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  1. The Pick is in - Jaylon Ferguson

    I have an alternate version that trades down from the mindset Ferguson is the top player on our board and he might still be here and if he's not then we go here... here... here But that's unrealistic. I'll still post it bc it's fun anyway but the point here is Ferguson is the best player on the board when we pick
  2. 17.5 sacks this past season. The Bud Dupree ship has sailed - 5 sacks a season won't cut it. The longer you prolong the failed experiment, the longer it will take to find a replacement 1) Jaylon Ferguson EDGE LA Tech Just a bad MF. Prototypical size. Excellent hand usage. Dangerous 2) David Montgomery RB Iowa State Classic Le'Veon Bell pick. Same result, really 3) Andy Isabella WR UMASS Slot WR. Freaky explosion 3) LJ Collier DE TCU A long, limbed 4-3 DE that you see over in Minnesota. These guys work today. The idea is to put Ferguson and Collier in a stacked stand up fashion 4) Preston Williams WR Colorado State Tall, freaky Josh Gordon type athlete. 96 rec 1345 14 TD 5) Hjalte Froholdt G Arkansas Measurables are All-Pro. Good size. Arkansas 6) Jamal Davis OLB Akron Love the measurables and his attitude and mentality. Special team player from day one that can evolve into a pretty good player 6) Sutton Smith S Northern Illinois His numbers most resemble an Eric Weddle type box safety. Given his unique rush ability, this will only increase his value. Special teams ace. 6) Daniel Wise DT Kansas Some of the best movement skills down here 7) Adonis Davis EDGE Tennessee Tech UDFA. This guy is an animal
  3. Submit Top Six

    Scenario: 20th pick for this bunch of picks from Houston. #54. #55. #86. Say they want Noah Fant at #20. With a WR in mind at #23. Steelers end up with six picks on day two. What would you do? 52 - Chauncey Gardner-Johnson S FLORIDA 54 - Germaine Pratt LB NC STATE 55 - N'keal Harry WR ARIZONA ST 66 - Elgton Jenkins G MISS ST 83 - Josh Oliver TE SAN JOSE ST 86 - Will Harris S BOSTON COLLEGE The Rest 122 - Trysten Hill DT UCF 141 - Jamal Davis OLB AKRON 175 - Blake Cashman LB MINNESOTA 192 - Diontae Johnson WR TOLEDO 207 - Keenen Brown TE TEXAS ST 221 - Kendarius Webster CB MISSISSIPPI
  4. If I'm going Gators, I'm going Chauncey Gardner-Johnson at free safety. Vosean is too small in the lower half. Obviously, comparing the two Pratt and Joseph, they would fill both roles to a tee and be a team in a traditional sense of a 3-4
  5. A leader of the defense and a good tracker if you will. Love the numbers here and the way he looks moving around out there. Probably a 3rd rd grade around the league but with smart teams sniffing in early 2nd because you got a starter in the middle of the defense Could you imagine him and Devin White in the middle like with what Dallas has with Jaylon Smith and Vandy
  6. OLB/Edge Class Thoughts

    No - the talent plays at rush end and the first of his kind
  7. Should we trade up for Devin White?

    Bill Belichick will say I will stop JuJu Smith-Schuster. That's the gameplan. We will stop the run. Force you into 3rd & long. And we will double JuJu Smith-Schuster on 3rd down. Then you will punt bc you don't got s***. And that aging, old raisin, Roethlisberger... then you'll have to deal with his whining on his radio show during the week about how he "didn't get enough time" and how "no one was open" - keep in mind you'll have Roethlisberger for four more years of this. And you will be dragged through the mud of this misery into his 40's I'm thoroughly enjoying the demise. Because the Titanic is going right into the Iceberg, and they're saying full steam ahead. Well, f***. If that's how you really feel. Let me know how cold that water really is .... IN BEN WE TRUST (to not LEAD the league in picks, to leave our women alone, to not publicly embarrass teammates, to not be an a**h***, to pay cover at the bar, to not think he's better than others) ... wait, that's our guy! Our leader.
  8. Should we trade up for Devin White?

