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  1. for those of you looking for a little preseason action... 49ers -5 tomorrow feels like a gimmie. I know its preseason but: 49ers DL might be the deepest in the league. This group has dominated so far this preseason. Raiders OL is very thin and the backups have been bad. 49ers secondary has been lights out this season with rookies Ambry thomas, Hufanga, and Demontre Lemior all playing lights out. The Raiders will be playing nathan peterman most of the game. Peterman facing unrelenting pressure and then throwing into the teeth of a strong secondary feels like a big disadvantage
  2. I dont buy these reports. Florios was pure speculation ("teams not involved believe...." give me a break) and it seems like other news agencies are just running with the headline Negotiating pick protections based on the wide array of outcomes of Watson's case is extremely complicated There is also a wide range of pick values based on seasonal outcomes of teams With that much variance in outcomes on both sides of the deal, this close to the season, I think its basically impossible that a deal gets done Nothing to see here....
  3. three is probably enough considering you will be asleep anyway
  4. yeah, cant really argue with any of it. Dee ford is the only real questionable one. 2019 dee is absolutely on the list, but who knows how things will go this season Hopefully Trey will be on this list come next year!
  5. especially when you consider that probably 40k posts were on the old forum and couldnt get those likes
  6. yeah, the lack of true punt returner is going to be an issue for this team. at this point I will settle for someone who just fair catches it cleanly every time
  7. I usually dont do season long player props, but I cant see a reason why JK Dobbins wont get more than 1085 rushing yards. Thats 65 yards a game. He should have a few games where he gets 150+
  8. I refuse to believe these posts are not connected somehow
  9. The team will buy into both/either guy because the team has already bought into Kyle. If we were talking about some bozo OC, then yeah, maybe it would be different, but whichever decision kyle makes, the entire organization will be behind that dude 100%. make no mistake about it. This is a strong locker room filled guys who want to win. Trey hasnt exactly "seized" the job but he has shown a lot of promise. His run fakes and footwork have all been on point. I am actually super pumped on his run fakes and pass fakes on draws. Its definitely an art form and he seems like he has worked on it
  10. This is nothing more than lip service. He is speaking out of both sides of his mouth. He wants to be able to say "i rEcOmMeNdEd tHe vAcCiNe" when he is up for re-election, without actually doing anything of significance. If he actually gave a ****, he would have a mask mandate, or at the absolute least not have a ban on mask mandates. Actions speak louder than words and all this guy does is blow wind Only recently have the elephant leadership (and media) started to recommend vaccinations. Anti-maskers/vaxers are still living in 2020. Its 2021. Delta is what we all feared the original
  11. Im torn on this. On one hand, rookies that get traded away from the team that drafted them before the season starts rarely work out. On the other hand, we really need slot depth and wade is very talented/cheap. We must really not want to trade away any future picks at the moment.
  12. This literally cost us a Superbowl. Chris Jones batted three passes that all would have been huge plays. Kyle drew it up perfectly. Kittle was WIDE OPEN in the middle of the field with no one within 15 yards. It was probably a house call. Jimmy needed to know after the first one they had him timed up, but ok, one more batted ball can be excusable to an extent, but he absolutely needed to pump fake and there is no excuse for it happening three times in the span of a few drives I mean, they aren't wrong in the sense QB has been our biggest weakness for a while, especially considering ho
  13. I have been asking for a 49er QB to pump fake consistently for over 10 years. Having a QB who pump fakes who also throws deep.. oh boy, that tickles me
  14. Also to add to this @NinerNation21, if you buy it, get a VPN and buy the European version. It has live games and is the same price. The american version is good, but the games get posted after its over so if you miss the beginning of the game you have to wait.
  15. I have had it for years and I love(d) it They changed the interface and made it way worse. They got rid of the all22 (for now). No more slow motion (WHY?). The interface for choosing games is way way way worse than it used to be. The interface while you are using it is 10x worse as well for reasons I dont feel like typing atm. Its still on demand football with the commercials edited out and the condensed games are great (seriously makes watching other teams a breeze, they are like 40 minutes tops). So its still something that is worth getting, but I realllly hope they fix all of the
  16. Finally had a chance to give some thoughts: - Jimmy looked sharp. Everything was crisp. Footwork was on point. He did a great job at throwing within the timing of the offense. One drive is one drive, but it was encouraging to see him look locked in and throwing darts. His feet were tied into his arm - which is where he had issues in previous seasons, there were times he wouldnt set his feet or use his hips at all and it made him sporadic. I saw none of that and hopefully we dont see it all season. You can usually tell in the first drive how JG is feeling on that day. I think its super imp
  17. Your punter might be the best punter in the league. I was at the game last weekend and I was thoroughly impressed by how pinpoint he was with such a huge leg. It wasnt just one kick either, he was very consistent with how the ball flew in the air with every single kick Your kicking combo is tough to beat.
  18. I think it was gold pants touchdown dance?
  19. I think a lot of us wanted us to get a slot receiver / punt returner this offseason. Even if james makes the roster, he isnt someone I want returning punts. He is a decent enough KR but I absolutely would be looking for an upgrade somewhere
  20. The fact Bill Gates had the foresight to predict a global pandemic (something that's happened numerous times before!) doesn't mean he had a hand in creating or accelerating our current predicament. He invested in vaccine/medical research in an effort to help curb some of the worlds nastiest viruses and diseases. He's been the worlds richest man for a long time and it's only logical he would try and use that money to cure/prevent diseases. It was only a matter of time that something like this was to happen, as it's essentially part of the cat and mouse game of evolution, or is that not som
  21. I've seen the movie BIG, so I know he's actually like 12 years old Believe me, I've done my research
  22. Preseason is finally here! Obviously this is the Trey Lance debut game, also the first time for fans to come back to Levi's since the 2019 NFCCG. PUMPED Who are you guys/gals excited to see? Discuss!
  23. I will wait to see how lance performs before I make definitive statements regarding who is better equiped to handle pressure up the middle, but I really do not trust Garoppolos pocket presence after the last two seasons. He needs good protection. His footwork is/was not good enough to be a Brady or Brees inside the pocket. I have been hoping he would show improvements here but unfortunately he has not Lance's athleticism could potentially make him a more viable QB if the protection is poor.
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