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  1. Jags trade Foles to Bears for 4th round pick

    Nick Files is the ultimate "I'll pay lights out for a few games and then like trash for the majority of the rest"
  2. Colts sign CB X. Rhodes

    https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/R/RhodXa00.htm 66 completions on 81 targets 81.5% completion % 791 yards given up 12 yards per completion 4 TD's 123.8 rating Basically, if you even attempt a pass at Rhodes, there was a 81.5% chance it would result in a first down.
  3. Colts sign CB X. Rhodes

    Maybe he'll have a bounce back year but he honestly was the worst starting CB (not counting CB's who barely played) in the league last year. That isn't me coming across as jaded or anything, he really was the worst CB in the league.
  4. XFL-to-NFL FA News (Tracker included)

    Roughnecks be killing it!
  5. Panthers sign MVPJ Walker

    Panthers confirmed NFL champions. ROUGHNECKS were my team!
  6. Question: Why do you think Clowney is unsigned?

    He's the king of almost sacking a QB but not actually doing it.
  7. Can Somebody tell me what the Chargers are doing?

    Charging up their lazer
  8. Broncos sign RB Melvin Gordon (2 years, $16 M, $13.5 M gt'd)

    such an overrated player
  9. BoB: Is he the worst GM ever?

    Didn't that fall through because one of the teams failed to fax in the paperwork on time or something stupid like that?
  10. BoB: Is he the worst GM ever?

    BTW ET80, don't take this as I'm crapping all over Texans fans as it is solely directly towards BOB. As a Minnesota sports fans I know all too well what it's like to have 100% inept people running a team. At some point it really just becomes comical and less soul destroying. The Hopkins trade is horrendous but at least Vikings fans can sympathize...Red McCombs traded a prime Randy Moss out of spite and then sold the team shortly thereafter.
  11. BoB: Is he the worst GM ever?

    Over the past several years these other "high profile" WRs received at least a first round pick in compensation. Hopkins somehow did not. Brandin Cooks(twice he was traded and both times got a 1st in return!) Amari Cooper Beckham Diggs Sanu was even traded for a 2nd!
  12. How does Brady's Buccaneers do this season?

    Play offs. Beyond that idk.
  13. Vikings sign DL Michael Pierce

    tell me about him!
  14. Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  15. Bengals sign CB Trae Waynes (3 years, $42 M)

    Uhhhh, he might have got $14 million?