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  1. Ken Norton Jr. - Seahawks DC

    The real answer is that @The LBC is the joke.
  2. Let's do this! Shoulder is better so I finally got off my lazy butt again. Started with pause squats at 225. Went better than expected after a ~year break. Got back on my diet and rolling BJJ more frequently, so hopefully the weight comes down soon. Trying to hit 190 then reassess. Was at 201 this morning.
  3. I thought Luke’s arc was great. I loved it from the moment he tossed the lightsaber. I honestly don’t know how you have him running off to an isolated planet, without leaving a way to contact him or find him, and without leaving a clue as to why he was leaving, and have it play out as anything but he doesn’t want to be found. Luke trains Rey. But timing is an issue. You can’t do a time wipe. At the end of TFA, the FO knows exactly where the Resistance is based. It’s not like this much better funded, equipped, and populated military force is going to sit back and wait. What is the Resistance doing to fend off the FO during that whole time wipe? I also don’t know why Poe and Finn need to share more screentime in this movie. We already know they are friends and have a bond. They’re allowed to do things that don’t involve the other. It makes both characters more interesting. Both characters needed to grow and they both did in this movie in ways that having the other around for wouldn’t have been beneficial. Re: Leia, I think it’s a bit unfair. I believe the original intent was to have her much more involved in IX. Fisher dying obviously impacts that in hindsight. And I’ve said a number of times, Snoke in this trilogy is exactly who the Emperor was in the OT. But I don’t hear and have never heard anybody complain about how the Emperor was used in the OT. Also, Ackbar didn’t die off screen. He was on the bridge with Leia. He’s in the background. But why he would need to be front and center is odd. He was always a background character. He wasn’t central to anything in VI.
  4. The discussion we were most immediately having was how Luke impacted this movie. So “I want an entirely different movie” isn’t really relevant when the discussion is about what Luke’s role was in this movie. Plus, I disagree that this is a poorly written sequel, as do a number of others, and we’re discussing that within the framework of this movie. Because this is the sequel we have. So you make a claim as to why it you don’t like it, somebody argues against it, and your response is “only because it was written that way”. So again, Rian Johnson writes it differently, where Luke’s X-Wing isn’t unavailable. What would you want him to do? Take down the entire fleet with his X-Wing, instead of a laser sword? Rehash RotJ? What’s your preference for how this plays out?
  5. So you wanted Luke to immediately jump onboard with everything as soon as Rey showed up. Because at any point after, not much changes. And frankly, even before that, not much changes. Luke shows up and what? He stays in the X-Wing and saves the day not by fighting the entire FO with a laser sword, but an X-Wing? Or, did you want him to go to face down Snoke on Snoke’s ship? So, exactly like RotJ then? Isn’t the biggest complaint about VII is that it was too much like IV? I honestly don’t know what you want Luke to do to save everybody in a movie that is not now nor was it ever supposed to be a movie about him. What do you think he could have done that would have made things play out drastically differently for the Resistance? It certainly sounds like you have the Luke the Legend ideal stuck in your head, which is exactly the thing Luke explicitly warned Rey not to do in the movie.
  6. I’m honestly at a loss as to how I’m supposed to respond to this. Yes. His X-Wing was in that state because of how the story was written. That’s also the same reason Luke Skywalker was on Ahch-To, because it was written that way. It’s also why the Emperor got killed by Vader and not Luke. It’s also why Luke is even a character. How is that something I’m supposed to respond to? Your point seems to be “Well, if they would have written it completely differently, then entirely different things would have happened.” Yeah, that’s kind of how that works.
  7. What was Luke supposed to do before that? Show up in a waterlogged, broken down X-Wing, part of whose wing panel was being used as a door, and take down an entire fleet? The only time he would have been relevant was Crait, and he was there for that. So I’m not sure I get this complaint.
  8. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    Avoiding turnover is good, but we don’t currently have the DBs to run as much man as we do.
  9. Norv Turner

    Meh. From what I’ve read, he’s not very flexible in adapting scheme to match talent. That doesn’t excite me.
  10. Norv Turner hired as Panthers OC

    This is what I’m afraid of. You aren’t a good coach if you can’t adapt your system. Not sure how to feel about this, honestly.
  11. College Football Coaching Carousel

    Regardless of how the rest of the season goes, at least Oregon’s mustache game gonna be on point.
  12. Ok, maybe not the 7th. But what about the 8th, though?
  13. MLBs that know their opponent playbook

