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  1. DEN ownership succession battle looming

    Trust and probate aren’t my thing. Probably a high hurdle to oust the trustees though. You’d likely have to show some bad faith or unfitness. Even “That’s not what dad would have wanted” wouldn’t in and of itself be enough, most likely (especially if the directives have wiggle room or ambiguity). But like I said, not really my thing so I can’t speak with a lot of authority on the matter. I’ll just get some popcorn and settle in to watch the ish show with the rest of y’all.
  2. Favorite Franchise Mode - Madden

    The 04-06 range was all solid. Then they started tweaking stuff and removing standard features only to add it back in as “new” years later. Like, f that. It ain’t new if it was in the game ten years ago...
  3. I need to start lifting again, but the baby is killing my sleep. Smolov or bust. Not really. Did that once already. Too old for that ish...
  4. Week 8 | Other Games Thread

    Not a fair comparison; Tohsoo hasn’t played Nebraska yet.
  5. Week 8 | Other Games Thread

    Ok. I don’t doubt LSU will be ready. I don’t think anybody really does. That’s my point. You’re ginning up a disrespect narrative that doesn’t exists. Will they lose? Probably. Most likely. Does that mean they’ve got no shot? Not at all. Does them likely losing mean it can’t be a close game? Of course not. Have people argued otherwise?
  6. Week 8 | Other Games Thread

    Only story I could find so far said there were some injuries but not fatalities.
  7. Week 8 | Other Games Thread

    Did a lot of people say LSU is going to get run out of their own stadium? Did people say they have no chance? Sidenote: I’ve never heard “gamed” to mean anything positive. You say they’re gonna be gamed and I hear they’re gonna get rolled. Be game, sure. Be gamed, that’s bad.
  8. Week 8 | Other Games Thread

    You doubt they’ll win. So ... you’re doubting LSU. I mean, I don’t care. It’s just a curious position to take when one is calling out others for doubting LSU is going to win.
  9. Week 8 | Other Games Thread

    ... aren’t you doubting LSU?
  10. Week 8 | Other Games Thread

    Man, Nebraska did better against Purdue than Tohsoo did. That’s gotta be embarrassing.
  11. Week 8 | Other Games Thread

    Has Purdue played any directional schools this year? How’d they do?
  12. Week 8 | Other Games Thread

    Tohsoo going with the Rutgers plan on kick returns tonight, I see.
  13. Week 8 | Other Games Thread

    Hey, does anybody know how much Moore squats? I wonder if that’s a thing that Herbie might have mentioned one or 18 times tonight and I just missed it.