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  1. Kyler Murray

    So, what are your thoughts on Kyler Murray? I think he is electric and a Russell Wilson type. Maybe a Doug Flutie type if he comes in at 5'9" 3/4. Probably a better runner than thrower, but he can extend plays, and in this NFL, I think someone that can move is advantageous, because the game is horizontal and played in the middle of the chess board in tight spaces side to side. And then you can take your shots downfield when the board clears out a little bit. He's a good enough thrower to take advantage when it's there. Better "thrower" than LaMar - all things considered, not as strong but more precise. He's got a first step that's just like poooowww as you see the puff of smoke as he shoots out of a cannon. He's gotta run a 6.6 60 as he also went first round to the A's. I respect a guy for believing in himself to say **** you I'm not choosing s**t and then taking advantage of his opportunity. This is a first round pick grade. No tears. Someone had a theory it's eluding me who but it's not so bad. Draft a QB every year. And I agree unless you have a prime franchise QB and the backup never has a realistic shot to succeed. Adding QBs is never a bad thing. Not sure Rudolph is the guy. Maybe he's just a better Landry Jones. So, you f***d me on the Bell situation. Not being able to see around the corner before you can get to the end of the street. You played hardball - offered a legitimate deal and didn't budge, because you never thought he'd have the gall and stupidity to sit out the entire year at 26 - where your prime earning years as a RB is over at 30. That's not good math from Bell but he's playing for a signature. Still trade Ben. And that's why I bring up Kyler Murray. Ben has a year left and you can't pay him. I just don't think he's good enough to make up for any shortcomings of this team. He's better than 20 starters in the NFL. Most guys aren't even playable. And you have to play some shell form of football, which is too easily predictable for defenses and they shut you down. The final four teams: Chiefs, Pats, Saints, Rams have QBs I feel better about to get a ring this year. It's a fall short for me this year. And then you look at Ben at 38 and entering the final year of the contract. The Steelers don't do third contracts on positional players (minus QB) because they don't want to get s**t on. It's served them well, minus Rod Woodson. But think about all the cap room they saved but not overextending themselves and staying true to their beliefs. This Ben contract is the one that should blow up in your face. He still makes too many bad decisions. If the refs didn't bail him out last week, he had 1 TD and 5 INT vs Jacksonville. Again. Teams built like this with tall DL and edge pass rushers with a LB that can cover in Telvin Smith and a good secondary - he'll always have problems with that. And he does. Teams will continue to build teams like that as that's the best way to win and get pressure and have coverage on the back end. Here's my deal. Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Hilton, 2019 2nd rd pick to Jacksonville Jaguars for Jalen Ramsey The only reason to trade Mike Hilton is because it's like I'm trying to give you something of value that will make your team better. And you gotta fill the gap somehow. The reason I think Jacksonville would do the deal is because it's already been reported the Jags would consider trading Ramsey. Probably citing his mouth and distractions. I don't care about that - I think he's legit. He said Ben Roethlisberger - yeah, he's decent. And when you're a young man that plays up to his standard you'll understand that Ben Roethlisberger is just decent. I think the Jags are fed up with Bortles and he's a cut player. They probably think they're a QB away and I think this QB (Ben) will be on the decline, so I'll sell now and let them pay Ben his four years and $110m extension. I want no part of that deal. Just a speculated price that would be fair value. Looking to add a Fitzmagic type veteran QB to the mix. Murray, Rudolph, Fitzmagic, and Dobbs to a lesser extent makes me feel good enough about the depth and let the competition play out and may the best man win. Trade the odd man out. Maybe you trade Fitzmagic after you sign him because of how Dobbs or someone else plays. And then I'll go a little more ridiculous because it's just fun anyway and this would honestly be my next move if these chips fell. Second deal. 2019 3rd rd pick, 2020 1st rd pick to Arizona Cardinals for Patrick Peterson Logic here is he'll be my free safety going forward as like an Ed Reed type and I'll kick Sean Davis back to where he belongs as a CB. He'll play slot. And then I sign Landon Collins in UFA with my cap room as a strong safety. Don't think the Giants franchise him and he's one of the best strong safeties in the NFL. And kick Terrell Edmunds down and build him up a bit as a modern day LB/SS mold. I don't even blink an eye and sign Reuben Foster because I'm weak at ILB and the kid can play and the better you are the longer the leash. Citing James Harrison or Ben Roethlisberger as Steelers examples and Cedric Wilson as the norm. Kick the tires on Dante Fowler to enhance the pass rush. Bud Dupree has done well. But the way I play that is let him play out his 5th year option next year, and if he does well give him the Worilds treatment and franchise tag him in 2020. Because I'm still not convinced. And then I'm good enough to win.