    #1 need - ILB? Wow. JuJu Smith-Schuster, James Conner, and Vance McDonald would make me believe otherwise. "They did well last year. Vance is a beast" IT ALL GOES AWAY WITHOUT ANTONIO BROWN.... and it's gone
  9. Trade 1.20 + 2.52 to Detroit for the 8th overall pick, where the Steelers select Brian Burns Pittsburgh - 8th overall - Brian Burns EDGE Florida State Aldon Smith. 6'5" 249 4.53. With long arms and he's a bull. Unstoppable force and the #1 pick on redrafts when he becomes the next in line in the long line of dominant pass rushers in the NFL. Pittsburgh - 66th overall - Andy Isabella WR UMASS Slot receiver. JuJu. Moncrief to take the top off. Isabella in the Slot. Isabella is the best WR out of the trio. 5'9" but compact and strong. 4.30 speed. And laughable 97 agility. Makes UMASS competition look high school. NFL talent will do that to you. Better tools than Edelman. Better tools than Welker. Could be the best slot of all-time. Pittsburgh - 83rd overall - Will Harris S Boston College 6'1" 209. Fast, physical strong safety prospect that ran a 4.41. Playmaker. Looking for a Brian Dawkins and I'm gonna shoot my shot with this 12 year NFL vet. Pittsburgh - 122nd overall - Blake Cashman LB Minnesota Former walk-on. 6'1" 237. 4.50 forty yard dash. Leader. Instinctive. Productive. In the mold of a Luke Kuechly. Pittsburgh - 141st overall - John Cominsky DE Charleston 6'5" 286 small-school flier. I was just watching this guy, and he looks the part. He just looked different, and his burst looked to be NFL level. Developmental DL prospect that can help early on in the rotation. Pittsburgh - 175th overall - Jamal Davis EDGE Akron Next great MAC LB for the Black & Gold. 6'3" 243. With excellent movement skills and the frame to add another 5-10 pounds. Pittsburgh - 192nd overall - Daylon Mack NT Texas A&M The 6'1" 340 bullet. Rifles up through defenses. Not a run-stuffing NT per se, but that's old hat anyway, this guy will help in the pass rush because his mass and force can't be contained. Pittsburgh - 207th overall - Ryan Bates C Penn St Potential undrafted underclassmen that ends up an All-Pro. It's not rare. Uncommon. But he believes in his skills, and I like his numbers, so this is a pure Kelvin Beachum numbers play down here where you think you're lucky to get one, but it's just another numbers play. His numbers play. Pittsburgh - 219th overall - Jaylen Smith WR Louisville Numbers again. Never had a QB. He had LaMar Jackson. Not as productive this year with even worse QBing than LaMar Jackson. I poke fun at LaMar facetiously, he CAN play, he is just NOT accurate. Like, at all. Vince Young type arm. But with Cunningham type arm strength. 6'2" 217 4.47. Pretty solid grouping here with predominantly overdrafts. What I like about this class is we finally develop a pass rush. The problem is we have 3-4 DE that play 4-3 DT in a sub defense. We give up quickness with the lethargic 3-4 DE (unless it's Rashan Gary) compared to the speed, power, and quickness of the modern day 4-3 DT. Watt has length and agility but weak burst and then to me he reveals he is a 4-3 OLB. The normal 4-3 DE has the length, agillty, and burst. And that burst is what gives the tackle problems. We also have Bud Dupree at EDGE - Who isn't much. We lack the dynamism around the EDGE and that constant nuisance around the edge that keeps the QB out of rhythm. It helps they have the interior pocket collapse, from these 4-3 DTs that get upfield, so the QB gets too much depth, and is walled off from the outside rush. We lack the 4-3 DE or even a prototypical 3-4 OLB. Watt is a strongside LB in the 4-3 with adequate rush and cover skills. Keep in mind these guys are going about 4.5 around the edge, even if it's just a one trick pony speed rusher on third down. That equals to the lack of constant pressure. We stop a drive if we get a sack or they get a penalty. Otherwise, it's smooth sailing. Sacks are production. Tangible. But constant pressure and never allowing the QB to develop a rhythm is the name of the game. I would rather have no sacks and constant pressure. Than four sacks. Or splash plays. Because other than that, they are going up and down the field, because we lack the dynamic players that get that strip sack, that cause a bad throw, or a playmaker in the secondary to cover our wounds and be a blanket for the whole defense. Like in the mold of a Troy. Two 3-4 PROTOTYPE OLB prospects will give us constant pressure. Plus, the addition of Daylon Mack adds another wrinkle. He's a one gap NT. Pure beast. Can't stop him he's getting through that gap. Put the 3-4 DE's next to him. Put the 3-4 OLBs next to them. Turn one ILB into a roaming safety. The other ILB plays in the middle. Call it a 5-1-5. [Two Nickel] Basically, a 3-4, with a minor wrinkle. But the job of the NT is to get an upfield rush. The point is by just adding a 6th rd one gap NT, you will now get more out of your 3-4 DE's, because they are now in better spacing and position to succeed with their given set of skills. Need smart, fast, sure-tackling safeties to stop the draw. Three players that will help on offense, one of which will set the tone, the other, hopefully, a long-term replacement for Donte Moncrief
  10. OLB/Edge Class Thoughts

