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  1. Anybody think we could get some OL help from Miami?
  2. You bet we were not ready. Coaches fault, they put an offense on the field that had never played together before. Pre-season was wasted on players that aren't even with the team now. You need lots of reps especially with new personnel. This caused sloppy play and multiple dumb penalties. Not sure how long it will take to get back on track.
  3. OL Situation

    Probably with wrestling in their blood. I'd like that!
  4. 2019 Gameday Thread Signups

    I'll take 9. But what are the responsibilities? Just start the thread right after the preceding game?
  5. That's what they said about Perriman last year. I can't remember any drops with us. Concentration, you can coach that..
  6. I agree, but I'm more concerned about the offensive line.
  7. Keep Seibert and the HAMMER. Train HAMMER to kick FGs. Then you have a backup FG kicker. People have been raving about the distance of his punts, but I'm even more impressed with his hang time. The ball seems to stay up there forever; there won't be many run backs.
  8. I'm not as fine about it as you are. Not only OBJ, but Landry as well as others. They are too valuable to risk, but all you other players are expendable; no matter if you guys get hurt. To me it reeks of special treatment for the "elite".
  9. Browns sign Braxton Miller

    I really don't see us adding significant talent at this time. Like the coach says: We hire 90 to cut 45.....in a week or two!
  10. Maybe if he misses the next ten in a row he could boot himself across the border!
  11. Maybe his final play also?
  12. Two please. I need more beer and wings.
  13. Browns sign Braxton Miller

    So why do we sign guys like this? What does it cost?
  14. Yes but what he failed to say is that with the Canadian conversion the longer of the two punts coming across the border becomes the shorter of the two punts that's because of the inverse nature of the calculation.