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  1. I run ____ here. You just live here. @Chieferific
  2. Remember when that Cupcake clown Krusty said it sounds like marbles when I speak. It sounds like an eloquent symphony. Get down on your knees. @Chieferific
  3. The Steelers are who I thought they were.
  4. Tomlin is an inch closer to being out the door Fichtner is an inch closer to being out the door Butler is an inch closer to being out the door Ben is an inch closer to being out the door Danny Smith can stay... jk he b____
  5. Would you really want Roethlisberger back?!??? Honestly. You saw the NE game. You guys seem to think it's 2008 and we're in 2019... going on 2020. It's comical. You saw how slow he was. You saw how little he cared. And now he has a fettuccine elbow at age 38. And that's all he needed. The horse has been dead for quite some time. He won't retire because he's a greedy pig. You trade him. You move on.
  6. Ben is not coming back. Read my lips. He is G-O-N-E. $33.5m off the books. Insert a nominal dead money charge. Remove AB's $21.5m dead money charge. Lose Chickilo, Moncrief, Burns, Dupree, Vinny and you're sitting on $70m in cap space.
  7. As the NFL is trendy and lame and everyone copycats. That'll shift defenses to be quicker and fast. You combat this by being different. And that's your competitive advantage. Which just so happens to be your roots. Go back to your roots and you shall have success.
  8. Rudolph has outplayed Ben. And he'll only get better. It would be nice to see what he could do with a balanced run attack and a TE that can go down the seam. It would probably be like Ben rookie year.
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