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  1. Also, my daughter (really my wife) got me Story Chess so I can start teaching my tiny human how to play (she’s almost three, so it’ll still be a little while). And I picked up Amazing Tales, so in another year or so I can introduce her to table top rpgs. I’m excited!
  2. I know we periodically get questions about two-player games. Got my wife Exit: The Abandoned Cabin. Played it tonight. It was pretty fun. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned in-thread. It’s a one-off escape room style riddle game. They have a bunch in the series. Worth the $10-15 if you and your partner like riddle/puzzle games. Can’t replay, but I still think it’s worth it. You can also play it with more than 2 (maybe ip to 6?).
  3. What’d I miss? Type it all out nice like so when I check back in a month, I’ll be up to speed.
  4. This is utterly shocking. Totally unexpected. No way could this have been predicted.
  5. Fair. The bottom of your list in particular seems appropriate.
  6. Hey @LETSGOBROWNIES, Your taste in alcohol is worse than your taste in football teams and nobody likes you. Burn.
  7. @MrDrew Drewby loves me most of all, which is to say he loves me very little. It’s not exactly a high bar. Gin Disc Golf Me His family, probably. Random old guy nonsense. Hitchhiker Literally everything else on the planet.
  8. Oh I get it! He was born with a physical disability that caused him so much pain that, as a 4-year-old, he tried to cut off his own hand to make it stop! And then, he worked incredibly hard to overcome that disability to get drafted into the ranks of one of the most prestigious athletic organizations in the world! And like, you made some puns about his hand, because it was amputated when he was 4! That’s clever! He achieves a dream of millions by work and determination, but like you’ve got your thing too, where you make some bad puns on the internet. That’s great! You did a thing! I imagi
  9. Hold on. Gotta set a reminder for three weeks down the road so I can clapback.
  10. Whiskey, man. I drink whiskey. Gin is turrible.
  11. I’ve ordered that before. Never drank it though. Got it as a thank you for some jackass I know on the interwebs.
  12. He’s the only guy who gets to do curls in the power rack.
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