, more than likely they take Lance or Fields) 2) They didnt trade for desean watson (even though they were his preferred destination) because he is a sexual predator and
  13. Coulda woulda shoulda. They coulda traded him before all of this came out when he originally asked for a trade. The draft was their opportunity to make a deal this offseason. Its really hard to trade him anywhere after the draft because then he makes that team better and you get a worse pick. So they really have to wait to know how the picks fall into place. Strong chance they get #1 overall as it is, but at least that way you get to figure out what other elite prospects you want and make a choice at that time. Miami was the deal to make to get #3 overall imo. Even if they took slightly
  14. Its fine compensation for a player of his caliber at his age at his position. They just missed the boat. They waited too long and the QB market dried up. There were a ton of teams who made moves at QB this year Im sure he will still have value next year, but right now they are stuck with him for this season. His cap hit balloons next year so that will hurt his value a little bit as well
  15. Michael Thomas, Saints may still be on a collision course - ProFootballTalk (nbcsports.com) Michael Thomas is a selfish punk. You could tell by the way he talks about himself on social media. NO wanted to put him on IR last year, he didnt want to and they feuded over it. He played through it, made it worse, then delayed having surgery so that he can get paid and not play. Id be so mad if I was a saints fan.
  16. Agreed. They are bending over backwards to appease him because they know Love isnt ready. If he was ready, then they do not need to make any sort of concessions or give up future negotiating power with rodgers
  17. This is exactly right. If you arent going to draft WRs with premium picks, then you need to pay the ones you have who have produced on the field, especially if the plan is to go to a rookie QB in 2022 Its like the 49ers with Trent Williams. We decided to draft Javon Kinlaw at DT rather than take tristan wirfs, which meant we had to make TW the highest paid LT in the league. We couldnt just let the mid 30s elite player we had walk and were basically forced into a corner with that deal. This post is dripping with tiny cok energy. Absolutely repugnant response from a self cent
  18. Then you are going to lose him. This is how FA works, whoever is up next becomes the highest paid Another classic example of GB fans not knowing how good they have it If I am a GB fan I would not have confidence in their ability to draft and develop WRs
  19. Thinking about his season a little bit more, specifically the game in CHI where he forgot what down it was Soldier field is the worst playing surface in the NFL and it was a night game, meaning it the field was extra hard and obviously the cold can be brutal on joints on its own No wonder the dude had a mental lapse, he was probably extremely doped up in that game just to be able to play on that concrete in Chicago
  20. Dillon is right, if his guarantees get wiped out you can cut him with no consequence. You still have the signing bonus proration that will get accelerated and will count against the cap, but thats money that is already paid. Its not really worth discussing beyond this because there is 0% chance they cut him rather than trade him.
  21. This is an irrefutable fact. I hope that chris never gets the make the opposite argument! Warner is irreplaceable
  22. I agree that he drifted too far down the field after his break but this was still a high level play by warner. turned his hips downfield to respect the deep speed, flipped his hips back, tracked the ball and the route and got a PD without DPI.
  23. Next Gen Stats' top 10 coverage players in 2020: 49ers LB Fred Warner crashes DB-heavy rankings (nfl.com) There were only three players in the NFL who had better coverage than warner did in 2020. Thats not among LBs. Thats among all players. This isnt some subjective list, it is based purely analytics. I know its probably hard for you to watch a lot of 49ers games as a two team homer, but acting like its crazy that warner is the best coverage LB in the NFL, when the numbers make it abundantly clear is laughable (from 2019, but still)
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