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  1. A look back. Was Gene the best ever? I think so. Enjoy!
  2. You just earned dumbest post of the day.
  3. Seibert costs us 11 points at the half. Plus all his kicks get returned.
  4. Gotta stop missed PATs and tipped passes.
  5. We beat them last year and we can do it again.
  6. New coaches, new systems, new players, realistically what are our chances this weekend?
  7. Take a look at his highlights. He consistently gets the maximum yardage available, just refuses to go down. He's explosive. finds the hole, changes direction with power. His field vision is exceptional. He carries defenders just like Jimmy did. How much more productive will he be with our new OL?
  8. I get that we may run a little more and we will use tight ends more, maybe use two backs more, etc. You hear that the Browns are virus disadvantaged because of learning a new offense with many new players. But you still have to run and pass and catch and block, etc. Play by play, that's football. So what's so "new"?
  9. https://stock.adobe.com/search?k=yippee
  10. Does Joe Thomas have formal paying position with the Browns? If not, could Joe begin working with Jed off campus?
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