  2. You're nearing unchartered waters of getting d***ed in this entire situation. You need to cut bait and reevaluate. And I'm afraid you're nearly out of time. Yanno this would've been nice back in July when you had leverage. But the team thought they held all the cards. The only way you'll be able to trade Bell is if you increase the value of the tag to make it enticing enough for him to want to play. The franchise tag is guaranteed for injury. So if you can give him more money than he would've earned on the 14.5m tag by playing 16 games and can condense that into 10 games that might be enough to get a deal. You'll need to pick a team that has enough money to accommodate his salary for this year and you need someone with boatloads of cap space in 2019. There is only one team - the New York Jets. Now, the Jets will want to play hard ball and say well we'll just overpay and outbid whoever wants his services. I do have one final card. Now, that Le'Veon Bell has gone this route of passing up games and paychecks I have picked up cap space to rollover. No blood - if you will. You say New York Jets - I'm sorry but Le'Veon Bell won't be available as a 2019 UFA because I will franchise tag him again. By not playing in 2018 his increased franchise tag by being tagged three times isn't a problem for me because we've been saving up. Now, he can choose to not play again. If he plays, he plays. If he doesn't - I don't give a d***. The New York Jets are a trade partner with $16.7m in cap space in 2018. They have a young QB, so this is a long-term investment in both Bell and Darnold. By increasing his game check to say $1.6M per game. That would be enough for Bell to sign the tag. Once he signs the tag his salary is guaranteed for this year. You come to a gentleman's agreement that you'll make him the highest paid running back once the year is over. LE'VEON BELL CONTRACT He receives a $25m signing bonus. With $62.75m guaranteed. The deal is for 6 years and a maximum value of $96m. The player receives a $10m roster bonus in March 2020 and there is a $5m roster bonus in 2021. The first three years are guaranteed for injury only. Four million can be earned through incentives. 2019 - 1,750,000 2020 - 10,500,000 2021 - 10,500,000 2022 - 10,500,000 2023 - 10,500,000 2024 - 9,000,000 2019 cap number - $6,750,000 That should be enough for Le'Veon Bell to think he won the deal. Loosely built using the Todd Gurley contract as the framework. Added a few extra years so it looks like he's getting $100m. I'm thinking the Jets will win this next week and at 2-3 they'll be sitting there in a division race and this is the time to s*** or get off the pot. But it's also a long-term move that greatly impacts Darnold's ability to be a competent QB in this league so they should be okay with the trade compensation required to get Le'Veon Bell. TRADE COMPENSATION New York Jets trade their 2019 1st rd pick and 2019 5th rd pick to the Steelers for Le'Veon Bell and a 2019 4th rd pick The 1st rd pick should help the Steelers rebuild. I'd also like to move Ben. For his sake and for our sake. Plenty of miles left in the tank but that's another contract I don't want to touch. To Jacksonville so he can beat New England and get another shot at a ring. And then I move AB in the offseason. The team lacks synergy. The team lacks leadership. Some awful coaching. This team's not going anywhere. It's time to acknowledge this fact. Just let this season be a bad season when it's going to be whether you like it or not and complete the rebuild by drafting good players and competing for the division next year. The days of 3-5 year rebuilds are over. You can do it now in one offseason. Get your ducks in a row and just win baby.
