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  1. First down run % can be slightly skew or over blown...it doesn't take into account the game situations. For instance if we get a first down on first down (run or pass) it doesn't represent our success rate of first down plays. Also we all know that if we are up 2 scores at any point in the game...we are running it on first and second down. That has happened in all 3 of our wins.
  2. Like someone above was alluding to, Brady won't come here and run this system. That said I am sure he has enough pull with MV to bring in whoever he wants to be OC. I doubt we would win a SB (absolutely make the playoffs) but we would definitely be relevant. Which would be nice.
  3. I would say that his "feel" for the game is something that is good and could become better, my issues are the actual plays that we run. His mix of run and pass, and his willingness to call passing plays early in the downs is decent. It's the concepts in the passing game that are the biggest concern. This last game I think was an inditement of his scheme and ability to design an offense to get guys open. The prospect of RT or any other QB making the tight window throws every play of every game is just not sustainable. The INT's are coming...and I am not blaming RT...balls that have to be thrown that hard, into such tight windows, to hit a guy for a 7 yrd pass because of the tight coverage will be deflected and/or bounce off of our WR's hands.
  4. I swear I saw that in someone else's post...perhaps I took the comment out of context?? If you don't know anything about it I will asume I am misinformed.
  5. My issue with the time outs was I thought he should have called the first TO when SD got down to like the 15 or so...the play before the first TD reversal. The ball was at about the 15, and the clock was at around 1:15 or so and SD slowed down and ran off 20 seconds befor the Eckler "TD". I think you have to conserve the clock and assume they get a FG. I guess we can't discuss his press conference, so I will tread lightly...He basically said after the penalty on SD...followed by the penalty on us...SD ran the ball so he felt like at that point the best approach was to play D since they weren't having success. Also he consided letting them score!!!! YIKES!!! I felt like this was one of his least egregious games in a while.
  6. Is anybody under the impression that if we had Mahomes here that he would be the elite player he is under Andy Reid and the Chiefs? I have zero doubt that he would be wasted here just like MM. Not that I compare their talent...but rememeber that when KC drafted PM he was certianly not a sure fire franchise guy...he was a sit for a couple of years and learn guy with a huge arm and a high ceiling, that would likely not be met under this staff. I say that just to say I don't trust this staff to pick a guy to get us over the hump...simply because we don't run an offense that would allow even Mahomes to be a super star, let alone a rookie to come in and look like a legit franchise QB. I think this whole staff will be gone after next year and the new guy will want his guy, so trading any future picks will only serve to handicap our teams future. Of the possible options in the draft, Burrows looks like the only competent start right away guy, but we will likely be way too far back to get him. Fromm and Tua look way too deliberate to be NFL game changers...Tua could be effective early but once teams get film he will likely regress. RT, Flacco, Newton, or some other retread will be the best choice just to delay the drafting of a QB one year...hopefully by a competent offensive mind to run an up to date system.
  7. Another thing that provides some perspective as to Marcus' performance over the last couple of seasons is how an all time great(Rodgers) looks in a very similar system. The schemes are not providing Rodgers with clear and obvious throwing windows. Basically the system being run is just very limiting to offense since third and 8+ is the norm. I think our coaching staff is in a situation where they see Henry as someone that they "must" establish in the game plan. The problem I see is they can only see one way to establish him...slow paced run him on 1st down/2nd down and 3rd and short situations. They don't seem to think that he can contribute in an up tempo style of offense. We all think that you can establish him while using up tempo, but then pound him late. The coaching staff seem to be stuck on pounding him early...then we fall behind and he becomes usless late.
  8. As frustrating as that play above is, and the fact that he won't cut it loose....is that the scheme apparently calls for two players to basically be running to the same area 25yrds down field and two guys to be running down the line of scrimmage toward him. Look at all of the open field at the bottom!!! It's clear that he has lost his nerve and is only seeing the pass rush and he refuses to step into a throw with anyone around him. I feel like someone has told him to cit down the turnovers if he wants to stay on the field so in his mind 8 sackes is better than even the possibility of an interception.
  9. Yeah, I have been a big MM supporter...but he is way too hesitant, and he is seeing the interior line collapse even when they are holding up. His internal clock is just off, maybe he was shaken up yesterday after the flip and another hit shortly after that, but he is late to feel the pressure then he steps forward which makes it worse. I have never been a fan of benching him but if he has lost confidence then he is done. I think we have all felt that he was pretty good in cluch spots mostly...and then that thing yesterday!!! That was just odd for him to be completely incompotent in a late game situation. I really think that we should turn him loose, run him 15 times a game, more read options and QB sweeps, then if he gets hurt we turn to RT and if he doesn't get hurt he will probably be highly effective. Use him up!!!
  10. We are gonna be giving up 45-60 yrds a game on personal fouls against the line.
  11. In the end I am sure I will love this pick...just kind of feel blah since he is injured. The uncomfortable part of the Wingo bit was it seemed to me like the party, excitement, and the whole event just stopped and it turned into CSPAN for 10 minutes...Like a member of the House Arms Committee was giving a speech on a mishap in the desert or something....he just rambled on as if they didn't think he would get drafted and someone said in his ear " No highlight, just kill the segment" If NFLN did the same thing it must have been that the league made them do it.
  12. This is unfolding in a way that Jax could be getting the steal of the draft. I know they don't exactly need defense, but can they pass up on the guys that will be there??
  13. Yeah my assumption is Hockenson will be gone...if he falls somehow that falls in the best player available scenario. But I get what you are saying!
  14. I will only be super upset if we go QB...any other position being talked about is of fairly equal need...WR, DL, OLB, G....best available at any of those positions. Having said that, the only way we beat the Colts is to put points on the board, they will put up points vs us and that is just a fact, so I would prefer an impact player on Offense which for me meand OL or WR. Having said that, we have legit pieces on the Offensive line...receiving corps, not so much, so I am on the train to pick a WR at 19 or trade back(if possible) and select best WR/OL at that position and hopefully pick up a second day 2 pick. Having said all of that...we'll probably pick a TE or QB and I will cry myself to sleep tonight!!!
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