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  1. This. Worley wasn’t good this year. Wasn’t really pushing for time. It’s basically a way for both teams to dump a player.
  2. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    Ease up. No need to get so aggressive about it.
  3. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Sounds legit. Happy Holidays @EliteTexan80.
  4. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Pretty sure I started Operation Annoy @EliteTexan80 with All of the Notifications first, follower. Get your own shtick, pleb.
  5. Close this thread

    Misremembered my facts: it was 7-8 minutes. I’m reviewing the case today for an impending motion to suppress on a case of my own. Wee!
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    Uh, I’m not sure the fist symbol is the best idea there...
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    Ish. They’re leaving themselves open to suppression if they try to actually push that. If the reason for the stop is exhausted (they stop you for speeding and they’ve given you a ticket), they can’t hold you there any longer in the absence of reasonable suspicion. The deciding case was out of Nebraska. SCOTUS overturned the conviction because they made the driver wait around for 45 minutes (I think?) for a drug dog even though they had been ticketed and there was no real reason to suspect drugs aside from essentially a sneaking suspicion. ”Am I free to go?” ”No, you may not conduct a search.” Good things to keep in mind. ETA: reasonable suspicion, not probable cause. Mistyped earlier.
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    Can it be both?
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    Well, caught up. I feel ... weird. What happened? I need an adult.
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    Can’t require them to wait around for a drug sniff without PC, either.
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  12. Close this thread

    Oh man, the worst. Saw one driving his car with the “I don’t have to have a registration!” placard on his car citing the UCC like a frickin’ idiot. Adorable.
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    1. No, you can always ask. Regardless of context, you can ask. 2. Depending on context and jurisdiction, you can require.
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    Did somebody mention corn? I love corn. It tastes just like corn, which is good, because I love corn.
  15. Panthers officially named Marty Hurney their GM.

    If ever there was a time for FThisCat.gif, this should be it.