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  1. Trade Ideas

    On Dupree swap. Make it so it's straight up. You eat up as much of the Reshad Jones contract as Bud Dupree makes this year so it's a straight cash swap. Because that's the problem over there in Miami. Reshad Jones contract and age and forcing him out. Dupree sucks and I wanna run a 4-2-5 base with Tuitt and Heyward as my starting DE making his position as rotation or 2nd line DE and him expendable. So it's a good marriage. And both teams are happy going forward. PIT getting the better draft pick for helping out Miami and they get a 1st rd pick pass rusher who is still young and could turn the corner.
  2. Trade Ideas

    Check this out. Check this out. Artie Burns. Safety. Strong safety. That's it. Size. Man coverage. Problem he is doesn't have the heart or desire to put on 20 pounds.
  3. Trade Ideas

    Reshad Jones and Patrick Peterson is the best safety partnership in the league. Yeah, I know, get Peterson and move him to safety. What the Steelers seem to not understand is the safety doesn't read the WRs. I swear they just sit back there all day while we get picked apart. You're gonna have to get greedy (Troy) and you're gonna have to be good (Troy) to get away with it. You're gonna have to be smart and instinctive. I see Askew-Henry #41 safety. No. Wrong. CB. Comes up lays lumber. Special teams guy. Like this guy. I see PJ Locke #24. Safety. This guy is a dynamo. He is can't miss. He can play anywhere on the defense in the modern NFL. A guy that fights through the block is how you beat New England. It's chess. Not checkers. Take away their bread and butter. Take away New England. PJ Locke is a cover two freight train at CB like ohh you guessed it.... CB Sean Davis Lights out legs. The web stretches to the ends. And you don't want this covering smaller webs. That's called coverage. Really. Can't believe a guy with his leg type would play safety. That's a quad/thigh position. Think Troy. They're bigger than a CB and smaller than a LB. Sean Davis is a big CB. That's a good thing. He sits back there and covers the sideline the whole damn game. Guy didn't catch a pass the whole game.
  4. Trade Ideas

    Imagine recycling. I take Joe Haden. Take nothing in return. Seemingly. Open up cash. CB spot. He's not in the long-term plans. And should not be. Find someone who can. That's Peterson. You take Haden. You take Nelson. You end up with Peterson. You pick up some along the way. But whatever the cost. As you said. Best CB in 30 years. Yeah. That's P2. And he's worth the money. And we need to spend it. So that's who I spend it on.
  5. Trade Ideas

    Bud Dupree and 2020 PIT 5th to Miami for 2020 4th rd pick and Reshad Jones I like Miami as an installation of Wilkins and Bud Dupree to a defense. Compared to what you had before. That's not bad. And this doesn't hurt you as you are desperately looking for someone to take on the Reshad Jones contract. I'm desperate to get rid of Bud Dupree contract. Just a slosh bucket. But hey maybe Bud Dupree works and gets 13 sacks this year. I could see it with penetrating speed DT that run QBs into DEs. That's what he needs. We gotta get rid of Bud Dupree. The cap savings would be nice. $9m. Some return of any kind would be nice. He is a bust. Time to move on and give the other guys a shot. Ola would be nice to see what he can do. Give them hunger. It will bring out a champion. Plus, the base I'd like to run features Tuitt and Heyward at DE with Hargrave and _____ $9m cap savings Gerald McCoy. 3 years, $27m Same as Haden. I believe.
  6. Trade Ideas

    What makes you think you're getting my picks? I'll trade you a 7th to shut the up.
  7. Sean Davis CB

    Pressure package. First package: remove the saltiest DL. Now three man front. A safety comes off the field. As pressure is applied to the box Insert Mike Hilton and Sutton Smith
  8. Sean Davis CB

