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  1. I’d say you should be embarrassed, but those two are pretty adorable. Also, there are so many other things you should rightly be embarrassed by that this wouldn’t even make the list.
  2. Just for the record, it takes many, many years for squatters to actually make a claim of ownership on property.
  3. Nepo wins, then promptly gets his butt handed to him in the final round.
  4. I typically play d4 c4 (so usually Queens’s Gambit) with white and c6 (Caro or Slav) with black.
  5. Nice! I never did Starfinder. But I think they took a bunch of that and rolled it into Pathfinder 2.0, which I’d love to have a chance to play.
  6. Looks like the Candidates is down to Nepo and Giri.
  7. I’m pulling for Fabi. He was pretty close to winning in 2018. He won today, too. So it’s really tight at the top of the standings. 5/8 for Nepo 4.5/8 for both Fabi and MVL.
  8. My wife and I played through season 0 on our own. I loved it. It’s such a good take on things. This trilogy has been fantastic.
  9. Our group is starting in May. We’ll all be fully vaccinated. So excited!
  10. Pathfinder, Gloomhaven, Pandemic Legacy Season 0, Clank! Legacy, HeroQuest, pretty much anything in the game closet.
  11. Candidates Tournament picks back up on Monday. Started last year and was postponed after round 7 due to COVID.
  12. First game, played with some old friends including my brother. I was England. Brutally stabbed Germany in the back, and later learned it was my brother. So there’s that. But I won, so that’s what truly matters, yeah?
  13. I’ve been doing a deep dive on Band-Maid as of late. This band is great!
  14. Nice! Endgame work never ends ... Always more to learn. 😆
  15. Charterstone was pretty good, but my interest fizzled out about 2/3 of the way through. There’s not a ton of story to keep the drive going. Still fun, but not as much as other legacy games I’ve played.
  16. Started playing Pandemic Legacy Season 0 with my wife this weekend. It’s impressive that they can make the same game feel very new and different each time. We’re only past January, but it’s good.
  17. something something pretending to be a terminator in the shower something something punt a raccoon
  18. Nice work, So. Dude is good. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the next candidates.
  19. Endgame lecture by GM Ben Finegold. He has really good chess content.
  20. Hey hey hey hey, let’s not get hasty now.
  21. Yeah, I did get one. Not the top tier. I think it works out to like $5 a month or something. Forgot analysis is limited on free. You can always play out the game on like lichess’s board editor/analysis engine. That’s free.
  22. Cowboys fan is hardly analogous to that. Cowboys fan is like the Justin Hammer of Iron Man 2.
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