  3. The thinking is the Steelers are going nowhere fast and have no chance of winning the Super Bowl. And if you’re not trying to win the Super Bowl, what are you really doing. The Steelers and Jets could pick top 5 if the Steelers “rebuild” and the Jets take their natural course. This draft has Justin Herbert at the top and premier interior DL littered throughout the entire top ten where some team will come up to get some of these guys Would you trade Ben Roethlisberger to Jacksonville? The logic of this is to do Ben right. Through all his mistakes off the field, Ben has been a valiant warrior on the field and the best QB in Steelers history, but his best game is behind him and we’re going nowhere fast. It’s better to trade someone one year too early as opposed to one year too late. Evidence by Le’Veon Bell trading him a month too late. We are not a Super Bowl contender and we’re arguably not a playoff team, as we might be the worst team in the division with Baker Mayfield QB of the Browns. Do a slight “retooling” of the roster and give Colbert the picks to turn this around fast by moving money off the books and getting picks in return. I think you’re better off moving these guys now as opposed to finishing 10-5-1 and losing in the first round of the playoffs. We’re more like a 6-9-1 team and you need to get something for these guys. This is not an overreaction the defense will give up 30 PPG. The football side of this is the Jags have cap space and they would get Ben for $10m cap hit this year and $12m cap hit next year, because we eat up the dead money. The Jags could move Bortles and get out from under that new Bortles deal borderline scot-free for a 3rd rd pick like the Bills did with Tyrod Taylor. The Jags are a Super Bowl contender with Ben Roethlisberger at QB, instead of Blake Bortles, because they just need someone to not lose it. Ben won’t lose it when he has a good OL and Leonard Fournette. This makes sense for the Steelers because they’re not going to win because of the personalities and the lack of team comradery that is causing them to waste their talent Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Hilton to JAX for Dante Fowler, 2019 conditional 1st, and 2020 2nd rd pick. **The condition is if the Jaguars make it to the Super Bowl. Otherwise, it reverts to a 2nd rd pick. Dante Fowler is a future star in this league. The Jaguars did a good job drafting and he got Wally Pipped. The Jags drafted Ngakoue when Fowler was out for the year with an ACL. Giving Fowler 6 years, $84,000,000 for an AAV of $14m per year. For the Jags, how do you make the best defense in the league better? Add the best nickel blitzing CB in the league. Have to give something to get something and Hilton is a little sweetener to get the picks I think we need to turn this around. Fowler is surplus to requirements in JAX as they denied his 5th year option, won’t franchise him because of cap space, so they might as well get something to win now instead of a comp pick in 2020. This makes the Jaguars the team to beat in the AFC. They have Ben to run the offense. Steelers play in Jacksonville on Sunday night in November 18th. Le’Veon Bell trade to New York Jets He rapped about it. Now it should be a reality. The Jets make sense as a landing spot as they have some $90m in cap room in 2019, so signing him long-term shouldn’t be a problem. Helping Sam Darnold be a viable QB in this league will go up exponentially if he has a running game to take the burden off him. Le’Veon Bell plus a 2019 4th to the New York Jets for a conditional 2019 1st rd pick and 2019 5th rd pick. **The condition is if Bell re-signs in New York. If he doesn’t re-sign, the conditional 1st reverts to two 2019 3rd rd picks - their pick and New Orleans Antonio Brown trade to Miami Dolphins The Dolphins make sense because of the Miami connection. Drew Rosenhaus operates out of Miami. And Tannehill would be much better with a target like Antonio Brown. This deal can’t happen until the offseason because of the pure dead money ramifications. But you can trade Brown in March. Drama. Diva. I’m over the best WR in the NFL. I’m just exhausted from the underachieving and drama. He’s still producing, but he’s no longer worth the headache. Get out before he starts going the other way and his production declines. Antonio Brown and 2020 5th to MIA for 2019 2nd and a 2020 1st Draft Haul – Looking at Landon Collins in UFA. Possibly need a trade. But Haden, Edmunds, Davis, Collins is a nice DB. The makings of a top 10 unit. Draft day Trade: NYG trade 2019 1st, 2019 2nd, 2020 1st to PIT for 2019 1st rd pick for Justin Herbert QB OREGON GB trade 2019 1st and 2019 1st to PIT for 2019 1st rd pick for Nick Bosa EDGE OHIO STATE These picks don't have to fall but this is merely showing how you can reload right on the fly. Keep in mind three first round picks in 2020. 