    It was kind of cool them highlighting that in the broadcast. Buck and Aikman mentioned everyone always says Kuechly knows plays, etc. So they’re like, “We asked Brees, since he actually plays against the guy.” And Brees went, “Ayup.”
  14. I’m glad Aikman mentioned it in the broadcast and they highlighted it on replay; I never would have noticed without it - happened too fast live. As annoying as some of these announcer teams can be, it’s moments like that where it’s nice to have people with high level football experience to say, “Let me show you the subtle individual effort that went into making this play successful.”
  15. Just going to mention here that the move he made setting up the Saints LB on his long TD reception this weekend was sick af.
  16. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    This in particular is why I wouldn’t want him. I think the hallmark of a good coach is adapting scheme to fit players. It’s easy to call plays and be successful when you have the players to do precisely what you want. But, there will always be injuries, free agents and draft picks don’t pan out, etc. If you can’t adjust to fit your players, you’re going to have problems or you’ll dump good talent simply because they’re not a perfect fit. We got Olsen for a steal for exactly that reason. That is undoubtedly the greatest trade in Panthers history and has to be one of the most ridiculously one-sided deals in NFL history, too. I would trade a 3rd away every year from here to eternity if we got Olsens out of it every time. Hell, I’d probably trade firsts if they all turned out as well as this one did.
  17. Lulz. This thread. There's a reason we just fired our OC. It may have something to do with him being terrible at establishing a good run scheme. And despite that, McCaffrey still put up over 1,000 scrimmage yards and had 80 receptions. Yes, Carolina needs better help on the outside. They drafted Samuel, who got hurt, to bring speed. Byrd also brings speed, and got hurt. They need more, but it's not like they made no attempt to address it. That has no impact on whether McCaffrey was a good pick for them. He was and he demonstrated that he's going to be a quality player for them, barring injury, for a while.
  18. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    I'm honestly not really jazzed about bringing in Turner. However, I would try to remain hopeful that he's capable of learning and developing a bit. After being out of football for a year, I would hope there would be some introspection. I obviously could be wrong, but I'll remain hopeful if they do hire him. Still, I honestly thing I'd rather go back to Chud than pick up Turner. And I don't know that I really want to go back to Chud all that much either ...
  19. I thought Canto Bight dragged a little, as did a couple other parts of the movie. I thought BB-8 played the savior too many times, felt like a get out of jail bit too much for me. I don't have any issues with Leia using force powers, but how it was depicted on screen for me felt a little off. I'm seeing it again this weekend, so I'm sure I'll be reminded of a couple of other bits. Like the mirrors, not sure how I felt about that. First time through I didn't feel like there was as much payoff as I would have liked there, but I want to check it out again. As I've maintained, I have never thought it was a perfect movie. But I think it was a lot of fun, took some bold steps, and yes, I honestly believe it furthers the whole Star Wars saga. I also don't have problems with people having issues with how some things were done. I think some complaints are pretty baseless (Luke's character, undoing of TFA, etc.). But there are valid complaints. However when someone's response to the movie is that it's terrible because of a bunch of pet theory reasons, nobody could possibly like it, and the first response to reading someone's positive review is "That person was clearly paid by Disney", I feel justified in ignoring everything that person has to say about the movie. That's obviously not you I'm referring to, @MKnight82.
  20. Ok. But why was it necessary that we saw them together more? Why is them being even more established as buddies a necessary component of telling the story?
  21. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    The fact that he’s still talented and can run. I’m not above bringing in someone else, just saying with a better scheme I think he’d be perfectly fine. RB is not a priority.
  22. TFA established their buddy-dom. Why do we need more? This movie was about the individual characters growing. We don’t need more of their pairing growing. In TFA they were both defined by their relationship to the other; Finn needed to grow somewhere to be his own character. Poe needed a great deal of personal development as well. Yet another hotshot renegade for whom everything always turns up roses isn’t interesting. So the Resistance just happens to have whatever crackerjack hacker they need to break onto Snoke’s ship in their brig while they’re fleeing from the FO? That sounds honestly terrible. People complain about plot holes now, that would be drastically worse. And the message sent garnered no response. So it stands to reason that what the Resistance has done, in and of itself, hasn’t gotten that job done. This is also a more personal way to show the impact. Telling is boring. You’re asking them to tell instead of show.
