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  1. Let's do this! Shoulder is better so I finally got off my lazy butt again. Started with pause squats at 225. Went better than expected after a ~year break. Got back on my diet and rolling BJJ more frequently, so hopefully the weight comes down soon. Trying to hit 190 then reassess. Was at 201 this morning.
  2. That's how it goes with these legacy games! For a board game, they can get pretty tense. You think things are going great, then you draw an epidemic that totally effs up your game plan.
  3. Jerry Jones threatening to sue NFL over Goodell

    Perhaps they shouldn't reelect the same people who did such a shoddy job negotiating the last time around.
  4. Jerry Jones threatening to sue NFL over Goodell

    You're still missing the point. Sufficient is subjective unless we have a defined standard. It's not sufficient for you. But that it's not sufficient for you doesn't much matter. I'm not defending the process. I'm not saying how it when down is great. I've been pretty clear that I've only been commenting in any of these threads to clear up misconceptions about how the process works and why things have happened the way they have. Bottom line is the NFLPA has gotten exactly what they bargained for. If they don't like it, maybe they should negotiate better.
  5. Jerry Jones threatening to sue NFL over Goodell

    They had evidence. That it wasn't sufficient to convince you is ultimately irrelevant. That's ultimately his point here. Saying there is no evidence is patently incorrect. What you mean is there wasn't enough evidence, and specifically there wasn't enough evidence to convince you. Again, that doesn't matter. If there truly was no evidence of anything, there wouldn't have been much if any investigation by anybody, let alone the NFL. That's not the case. Clearly there was evidence. And it apparently was sufficient to demonstrate to a number of people (whose opinions on the subject are relevant) that Elliott did something problematic, even if it isn't enough to support criminally sanctioning him.
  6. Panthers Put Rookie WR Samuel on IR

    He's having season-ending surgery following his injury during last night's win against the Dolphins. People questioned why the Panthers traded away Benjamin, their leading WR. Part of that had to do with getting speedier playmakers like Samuel opportunities. He hadn't had a huge impact yet, but was trending upward with some nice catches and third down conversions against the Dolphins. Hopefully, Russell Sheperd quits dropping wide open receptions going forward ...
  7. Curtis Samuel Put on IR

    Samuel will miss the rest of the season after being put on IR. Looks like he was finally starting to figure a few things out, too. Hopefully he comes back next year and continues the upward trend.
  8. Panthers Put Rookie WR Samuel on IR

    You spelled Greg Olsen wrong, but he's still hurt. So close enough I guess. I also would have accepted McCaffrey. Regardless, point stands that KB surely isn't it.
  9. Jerry Jones threatening to sue NFL over Goodell

    It's interesting you'd reference that particular case since it is basically the go-to reference to use when explaining to people who are arguing the thing you're arguing how very wrong they are about how proof works, how standards of proof apply differently in different types of cases, and how lack of a criminal conviction is utterly irrelevant to determining whether a party is at fault civilly for actions also involved in the criminal investigation.
  10. Or we'll drop 45. That could happen, too.
  11. I heart science. Nothing like learning about space to reinforce your own insignificance.
  12. Ezekiel Elliot remains suspended

    No. The purpose of requesting the stay is to prevent the enforcement of the suspension pending final litigation of the case. That stay was denied, so the suspension will now be enforced.
  13. Jerry Jones threatening to sue NFL over Goodell

    By "this guy" do you mean Jerry Jones? Because I have no doubt he is.
  14. Mike Evans suspended one game for cheap shot on CB Lattimore

    Be nice. You ever met dp? A decent post every now and again is pretty much the only thing he has going for him.
  15. Mike Evans suspended one game for cheap shot on CB Lattimore

    Strangulation is generally a felony. Attempted strangulation may be a felony as well, depending on state.
  16. Pssh, ludicrous speed. Ain't nobody turning plaid.
  17. Hollow Men are the worst, amirite?
  18. Lord of the Rings TV Confirmed for Amazon

    You could do that with a tv show. But honestly, he does virtually nothing for the overarching plot (especially one that's relevant to a streamline movie plot). So he was a sensible cut for the movies. Still not sure how I'd feel about a tv show. I think it'd have to be smaller scale with respect to the larger story (kind of like how Agents of SHIELD fits in with the MCU). There's definitely room, but wouldn't necessarily be easy to pull off.
  19. Lord of the Rings TV Confirmed for Amazon

    Tom Bombadil was a perfectly fine cut for the movies. He's boring af. Faramir's and the Ent's changes on the other hand bothered me.
  20. Week 9: Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers

    Samuel ran a fine route (on a number of those missed connections). On the last one, he was held. More importantly on that one and a couple others that were incompletions, the ball placement wasn't good. There are a number of throws that could be completions if the receiver is led. But since he's not, the DB can break up the pass.
  21. Ezekiel Elliot remains suspended

    The claims against Elliott aren't unsubstantiated. They may (certainly are) not be supported by sufficient evidence to prove they occurred beyond a reasonable doubt, but that doesn't mean they are unsubstantiated.
  22. Ezekiel Elliot remains suspended

    For 2015? No. The district court ruled in his favor and vacated his suspension. The NFL appealed that decision and won, which meant the oroginal suspension was reinstated (in 2016, which is why he missed the games that season). So far as I recall, Brady never received an injunction. The initial filing in MN requested one, but the case was transferred to NY and got resolved before an injunction would have been relevant.
  23. Ezekiel Elliot remains suspended

    Brady's case was heard and ruled on by the District Coirt prior to the first game of the 2015 season.