2019 1st – NYG – Greedy Williams CB LSU Shutdown. Top 10 CB. 2019 1st – GB – AJ Brown WR OLE MISS He looks like AB 2019 1st – NO – Devin White LB LSU Need to watch about two seconds here. 2019 1st – JAX – Noah Fant TE IOWA Think Gronkowski. Best TE in the league in a few years. If you don't currently throw to a TE enough it's because you don't have a TE worth throwing to 2019 2nd – PIT – Michael Deiter G WISCONSIN Played tackle here. Great jump off the ball. He'll play guard at the next level. Could be a Faneca type. 2019 2nd – NYG – Darrell Henderson RB MEMPHIS Thinking like Kamara - Chris Johnson blend. 2019 2nd – MIA – Sutton Smith S NORTHERN ILLINOIS Thinking he can be that Moneybacker type position. Just put this guy near the line of scrimmage. Calling him a safety/LB. "Moneybacker" 2019 3rd – PIT – TJ Edwards LB WISCONSIN Thinking like KJ Wright. Playmaker. 2019 5th – NYJ - N'keal Harry WR Arizona State Now I'm just going with guys that are also in the mix with some of these earlier picks. 2019 6th – PIT - Devin Bush LB Michigan Another fast and dynamic playmaker in the second level. Also in the mix with some of the earlier picks 2019 6th – OAK - DeAndre Baker CB GEORGIA Shutdown CB type. Physical. Good coverage skills 2019 7th – PIT - Byron Murphy CB WASHINGTON Another DB that I considered with day one and day two picks.
  4. This organization was built on a great foundation. They worked hard to find the winning formula and spent years of hardship to give that blueprint to you. Hard work. Dedication. Teamwork. And leadership. What would Art think of us now? A buncha primadonnas that care more about their stats or their next album instead of the team. Instead of the most important thing winning. You’re a buncha fairies prancing around out there and you should be ashamed of yourselves with your whiny b**** *ss me attitude. Shut your mouth and bring your lunch pail to work. You work hard. You fight for the team. You bring it every day. The other teams will try to break us. The media will try to pull us apart. And the fans will want to peg us to the wall after a bad performance. 53 guys. Through the ups and downs you win and lose as a team. I’ve grown up here my whole life, and I’ve been going to games since 1995, when I was 6 years old. Sitting up in section 665, Row N, Seat 11. And I couldn’t see a damn thing. We had the big screen to our left, but we were too high up, so we couldn’t see it, and I was blind as a bat, so I watched the game through the binoculars watching the Bus rumble three yards at a time. But it was okay. I had a thermos of hot chocolate, memorized the players in the program, and I was there with my dad. I’ll always watch this team. But I can’t root for this team. From a player not telling his teammates he’s not showing up for work three days before they go into battle leaving them with their **** in their hands, as a complete display of lack of respect to the organization and franchise that drafted you and made you what you are, to the next teammate – a 6th round pick - who nobody else gave much thought to that built himself into the best WR since Jerry Rice but has a dark side as a myriad of emotional meltdowns publicly seen and pouts when he doesn’t get enough love. Neither gives a **** about the team. Or how the team performs. Or if we win. As long as they get mines. To Ben – where if he had any leadership or was well liked by his teammates at all – he would be able to reel them in. But he’s a rapist and an a**hole. Confirmed through many stories. No one is bigger than this franchise. This is a proud well run machine and the saddest part about this all is that they have been the most talented NFL team for the last five years. And in the last 8 years they have three playoff wins. That’s because you got rotten eggs in that locker room. It’s a circus. And it is downright embarrassing. It’s not a circus of talents. It’s a circus of personalities and mercurial behavior and Art Rooney would be ashamed of what we’ve become. We’re more like the Cincinnati Bengals an underperforming circus than the Pittsburgh Steelers. You either move on from the Killer Bees or you move on from Tomlin If you’re going to go with Tomlin. Then you need to at least give him some talent around him. Where he can have some accountability. Jimmy Lake is the best young defensive coordinator and is at Washington. Formerly worked with Tomlin with TB. He knows talent as he recruits the best DB talent every year and more importantly he develops the talent. We’re getting killed with, for a lack of a better term, by old farts that have been dragging us in the mud as they have been unable to adjust to changing trends and plays of