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  1. I meant, if fields didn't exist. Say, he went back to school, or decided to become a missionary or something. In this scenario we are #3 with Wilson and TL gone. It's between Lance and Jones. Do we even trade up?? Probably not, but let's pretend we are at #3 anyway. Jones vs Lance is a more interesting debate than Jones vs fields vs Lance, because fields is clearly the superior prospect to the other two in my eyes
  2. I completely agree I said to someone today that if fields wasn't available, and it was between Mac Jones and Trey Lance, that it would be a very interesting conversation. Don't get me wrong, I'm taking Lance in that scenario, but there would be an argument to be made for Jones considering Lance hasn't played for a year and when he did play it was against a lower level of competition.
  3. just googled him Denver radio host with an inside scoop on the jets/49ers inner workings. YEAH, SURE BUDDY.
  4. There is no chance this is accurate. who the hell is cecil lammey
  5. This is a warning for trolling (you are reading too much into a candid photo. He could simply be between facial expressions) Nah, its a real photo. Dont forget - the pick is already made and none of this matters.
  6. N4L


    yeah, I was going to say Horn would make a ton of sense for you guys. I think you will take a corner.
  7. That is just how highly I think of Burrow. I am a huge Trevor Lawrence fan. Hes incredible. Everything you could ever want out of a quarterback prospect. phenomenal arm, great length, strength and speed. Throws a catchable ball. My comp for Burrow is a more athletic Tom Brady. We will see how he is after the injury, but even if he isnt as mobile as he was, he is still a natural QB. Love the moxy, the heart, and the way he carries himself in addition to everything else. I dont have a comp for TL because he is so unique. He is one of the best prospects of all time in his own right, but
  8. Damn, I think this guy would be a great fit for the back end of the roster because he can fill a few roles for us 1) Seems to be an amazing gunner. The type of gunner you can not out kick. our punter has a huge leg but has chosen to get a lot of air and do weird spin on the ball most of the time. We dont see him really unleash one very often. We just signed a guy from Arizona who is supposed to be a great gunner as well. Having two guys that are top flight gunners while also having a great punter can be a major weapon, especially when you pair it with a great defense to play the field pos
  9. Burrow and Kyle Pitts are going to be one helluva combination for many years When people talk about Mac Jones, they are using a lot of the same words they used to describe Joseph Burrow. Burrow is the far superior quarterback, but to hear people talk about McCorkle Jones you'd think they were equal prospects. Could not be farther from the truth Let's be real here, Burrow was a prospect in line with Trevor Lawrence.
  10. Bomani nailed this "If you believe in your scheme above all else, then why trade (two) first round picks to go up and get this dude (McCorkle)??" SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK -IT AINT HAPPENING-
  11. Hes a niners fan, so I hope he doesnt get him LOL @mrscottso I think you have the 40 time wrong. It was a 4.9
  12. I don't know, honestly. I've been torn on this concept for a while. I'm open to the idea, but I can also think of a lot of drawbacks. Namely, it requires you to be able to draft/develop a winning NFL QB twice, and most teams have a heck of a time doing it once. Then you probably only have a three-year window thanks to our complicated scheme. You also probably have to be certain that the guy you trade is worth the team with the #1 overall pick giving that up, or possibly a little lower if there are multiple good QBs like this year (though, 2018 was also a "great" class of QBs, so that's a varia
  13. Mike Shanahan makes some sense, but I really dont think its him. He has been around the block enough times to know how these things work. He is obviously involved with our organization, but I doubt he would do anything to undermine his son. Maybe thats wishful thinking on my part, but I think Mike would be more likely to outright lie to a former contact than he would be to spill the beans. I think Peters knew/knows. He is clearly one of the main people inside the inner circle. It was "leaked" 2 days before by Peter King's mock.
  14. I have never understood the love affair of Louis Riddick. Hes a (semi) good analyst, but being in the media and then going straight to a GM job is a big leap. If he was as good of a talent evaluator as everyone thinks, he would be working in a FO somewhere and would be working his way up the ladder. (says the fan of the team with john lynch as GM LOL)
  15. Cardinals just love their brand names, dont they?
  16. My response was meant to highlight the absurdity of the quoted comment and was clearly in jest. Yeeessh
  17. Give me a break. His parents named him McCorkle, how smart can they really be?
  18. I dont buy this narrative. This organization has been extremely tight lipped about everything. Its no coincidence that we dont get a lot of leaks out of our building over the past few years. Its not because people in the building stopped talking to the media, its because we stopped telegraphing everything we do to all of the employees. There is only a very small circle of decision makers in our organization, and none of them are going to say anything to anyone until draft day. Vegas thinks they know, because guys like Schefter think they know. Its not that anyone in vegas has spoke
  19. "When you trade three firsts for Mccorkle Jones but you still end up making a deep playoff run"
  20. get off your high horse you pontificating, pompous, know it all. No one wants to hear you ***** Kawakami pulling some **** right now. "49ers would be dumb to draft anyone but fields, but also I am saying they will take mac, so either way I am right"
  21. I had a dream last night that I climbed mount Everest while the draft was going on and that we drafted fields We did it boys! We conquered the world!! Lol
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