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  1. Patriots WR Josh Gordon reinstated

    If Gordon plays all 16 games he will put top 5 WR stats.
  2. If Dak gets 5 years 185 million Mahomes should get 6 years 240

    No way. Negotiating is a two way street and the owners shouldn't have a rule that would save them from making stupid mistakes while screwing the players. They should be hiring cap gurus that don't sign players to terrible contracts.
  3. Daniel Jones is looking better than Haskin

    I know it's exciting for every team but you can take away next to nothing from the pre season.
  4. Wow. Peterman has been so bad that people have actually forgot about him.
  5. It's hard to go to the Superbowl every year.
  6. I REALLY want to see him retire because of some super trivial issue like this. Please let it happen.
  7. Eli Manning as Giants starting QB

    Good luck.
  8. Why isn't John Elway on the hot seat?

    He's won Superbowls as a player and as a GM for the Broncos...He deserves to have the "I have this job until I decide to retire" type of security.
  9. Mark Sanchez retires

  10. Chris Blewitt blew it with the Bears

    Blewitt *needs* to sign with the Vikings. It's destiny.
  11. Tuck Rule Spygate Deflategate And now this. The Pats own the NFL.
  12. Vikings extend TE Kyle Rudolph (Four years, $36M)

    The only thing that really matters is the guaranteed money.
  13. Miserable Hot Takes

    And Vince Young somehow made 2 probowls (lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllll). He has to be one of the worst players ever to make multiple pro-bowls.
  14. Miserable Hot Takes

    I talked myself into liking Christian Ponder after we made the pick