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  1. Also, Betrayal Legacy was a lot of fun, too. We finished that one last year (?).
  2. We’d never played Aeon’s End before and we missed the rule that turning a breach opens it if it can’t be turned anymore (or whatever the hell the wording is). So we made the first half of the game much more difficult than it needed to be. It was limd of frustrating until we figured out what we were doing wrong. Got much better after that. There are some pretty rough fights coming up. I think that the first few rounds are supposed to be easier than the base game, the next few about the same, then the last few a little harder. But like I said, I’ve never played the base.
  3. That’s a pretty good one. I’m in the middle of Clank! Legacy right now. Highly recommend. It’s really fun.
  4. I’ve not played that one. Played a ton of Hogwarts Battle and the expansions.
  5. Are you using “hate speech” colloquially or technically? If you’re using it colloquially, I don’t know what to tell you. LGBTQIA people have historically been adversely treated, so people are quick to call out inappropriate treatment of them (at least more so now). If you’re using it technically, saying mean things to someone, in and of itself, isn’t criminal regardless of what or why you’re saying (short of making actual threats). And if you make statements that rise to criminal offense (typically threats), “hate speech” only comes into play if the specific reason you’re targeting them is the
  6. Sometimes, as we’ve seen here, being a visible proponent of inclusion and equality can go a long way in making a difference in individual people’s lives. Even that might be a positive step to making someone else feel accepted, or showing another person that their historical mindset doesn’t have to be set in stone.
  7. And the thing you called out (young people taking issue with religion) isn’t isolated to just Christianity. But people here only tend to focus on that because it’s the predominant religious perspective in this culture.
  8. Saying mean things in and of itself isn’t criminal in any regard. Some people saying mean things about LGBTQIA people is also a part of life. But that’s not what is being discussed here. There is demonstrable evidence of actual legitimate persecution and quantifiable harmful negative treatment of LGBTQIA people, often (frequently) at the hands of religious people, resulting in a measurable impact of health and quality of life. There are also examples of actual Christian persecution in places of the world (as well as members of other religious identities). But “I get called out for my
  9. I’m an old man and I’ve lived a long life. No shame, anymore. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go dry my nether bits with the air dryer in the gym lockerroom.
  10. So there are some people who sometimes say mean things about people who are religious. That’s… life? Also, it’s a pretty far cry from claiming a religious person can’t even participate in an online discussion. I have no patience for this persecution complex. When the trends of LGBTQIA mental health concerns are as have been mentioned already in this thread and are highly tied to the historical attitudes of the people now saying their feelings are hurt because they’re not being catered to in every facet of life anymore, I can’t muster any energy to care.
  11. One time I said @ET80 wasn’t all bad.
  12. And I haven’t been able to look at you the same, since.
  13. Lol no. Nobody cares if you or anyone else is Christian. You’re not being persecuted because someone disagrees with your worldview. That mentality is wild. But I’m sure Starbucks has a red holiday cup that doesn’t explicitly mention Christmas that needs protesting. So your ire will always be in demand.
  14. I’d say you should be embarrassed, but those two are pretty adorable. Also, there are so many other things you should rightly be embarrassed by that this wouldn’t even make the list.
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