    When you look at him, the first thing you say is safety build? Because what I see is a cornerback. Run Support, Jump Balls, Screen Play. This is a cover two CB. He has length and great leaping ability. Not too mention an outstanding 3 cone or change of direction. This is a press CB jamming the WR and having the ability to mirror and jam him long enough to disrupt the route and ruin the play. When he doesn't, he has the ability to play the ball in the air and run with the WR. You may think 3 cone, and he's like a pterodactyl out there, and with his tackling ability, you got a safety. Wrong. He lacks the instincts of a safety. You play him where you maximize his value. The right cornerback. Playing cover two. Press. He drops off and gobbles up anything short in front of him. That's a major asset in the modern NFL. Screen game. Don't try it. That's what he brings to the table. The modern NFL gimmicky short crap you got Davis there - the crab - just gobbling up that crap. https://youtu.be/JnRXGnA2MI8 Another point I'd like to make is then you can move Haden. NYJ for a 6th rd pick. They relent just getting a 6th rd pick in a trade for Darron Lee. Seeing great value in a run to 4-12. But they re-sign him so no harm, no foul. Reshad Jones deal. Mentioned before. Contract problem. Haden money makes this possible. Gerald McCoy. We need a 3-tech for the "base" 4 man front. With 2 ILB. I'd like to then go Heyward and Tuitt are my DE. McCoy and Hargrave at DT. And just go Curtain. 4 years. $45m. Up to $52.5m. $31m guaranteed. $9m signing bonus. TJ Watt and Devin Bush as blitzing ILB. With coverage possibility as well. TJ possible TE. Remember we get a HYB in this defense and Barron could be used as a LB/S. For speed. All sayings and beliefs subject to the schematics. Sutton Smith as that "ILB" but really a safety/EDGE giving the RT problems with the help of Tuitt. And then you trade for Peterson. Base Defense RE - OHIO ST #97 Cameron Heyward DT - OKLAHOMA #93 Gerald McCoy DT - SC ST #79 Javon Hargrave LE - NOTRE DAME #91 Stephon Tuitt LB - MICHIGAN #55 Devin Bush LB - WISCONSIN #90 TJ Watt CB - MARYLAND #21 Sean Davis S - GEORGIA #20 Reshad Jones S - VA TECH #34 Terrell Edmunds S/LB - ALABAMA #26 Mark Barron CB - LSU #21 Patrick Peterson Good. Night. Shirts. 17.8 PPG
  9. Patrick Peterson

    It's called the Kansas City shuffle.
  10. Patrick Peterson

    The best CB in the league and a 1st. On a team that could pick 1st. Umm no thanks. What did he give up? JuJu and a 2nd
  11. Patrick Peterson

    The suspension is how you get him for a dime on the dollar. The fact he is AB pissed at them means he goes for less. The demand for this stock is down. Where do I buy???
  12. Trade Ideas

    Artie Burns and PIT 2020 4th for Reshad Jones and AZ 2020 5th Team unhappy with contract. Player unhappy with team. Coaching turnover. The 5th comes via MIA via AZ in the Josh Rosen deal. Artie Burns is either a convert to strong safety or move on type player. He doesn't have the mentality or frame to put on 20 pounds to play SS. Miami would be a good spot for him. A new scheme to better utilize his skills. And a return to home Reshad Jones is a pro bowl type player fallen out of favor with the team. He has heavy guarantees so you need to work with him to get a deal and you can get him at a discount from Miami. I'd happily absorb his contract at new terms. A slight haircut but incentive type deal so you could get it back. Heavy guarantees early in the deal but not a crazy signing bonus. This is the type of Steelers safety. Fast. Physical. Aggressive. Dominant. Energizer. Force.
  13. Trade Ideas

    Joe Haden to New York Jets The New York Jets can be sold on their defense. They've put together such a nice defense but time is running out and they need to use assets that cost little but provide a nice return. Joe Haden gives them a complete secondary with Trumaine Johnson and young safety Jamal Adams. Young interior DL and the addition of CJ Mosley. One edge rusher or two and they have a complete dominant defense. They are being sold on a dominant defense. They have the cap room to go in on Joe Haden for 5 years, $60m w/ $39m guaranteed. So they make this trade knowing it's not a rental and you pick him up for five years and it only costs you some time and 30 spots in draft selection Joe Haden and PIT 2021 4th for NYJ 2020 3rd Steelers kick the can down the road but get something back for a guy you can't sign. Won't sign. Let's be real. Get something back for him. You're down a 3rd and the Jets suck so this could be a Raiders type 3rd. Haden you can keep him and get the comp pick. But I'd rather sink money into a Patrick Peterson type and then keep shooting our shot at the draft.
  14. Trade Ideas

    State your trade. Post your reasoning in a paragraph form stating why each team should be involved. Heckle and disapprove of all trades. As is tradition
  15. Reshad Jones Contract

    And the contract is meant to be a grenade. I'm willing to have a great player for a few years at the end of his prime. His first two years is $30m guaranteed. After that, I'm okay with cutting him but then it gets down to maximizing every last drop he has left in the tank. @wwhickok