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  1. ML's Annual End of Season Mock

    Really don’t love this scenario much at all. The thought of having Savage as our QB next year is scary. I would much rather keep Tyrod on the roster to groom a prospect. I didn’t like the fact that you did virtually nothing at RG. You really want Ducasse starting there again. Thornton was rated one of the worst DT’s by several publications. Just look at the New England Game and you will see that he was steem rolled. Sharice Wright ehh
  2. Throw the House at Cousins

    One thing you ought to consider. Kirk Cousins is a strong Christian as is coach McDermott, Leslie Frazier and Terry Pegula. There is a strong brotherhood with those of like faith. I think this is the type of charachter guy that we would like to build a franchise around. I think it would be very appealing for him to play with so many individuals of like faith. Mr. Pegula even mentioned that when he hired McDermot.
  3. Tyrod Taylor Cordy Glenn Jerry Hughes Kyle Williams Vladimer Ducasse Shareece Wright Mike Tolbert Preston Brown Jordan Matthews Seantrel Henderson if you think I am wrong make a case for it! I think it is time for Kyle Willians to retire but I will be sad to see him go. Getting tired of Jerry Hughes hot head
  4. Nice article on Peterman http://www.post-gazette.com/sports/Pitt/2017/04/19/jon-gruden-nathan-peterman-nfl-draft-qbs-pitt-panthers-kansas-city-chiefs-new-orleans-saints/stories/201704190158?pgpageversion=pgevoke