    Rashan Gary is a 3-4 PROTOTYPE DE. Whereas, I also consider Anthony Nelson DE Iowa a PROTOTYPE 3-4 DE. Here's why, Gary and Burns around the edge is illegal You can't possibly stop it Sorry for the poetic format Also: Rashan Gary DE, Ed Oliver NT ... is the beginnings of a prototype 3-4 defense. Raiders got a shot. Devin White roaming the middle. Burns as the EDGE. Just play with 7.
  11. OLB/Edge Class Thoughts

    Perhaps you could move TJ Watt to the middle in sub to cover TE's [former TE] and use his length and agility on blitzes. His agility is what plays from the right side, not some burst or acceleration. Agility plays for a LB scraping around. As for Davis, this guy is down in the gutter in terms of rankings, and I see a productive pro with All-Pro type potential. Gimme Burns in the 1st. Davis in the 6th. Bud Dupree will quit the game.
  12. OLB/Edge Class Thoughts

    Would you package top two picks to go up and get Burns?
  13. Is what one would say if they were being given the Keys To the Kingdom. DETROIT. Is a town of the simple man. And this team Titans of Gruden and Mayock are steamrolling the league with their free agent acquisitions, hustles of trades, as they map the network and circulate the landscape that is the NFL Offseason. Here I came today to form a tryst. One of the upmost nature. Terms of endearment are simple. Just Win Baby... This trade is possibly best orchestrated pre-draft. Work Detroit for change - Detroit needs a new LeBron James. I don't think Murray goes 1st overall. He should. Let AZ go on the Bosa train. Then begins the fall. The sale of Detroit is of a new beginning. The days of Matthew Stafford are over [he's a perennial gunslinger with no discipline and a complete whiny 'me' player that's more statistician than he is winner] and in with that comes dead money and saved money in the wallet of the owner, in this case, $49m. And that actually eats up a lot of their remaining cap space ensuring the Lions a poor season, unless Murray does it by himself. The reason I like Detroit is they need to make a splash. And they want to give their Head Coach a chance at "his guy" - like they see in New Orleans in the relationship of Sean Payton/Drew Brees. The QB/Head Coach should be attached at the hip, and their lives are forever linked, if not were it also intertwined to the GM, all at the same time, a triangle, and trio, where responsibilities are different, but the blame will be shared by all on failure of the objective. Patricia might be given leeway, and he's going for his guy, which happens to be a spread QB in Kyler Murray. This is the type of athlete Detroit needs to get their mojo back. OAK acquires DET 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and their 2020 1st in exchange for Kyler Murray ...until there's a better deal - out of thin air THREE TEAM TRADE OAKLAND NYG 1st, 6th overall DET 1st, 9th overall Matthew Stafford QB DETROIT OAK 1st, 4th overall OAK 2nd, 35th overall Karl Joseph S NEW YORK GIANTS OAK 1st, 24th overall DET 3rd, 89th overall Derek Carr QB Matthew Stafford agrees to convert $12.5m of his 2019 salary into a signing bonus. So, when you trade him again, because he's not the answer either, he will play for $1m salary + potential $500k workout bonus. Or a cap hit of $1.5m. The point of doing it like this is making a point that's your best and only shot to win a Super Bowl with a QB like Matt Stafford. Only if you get a gunslinger for free, does he have any worth to the team. Otherwise, he's a negative. Seattle struggling with the Russell Wilson negotiations, and I'm sure a power struggle after the loss of Paul Allen, might be keen to take a shot at a cost-effective solution with a franchise QB, if it means they better themselves as an organization. Russell Wilson has led that Seattle team and made them a playoff contender. Now the defense is gone, and I feel it's time for all parties to move on. OAK trades Matt Stafford to SEA for their 1st rd pick, 21st overall. Leaving Russell Wilson to the Bucs for the 5th overall and 2020 1st. In which case, they trade QBs and move up as opposed to move down in the earlier example. Plus, they get a QB on the cheap. Oakland - 6th overall - Ed Oliver DT #90 Simple. Build the nastiest, dirtiest, defense because at the end of the day you need something to hang your hat on. Jonathan Hankins is not enough, and this is a pure Mayock play here, and one I disagree with, which is why, I'm going Ed Oliver to give that defense some teeth. They need an Aaron Donald type player. The up-the-middle pass rush is the most lethal and to get an interior defensive line presence like this at this spot is extremely rare. This player should end up in