the NFL. You either have to hold the players accountable. Or you have to hold Tomlin and the staff accountable. Massive turnover is the right path as you can give Colbert the picks and cap space to shake and bake. We’ve been seemingly retooling for the past eight years and only have three playoff wins. The problem is you’re doing it one pick at a time and a quick turnaround is the way to rebuild on the fly. The Steelers have too big of an ego to have a losing season or admit they aren’t going in the right direction and that is costing the franchise. The locker room stinks and there’s only a handful of leaders in that locker room. There’s too much ego and selfishness. And lack of care for preparation, hard work, and discipline. If massive change doesn’t happen, then we will continue to suffer the same fate and to expect a different result is insanity. Truly yours, Christopher James O'Rorke aka ORO
  5. Bell contract 2018

    There needs to be some sort of risk/reward type with this deal. The rental tag thrown around is a buncha mularkey as that diminishes his value. When he is not a rental. You can sign him before March - and you know his demands - if you have cap room and a bunch of these teams have $40m+ in cap room. Hell if he was iffy on playing he could take out insurance for a career ending injury like Marcus Lattimore did, and he never played again, so he could collect on the insurance. Think Anthony Kim as well. I'll go Oakland. Carr. Cooper. Bell. He balances out that offense instead of a power run scheme guy like they have with Beast Mode where they're getting 3 YPC. He gives them a checkdown option out of the backfield. Chills out the fans going buckwild for Mack Mania. They can get that ship going in the right direction on a quick turn around this year maybe make the playoffs and have the building blocks in place and still have two 1st rd picks next year. All I ask is for the 2020 Bears 1st rd pick. This is conditional of course. If he doesn't re-sign with Oakland then this pick reverts to a OAK 2019 3rd rd pick. This is fair for both teams. Pittsburgh gets upside in a conditional trade. Oakland gets a player that fits their scheme and if they choose to re-sign him they have a franchise player
  6. trade Bell says nfl.com

    This is the worst Steelers defense maybe of all-time, and it's because you need a consistent pass rush instead of drafting offense with every pick. Collapsing the pocket every play and getting in the QB's face so he makes mistakes- not this we lead the league in sacks tears but still get torched and have a **** defense bc you don't get there enough. One of the teams I like for Bell is the Houston Texans. LaMar Miller is either irrelevant or your change of pace back. To me - he's irrelevant. And they can cut him after the year with solid cap savings to pay for Bell. The Texans also have an elephant brewing in that locker room with Jadeveon Clowney. I envision this marriage going to divorce. Which is why I come up with these little scenarios. My solution would be Bell signs his tender so we can trade him before the trade deadline. We go to Houston and say: Bell + 2019 2nd + 2020 4th for Jadeveon Clowney Houston comes to a gentleman agreement to make Bell the highest paid RB after the year. We get the pass rush required to collapse the pocket on virtually every play - like with the Cowboys doing right now - rendering Eli Manning neutered. If he wasn't already. And then you buckle down roll with who we got and get a ring.
  7. would you trade bell?

    Do a Khalil Mack and find someone to pay him and have him sign his tender? OR See if Bell and his dumb a** agent's plan is to not play and then hit UFA. You just delay the process. You take Bell at this year for 6 games plus playoffs at his pro-rated portion of $5.25m, which I think is a pretty good deal. Roll over unused cap space. Then you tag him again next year at $17.5m and have him play 6 games plus playoffs at a slight raise of $6.5m. I'm willing to tag you out of spite and ruin your breaking the bank plans because with this scenario you hit UFA at age 28 as a running back. And I don't think you get anymore than 4 years, $40m at that stage of your career. So much for breaking the bank. In this scenario, Bell would make less money had he taken any of the Steelers contracts. WHich is exaclty how I play the game when you don't tell anyone you're not showing up the week of the first game and **** us over showing not only immaturity but a complete disregard for your teammates and you only care about yourself. You **** me, I **** you a**ho**
  8. would you trade bell?

    Not so funny when Bell leaves you with your d**k in your hands
  9. May I just say...DeCastro...

    You can thank the Lions for taking Riley Rieff. Oops!
