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  1. Surprisingly Seattle hasn’t lost a 1pm East coast start since week 8 of 2016, we’ve played extremely well in 1pm starts i think Seattle fans feel pretty confident, getting Dunlap and Adam’s is a confidence boost.
  2. Even if it’s 80-110 and you have to wear your dark uniform absolutely brutal
  3. I think it’s probably that heat, did you the difference in temp between the sidelines
  4. Goff is Miami’s secret weapon
  5. I honestly expect us to beat the brakes off Arizona. I do t think very highly of Murray though and think he’s a pretty subpar qb who’s just fast. Plus no chandler jones
  6. My biggest question is why zimmer decided after the entire game of not blitzing and holding us in check was to blitz the entire last drive and go away from what worked
  7. It’s an absolute wild year for recover stats that’s for sure
  8. I don’t think that even matters much, just the comfort of not traveling especially during covid
  9. I’ll take both teams with a top 10 qb over a middle of the pack qb
  10. Whoever has to travel to the others stadium in the playoffs will decide it. We’ve never one there and you guys haven’t one in the playoffs here
  11. Dak just seems like a really likable guy
  12. Yards, 403 leads the league through 4 games. Robinson has more right now but that’s because he has 5 games platted. Might not have the best catch rate but leading on 16 receptions is extremely impressive. When the vast majority of your targets are deeper your catch rate will suffer.
  13. Through 4 games DK is the only correct answer leads the league through 4 games on just 16 catches and made Gilmore look silly trying to guard him
  14. Ramsey is such a tool, one of the least likable players in the league
  15. I actually wanted jj for the hawks lol
  16. DK Metcalf has only caught 4 passes a game this year, he leads the league in receiving yards with 403 yards
  17. At least he’s the best receiver on the division tho
  18. As a Seahawks fan I expect a loss, Florida is a nightmare for us. Just take a casual look at our lady 3 games in the state
  19. The same dude who did that was also the guy to helmet to helmet Wilson on the 2 point conversation attempt
  20. Something like that needs to happen, or just a blanket 3 game suspension
  21. Absolute dirty play, hope he gets his knees wrecked next week
  22. Make up call for that “int” earlier
  23. I’ve heard he’s huge on the basics too which I think is phenomenal, if he ever makes his way near ft Bragg and it lines up with my schedule I’m absolutely taking the course another instructor I want to take a class from is chuck Pressburg, extremely similar background as gamut
  24. I’ve heard great things about gamut, and his operational pedigree is phenomenal too
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