Canton. Oakland - 9th overall - Devin White LB #40 Maybe the most exciting ILB of all-time. On the level of Ryan Shazier in terms of playmaking. This player should end up in Canton as well. Oakland - 21st overall - Brian Burns EDGE 6'5" 249 4.53 #99 Canton just isn't as far from home as it used to be. This is my #1 player if not for the two guys in front of him. Think Aldon Smith. Oakland - 27th overall - TJ Hockenson TE I'm thinking he'll fall in the draft for sure, because he's a white tight end. But I'm just getting this Dallas Clark type feel with this guy. Sure-fire hands. Decent speed and a smart football player. Not too mention his blocking ability. Maybe get Oakland to become a more balanced team. When I think of smart teams and the trendiness of the NFL, this is the type of guy that can run the gadgets, and give you those splash type plays, but then he can also give you the meat and potatoes in the blocking. Therefore, he's the complete package and has a chance to be Hall worthy if the team does well. Kelce.... but with better blocking ability and hands Oakland - 106th overall - Will Harris S Boston College #28 Another Canton, probably. Looking for some Mayock bias here. Because the kid can play. Game changer in the secondary. Fast, physical, imposing presence. 12 year veteran in the NFL. Karl Joseph rehabilitated his value but he is still undersized and with Joyner back there makes the safeties really undersized. Harris at 6'1" 209 helps solve that problem as he could develop into a Brian Dawkins. Oakland - 141st overall - Tyree Jackson QB Buffalo #3 Maybe my favorite QB this class and you get a shot at him down here. When I take this guy, I'm thinking if I can work with him for two years and make sure he knows the playbook in and out so when he gets out there he can just play like he did this year. Hopefully, with an evolution into a new version of Tyree Jackson that is even more athletic and has developed a "touch" with the ball. Oakland - 220th overall - Jamal Davis LB AKRON I love this guy. And I can't figure out why he is down in the UDFA rankings. This player can be a force in the NFL. Oakland - 237th overall - Jaylen Smith WR LOUISVILLE Think he goes undrafted, so he should be available here. Still hasn't had an accurate QB to get him the ball. Great tools. Think the skills are there. Just not the timing with the QB. And then I tank and start Nathan Peterman and proceed to go 1-15, because there's no rule that I can't get maximum value out of my pick. Positioning myself for the 2020 NFL Draft in Las Vegas where I will be announcing the new face of the franchise.
  14. That's not happening. He might not make it to #52. He's one of the more polished products coming out this year that's explosive, safe, and not too many holes in his game. He could go as high as mid-late 1st depending on the team. Solid #2 with #1 potential. Call him an Anquan Boldin. OT, ILB, TE - that's how I rank their rankings of needs after whatever housekeeping you want to call this offseason. It could still be a rebuild, without ever having to say it, if they offload Haden to the Jets for like a 6th, and the three year, $27m deal for Nelson is like Haden's deal, and that deal is to actually replace Haden. Not complement him. They will not re-sign Haden, so as always, get something back here. I almost feel like it's the Pirates right now. What the hell is going on? There is a cap and shared revenue for all 32 teams and you make a profit. Spend some money. And then they'll overpay Ben. LOL It looks like they value the CB/WR class with the UFA signings, so I'm hoping they evaluate these as just really deep classes because these band-aids are no reason to pass up such premium talent at these positions. WR - deepest class this year. By far. PREDICTION: ANDRE DILLARD OT WASH ST ... and I don't mind it I mean, f**K, Blake Cashman is Luke Kuechly. Why are you thinking about Devin Bush in the first round? And they're thinking it, because of who they signed in UFA, relative to their other needs. David Long from WVU is basically a bigger version of Devin Bush that goes in the 3rd-5th rd. That seems like good value. Plus, this is the least valuable position in the NFL. This is why Baltimore will let CJ Mosley go for a run at Le'Veon Bell, which would help you and hurt Pittsburgh at the same time. They were willing to let a 1st rd pick go, for "just the opportunity", to talk to Le'Veon Bell. Think about that one. The next time you're pounding the table for ILB. And still think the 3-4 defense is relevant at all in this league. DREAM PICKS: DARRELL HENDERSON RB, DK METCALF WR, NOAH FANT TE, HAKEEM BUTLER WR, ANDY ISABELLA WR
  15. I have been thinking about this draft.

