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  1. That’s certainly true. There will be variance depending on a number of circumstances. The trend remains fairly consistent, even within that framework. But personal tastes definitely may vary.
  2. The quote of mine that started this discussion I think removes a lot of context. Nobody is claiming dadbod > all. The post I replied to that you quoted made the claim that, above all else, physical strength is the primary feature that women find attractive and rate as most important. Of course there will be variance. Of course a number of people will prefer a more muscular appearance. The point is, the trend across a number of surveys, appears to be that physical appearance is less important to female-identifying people than male-identifying people tend to assume. And specifically, a h
  3. Honey, I was being called garbage before you were born.
  4. 😆 I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. Unfortunately, a byproduct of being a manly man is that we aren’t properly taught how to regulate and process our emotions. So we’re prone to belligerent outbursts. And at the risk of poking the very manly bear who clearly lifts a lot, I didn’t strawman. An understandable mistake if you haven’t had a chance to read up on it though; you were probably out chopping wood all day with the rest of the manliest men when we learned that.
  5. If only there were some phrase to adequately describe what is occurring here. Unfortunately, this is probably an isolated enough incident that rarely if ever occurs in other contexts, so such a term probably doesn’t exist.
  6. Lulz. Whatever makes you feel better, cap. Some women are indeed attracted to “traditional” masculine features. In fact most women probably on some level find a lot of “traditional” masculine features attractive. However, you claiming it is the most attractive trait is … not well-founded. Also, for that to be true, more strength must mean more attractive. That doesn’t even pass your anecdata test. Ain’t nobody said fit people aren’t attractive. Ain’t nobody said female-identifying people don’t find fit people desirable. But my claim was the muscular hulk ideal that is foisted on
  7. A lot of people seem to think having “traditionally” masculine traits is “toxic masculinity”. That’s not it, nor has it ever been. Being “stoic” isn’t bad. It’s not good. It just is. Being forced to be stoic, because that’s what is “manly”, is bad. Toxic masculinity isn’t a description of a specific subset of characteristics. It’s a description of society’s insistence that there is one specific or preferred way to exist as a male in this society. You can love guns and hunting and football and lifting weights and not being particularly expressive with your emotions. That’s fine.
  8. The wild part is while many people, including female presenting people, can find the muscular, cut male body attractive, that standard is largely a male power fantasy. Female-identifying people, when polled, routinely rate more normal musculature as desirable and attractive, over the hyper fit look. Super ripped, lean male body is fulfilling the male gaze, not the female gaze.
  9. Did winter come early this year? Whole lotta snowflakes hanging around.
  10. Lulz. Show me on the dolly where the cancel culture touched you.
  11. 0-0 tie. Both teams need to sacrifice for the greater good.
  12. I was in private practice for 5 1/2 years, then transitioned. I’ve been a prosecutor for about 6 1/2 years now.
  13. When Nancy Grace spent virtually all of her air time constantly ginning up a fervor over Natalee Holloway, there were families of missing black children who were literally begging for any kind of media coverage to help. But, their cases aren’t sensational. And if we’re being frank here, the underlying circumstances of this case actually aren’t particularly rare. I don’t prosecute many murders, but I do prosecute a ton of domestic violence. Aside from her having a somewhat notable social media presence, there isn’t a lot here that is drastically abnormal. That in no way diminishes the trag
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