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  1. Remaining 4 Games and Playoff Chances

    Congrats and welcome back!
  2. Remaining 4 Games and Playoff Chances

    Uh, pretty sure rooting for the Falcons and Seakawks to lose is what we should all be doing every week.
  3. Martial Arts

    Best advice for training any submission sports: tap early and tap often. Everybody gets tapped, there’s no shame in it. Everybody gets tapped, especially when you’re new and have no idea what you’re doing. Everybody gets tapped, even when you’ve been training for awhile, because now you’re trying new things and pitting yourself at an intentional disadvantage to work on your game. Be humble, leave the ego at the door, and remember that you can’t train when you’re injured (or when you have a rep for injury partners). That doesn’t mean you don’t try to fight off submissions, but don’t be a hero; when they have it, tap out. Conversely, protect yourself. If you’re rolling with someone who isn’t respecting your safety, doesn’t release submissions as quickly as is safe to do so, etc. do not train with that person. Let your instructor know. Chances are it’s a pattern and they need to handle it. It’s a sport and a hobby, but never forget you’re playing with fire. You are intentionally putting yourself at someone else’s mercy, and they are doing the same. Always respect that. Rule 1 is keep yourself safe. Rule 2 is keep your partner safe. It really is fun when you get into it though. Just be safe.
  4. Martial Arts

    Back and grip strength is fantastic for BJJ. And no, you shouldn’t be able to palm anybody’s punches on any kind of regular basis unless that person is terrible at punching, throwing punches from way too far out to be realistic, or (more likely) both. Ironically though, not having great eyesight could conceivably make you better at sparring, since it would likely be more difficult to feint an opponent who can’t see clearly. Feinting is usually relatively subtle. Regardless, lots to do before stepping in a ring. Try out BJJ for a while, see how you like it. There are competitions (both gi and no gi) if you’re interested and that may satisfy your competition itch without having to take fists to the dome.
  5. Monday Night Football - New England v Miami

    So you're sayin’ there’s a chance!
  6. Is Tom Brady done?

    @EliteTexan80, what is even going on here?
  7. Remaining 4 Games and Playoff Chances

    Hey, I wasn’t on the phone for three days. I hung up after like 36 hours.
  8. Remaining 4 Games and Playoff Chances

    I was all, “Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod ET is calling me ohmygodohmygod!!!” And then the reality was such a letdown. I felt like every one of our girlfriends, ever.
  9. Monday Night Football - New England v Miami

    What!? Gruden never does that... Look @EliteTexan80, I got a notification from not-you!
  10. Random Game Talk

    Yeah! Just dug it out again and did another playthrough. Randomized skillsets nakes things interesting.
  11. The Marvel Cinematic Universe

    More importantly, with all the Star Wars and MCU stuff coming out, I’m gonna be a poor man. Happy, but poor.
  12. Welcome to the Forum: Get involved

    @EliteTexan80, could be worse. At least it ain’t the Cowboys. *shrug*
  13. Remaining 4 Games and Playoff Chances

    Not true. I answered, but it was a butt dial. 100% true story.
  14. Nobody has anything here, that’s the joke.