  23. Right. You were expecting the Legend. My point is had we been given the Legend, 1. It’d be pure Deus Ex, and 2. Luke wouldn’t be a real character. He’d be a static, flat, boring thing used to yet again save the Rebellion/Resistance. He’d be what everybody is complaining about Snoke being. Except people also conveniently ignore that Snoke is literally exactly what the Emperor was on the OT - a static obstacle to be overcome by the people the story was really about. People just seem to be upset it played out a movie earlier in this trilogy. EDIT: So again, my point (along with Luke’s from the movie) is that the Legend never actually existed.
  24. Stolen from a friend on Facebook, whose career is based on the art of understanding story-telling. You don’t have to like the Canto Bight line, but I do think most people are ignoring some pretty important aspects of it in tearing it down. —————————————— In defense of Canto Bight: I’m neither a major Star Wars fan nor timely with my commentary, but in the gazillion thinkpieces that have been written about The Last Jedi (first in the critical raves, then in the backlash wave, then the backlash to the backlash, and now the inevitable and exhausting backlash to the backlash backlashers), I have come across one particular critique several times, even from those who enjoyed the film (mild spoilers ahead, so I guess I’ll do the obligatory line jump to appease those who think stories are only great when you don’t know the ending 🤓). Although there are countless other details over which to quibble (and many have and will continue to do so for years), I feel compelled while I have some down time on my recruitment trip to make my case on one: The Finn/Rose Canto Bight excursion is getting no love, even from fans of the film. Set aside that Finn remains my favorite character and performance in this new series (John Boyega combines Luke’s wide-eyed naïveté, Han’s wry humor and his own authentic high energy, and a small complaint I had for this film is that he wasn’t on screen more), and that Rose was a far more compelling and appealing character than the Internet has collectively decided (perhaps I’m the only one who felt the sincerity of her pain over losing her sister and how that wrenching loss drove her through every steady and selfless act she made; side note: the reason her romance with Finn felt “out of nowhere” to you, fanboy, is because it wasn’t telegraphed with purely surface attraction and flirtation, but rather born out of genuine, mutual admiration for content of CHARACTER, not hotness quotient). Yeah, so, set all THAT aside, and while you’re at it, go ahead and also set aside that the casino scenes grace us something brand new to the franchise. You say it was just another creature feature extravaganza like the cantina scenes? I say BS. We’ve seen the lower class dregs of societies in those scenes, but we’ve never seen the upper crust bourgeois who are the profiteers of these Wars among the Stars. Not to mention it features Mark Hamill’s Serkis-worthy mo-cap portrayal of the drunk little alien who used B.B.-8 for slots. Without the sequence, the entire movie really would have purely been a super low-speed chase scene (those of you who think the running time was 30 min too long - I’m not one of you - should look elsewhere for cuts). And before I get to my main point (swear I have one), let’s please not forget that Canto Bight gave us Benicio del Toro’s uncreatively named DJ, who, besides featuring some of his best character tics since Usual Suspects, is far darker, twisted and complicated than the Lando comparisons people keep making. He elevated the film. But the whole mission was a failure, you cry. The entire effort was fruitless and pointless! What a waste of time! THIS is the seemingly widely agreed upon critique I’m really railing against today. Finn/Rose may not have been successful in their intended task, but then again, neither was anything the Rebels tried to do in this film (one of the more subtle ways in which this was modeled after Empire after all). But you’re missing the whole point, dear reader: the rebellion is reduced to, what, a tiny handful of battered people by the end. They’re rubble. There’s nothing left ... except those kids who watched Finn & Rose wreak havoc among the elite and set those llama things free. Except that kid who force pulled that broom and got the honor of being the FINAL SHOT of the film (only time no Skywalker has been in the last shot, I read). Canto Bight was the whole damn point, people. It’s why there can BE an Episode 9. A seed was planted, inspiration was struck and word will spread. Now, the fact that so many people either missed this point, find it moot or simply not compelling enough to be effective certainly could be considered a storytellling flaw. Maybe more spotlight needed to be shone on how important it will prove to be that the Rebellion spirit was passed on in a grassroots fashion. But to say that the whole thing was “pointless” or “futile” is missing something pretty thematically big about the movie. Ok. Been keeping that to myself and obviously it was festering a bit. I welcome debate and disagreement. ——————————————— I’ve said it a number of times that I don’t think it was a perfect movie. It dragged for me in a couple of places, including Canto Bight. But there’s a difference between not liking some direction elements and that list a couple pages back that legitimately reads like someone wasn’t paying attention to the movie and/or the reason the movie is blasted is because it didn’t tell the story how that particular person expected it to be told.