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  1. OTA Thread

    I'd like to know what D they were using against the purple that last game of the season so I could throw it out.
  2. OTA Thread

    It almost happened some 60 years ago. We had Jimmy Brown and drafted Ernie Davis, his replacement at Syracuse. Remember, fate intervened and took Ernie's life?
  3. OTA Thread

    From the website: BONUS: Dontrell Hilliard had a nice day After a rookie year split between the practice squad and active roster, Hilliard looks improved. He made many contested catches in one-on-ones out of the backfield and looked very fluid. He was one of Wednesday's best, without a doubt. Preparing us for Duke's departure?
  4. Two Wild Cards

    Corbett and Avery. Both have shown good potential And each one is in a position of opportunity and possible weakness if others go down. I'm thinking that team success this year probably will be impacted significantly by their growth and their continued development. Thoughts?
  5. Higgins

    I've been watching a lot of game replays lately. Seems Higgins was making many more plays than I ever noticed. He's come a long way over his first year. Athletic, good hands, good separation; he's got all it takes. I think he is going to be a star for this team. Of course, being a part of the best receiver corps in the league he will have to share the opportunities.
  6. MiniCamp 5/3-5/5

    On QB David Blough Where did this guy come from? Walk on?
  7. MiniCamp 5/3-5/5

    P Jamie Gillan new punter? First a Gillom, now a Gillan!
  8. Rounds 2 and 3 discussion thread.

    Hope so, we gotta protect Baker. OL next two picks.
  9. Trading up in the draft

    Maybe we should investigate for russian collusion.
  10. Trading up in the draft

    OK, I give up.
  11. Trading up in the draft

    Ask Daffy.😁
  12. Our most glaring weakness

    Yep, but I don't care about the other teams.😀
  13. Our most glaring weakness

    Back up QB. Let's face it. If Baker goes down (hate the thought of it) for a long time we don't have a competitive football team, no play-offs. Even if he were to go down for just 3 -4 weeks, no play-offs. What to do about this?
  14. Trading up in the draft

    Another consideration is with all our new guys including coaches, how many draft picks can we really get a good look at? We may let a few go that turn out to be really good.
  15. Trading up in the draft

    Good point!