  10. I think the Steelers are weak in the front seven. Like Troy covered the mistakes of the secondary when he was injured there were leaking pipes all over the joint, Shazier has the same effect for the LBs. The one trade piece and PR nightmare we have as the elephant in the room is Le'Veon Bell. If he's not signing and you're not tagging him and quite frankly I'm over the guy, then it's in your best interest to waive any tampering on the guy like with Alex Smith and have him sign his franchise tag and trade him. Gurley set the market. Bell will get paid and maybe get some high guarantees but he'll never be as good anywhere as he is here because of all the pieces around him. The OL, the WRs, and the QB. He's in a perfect situation to get 127 all-purpose yards a game. I'd expect Bell to get some $45m guarantees on a 5 year, $70m type deal in say OAK, HOU, DET, or someone like that. I'm looking at a three team deal here. Not sure if I've seen this anywhere so this could be blasphemy. Martavis Bryant to JAX, Le'Veon Bell to OAK, Dante Fowler to PIT, and PIT receives a 3rd from OAK Oakland you trade down a bit in the draft pick up a 3rd turn it into Martavis Bryant. You take Bryant add a 3rd and get Bell. That's called GM'ing. Bell would be a great fit in the Oakland spread system. Lynch is more suited for a power run scheme and he can spell Bell like Blount did in Pittsburgh. Derek Carr has a bounce back year with a checkdown in Bell whose best asset is catching the ball in space and making defenders miss. Jacksonville has no receivers to speak of Moncrief, Lee, and Bryant would be their best guy. He would help spread the field and open up running lanes for Fournette and give Bortles a deep threat. Fowler is surplus there as he doesn't start and you get a risk-reward type deal with Bryant. For the Steelers, I'd use the cap room from Bell to sign Dez 1 year, $5m and sign DeMarco Murray, persuade Murray whatever you wanna call it to come out of retirement. He is an easy 1,200 yards a year behind this line. He's a one cut runner, which is perfect for our zone run scheme and is a nice combination of power and speed. You have Samuels to pick up the slack with the loss of Bell in the receiving game. And James Conner is a nice 1-2 punch with Murray. Then I give John Lynch a chance to cut bait on Reuben Foster and give him three years of 3rd rd picks. We're looking at Fowler and Watt on the outside. Dupree more as a floater so he can use his speed and blitz up the middle or stunts because he can't get the edge, let alone set the edge in the run game. His best asset is his combination of size and speed and it's not working for him as a 3-4 OLB. I think he's best utilized in space where he can flash his 4.5 speed. Foster plugging up the middle. And then all of the young S/LB hybrids helping out the nickel package. That is far fetched and it's just an idea, but it would certainly be enough to get a ring and set up the team better for the future than picking up a 2020 3rd rd pick for Bell.
  11. Bell contract 2018

    He’ll get more than that. Jerick McKinnon just got 4 years, $30m. But I like Mark Ingram. I also like Tevin Coleman.
  12. Bell contract 2018

    I like the Jarvis Landry line. He's definitely a better player than Landry, more important, dynamic, etc. But he's also got more risk of getting hurt and being less productive sooner. I'd sit on $16m and say take it or leave it. Knowing full well that maybe he hits UFA next year and gets more money short-term but then gets cut 2-3 years later and ends up with less money bc he needs us just as much or more than we need him.
