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  1. Star Wars Episode I is the best of the Prequels

    Dude was knighted and was awarded a BAFTA Fellowship. Neeson’s pretty good but I’m going with Lee.
  2. Star Wars Episode I is the best of the Prequels

    Machete order solves all your problems. 4, 5 (ending on the reveal), 2 (skipping 1 entirely), 3, 6. It makes the six (five) movies turn into a really nice fall and redemption arc for Anakin. You miss a few decent/important things in 1, like QGJ and a bit of the exposition that would be nice, but cut all the really painful stuff like Jar Jar and midichlorians.
  3. Star Wars Episode I is the best of the Prequels

    Except the argument was he’s the best actor. If the argument was best performance sure, we could talk about that.
  4. Star Wars Episode I is the best of the Prequels

    Liam Neeson is the best actor in a trilogy that also has Sir Christopher Lee in it? I don’t even know how to respond to that...
  5. Cam Newton to sit remainder of 2018

    Very much so. His throwing motion has been painful to watch.
  6. Saints @ Panthers

    Last gasp hope for playoffs is done. For the love of god just sit Newton and fix his shoulder.
  7. Rivera reportedly on the hot-seat

    Can we just get Newton on IR, get him shoulder surgery now, and call this season over?
  8. Captain Marvel (March 2019)

    I’m expecting that they make her roughly as powerful as in the comics, which is pretty frickin’ powerful.
  9. Greg Olson out for the year

    Outside of Smitty, by far the best 3rd round pick the Panthers ever spent.
  10. Rivera reportedly on the hot-seat

    Meh. It’d probably be fine. But I have the inescapable feeling of meh.
  11. Rivera reportedly on the hot-seat

    Yep. Was coming here to post that. Article said Rivera is handling defensive playcalling. Is that new or has he been for a while? Can’t remember.
  12. Rivera reportedly on the hot-seat

    The defense is frustrating, but a little understandable considering the DC turnover. Offense took far too long to make a change, but usually looks much better this year with Turner. Just frustrating all around. I like Rivera, but he’s solid at best. We could do worse for sure, but he’s kind of uninspiring at this point. Not sure if it’s coaching or GM yet.
  13. Panthers @ Buccaneers

    So, like, does anybody want to tell Newton that guy isn’t on his team?
  14. Week 12 GDT: Seahawks (5-5) @ Panthers (6-4)

    Keepin Funchess around is fine, as long as it’s as you said. Low end starter money tops. He’s not bad just not particularly good, aside drom being big. With Moore and Samuel stepping it up, things are looking more positive for our receiver group than in recent years.
  15. Week 12 GDT: Seahawks (5-5) @ Panthers (6-4)

    Gano no lo gano again. Also, Elder is terrible.