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  1. His last punt was awful. No better than Colquitt.
  2. He didn't trip over his own feet; he got tripped by one of our linemen.
  3. Freddie didn't play the starters either and they had a terrible start.
  4. Forgotton? Never hear anything about Forbes.
  5. My posts endure forever.😀
  6. Amen, they had one of the very best lines for years. They mowed them down on those sweeps.
  7. Since most WRs are insane, not a bad pick up.
  8. Finally, an inteligent post on this topic.
  9. $$$$$$ They do what their sponsors dictate.
  10. Baker was a top 5 QB the last half of the season last year. I don't see him regressing under Stefanski.
  11. OL, we don't know what we have in Forbes.
  12. "non essential" positions, what's that? OL, with our success in the running game?
  13. To say we don't need players like Landry is a bit of a stretch for me.
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