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  1. Shariff Floyd had his career end because a doctor (Dr. James Andrews of all people) botched the surgery on his knee which lead to permanent nerve and muscle damage. Was a minor arthroscopic procedure as well. I doubt this incident is really going to affect the long term career of this doctor.
  2. If you need him to lead you to the playoffs, then he is a bad QB. If you need him to win a game in the playoffs, he is very good.
  3. I like it. Fairly good balance between the elite production he brings vs. the injury risk.
  4. I know. There has been some bad and some good. Generally the Vikings have always been solid under him. We've only had 2 losing seasons since he took over in 2012
  5. For the Vikings that's about right. Rick isn't bad but he isn't great either. Probably could use a few bumps up though
  6. Interesting because COVID-19 wasn't around in September. Sounds like a fib...
  7. Are you implying that the team would plummet in value if a new owner took the reigns? They'd still be as valuable as they are now.
  8. 8/20/2020 Breaking news: Rumors are that DeAndre Baker and Seahawks CB Quinton Dunbar tried to bribe the cops 60k to stay silent about what they found with the warrant
  9. I don't just Tannehill at all yet. Need a bigger sample size then basically half a season. 10 games with the Titans doesn't erase the previous 6 seasons with the Dolphins. Prove me wrong, Ryan!
  10. As to the OP, it's all relative. LT is often regarded as one of the most important pieces on the team but if you don't have a QB behind them the position is almost immaterial. Picture perfect example of that is Joe Thomas and the Browns. Elite players for any position on defense can have just as much as an impact on how good they are. Doesn't matter if it's DE, DT, LB, CB or a S. Bottom line is that unless you have an elite QB then anything else on your team doesn't matter.
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