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  1. Let's do this! Shoulder is better so I finally got off my lazy butt again. Started with pause squats at 225. Went better than expected after a ~year break. Got back on my diet and rolling BJJ more frequently, so hopefully the weight comes down soon. Trying to hit 190 then reassess. Was at 201 this morning.
  2. Husker talk here - go! In Riley we trust! Right? Right? I hope it's right.
  3. Aaron Hernandez Had "Advanced" CTE

    One of the more consistently frustrating things you deal with as a lawyer is the general public's lack of understanding regarding the judicial system. Mind you, that people are generally ignorant of how the system works isn't particularly vexing (after all, if you have no exposure to the system, you have no real reason to have a great understanding of it). What is irksome is the people who have no idea how it works but insist upon complaining about it or critiquing it anyway.
  4. Eligible for return on November 26. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/20757278/carolina-panthers-place-te-greg-olsen-injured-reserve That's a pretty rough for an inconsistent offense. He's one of the best tight ends in the league and Carolina doesn't have a truly consistent receiving threat (at this point) outside of him.
  5. It is. I'm not a huge fan of how things are going with Riley right now, but I also don't know how excited I'd be by firing him this year, either. After the huge debacle we had with Solich getting fired after 9-3, dumb-lucking into Callahan (who was awful) after an embarrassing search, firing Pelini after 9-3 and other assorted embarrassments, and the embarrassing search that lead to Riley getting hired, the last thing this program needs is another ridiculous coaching search, especially this soon. Not at all comfortable with how any of this is playing out, to be honest.
  6. Eichorst out as AD. Trev Alberts hiring soon?
  7. Relationship Advice Thread

    Wee! I got sneaky and dropped it in another language. She said it first in English. If you feel it, say it. Just be willing to communicate openly about what you're experiencing. Setting that precedent up early goes a long way in creating a basis for a successful relationship down the road.
  8. Panthers TE Greg Olsen Placed on IR with Broken Foot

    It would help if Cam could be consistently accurate, too. He was bad week 1, which was to be expected following the off-season recovery. Did a bit better week 2 (but still does things like miss a wide open McCaffery at the goal line for a gimme TD). Hopefully he continues to progress, otherwise it could get ugly.
  9. It's brutal. Lee has thrown a boatload of picks. He hasn't looked great. But it ain't entirely his fault. Hard to hit a target when you get blasted in the chest while throwing. Hard to say it was a bad decision when the pass literally bounces off your receiver's facemask, after going between his hands. Hard to be effective when you're constantly running for your life. I don't think I've ever seen NU's line play this poorly. I'm honestly not sure why it's this bad. I expect growing pains on defense; that happens when you change systems.
  10. Zeke Elliott TRO granted

    Is he related to Shaq?
  11. UPDATE: Placed on IR, eligible for return on November 26. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/20757278/carolina-panthers-place-te-greg-olsen-injured-reserve
  12. Zeke Elliott TRO granted

    Shouldn't surprise anyone. If the judge is going to grant the preliminary injunction, he isn't going to stay it on appeal.
  13. Can he play offensive line? Can anybody play offensive line? It doesn't look like it ...

    Week 1: Carolina Week 2: Arizona Week 3: Pittsburgh

    Favorite Team: Panthers Week 2 Pick: Arizona
  16. So you want an accountabilibuddy? Butters is probably available.
  17. Poll o' the DAY! Working Out!

    I dig it.
  18. Week 2: Buffalo "Panthers" at Carolina Panthers

    I'll just find a way to be disappointed regardless.
  19. Week 2: Buffalo "Panthers" at Carolina Panthers

    Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. Carolina wins by 78. One of these days we'll actually get that shutout. 16-0 is a lock.
  20. Hopefully he shouldn't be out too long. He's going to be fantastic for you all. I know it was a bit rough for the 49ers in this one. Hoyer did not help at all, really. Good luck the rest of the season and hopefully Foster comes back quickly without any lingering issues!
  21. Week 1 GDT: Panthers @ 49ers

    Yeah, it was like 4 carries for 41 yards or some ridiculous line. It wasn't even like one 35 yard rush then getting stuffed on the other ones. Pretty much all of them were like 8-12 yard gains. Kind of curious.
  22. Week 1 GDT: Panthers @ 49ers

    Don't have the game here, so listening on Sirius. Sounds like Newton is rusty as hell. Having the same accuracy issues as always. Hopefully that settles down as he gets more time this season.
  23. Zeke Elliott TRO granted

    Minor quibble: The NFLPA was granted a preliminary (or temporary) injunction (their request was captioned as a motion for TRO or Preliminary Injunction). They wouldn't have gotten a TRO. TROs are only relevant when there isn't time for notice to the other party and a hearing. They also only last for a very brief period. Since there was notice and hearing on the request, it was decided under principles relevant to preliminary injunctions. TROs don't get appealed because they expire so quickly. You have hearings on TROs to see if the court will continue the prohibition by granting a preliminary injunction. So it's not really that one is necessarily more serious or protective than the other; it's almost entirely a matter of notice and duration.
  24. Star Wars episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    Probably not, no. But it's also clear he still has a lot of growth left. Killing Han might have been that last step so to speak, but I expect his menace will grow through this movie and reach an apex in the third. If he starts out film 1 all intimidating like Vader was, there really is nowhere for him to go.
  25. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Story of My Life is fantastic.