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  1. Higgins

  2. Does Joe Thomas have formal paying position with the Browns? If not, could Joe begin working with Jed off campus?
  3. Browns Pick at 10

    BTA, best tackle available, baring a trade down.
  4. Bobby Mitchell

    They traded him to draft Earnie Davis who had broken most of Jimmy Brown's records at Syracuse. You know how that turnrd out. But then came along Leroy Kellly, the best runner ever in rain, mud and snow.
  5. Higgins

    I still think he could be a star.
  6. Yes, Baker needs a makeover. Yes, we fired our under-performing coach. Yes, Chubb lost the title. Yes, OBJ flunked out. But how did our defense become so rotten, other than one suspension?
  7. They're going to try to kill Mayfield.
  8. They're going to try to kill Mayfield.
  9. David Blough kicking butt for Detroit today. Happy for him.
  10. Around the league discussion

    Probably the only team that can beat the Pats.
  11. (Polls) Does the Offensive Get 'There' this Year?

    Must throw downfield more; no matter if completed or not, you have to stretch the defenses. Too many piddly look ins and poorly executed screens.
  12. Higgins

    Wouldn't that be a good thing? No one would cover him.
  13. The NFL 100

    The Top 100 runs is a farce. Only two of Jimmy Brown who probably should have 20. And the two in there I can personally remember at least a dozen better ones.
  14. I like David Njoku, but I don't see him as a key factor even long term. We have plenty of skill players. What we need is blockers and tacklers. We have TEs who can block and catch passes. Longer term we could trade him for a defense upgrade or a better draft pick. Ok, have fun with this!