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  1. I'm Having a Baby!! Advice?

    FMLA is unpaid. However, most places let you substitute sick and vacation leave, so it’s essentially paid. And they can’t deny it.
  2. pwndoggle browntown idriselba fluxcapacitor
  3. How did I not win this yet? Rigged, clearly.
  4. NFL’s New Anthem Protest Policy On Hold

    Ravens already reported and didn’t have this included. If the Dolphins wanted to act on the policy, they had to include before camp. If they didn’t want to, they didn’t need to include anything. So it’s voluntary on their part.
  5. The NFL and NFLPA have announced the policy, crafted by the NFL in May without consulting the NFLPA, will be put on hold. The follows yesterday’s brouhaha over the Dolphins voluntarily adding punishment criteria for such protests. Who possibly could have predicted that an employer subject to a collective bargaining agreement unilaterally implementing a policy to punish its employees would go over like a lead balloon full of bricks? I mean, who aside from anyone with a modicum of understanding regarding collective bargaining and employment issues. But other than that? Regardless of how you feel about anthem protests, can we all marvel at how one of the most financially successful organizations on the planet is simultaneously also one of the most mind-bogglingly incompetent institutions known to man?
  6. You’re comparing Star Wars to Harry Potter with regard to story continuity? Seriously? That might be even worse than arguing Disney hasn’t had any good movies since Finding Nemo. Same author, written with the span of a few years, covering a few years, who acted as a resource for the movie adaption process. No source material, movies written four decades apart, movies not all covering the same or a similar timeframe. Not to mention Lucas doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to dialog.
  7. I'm Having a Baby!! Advice?

    Congrats! My daughter (first and probably only kid) just hit 3 months on Saturday, so I just lived it. Be invested. Go to appointments. Do things (like buying furniture and setting up shower registries, etc.) a little at a time and start early. Decide if you want to find out gender and if you are going to tell people before you get there. Check out your employment’s leave policies. If you qualify, decide how you want to use your FMLA leave; you get 12 weeks to use within the first 12 months - you do not have to use it all at once and I’d suggest for fathers that you don’t. My job let me substitute sick and vacation time, so all mine will be paid. I took a month off when the monster arrived, and I’m in the middle of a three week stretch where my wife is at grad class all day M-F. And I still have 5 more weeks to use whenever I want. But I definitely suggest taking time off when the child arrives if you can swing it. Having an extra person around in the early weeks is super helpful when everybody is delirious from lack of sleep (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise than that the first month or so kind of sucks - babies eat, sleep, poop, and cry. They don’t have a personality yet so it’s not particularly fun at the outset). I just asked my wife what I did that she found helpful and her immediate response was “You brought me food and gave me back rubs”. Caveat, it was food that I knew she liked and could still eat despite the nausea. Some women get crushed by the nausea, some don’t. It also crops up at weird times and with weird foods so don’t get flustered if you bring something home that she liked yesterday but can’t stomach today; it ain’t personal, it’s just the way these things work. Most of the weight gain occurs in the second trimester, so if she has trouble keeping food down or eating a lot it should be alright. But keep your medical care provider informed. And, like I said, try to attend appointments whenever you can. One final note: breastfeeding is great and there are loads of benefits, but it can sometimes feel like a bit of a cult. There’s a lot of pressure on women in particular to do things “the right way”. Let her know you support whatever she decides to do, run interference for d-bags, and remind her (and yourself) that feeding the child is priority #1 by far, in whatever form of nurishment the child will take. Breastfeeding doesn’t click for everybody. Besides, feeding your kid whether formula or pumped milk can be nice binding time. So ultimately, pay attention and be involved. The human race has gotten along ok so far. So when you hit those panic moments (of which there’ll be many), rememeber that you can’t do much to really screw it up too badly. We’ve survived this long, if I can stumble my way through this, you can figure it out. Good luck!
  8. Hey look! Common ground! I wasn’t a fan of that either. Disagree completely on Luke tossing the saber. It was less of a joke and more of a statement. It’s not supposed to be funny, it’s supposed to be unexpected. That it has a similar structure is unsurprising; the lead in is continuing to build expectation. If it made some people laugh along the way, whatever, added bonus. The primary intent was not to be funny.
  9. Also, doing that much damage cost them a capital ship. You don’t find those just lying around. In a war of attrition, the Resistance is sure to lose. Hence, it’s a desperation thing.
  10. Movie News/Buzz Thread

    Could just be me, but this might be a solid clue about why you may not fully understand or appreciate the argument presented by the people who objected to this casting.
  11. Lesean McCoy Accused of DV, PED use

    It can be relevant but is not necessarily determinative. Almost assuredly the process for eviction would still be the same.
  12. Lesean McCoy Accused of DV, PED use

    That’s not what a squatter is. A squatter, generally, is someone who never had legal authority to occupy the premises. Someone who validly occupies the premises without a lease and then stays beyond the permissible period is not a squatter. Most states have presumptive leases that kick into effect when this sort of thing arises (usually it defaults to a month to month lease). It’s ridiculously common. Squatters tend to try to claim an actual ownership interest in the property. Clearing title is a time consuming process. Evicting someone who has overstayed their lease typically isn’t. In a lot of places, you post a three day notice to vacate, then set a restitution hearing as soon as possible. Assuming the restitution of premises is granted, there is usually a short period of time that the sheriff’s office has to forceably evict someone (often ~10 days). Following that, the property owner can seek any relevant damages in the normal course. [times and procedures may vary slightly depending on jurisdiction]
  13. Even so, you can’t pretend that’s anywhere near as bad as anything in the prequels. I’ll take a thousand stop holding my hands over any of the terrible, wooden love scenes from the prequels. Natalie Portman knows how to act and even she couldn’t save that dreck.
  14. What’s wrong with “Let go of my hand”? Seems pretty fitting and in-character to me.
  15. Christensen might not have been a great casting, but the bigger problem was the writing. Nobody’s lines sounded good in the prequels.