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  1. Except Bradford was still a good QB for a little while. Not great by any stretch of the imagination but Darnold is horrible. A 6th and a 4th would have arguably been an overpay but to add a 2nd on top of all that? Jets are the offseason winners solely by that move.
  2. Bill spending money like Kraft does at massages parlors.
  3. What a stupid fine. Hill was taunting Winfield the last time they played and Winfield literally did the same exact thing back.
  4. Overrated He might get injured.
  5. Some people just cannot accept the reality that Tom is the GOAT. He could win 10 more and it wouldn't be enough. It's amusing to see the lengths people will go to.
  6. Terrific Tommy does it again! He just became even more goaty today
  7. WR's apparently at the only ones who get to celebrate
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