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  1. Let's do this! Shoulder is better so I finally got off my lazy butt again. Started with pause squats at 225. Went better than expected after a ~year break. Got back on my diet and rolling BJJ more frequently, so hopefully the weight comes down soon. Trying to hit 190 then reassess. Was at 201 this morning.
  2. The Box Office

    Sure, it can be annoying. But honestly, the constant need to point out how much one finds something that innocuous annoying is far worse.
  3. Reuben Foster charged with felony domestic violence

    Define “baseless claim” and “presented without evidence”. A victim’s statements are evidence, whether there is corroborating information or not. This is true whether the claim is sexual assault, domestic violence, theft, indecent exposure, or any number of other crimes that can be committed without leaving any other direct, physical evidence. So, not only was this claim presented with evidence, it was investigated. And it appears there is likely a favorable verdict for the defendant. That’s the system. That’s how it works. If you have a better one, present it. But stating that it is immoral to start from a place where we take each victim’s claim as credible is problematic, particularly when the only time this comes up is during sexual assault and domestic assault circumstances. The rates of false reporting in those types of cases are no different in the grander scheme of things than any other. But that’s the only area where we constantly see victims being doubted from the jump. The court of public opinion is a separate matter. And I don’t disagree that people can be rather quick to convict. People are also quick to acquit and forgive for that matter. The list of people who have been credibly accused, but had their cases go away and the public happily forgets, is rather lengthy.
  4. Reuben Foster charged with felony domestic violence

    This is exactly the opposite of how these cases are supposed to be handled. Listen and believe is in now way “inherently immoral”. That’s frankly nonsense and more than a little problematic. You believe the story of the person telling you they are a victim. That doesn’t mean you don’t investigate. That doesn’t mean it’s incontrovertibly true. Trust, but verify, essentially. But you do not enter i to a discussion with a victim demanding they prove it. That’s not how it works. The presumption of innocence does mean you disbelieve victims. Those two ideas aren’t even remotely related. The idea you’re laying out here is sadly common, even amongst law enforcement and it makes my job prosecuting these cases far, far more difficult for me and far, far more traumatic for victims than it should be.
  5. David Tepper is the New Owner

    Pretty much this. Honestly didn’t care all that much who the new owner would be, as long as they weren’t a friggin’ creep.
  6. This is America

    And Danny goes.
  7. As far as plot twists go, for as much as he’s bombed since then, you gotta give credit to Shyamalan for Sixth Sense. It’s sort of the hipster thing for people to claim they knew all along (and I’m sure some people did), but by and large, that was a pretty wicked reveal in what was a pretty good movie.
  8. Yep. Jurassic Park was so exhilarating when I first saw it as an adolescent. The first reveal of the dinosaurs with the swelling of the music was amazing. Sure, it’s now been gif’ed to hell but it’s legitimately an iconic movie moment. The T-Rex eye scene. So much of it. T2 was the same way with the special effects. Just incredible to watch what is happening the first time. The one I would have liked to see as an adult would be Empire Strikes Back. One of the best plot twists in the history of cimena. It would have been stunning to experience first hand.
  9. This is America

    But I hear them both so pretty sure that means I’m Emperor of the Internets.
  10. This is America

