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  1. Captain Marvel (Spoilers! Be Aware)

    Loved the soundtrack.
  2. Captain Marvel (Spoilers! Be Aware)

    Kree hubris, underestimating Danvers’ power, and constant psychological abuse and training for six years. Makes sense to me, honestly. They believed they’d subdued here, and by and large they had, up until she started regaining memories of her previous life. So really, their plan worked until ish went sideways, which is when the “So ... she’s a lot more powerful than we thought. Ffffuuuuuuu-“ kicks in. The best laid plans of mice and men and all that.
  3. Captain Marvel (Spoilers! Be Aware)

    Except nobody demonized anything or anybody. You’re reading way too much into it. It’s ok to be sensitive; just admit it. Me mentioning having a wife doesn’t make me male doesn’t mean I’m offended. I’m just correcting a misconception. Again, don’t be so sensitive. Maybe her parents are dead? Who knows. It’s a two hour movie and you’re dwelling on a five second flashback. There were far more important things to deal with. If you want to flesh all of that out, including every positive male influence in her life, the movie would be nine hours long. Then you’d complain because they made a nine-hour movie about a woman while the men only get two hour movies. And only super-heroes and SHIELD agents didn’t treat her as less than? Ok. How many other people were there that she interacted with who don’t fall into that mold? The security guard didn’t treat her as less than. Neither did anybody else, other than a very specific number of people. And neither did the Kree (not because she was a woman, anyway, their issues were entirely different). So really, it seems like only a limited number of people treated her that way in a limited number of very specific settings. Huh. It’s almost like this movie doesn’t fit your preconceived narrative at all. Crazy.
  4. Captain Marvel (Spoilers! Be Aware)

    Lulz. So touchy. Somebody needs a safe space, stat. People put their perspectives into a story, sure. Writing a story about empowering a woman and including historically common examples of how women have been excluded isn’t some anti-male screed. “Just like every other male” tried to keep her down? Did you bother to watch the movie or did you have your rants all ready to press send? It’s mind-boggling how you can go on a rage about people’s biases when the impetus for it in this instance is so laughably bland. If this is what you think feminist agenda-laden movies look like, I don’t know what to tell you. This is about as bland and mass-appeal as you can get in that regard it’s a nod to it at best. It’s almost like you had a slew of pre-conceived notions going into watching this and weren’t willing to see the movie for what it actually is, because that wouldn’t fit your narrative. Crazy. Never said I was offended by you assuming I’m male. Never even implied it. Somebody else jumped in for whatever reason. I just noted that me having a wife doesn’t mean I’m a guy. Not sure why you think I gaf.
  5. Captain Marvel (Spoilers! Be Aware)

    I’m not sure how to take the complaint that she wasn’t shown to bepowerful enough, coupled with the fear many of the same people have that she’s going to wipe the floor with Thanos. You can’t have it both ways. Either you want her to be supremely powerful or not.
  6. Captain Marvel (Spoilers! Be Aware)

    He wasn’t a villain any way you shake it. He was an example of people using her gender to keep her from excelling in her past, absolutely. That doesn’t make him a villain; it gives them a tumultuous relationship. It’s also not uncommon for the time period. Do you ever get exhausted being this triggered about pretty minor things? Like, yeah this movie touches on female empowerment. But, it’s hardly this man-bashing, down-with-the-patriarchy, overt feminism you’re pretending it is. It’s about a woman overcoming some very historically accurate biases to succeed. Why is that such a threat to you? Also, me having a wife doesn’t mean I’m male.
  7. Captain Marvel (Spoilers! Be Aware)

    Enjoyable movie. Not the greatest, but definitely fun. I loved the soundtrack, but that’s becaise I grew up with all of it. I don’t see the complaint that the empowering stuff was distracting or got in the way. Seemed pretty suited to the story. Larson was solid. Jackson was good. Goose was fun. The relationship with the friend didn’t always play as well as it could have. I liked the tie-ins peppered throughout. All in all, like a lot of people, I think it was a fun, good movie. Definitely worth seeing once in the theaters.
  8. Captain Marvel (Spoilers! Be Aware)

    This was set in the ‘90s. She was raised in the ‘70s and ‘80s. People really think she wasn’t told her whole life she didn’t belong for doing male stuff? You kidding? Yeah, it’s 100% believable her dad would have come down harder on her for wrecking a go-kart. He wasn’t a villain, just a pretty accurate representation of a lot of people’s experience. It wasn’t preachy in any of that regard; it’s pretty historically accurate. And for anyone saying the guy telling her, in the ‘90s, that she should smile isn’t a believable or realistic encounter, my wife got that critique in an interview less than a month ago.
  9. Star Wars Episode I is the best of the Prequels

    Dude was knighted and was awarded a BAFTA Fellowship. Neeson’s pretty good but I’m going with Lee.
  10. Star Wars Episode I is the best of the Prequels

    Machete order solves all your problems. 4, 5 (ending on the reveal), 2 (skipping 1 entirely), 3, 6. It makes the six (five) movies turn into a really nice fall and redemption arc for Anakin. You miss a few decent/important things in 1, like QGJ and a bit of the exposition that would be nice, but cut all the really painful stuff like Jar Jar and midichlorians.
  11. Star Wars Episode I is the best of the Prequels

    Except the argument was he’s the best actor. If the argument was best performance sure, we could talk about that.
  12. Star Wars Episode I is the best of the Prequels

    Liam Neeson is the best actor in a trilogy that also has Sir Christopher Lee in it? I don’t even know how to respond to that...
  13. Cam Newton to sit remainder of 2018

    Very much so. His throwing motion has been painful to watch.
  14. Saints @ Panthers

    Last gasp hope for playoffs is done. For the love of god just sit Newton and fix his shoulder.
  15. Rivera reportedly on the hot-seat

    Can we just get Newton on IR, get him shoulder surgery now, and call this season over?