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  1. How long has this been an issue with Buffalo? Without knowing the context this seems a little too coincidental that this pops up just as the Bills start to turn into a very good team.
  2. I wish he played with Mark Sanchez. You'd get a butt fumble every game.
  3. Good. Sad to say that if he was a star that he'd get a slap on the wrist. I have no tolerance for domestic issues. I'd be for banning his chump from the NFL for life as is but that wont happen unless maybe he gets convicted and found guilty. Regardless of the outcome I hope he gets blackballed forever.
  4. Hopefully he will start to actually catch touchdowns. For as elite as Jones is (and he is one of the best...) he seems allergic to catching TD's.
  5. I would hope that every QB shoots for that.
  6. LOL This was purely for PR purposes. Can't say I blame the Jags. Now with Lawrence and Tebow the Jags will be talked about 24/7. Shrewd financial move
  7. They said this last year. Brady was called a cancer last year as well after he yelled at his offensive line. Just give AB some Gas-X and he'll be fine.
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