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  1. Let's do this! Shoulder is better so I finally got off my lazy butt again. Started with pause squats at 225. Went better than expected after a ~year break. Got back on my diet and rolling BJJ more frequently, so hopefully the weight comes down soon. Trying to hit 190 then reassess. Was at 201 this morning.
  2. Week 3 | Other Games Thread

    But he’s pretty much been back for two weeks. So ...
  3. Week 3 | Other Games Thread

    Don’t screw this up, TCU.
  4. I'll have to use this line. You guys are dumb. Forks don’t even move. I can outrun a fork easy and I’m fat. Only for like a couple minutes before I get tired, because like I said, fat. But as soon as I eat a big spaghetti dinner and some ice cream, have a little nap, then I’m good to go. Fork still hasn’t even gone anywhere.
  5. GDT: Week 1 @ Carolina Panthers

    This is accurate.
  6. Husker talk here - go! In Riley we trust! Right? Right? I hope it's right.
  7. Week 1 | Other Games Thread

    This post is dumb. Everybody knows when Husker fans really want to get excited they watch the ‘96 Fiesta Bowl. Tommie Frazier’s run - Schwing! Is that reference sufficiently dated?
  8. Week 2 | Other Games Thread

    Pretty sure it’s Colorado vs. Nebraska.
  9. Week 1 | Other Games Thread

    It was electric, amirite?
  10. I mean, I already won this. But kudos to you all for duking it out for a distant second, I guess.
  11. Elux No wait FluT Hm ... fret > errybody. I vote fret as greatest ever.
  12. A lot of freshman who have never played isn’t really depth.
  13. What else is new? In the last like 15 years, when have we ever had qb depth?
  14. Gebbia is transferring.
  15. Update: Urban Meyer suspended 3 games

    Bad analogy. A CEO isn’t hired specifically to be a role model to young men.
  16. Update: Urban Meyer suspended 3 games

    Yeah, but it’s a blatant attempt to minimize and handwave. “Other than failing to live up to the contract, they lived up to the contract.” ”Other than the traffic law I violated, you don’t have a reason to pull me over.” ”Other than texting her, my client didn’t violate the no contact provision.” Technically not a contradiction, but...
  17. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    This is accurate. We are the worst at all of the things.
  18. The kid had a temp of 106 when he checked in at the hospital (hours after the workout). That is unreal.
  19. Update: Urban Meyer suspended 3 games

    Why feel bad for Paterno? He burned his own legacy to the ground. Don’t feel bad for him in the slightest.
  20. Update: Urban Meyer suspended 3 games

    Also, did one of those message board posts really say she’s not trustworthy because she was financially dependent on her husband (or ex)? That’s ... pretty astounding in its ignorance, honestly.
  21. Update: Urban Meyer suspended 3 games

    That’s not really what hearsay is, but colloquially it’s close enough I suppose. But what you were really driving at is whether the information can be trusted. That’s what hearsay is geared at, too. But just because something is “hearsay” doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t trustworthy. Pretty much everything that has ever been written down anywhere, ever, is hearsay. Some of it can be trusted, some of it can’t. That you haven’t had direct contact with a source does not mean the information is not credible or trustworthy.
  22. Update: Urban Meyer suspended 3 games

    Was gonna say, Project Veritas is a frickin’ joke all around.