    The interesting thing to me about this is that it seemed pretty clear on watching that the biggest point is that society allows itself to get distracted easily by the superficial reactions and commentary and doesn’t get into the more important discussion behind what’s going on in front of its face. Ironic because it seems like much of the initial criticism of the video and its apparent commentary is on the superficial aspects of it. Sure, it raises the specters of gun violence and police interactions with certain parts of the community. But the substantive stuff is all happening in the background while we all (society) get distracted and fail to actually address it. So I think it’s odd to critique the video for “virtue signalling” and “pointing to issues without offering solutions” when the video itself appears to be calling out, at least in part, many of those very same things.
  11. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    Participated in it. Feel the same.
  12. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    Ah, so you’re just assuming then. Cool. When did I say there’s no grey area again? And how is what Wanda did a grey area? Intentionally committed the act that resulted in Vision’s death that Vision was 100% in favor of and asked her to do. But you’re right that’s exactly the same as unilaterally determining that half the universe doesn’t deserve to live very mich against their wills and without consulting with any of them. And it’s not like Thanos has a history of sadistic choices or anything that would color one’s perceptions of his actions. Nope. He is exactly the same as Wanda. This is beyond ridiculous. I legitimately don’t understand your obsession with needing Thanos to not be evil. Murdering (which is not the same as killing) half of all life in the universe because you alone determine it to be necessary is pretty much the epitome of evil. That doesn’t seem like something one would need to debate much. But cool. You do you, I guess.
  13. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    Vision asked Wanda to do it. That’s a pretty significant difference, don’t you think? I mean, one is an intentional self-sacrifice to save half of the life in the entire universe and the other is literally murdering (not “killing”, “murdering”) precisely half of life everywhere. Even though there is absolutely no proof that it is a necessary step anywhere, let alone everywhere, let alone an imminently necessary one.
  14. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    So is he level-headed or insane? And why does him potentially being insane mean he cannot be evil? They are not mutually exclusive. And again, if we’re leaning on comic influence, there’s no question he’s evil. Don’t think there’s much question about it in the comics.
  15. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    If we’re using the comics as a guide, then Thanos is unquestionably evil. And no, Thanos wouldn’t still be right. He crafted the solution prior to having the supposed omniscience. He’s colored by hubris. His plan is unquestionably flawed from the jump, as I’ve laid out. In order for it to work out, he would have to continue to fairly regularly wipe out half the population of the universe because, as he stated, resources are finite. And if there’s time to enact other changes to create the utopia he wants for everybody after wiping out half of everyone, that should have been the plan from the beginning. But either he doesn’t have omniscience, because he doesn’t immediately see the flaws in his plan, or he does and doesn’t care about the flaws in his plan. Either way, still evil.
  16. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    Except his argument is that resources are finite and that’s why the number of people is a problem. He does nothing to change the resources. And he does nothing to change the inevitable number of people. Not every civilization was on the brink of collapse. Why not use his ultimate solution on the ones that were and then work with the other ones to prevent the problem from ever coming to fruition? Probably because he doesn’t care that much about anything except for being right. He’s an evil, megalomaniacal dictator.
  17. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    You realize Thanos’ culture is entirely made, right? It doesn’t actually exist. This story is being told over our cultural framework. So of course we analyze it with our culture’s standards and mores in mind. That’s the entire point.
  18. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    Lulz I expect no less from someone who’s lawful evil. 😉
  19. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    “Fun isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe. But this does put a smile on my face.” Sure, it’s a line from a trailer that didn’t make the movie. But it gives you a pretty good indication of how the writers think Thanos views all of this, right? He’s taking great satisfaction in wrecking the Avengers, almost like he relishes the destruction and havoc he’s creating. Almost like the writers think he’s evil. Which they probably think because they wrote him to be evil. Compelling sure. But evil regardless.
  20. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    How would you think the Avengers would classify Thanos’ alignment? How do you think his children would classify his alignment? How do you think the Agardians, Dwarves, Xandarians, etc. would classify Thanos’ alignment? Analyze him with his culture’s framework, sure. But he’s injecting his framework on literally the rest of the universe. You don’t think their opinion would matter in determining how he’d ultimately be viewed?
  21. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    So, part of what demonstrates Thanos’ Neutrality, according to you, is the complete randomness of who dies. He’s not deciding anything, just murdering half of existence. And also, what demonstrates Thanos’ neutrality is the fact that he’s already explores the galaxy enough to know just exactly who deserves to die. So he’s not just murdering half of existence, he’s determined who should be dead. Seems legit.
  22. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    Jesus christ. He proved nothing. He “proved” it worked. Did he disprove that a less violent option wouldn’t? Did he actually solve anything or did he just delay the problem? Again, it’s not like these worlds are never going to repopulate. His solution isn’t a solution, not even logically. Dude wrote the cosmic version of a Modest Proposal, except he’s serious, and you’re lapping it up.
  23. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    Why does he have to take joy in it? He unnecessarily kills because he thinks it furthers his megalomaniacal purpose. You injected that whole requirement. He’s committing murder, not “killing”. Murder. Call it what it is. He would have killed half the Asgardians. What about the dwarves? What about destroying Xandar? What about the long, long history of straight up torturing his daughters for the sole purpose of it being helpful to him in dominating the universe? Yep. Super neutral. All those things smack of a balanced character who is adhering to a strict moral code and not some megalomaniacal tyrant enforcing his will upon the innocent by subjecting them to a game of cosmic Russian roulette because he thinks he’s the only one who can solve something he hasn’t even actually demonstrated to be a problem yet.