    Let me sell you the double bubble because you are a starving franchise in need of replacing costly errors. Do you know how hard it is to find Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown amidst the dirt and grime and misfortune of bad pick after bad pick. You have a limited number of these tickets and you need to go 42% and UP. (3/7). Good drafts four. Bad drafts two. But you have filler and guys become available. I like to trade down in our spot, because you're getting a hell of a football player. You're sitting at a spot here at #20 where you're licking your chops over a fresh new marine to join your core. Ready, willing, and able to march to the beat of your drum, because you are his Commander in Chief. You got TE's. Pick your poison. Noah Fant. Rob Gronkowski. Thank you. You got a particular Washington DB on your mind? Maybe you want to shock the world with a QB, because Seattle is an odd ball QB sleeper team. Get the QB in the draft when you got Russell Wilson contract problems sitting behind you at #21. I wouldn't pay Russell Wilson $35m per year. To debilitating to the cap. Get your top pick of WR with all the different blends of skillsets and top WR's there are this class. Now, here's the best one. Maybe you want to gobble up the last top defensive lineman before the drop off. And grab a top 5 talent at 20th overall. The possibilities are endless. And the choice is yours. All you gotta do is trade a few of these picks and trade up to our pick to select this young stud and your future will be in good hands. Going Houston Texans. For Byron Murphy. Or Noah Fant. Or DK Metcalf. Or Jeffrey Simmons. 2nd round, 54th overall 2nd round, 55th overall 5th round, 162nd overall Now, depending on who is available you gotta a little supply and demand to negotiate with, and that's where the fun starts. Maybe, say, DK Metcalf is available and the thought of DK Metcalf with say Le'Veon Bell and DeAndre Hopkins, with DeShaun Watson sounds like a video game fake life, then let me tell you, that we can make that reality today. 1st round, 23rd overall 2nd round, 55th overall Play a little leverage game in that scenario. Point being. I'll take the 2nd's. Turn the 2nd's into 3rd's. And shoot my shot in the 3rd round. Getting four players at 500K a pop feels like stealing. Really like how the board sets up in terms of gapping between picks. This helps when the picking range is narrow between a few guys and you try and get greedy and get both because of ... available substitutes. MY DRAFT SLATE (no more trades, very Steelers esque) 2nd round - 52nd overall 2nd round - 54th overall 2nd round - 55th overall (via HOU) 3rd round - 66th overall (via OAK) 3rd round - 83rd overall 3rd round - 94th overall (via LAR) 3rd round - 99th overall (via LAR) 4th round - 122nd overall 5th round - 142nd overall (via OAK) 5th round - 170th overall (via LAR) 6th round - 176th overall (via OAK) 6th round - 194th overall 6th round - 207th overall (via AZ) 7th round - 215th overall Because I trust Kevin Colbert.