  13. If the Steelers aren't going to keep four quarterbacks then the move would be to get something for Landry Jones sooner rather than later. The longer you wait the more substitutes are available and Landry becomes worth nothing. The dilemma is the backup quarterback position. When I look at this I'm looking at Landry Jones as not a quarterback of the future, a $2.2m cap hit, and he has more value in a trade than Josh Dobbs. Dobbs has potential and could get better this year even if it is just a marginal improvement, is also cheaper, and is worth nothing in a trade. The question becomes can Rudolph come in and be the backup quarterback. I think he is better than Landry Jones today. If you want to wait and see that he can actually do this you'll wait too long and other backup QB needy teams will just scoop up someone else and you get nothing for Landry. The writing is on the wall for Landry Jones and I think Rudolph is more than capable of being Ben's backup in year one. In terms of asset management, and you aren't keeping four quarterbacks, I'd like to see a Bill Belichick type deal with Landry Jones. The Panthers are one of the Super Bowl contending teams that don't have a backup quarterback so I think he could be their new Derek Anderson. PIT trades Landry Jones + 2019 5th for CAR 2019 4th Then I'm looking at the board of players that aren't going to have their 5th year option exercised that already have a plethora of players at the position. I would be shocked if the Jacksonville Jaguars picked up the $14m 5th year option on Dante Fowler. He's a former #3 overall pick that is finally starting to become the player the Jags drafted. The problem is he got Wally Pipped and Yannick Ngakoue surpassed him when he was injured and has become a Pro Bowl player. Fowler is finally healthy coming off an ACL in 2015 causing him to miss the whole season. He's still young at 23 years old. He had 8 sacks last year in a backup role where he only played 44.23% of the defensive snaps. Given a starting role, he would lead our team in sacks. When I think of Dante Fowler I think of Harold Landry out of Boston College. He has great dip and speed but also has the added benefit of being a lot stronger at the point of attack. When the Jags decline Fowler's 5th year option in the coming days I'd make the call about the availability of him via trade. Fowler solves a lot of our problems at the OLB position. He plugs in immediately in the sub-package and gives us a dynamic pass rush option off the edge that can get to the quarterback on every play. Probably looking at giving him a 6 years, $65m contract. PIT trades 2019 CAR 4th and conditional 2020 PIT 2nd to JAX for Dante Fowler Khalil Mack also has a contract problem and the Raiders addressed their defensive line extensively via the draft with the acquisitions of PJ Hall NT, Mo Hurst DT, and Arden Key DE. The reasons the Raiders acquired Martavis Bryant is the same reasons I could see them having interest in Le'Veon Bell. His talent is undeniable and you can overlook some of the off-the-field because you know he can play. He fills a need. Carr regressed last year without a running game where Marshawn Lynch is not a scheme fit in a spread scheme. He's better in a power run scheme or one cut scheme. Bell gives them a running game and a receiver out of the backfield and is a perfect fit in that offense. If they are having problems with Mack contract negotiations, I would be more than happy to pay him the money Bell wants because I value a pass rusher over a running back. I can replace a running back with a few guys like Belichick and I feel comfortable with Conner, Samuels, Ridley, even Jarvion Franklin all combining to replace Le'Veon Bell. If there was still some uncertainty, DeMarco Murray can easily run behind our offensive line. Given the fact the Raiders addressed defensive line I think they would be willing to go from Mack to Dupree if they also get Le'Veon Bell in the process to help Derek Carr and put up more points on the board. Going 5 years, $85m with $65m guarantees on Khalil Mack. PIT trades Le'Veon Bell and Bud Dupree to OAK for Khalil Mack What I'd like to do is improve the pass rush in base and sub-package situations. Mack-Heyward-Tuitt-Fowler is arguably the best front four defensive line in the league. Probably looking at switching the base to a 4-3 with Watt as the SAM and Bostic as the MIKE. TJ Watt would be better as a pass rusher in space playing 5 yards off the ball and could be used in a bracket (with Edmunds) to cover tight ends such as Rob Gronkowski. Completely eliminating Rob Growkowski from the game. Watt doesn't have the explosion-strength to get past the tackle in short spaces. But what he does have is good agility, intelligence, and length to rush from 5 yards off the ball and beat the tackle by building up speed, setting him up, and using a variety of pass rush moves. Watt can play ILB or as another OLB in sub-package situations. Combined with the other players we brought in such as Burnett, Allen, and Edmunds we could have a variety of different looks that we could disguise what the defense is doing on a given play. And when there's not a unique defensive look, the front four can get to the quarterback on every play.
  14. Look at you cupcakes. This is why you're LOSERS
  15. Dorsey - LEGEND 1) BAKER .... LOL 4) WARD .... LOL LOL LOL LOL 1) BARKLEY 4) CHUBB 33) JOSH JACKSON 35) COURTLAND SUTTON 64) RUDOLPH You get the best QB in the draft. You get the best RB in the draft. You get the best WR in the draft. You get the best CB in the draft. You get the best pass rusher in the draft. BROWNS gonna Brown....... sorry