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  1. Ya, not sure that would work out as I highly doubt the NFL would want to be associated with smoking weed. Still illegal federally and in many states (although Hawaii did just decriminalize it). Just because the NFL wont ban you anymore doesn't mean they still wont get in trouble with law enforcement.
  2. Browns T Greg Robinson in custody after drug possession arrest

    I just don't get why he PERSONALLY did this. Like at least pay someone. Christ. This is bad
  3. The Official XFL Thread!

    As if it wasn't obvious from this thread, I just love this league because of Vince. I grew up watching wrestling and seeing Vince so involved and over the top with everything made me a life long fan. That man knows how to entertain. The first XFL was a complete and utter failure and even the biggest fanbois of it will admit to that. The worst decision was trying to somehow integrate WWE and football together... Passing it off as a violent anything goes league and letting people use ridiculous names like He Hate Me and BigDaddy69 (please don't ban, lol. SBnation did a video on YouTube about the XFL and that babe stuck in my head) were ideas that 100% would have prevented it from ever achieving success. It's abundantly clear that Vince got taken to the woodshed and given a few stone cold stunners and people's elbows because he wised up. He did his damn research and logistically has done everything right this time and put the league in a position to succeed. It's an odd thing to say because Vince has failed in so many businesses but if the XFL fails it won't be because of incompetent management. Prices are cheap, entertainment is high, exposure is great, and player/coach/referee/replay interaction is probably the best of ANY pro sports league in the USA. In order for the XFL to be a long term league they need to find a way to either attract "big name" talent (obviously not NFL starter talent but known college players) OR make games that are exciting to watch. People will care less about "talent" if the games are consistently putting up 20+ ppg. No one likes blow outs or constant low scoring games. Figure that last part out and the XFL will instantly be a long term league. They have this year and next to do that
  4. Can PJ Walker be a starting QB gor these teams

    Let's not overreact now. He is doing this against XFL competition.
  5. Rank these young RB’s HOF chances...

    Because so many other runningbacks are doing what he is..... If it was so easy then others would be doing it. They aren't.
  6. The Official XFL Thread!

    The AAF was funded by a guy who saw that Vince was bringing back the XFL and decided that he wanted to do the same and tried to beat him to the punch. He never properly funded the league and cheated basically everyone out of money. https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2019/4/4/18292412/xfl-aaf-mistakes-lessons-vince-mcmahon McMahon already has the funded for 2 years minimum. I wont keep posting the entire article but the AAF completely reneged on health insurance for their players (forcing them to pay for it themselves) while the XFL already has it. Perhaps the biggest reason why the XFL is different, aside from the fact it is fully funded, is that the games are accessible to nearly everyone and you don't have to jump through hoops to see them. There is NO comparing between the AAF and the XFL aside from they were both football leagues. The AAF was a looney bin while the XFL has been well thought out and set up to succeed. Plus the rule changes add a nice touch that the NFL can see how it works out without implementing it first, the transparency of the league/refs/replay and the up close and personal interviewing of players during the game add an entertainment factor that the NFL lacks. The XFL isn't meant to be a competitor to the NFL, it's meant to be a fun football league during the NFL off season.
  7. The Official XFL Thread!

    I think Vince has said that funding was 100% secured for the first two years.
  8. The Official XFL Thread!

    XFL attendance increased this week. https://www.nfldraftdiamonds.com/2020/02/xfl-attendance-11/ Week 1 total: 69,818 Week 2 total: 76,285
  9. Myles Garrett Reinstated

    They were microphones, cameras everywhere and no other players can corroborate that they ever heard it. Garrett didn't even bring it up until the appeal.
  10. Myles Garrett Reinstated

    I see Garrett is doubling down on the racial epithet despite no evidence whatsoever.
  11. The Official XFL Thread!

    Rousing success for opening week.
  12. The Official XFL Thread!

    Lol. That's some impressive twisting about what you think might happen vs. what is actually happening right now.
  13. The Official XFL Thread!

    The contracts aren't like other leagues. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/xfl-salary-structure/1amgsczt2ngnc1cekk66jektlr On a different note, things seem to be going quite well
  14. The Official XFL Thread!

    No high schooler is gonna make 500k per season in the XFL.
  15. The Official XFL Thread!

    This is why the XFL will succeed. Vince ain't trying to have any sort of WWE twist into this and actually put the time to get all the logistics and infrastructure set up. They're simply trying to be a separate league that will experiment with rules during the NFL offseason (so as to not compete with the NFL). People doubted Vince
  16. The Official XFL Thread!

    This is amazing.
  17. Former HOF pass rusher Chris Doleman passes away at age 58.

    Former HOF pass rusher kinda makes it sound like he was kicked out
  18. I kinda like how people are underplaying this. Guy had weed (with his name on the bag, LOL) and an open bottle of vodka in his car and admits he would fail a drug test. Now people in this thread are saying it's no big deal. This type of sentiment only reinforces the attitude that athletes should get away with things that the normal person wouldn't and then at the same time they complain when athletes get away with more severe crimes. Hunt should get suspended and athletes should be held to the same standard as everyone else. Stop making excuses.
  19. What if the Patriots drafted Mahomes instead of Brady

    He'd probably win 15 Superbowls and be the GOAT!
  20. The Official XFL Thread!

    Anyone comparing the XFL this time around to last time is simply using hatred. This time around it is being set up in such a better way then last time. He's taking the time to get things right. There is no similarity from this go around to the last time except the name XFL
  21. What should qualify a player for the Hall of Fame?

    Eli Manning will get in despite him never being an elite quarterback which I think is beyond ridiculous. Classic case of accumulating impressive volume stats because he never got injured despite never having any truly elite seasons. Superbowls are nice but it shouldn't put someone as average as Manning over the top. Just my 2cents.
  22. I seriously think AB might have brain damage from the NFL

    People don't get CTE after one hit and people's personalities don't change after one hit. CTE develops over a long time and you cannot blame someone's behavior solely on CTE when he had these concerns going back to college. He was always a ummm...not very bright but was able to be held in check. Couldn't last forever.
  23. Is Jimmy Garoppolo underrated?

    Why would the coach change the game plan when they were able to rack up almost 900 yards on the ground Smart coaches and QB's only should execute what is asked of them based on what is working. We've already seen Jimmy step up in clutch situations and had a really good year. People are just going to underrate him now because he only had to throw 8 throws against you guys. What about the game against the Rams where we had to convert two 3 and 16's on the final drive to win the game?
  24. No. Our defense handled the Saints just fine and you saw what the 49ers did to us and GB.
  25. NFL to try new onside kick rule for pro bowl

    Xavier Rhodes just got added to the pro bowl