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  1. It’ll be a running back and blocking TE knowing those two
  2. I can’t wait for Pete to finally retire. We’ll probably just hire some dude who has zero creativity but says yes to Pete wanting to run his offense the way Pete wants it.
  3. Listening to that entire press conference solidified the fact Pete needs to go. The gane has passed him by and we’ll get to watch 5 years of first round exits at best
  4. He still wouldn’t be able to attack the middle, he’s constantly scared to make the quick pass over the middle.
  5. It’s more on Russell’s inabilities than the o line.
  6. No he doesn’t 😂 he’s trash 95% of the time
  7. Soo can anyone disagree with my statement fro early that we should trade that bud Wilson?
  8. Yup there’s Russel, anyone wanna defend him? He hold the Seahawks back
  9. Nah Russ won’t score a point, you guys good already
  10. Watching Wilson run himself into sacks 💯
  11. Nope, watch every single Seahawks game no matter where I’m at in the world. For his cap hot to his play he’s not worth it. I don’t care about regular season wins, I want playoff success abd he can’t deliver
  12. Sure because neither of yeahs would be in a better position to win a super bowl
  13. But the right one, he’s not an elite an but taking up 35 mil in cap space
  14. As a Seahawks fan, I can’t wait til Wilson isn’t our qb
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