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  1. Week 3 GDT: Bengals @ Panthers

    So, I think McCaffrey might be pretty good...
  2. I got so tired of the “We’re gonna win [whatever] championship”/“I bet this time next year...” stuff. Like, I’m excited, it was a great hire, I think he’ll make substantial changes, etc. But we ain’t (likely) playing for anything significant any time soon. Year 3-4? Maybe. And by that I mean win the division and maybe have a puncher’s chance for the conference. And that’s if things go particularly well pretty quickly. I’m just looking to not get embarrassed every time we play someone decent in the meantime. The culture shift from Riley to Frost appears to be pretty massive, though. It’ll take time, but I’m still excited.
  3. It becomes more obvious each week how much of a hole Riley dug with this program.
  4. Week 3 | Other Games Thread

    But he’s pretty much been back for two weeks. So ...
  5. Week 3 | Other Games Thread

  6. Week 3 | Other Games Thread

    Don’t screw this up, TCU.
  7. I'll have to use this line. You guys are dumb. Forks don’t even move. I can outrun a fork easy and I’m fat. Only for like a couple minutes before I get tired, because like I said, fat. But as soon as I eat a big spaghetti dinner and some ice cream, have a little nap, then I’m good to go. Fork still hasn’t even gone anywhere.
  8. GDT: Week 1 @ Carolina Panthers

    This is accurate.
  9. Week 1 | Other Games Thread

    This post is dumb. Everybody knows when Husker fans really want to get excited they watch the ‘96 Fiesta Bowl. Tommie Frazier’s run - Schwing! Is that reference sufficiently dated?
  10. Week 2 | Other Games Thread

    Pretty sure it’s Colorado vs. Nebraska.
  11. Week 1 | Other Games Thread

    It was electric, amirite?
  12. I mean, I already won this. But kudos to you all for duking it out for a distant second, I guess.
  13. Elux No wait FluT Hm ... fret > errybody. I vote fret as greatest ever.
  14. A lot of freshman who have never played isn’t really depth.